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                                          The Suncoast Dressage & Combined Training
                                                Association Monthly Newsletter

2009 Board of Directors       Second Schooling Show a Success, Despite the Weather
       President              A big thank you to Bobbie for opening up her property First Choice Equestrian
      Joan Potter             Center to SDCTA on January 30. The show was very successful, and outside
                              of some rain, it all went very well. A huge thank you goes out to all of the vol-
      Vice President          unteers who toughed it out through the rain! Thank you Sally Cahill for doing
  Elizabeth Campbell          a lovely job judging.
      813-920-0388                                                             Submitted by Tracy Schlabach
                             Rider                  Horse                        Class                  Score
      Secretary              Cheryl Brown           Tahoe's Shadowed Moon        Intro A                        69%
   Tracy Schlabach           Mags Ashworth          Panterra                     Intro A                        66%
      813-545-6168           Denise Lindberg        Millie                       Intro A                        64%         Marsha Steffins        Patrick                      Intro A                        62%
                             Kendra Staley          Topsail Reinman              Intro A                        58%
Treasurer/Membership         Shea Sanford           Topsail Reinman              Intro A                        65%
      Sally Cahill           Hanna Paris            Xui De                       Intro A                        62%
     813-286-1698       Mags Ashworth          Panterra                     Intro B                        73%
                             Cheryl Brown           Tahoe's Shadowed Moon        Intro B                        72%
Board Members at Large       Denise Lindberg        Millie                       Intro B                        68%
  Mary Anne Burns            Kendra Staley          Topsail Reinman              Intro B                        67%
      Ann Cahill             Marsha Steffins        Patrick                      Intro B                        64%
                             Hanna Gould            Tahoe's Shadowed Moon        Intro B                        69%
   Official Contact          Shea Sanford           Topsail Reinman              Intro B                        68%
      Sally Cahill           Hanna Paris            Xui De                       Intro B                        60%
     813-286-1698       Cheryl Ann Lenard      Heartsong so Mystifing       First 4                        61%
       Newsletter            Cherie Turner          Limage                       2nd 4                          62%
    Barbara Sutton
     727-771-7750            Theresa O'Hanlon       Act Three                    Training 2 Jr/Yr               69%      Gabriella Incorvaia    Too Cute                     Training 2 Jr/Yr               66%
                             Tate Baker             Feinerside                   Training 2 Jr/Yr               60%
      Webmaster                                     Hope's Enduring Presever-
   Tracey Thompson           Amy Smith                                           Training 2 Jr/Yr               56%
                             Lori Roe               Miss Southern Bella          Training 2                     63%

                             Samantha Craddock      Freckles                     First 1 - AA/JRYR              61%
          USDF GMO           Becky Shienle          Houdini                      Training 3                     68%
         Website Award       Kelli Tahaney          Jessie                       Training 3                     64%
           for Small Clubs
                             Gabriella Incorvaia    Too Cute                     Training 3                     62%

                               SUBMISSION DEADLINE TO COLLECTIONS IS THE                      20th OF THE MONTH
                                 SDCTA is a Group Member Organization (GMO) & all members are automatically Group Members
                                      (GMs). For USDF Participating Membership, members must apply directly to USDF.
   Tom Noone Clinic at Turtleback Farm—                                               February 21 & 22nd
Tom is a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist who represented the US at the 2001 World Cup in Den-
mark and was short listed for the World Equestrian Games in 2002. Tom has trained and shown more than
a dozen horses to Grand Prix. Tom has been competing since winning at lead-line when he was 3. Since
1984, when he won the ASHA (USEF) Training Level Horse of the Year at the age of 11, Tom has earned
National and/or Regional Championships at every level to Grand Prix all on horses he has trained. In his
clinics, Tom works with every level of rider because he realizes that riders want to continue to learn no mat-
ter what their current level.
The clinic is open to all level of riders on a first come – first served basis, sessions are 45 minutes. The fee
is $100 for current SDCTA members in good standing (earned their volunteer hours last year), $115 for
current SDCTA members (who did not earn their hours) and $135 for non-members (no coupons or vouch-
ers accepted). Auditors are welcome (bring your own chair), dogs are not welcome, even if held or on
For more information , contact Tracy Schlabach 813-545-6168 or email at

                                   Happy Birthday to Joan Potter. Her birthday is February 3rd. I am
                                   sure she isn’t our only February birthday, but she is the only one who
                                   put it on our membership information.
                                   As a special birthday favor to Joan, she isn’t writing a President’s Mes-
                                   sage this month, which she hates with a passion and will do anything to
                                   get out of it. Nonetheless, she wanted to make sure she added her
                                   thanks to Bobbi Gutman for hosting our schooling show this past month
                                   and to all the club members who helped out, especially Tracy Schla-
                                   bach and Diane Proffitt, the co-managers.

                 Theresa O'Hanlon         Act Three              Training 1 AA/JR                           65%
                 Holly Nunez              Baby                   Training 1 AA/JR                           53%

                 Theresa O'Hanlon         Act Three              Training 1 novice                          67%
                 Brandy Steffani          Fineally Dun Did It    Training 1 novice                          62%
                 Becky Shienle            Houdini                Training 1 novice                          67%
                 Martie McNeal            Limage                 Training 1 novice                          66%
  Carried        Becky Shienle            Houdini                Training 4                                 70%
                 Kelli Tahaney            Jessie                 Training 4                                 66%
  Page One       Brandy Steffani          Fineally Dun Did It    Training 4                                 61%
                 Holly Nunez              Baby                   Training 4                                 50%

 February 2010                            Collections                                          Page 2
                Training Tip of the Month     Clipping His Ears!
At some stage of horse ownership, you will need to clip your horse. The key to having a horse
that is easy to clip is to break the process into the following steps, teaching the horse that the
noise and the feel of the vibrating clippers is not going to hurt him.
First, rub your hand all over your horse’s face and ears. Get your horse to accept your hands on
his face, muzzle, ears and around his eyes– desensitizing him to your hands moving around his
head. Once you have accomplished this step COMPLETELY, take the clippers in your hand –
turned OFF – and get him used to having the clippers around. Let him smell the clippers, then
rub them over his face and wave them around his eyes and ears. Make sure that he will tolerate
the feeling of the clippers on all parts of his face, eyes and ears – especially inside the ears. This
may take working with your horse for a couple days before he completely relaxes. Make sure that
the horse is showing no resistance to this step before you move on.
Remove the blade and turn the clippers on to let the horse get used to the noise. Without touch-
ing him, wave the clippers around the end of his nose, his eyes and his ears. Once he relaxes,
turn the clippers off and pat him. Repeat this several times: every time the horse relaxes and low-
ers his head, turn the clippers off and pat him. You are not trying to touch him right now with the
clippers– all you are doing is getting him to stand still with the clippers on and moving around his
head. Pay particular attention to areas where reaction is high – this is usually around the ears.
You might have to spend more time here. Initially, it might take a couple of minutes before he re-
laxes his head when the clippers are near his ears. However, once he does, turn the clippers off.
Repeat this procedure until there is little, if any, reaction from your horse.
Once the horse accepts the clippers around his head while they are turned on but not touching
him, it is time to rub them all over his face, nose, around his ears and on the poll. The horse may
act frightened again, but this is normal. Just keep rubbing the clippers around until he begins to
relax his head. As soon as he relaxes, turn the clippers off and pat him. In the beginning, you
might want to work on one area of his head at the time. Start with the muzzle and work your way
up. As he relaxes in each area, you can increase the places you are rubbing until you can rub
them all over his head.
Once your horse is comfortable with all of the previous steps, you are ready to begin clipping the
hair on his face and ears. However, if you are still getting resistance from the horse to any of the
steps up to this point, you will only make matters worse by proceeding. Again, don’t start with the
ears. Start at the muzzle and work your way up – under the chin, up his face, around his eyes, in
the bridle path and poll area. Then start to work on his ears. It is a good idea to do a little bit of
clipping and then go back and rub the clippers over areas that you have already clipped. Actually
clipping the hair is another new feeling, and the horse may react to the sensation. If he gets sus-
picious or frightened, you can go back to the rubbing that he should already be used to. If you do
a little bit each day, after a week or so you should be able to clip anywhere on his body with no

If you have a tip that has worked for you and you’d like to share it, please send it to barbara- We’ll be happy to print it

February 2010                       Collections                                       Page 3
        SDCTA meeting minutes—January 12th

The January meeting was held at Elizabeth Campbell’s house on January 12th. The meeting was
called to order by Joan Potter at 7:15. The last month’s minutes were approved as in the newslet-
ter. Sally Cahill gave the treasurers report which was accepted.
Old business:
We now have a new webmaster: Tracy Thompson, she will host the site. The new web site is now
The second schooling show is January 30th at First Choice Equestrian Center in Pinellas Park. The
scorer is Nina, Office manager- Diane, Ring Stewart- Angela.
The Lisa Payne Clinic will be rescheduled.
New business:
Dressage Among Friends, the one day rated show was discussed with the date to be the end of
April or beginning of May. Barbara will be the secretary with Mary Mobley helping her. Mary will
check on holding it at the fairgrounds preferably in the covered arena.
The date for the 3rd schooling show was suggested for April 17 or 18. Joan will checking on holding
at Quantum Leap. Robbie/Barbara/Joan will be managing it.
The two day rated August show will be at the fairgrounds. The judges will be Fran Dearing and
Thomas Poulin. We may be offering Young Rider tests. Mary Mobley will be the secretary; Sally
Cahill will be the manager.
Joan suggested the creation of a library of Dressage training books for club members. It was
agreed that the library will be stored at Elizabeth Campbell’s and Jane Whitehurst will manage the
check out of the books. It will have a $300 budget to start.
Next month's meeting will be held at Harvey Rose’s house.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:06 pm.

                                                                     Submitted by Tracy Schlabach

                                                                Latest Scoop!
                                               The 3rd Schooling Show will be held on March 21st
                                               at Soaring Eagles. Unfortunately, we could not ac-
                                               commodate either the April dates nor the quantum
                                               Leap location.

                                               See you there!

February 2010                        Collections                                         Page 4
        Classifieds                        Don’t forget to visit SDCTA                       BOARDING/TRAINING
                                                                                    Training Available – Tristan Oaks
(member ads will run for 3 months                 on the web at
unless editor is notified to continue)                       South, 1051 Cowart Rd, Plant City.
                                                                                    Lighted, regulation sand ring w/ mir-
            INSTRUCTION                                                             rors, comfort flooring in stalls. Call
                                          Check out the latest news and             813-757-6340 for info and pricing.
Classical training and instruction with   club information including:
Mary Phillips, USDF and German                        Club Forms                    Boarding/Training—available at
Bronze Medals, Travels to Pinellas                    Newsletters                   Admiralty Farm, Odessa, Fl. Regula-
County twice monthly. More info at                    EOY Awards                    tion sand ring, eight acres of lush 352-620-2796 or 727-391           Show and Clinic Information            fertilized grass turnout. Must see.
-4432.                                                 Prize Lists                  813-920-9041 or 727-510-2338.
Lessons with Jill Hardt, USDF                        Show Results                   Full and partial board -Keystone/
Bronze and Silver Medalist, beginner
                                               Hurricane Preparedness
                                                     Classified Ads                 Citrus Park area, off Racetrack Rd.
to advanced at her farm, Tristan            Tampa Bay Area Information              Over sized stalls, daily turn out, own-
Oaks South, 1051 Cowart Road,                                                       ers on premise, individual care; Call
Plant City. Lighted regulation ring        As a free service for newcomers to       (813)926-7822
with mirrors. Training also available.     the area, SDCTA has a list of area
813-757-6340.                               farms, trainers, and instructors.       Private Barn offering Full Board on 7
                                                                                    acres. Excellent care, knowledge-
Joan Potter, USDF Bronze and Sil-                                                   able horse family and very secure
ver Medalist, instructing beginner to       NEWSLETTER AD RATES                     property. Individualized care and
advanced, Pinellas County and                      (listings for 3 months)          turnout. Grass pastures, jumps and
Odessa/Lutz area. 813-855-3780.                            Members   Non-Members    lessons available. Owner lives on
Leslie O’Sullivan, USDF Bronze             Business Card   $10.00      $15.00       premises with over 20 years horse
and Silver medalist and USDF “L”           1/8 Page        $20.00      $25.00       care, B.S. in Agriculture/ Animal Sci-
                                           1/4 Page        $25.00      $35.00       ence and M.S. in Agricultural Educa-
judging graduate is offering lessons,      Half Page       $40.00      $50.00
beginner to advanced at Admiralty                                                   tion and Equine Science. Full Board
                                           Full Page       $60.00      $80.00
Farm in Odessa, Fl, or will travel to      Classified Ad    Free       $10.00       $400.00 per month. Kallie Hilyard
you. 813-920-9041 or 727-510-2338.                                                  352-464-2414 or
                                                                                    Located in Spring Hill, Pasco County.
              FOR SALE                     17 1/2" Wintec Isabell dressage          References available.
                                           saddle that is less than 2 years old
Cardanel Olympian Dressage Saddle          It has a wide gullet in it now. I will   CALENDAR OF EVENTS
17.5 Narrow tree. Very deep and            include a Wintec dressage girth,         (Club events are listed in Bold)
comfortable seat, long billets, adjust-    synthetic leathers, a set of stirrups,
able stirrup bar. $950 Call Kathy 863                                               February 21-22: Tom Noone
                                           and a medium gullet. Asking $500         clinic, Turtleback Farm. FMI -
-255-1310                                  for everything. Kathleen Yeo             Tracy Schlabach, 813-545-6168 or
MagsWorld                                  (727) 504-4059 or my e-mail ad-
Unique Designed Horseshoes for             dress,
that special occasion or remem-                                                     February 27-28: Twice As Nice Dres-
                                          JC Vienna/Thornhill 19"blk leather        age II, Newberry, Fl. FMI canter-
brance Website:          dressage saddle w/fittings and
Cell: 813 469 8883                                                        
                                          cover $500 F/H black leather bridle
                                          w/ ss french snaffle/web                  February 27-28: Florida Dressage
                                          reins, and "German flag " brow-           Concours, Venice Fl. FMI foxlea-
                                          band $75, Pikeur Diana dressage 
                                          jacket, fits ladies XL, $225 , Coun       March 21: SDCTA Schooling
                                          ty Logic black leather dressage con-      Show, 3rd in Series. Soaring Ea-
                                          tour girth $125 , Dover 80" turn out      gles Training Center. FMI Joan
                                          blanket $35.,Rolling tack/saddle cart     Potter 813-855-3780 or Barbara
                                          with basket shelf $85., Boa boots         Sutton
                                          for barefoot horses $ 50..all items
                                          reasonably negotiable. FMI 727
                                          540 0507or

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SDCTA Newsletter Editor
2153 Backwater Trail
Palm Harbor, FL 34685


          SDCTA MEETING                                       SDCTA MEETING
                                                          February 9th, 2010, 7:00 pm
          March 9th, 2010, 7:00pm                     We will have some fun looking at videos
             Mary Anne Burns                                       and “judging”
            Citrus Green Development
                                                                     Harvey and Kim Rose
           11464 Trotting Down Drive                                     6201 90th Ave N
                   Odessa, FL                                   Pinellas Park, Florida 33787
               Cell: 727-421-9614                                          727-546-7673
                                                       From Odessa - South on McMullen Booth.
                                                      Right onto 94th Avenue, go to 60th Street Left onto
           Inside “Collections”
                                                      60th Street. Right onto 90th Avenue. Go past the
  Schooling Show Report                   p. 1        signs for the horse trail and past the trail. Turn
  Birthdays, Show Results, Noone Clinic   p. 2        right into horseshoe driveway or second right
  Training Tip                            p. 3        into long side driveway
  Minutes , Latest Scoop                  p. 4        From I 275 South – get off at 118th Avenue exit;
  Classifieds, Calendar                   p. 5        turn left at light onto 118th Avenue. Go to 49th
                                                      Street and turn left, proceed down 49th Street Turn
                                                      right onto 94th Avenue, go to 60th Street and turn
                                                      left. Follow as above.

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