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									                                                                          Media Release Thursday April 23, 2009

                                           Green Living
                                     Smart Choices, Smarter Life

Today, Universal Magazines announced the launch of Green Living magazine.

Editor Kirsty McKenzie, who brings more than 30 years’ experience in the lifestyle media to the magazine, says
“Green Living is designed for everyone who cares about the planet and reducing their impact on it. It’s not
difficult to make little changes in the way we live, eat, travel, build, redesign and decorate our homes to reduce
our carbon footprint. Green Living aims to make it even easier by showing readers the shortcuts and introducing
people from Australia and around the world who have made these changes already.”

“Green Living exists to provide credible ideas and information on green living to a market that is expanding
more and more into the mainstream,” commented Associate Publisher, Janice Williams.

“As publisher of both WellBeing magazine, which targets consumers living lifestyles of natural health and
sustainability, and 11 home category publications, we have been in a unique position to see how both the home
and lifestyle aspects of the green market have grown over the past five years,” said Ms Williams.

“There has been a boom of interest in sustainable lifestyles generally,” added Ms Williams, “and this has been
particularly strong in the home market where legislation in each state encourages consumers who are building
or renovating to go green.”

“Our commitment to advertisers in Green Living therefore is to target the most active customers in the green
space. By targeting well we are able to offer consumers who are making major purchasing decisions during the
research phase of a home project. This is a unique and cost-effective offering in the green market,” said Ms

Green Living magazine is designed to appeal to both interested “greenies” and the mass market of consumers
who are engaged by green issues because they are actively building or renovating homes. The bimonthly
magazine is out now and is available for $8.95.

About Universal Magazines

Universal Magazines is Australia’s largest niche publisher, specialising in helping marketers find targeted
audiences via print and online media. Universals 40 magazine titles include leaders in Home, Craft, Bike and
some Lifestyle categories, plus 12 niche web portals. The company owns the Australian Publishing Company
and Universal Online Media. Universal Magazines has been actively pursuing an environmental business policy
since 2007 and is one of Australia’s leading recyclers of magazines. Universal Magazines is an independently
owned private company.

For more information, ring Cheryl Fernandes on (02) 9887 0354

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