NCP3063-D - The Hysteric DC−DC Converter

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					NCP3063-D - The Hysteric DC−DC Converter

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NCP3063-D - The Hysteric DC−DC Converter
By Ionela Created 01/05/2009 - 13:17

Datasheet converter dc-dc NCP3063-D The NCP3063 series is a higher frequency upgrade to the popular MC34063A and MC33063A monolithic DC−DC converters. These devices consist of: a controlled duty cycle oscillator with an active current limit circuit an internal temperature compensated reference, comparator a driver and a high current output switch

This series was designed to be incorporated in Step−Down, Step−Up and Voltage−Inverting applications with a minimum number of external components.

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NCP3063-D - The Hysteric DC−DC Converter

Applications Battery Chargers Step−Down, Step−Up and Inverting supply applications High Power LED Lighting Features Output Switch Current to 1.5 A Precision 1.5% Reference Operation to 40 V Input Low Standby Current Output Voltage Adjustable Pb−Free Packages are Available Frequency Operation of 150 kHz New Features: Internal Thermal Shutdown with Hysteresis, Cycle−by−Cycle Current Limiting Read and Download NCP3063-D Datasheet Buy now Converters and download free Datasheet from Trademarks Farnell (24h delivery).

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