Energy Efficiency in the Private Rented Sector by sdfwerte


									Energy Efficiency: how it affects
private landlords

                     David Weatherall
       Partnership Co-ordinator, Energy Saving Trust
                     September 2006

•   Why people are talking more and more about home
    energy efficiency
•   Why landlords need to address energy efficiency, event
    though they don’t pay the bills
•   What are the main measures
•   What incentives and grants are currently available
•   Where to go for more information
Where are we going?

•Energy Performance
•Linkage of wear and
tear allowance to
energy standards
What are the main Energy
Efficiency Measures?

•   Cavity Wall Insulation
•   Loft Insulation
•   Condensing Boilers (now mandatory)
•   Heating Controls
•   Energy efficient appliances and lighting
•   Double Glazing
•   Solid wall insulation
•   Renewable energy: microgeneration technology
•   Up to 33 per cent of the heat produced in your home
    is lost through the walls
•   The Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency provides
    independent 25 year guarantees for Cavity Wall
    Insulation fitted by registered installers.
•   Average grant funded installation costs £120-£260
•   Payback in two years
•   Loft insulation is an easy DIY job and should be done
    to a depth of 270mm.
•   If your boiler is over 15 years old it's probably time to
    replace it. By law, new boilers must now be of the
    high-efficiency condensing type and will save more
    energy if combined with modern heating controls.
•    Condensing boilers now mandatory
•   Savings on the bill of between £190 and £240 a year
•   Replacement boilers can be free under Warm Front
Tax incentives for private

 LESA – Landlords Energy Saving
 Allowance - gives relief on capital
 expenditure up to £1,500 for:
 •Installations of loft and cavity wall
 •Solid wall insulation
 •Draught proofing
The Warm Front Programme
•   Tenants apply for the grant
•   Package of energy efficiency of heating measures up
    to a value of £2,700 or £4,000 if oil central heating
•   Open to:
    – Householders aged over 60 and in receipt of benefit
    – Householders with a child aged under 16 and in receipt of
    – Householders living with a disability on benefit
•   See
Energy Suppliers’ Offers
•All major energy suppliers are obliged to help achieve
targets for improving home energy efficiency.
•A range of offers that significantly reduce installation
•Not usually available on central heating
•You can take up offers from any of the energy
companies regardless of who supplies your gas and
Local Authority Support
•    A variety of grants and support depending on the authority;
     might be dedicated EE grants targeted at older householders or
     relate to wider refurbishment schemes specifically for landlords.

    Example: Kensington and             Example: Southwark
    Chelsea Improvement                 Coldbuster Grant
    Grants                              Grant provider:London Borough of
    •Renovation Grant.
    •Empty Property Grant.              Grant name:COLDBUSTERS heating and
                                        insulation grant for up to GBP4000
    •Conversion Grant.
                                        End date:31-Mar-2007
    •Keep Warm Grant.
                                        Grant description:Grants of up to £4000
                                        are available to owner-occupiers and
                                        private tenants in receipt of a means-tested
                                        benefit. Measures include central heating,
                                        boiler replacements, upgrade to heating
                                        controls, loft & cavity wall insulation and
Microgeneration Grants – the Low Carbon
Building Programme
•   DTI Programme, managed by the Energy Saving Trust
•   Need to undertake a number of energy efficiency measures before you
    are eligible to apply for a Low Carbon Buildings grant.
•   Funds measures including:
     –   Solar photovoltaics
     –   Wind turbines
     –   Small hydro
     –   Solar thermal hot water
•   Grant levels depend on technology installed – never more than
    50%/30% of the total
Where to go for more information

Your local Energy Efficiency Advice Centre
0800 512 012
Some things to think about (1)

 •   Energy efficiency can help increase the value of
     your property
     – Particularly with EPCs coming in and rising fuel prices

 •   Energy efficiency costs less than you think
     – Have you investigated all the grants that are available?
Some things to think about (2)

 •   Are you a decent landlord with decent homes?

 •   Climate change is happening; it affects us all. As
     a landlord, you have a greater ability to effect
     change that most of the population. Use that

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