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									Victorian Climate Change
     Green Paper
Message from the Premier

          Climate                  Irrespective of how successful       and storage, water technologies
                                   we are in reducing emissions,        and solar power. The very
          change                   some climate change will still       substantial benefits generated
          is the                   occur: the damage has already        from these opportunities mean
                                   been done. We will still face        that we cannot afford to let
          defining                  warmer temperatures, rising          them slip by.
          challenge                sea levels, lower rainfall and
                                                                        The current global economic
                                   more extreme events such
of our times.                                                           downturn is not a reason
                                   as storms and bushfires. We
                                                                        for delay. While Victoria can
There is no doubt that we          have to act now to make sure
                                                                        expect lower growth in the
must take action now to avoid      that Victoria is fully prepared to
                                                                        short-term as a result of the
the worst effects of climate       deal with these changes.
                                                                        financial crisis, global warming
change and the damage and          The task is not an easy              remains the biggest long-term
disruption it could cause to our   one. It will require public          threat to Victoria’s prosperity
economy, communities and           and private investment in            and will remain long after
environment.                       sustainable infrastructure and       the downturn has passed.
Governments around the             industries, and in research          Decisive action on climate
world need to act to stop the      and innovation. We will need         change will stimulate new
problem getting any worse.         to change the way we do              economic activity and underpin
We have to reduce our              things in almost every aspect        a strong Victorian economy into
greenhouse gas emissions and       of our daily lives – in our          the future – irrespective of the
shift towards becoming a low       households and workplaces,           fallout from the financial crisis.
carbon economy – one that          in our communities and
                                                                        Now is not the time to be
relies on low emissions forms      neighbourhoods, in business
                                                                        cautious. As a community,
of energy and that is much         and industry, and in
                                                                        we need to find the courage
more efficient in using energy      government. Some people
                                                                        to make bold decisions if we
resources.                         and communities will be
                                                                        are to sustain our standard
                                   harder hit than others and will
The Victorian Government is                                             of living and create new
                                   need help to cope with the
already taking strong action on                                         economic opportunities.
                                   impacts of climate change and
climate change. We were the        with the rising energy prices        But more importantly, we have
first State to set a renewable      that will occur as Australia         an obligation to our children
energy target and we are           moves to reduce greenhouse           and grandchildren to ensure
making a major investment          gas emissions.                       that they inherit a planet that
in renewable energy and low                                             is not damaged beyond repair.
emissions technologies. We         But climate change is not
                                                                        In developing Victoria’s new
have introduced an innovative      all bad news. The shift to a
                                                                        climate change strategy, the
new scheme that will support       low carbon, ‘green’ economy
                                                                        Government is determined
households to become more          brings with it some of the
                                                                        to ensure that the legacy our
energy efficient. We are also       biggest opportunities we
                                                                        generation leaves to future
acting to secure Victoria’s        have encountered since the
                                                                        generations of Victorians is
future water supply.               Industrial Revolution of the
                                                                        a sustainable, productive
                                   19th century.
We have been a national                                                 economy, strong and robust
leader on climate change, but      By being smarter in the way we       communities, and a healthy,
much more needs to be done.        tackle climate change, we will       resilient environment.
The Victorian Climate Change       not only improve our quality of
White Paper will set out a         life, we will also develop new
comprehensive new climate          ideas, services and products
change strategy for the State,     that will boost our economy
including immediate action in      and create new jobs. Victoria
a number of areas. This Green      has genuine opportunities to         John Brumby
Paper is an important step in      lead the world in a number of        Premier
that direction.                    areas, such as carbon capture

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