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					Every Child Matters

 Thomas Estley Community College
Every Child Matters …

 All students need to be given the
 opportunity to participate and achieve
 in a wide range of curriculum areas and
 other activities.
At Thomas Estley …
    … Every Child Matters means that the school,
    with support from parents and carers help
    the students to:
   Be healthy
   Stay safe
   Enjoy and achieve
   Make a positive contribution
   And achieve economic well being
Be Healthy …
 Ensure healthy
 lifestyles are
 promoted and that
 students are healthy
 in their physical,
 emotional and
 mental health.
Stay Safe …
 That students are
 provided with a safe
 environment and are
 informed about key
 risks and how to
 deal with them.
Enjoy and Achieve …
                Helping students to
                enjoy and achieve
                their time in school.
                To ensure that they
                receive a good
                quality of education,
                supporting their
                personal and
Make a Positive Contribution …
                  Students are helped
                  to develop socially
                  and emotionally.
                  They are given
                  support and skills to
                  manage change and
                  respond to life’s
Achieve Economic Well
Being …
 Students are helped
 to prepare for
 working life. To
 ensure through
 good education that
 they understand the
 responsibilities of
 being an adult in
 today’s world.
What does this all mean?

   The majority of this is already covered across
    the curriculum.
   Much of Every Child Matters can be linked to
    the Personal Development and Curriculum
    Enrichment Programme.
   Departmental schemes of work also cover
    most aspects of Every Child Matters – links
    now have to be made.
Progress so far …
   Every Child Matters Notice Board (Maths
   Presentation to all staff during training session
   Audit of Personal Development and Curriculum
    Enrichment Programme – linked to Every Child
   Pupil information sheet for progress file on
    Every Child Matters
   Record sheet for Personal Development and
    Curriculum Enrichment Programme to monitor
    progress over the year
Next Steps …
1.   Student assemblies to
     inform them of Every
     Child Matters.
2.   Departments to
     highlight within their
     schemes of work the
     strands of Every Child
3.   Pupils to monitor their
     progress on new record
     sheets to represent
     Every Child Matters in