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4th Quarter 2008b


									                       New England Westie                                4th Quarter 2008

To My Fellow Club Members,           including the premium list and
    Well it seems like just          tunnels and the entries. THANK
yesterday we were at the             YOU very much Maria. We now
beginning of the summer with our     have a brand new set of tunnels
June fun match and annual            that belongs to the club and are
meeting and now here it is the end   looking forward to making it
of the year and we are heading       even bigger and better for next
toward Christmas.                    year.
   First of all I want to thank        We were all very happy to see
everyone that made our Earth Dog     a large group of our Westies               President Anthony Zambuto
trials such a success. Our           working the introductory trail
Earthdog Team of Rich Marsh,         learning to find the quarry for       We need to get more folks
Lisa and Lou Pacheco, Susan          the first time. We will have a        involved in the Club and as
Smith, Dale Stetson and Naomi        fun trial during one of our           always we want to see more
Brown did a fantastic job putting    meetings next year so that all of     pictures and stories of rescue,
together a very successful trial     our members that would like to        conformation, performance, pets
with over 50 entries and great       take some time training with          and just general information on
feedback from all involved. The      their friends can learn some of       the breed that has stolen our
team and the entire club owe a       the basics and enjoy the great        hearts. Happy Holidays and to a
debt of gratitude to Maria Sacco     time seeing our Westies doing         Great New Year.
who helped with the entire trial     what they were bred to do.
                                                                           Tony Z
4th Quarter 2008                                                                                     N*E*W Footnotes

               IN MEMORIAM
9/8/08     Judy Swingle                 The club was much smaller; and we        They didn't just serve as officers and
                                        were having our Specialty in Janu-       Board Members, they mentored, they
To: The West Highland White Ter-        ary or February at The Armoury in        stewarded, they hostessed, and Judy
rier Club of New England and the        The Bronx; in conjunction with the       made marvelous trophies for all our
West Highland White Society of          "other terriers." My son Tom -           shows: ceramics, wood, paintings,
Connecticut and the WHWTCA              then about 10 years old - and I sat at   illustrations for the Club bulletins,
                                        a table with Judy and Christine.         meetings and matches. How many of
Judy and Chris Swingle were two of      They were delightful dinner com-         you learned the basics of Westie
the first Westie breeder exhibitors     panions and looked perfect in kilts      grooming from Judy? An how many
that I went with when we joined the     and ruffled white blouses. When          of you learned true sportsmanship
Parent Club. The event was the an-      the New England Westie Club took         and an undying love of our breed
nual meeting held at Charlie O's Res-   flight in November of 1979 in my         from these two sisters? At a guess I
taurant in New York City's Rockefel-    living room in Milton, Mass, Judy        would say hundreds. So now we
ler Plaza. The outgoing president       and Chris were there to volunteer        thank dear Judy and send our love to
was Jolem Marciu and the incoming       their help in any way possible.          her equally special sister, Christine.
was Barbara Worcester Keenan.           And they never stopped giving in         Patty Storey
There were not very many attendees.     more ways than you can imagine.

                                        various news papers but no one           to my Mom). The others know better
         Toto Brown                     claimed me.                              than to bother me just because I’m
                                        I was very hungry and thin, only 15      old and have slowed down over the
                                        pounds. On my first night with           years, they will get their turn.
                                        them, my “soon to be Dad” gave           I still go to the dog shows with every-
                                        me a prime rib bone. Mom didn’t          one though. I’m never left out.
                                        think it was a good idea and went to     I know I have my issues…but I am
                                        take it from me…I didn’t think           loved…THIS I KNOW!
                                        that was a good idea and I bit her in    My Mom and Dad are Naomi Brown
                                        the face. Yes….I regretfully did!        and the late Carl Brown from Fair-
                                        Big mistake….Dad said I had to go        haven, Massachusetts.
                                        to the shelter in the morning,
                                        …….that was over 13 years ago.           Toto died 11/07/2008 –he was fear-
                                        After one month of no one claiming       less until the day he died, a true
                                        me, they took me to the doctor, I        Westie and a great friend that will
                                        had all my shots and was neutered.       never be forgotten.
   A Real Westie Departs                The doctor thought I was around
Toto Brown’s Giant Heart is stilled,    four or five years old …which
but not his rescue story.               would now make me 17 to 18 years
This was Toto in the Montgomery         old.
                                        I’ve had a great life, have done obe-
                                        dience, agility, flyball. My Dad was
Hi, I’m Toto and my rescue story        a pilot and he would fly us all over
began 13 years ago on May 2nd. I        the country. I lost my Dad 4 years
was wandering around a mall parking     ago this past April. He was so good
lot. I would follow people to their     to me and he really ending up lov-
cars and they would push me away        ing me. Mom and I sure do miss
…over and over again. My “soon to       him.
be Mom” Naomi Brown, saw me             I have siblings; they are show dogs
and took me home. She placed ads in     but I am still number 1 (according

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N*E*W Footnotes                                                                            4th Quarter 2008

               IN MEMORIAM
My Loving Memories of Judy            Brianna. Judy finished Billie.      of her Westie artwork...cherish it!
Submitted by Kathleen May             The picture that was taken on       There will be no more.
                                      that day is the most beautiful
Judy Swingle was a founding           photo of Judy and Billie I own. I   Some of Judy’s Designs
member of the West Highland           will always cherish it.
White Terrier Club of New Eng-
land.     She...along with other      Her artist’s eye was a gift when
founding members….worked tire-        it came to grooming Westies. I
lessly to bring this club to being    swear to God...she could pull
recognized as a group of Westie       four hairs off a head and make
owners who were dedicated to the      such a difference on how the
welfare of our breed. She was         head looked! She was always
also a lifetime member of the         chastising me with…”Take more
West Highland White Terrier           off the shoulders!” I hear that
Club of America as well as a          even now every time I groom a
founding member of the West           Westie! Judy also taught me
Highland White Terrier Society of     how to pet groom. That story is
Connecticut.                          too long to go into here.

Judy was my mentor. She taught        Judy’s Westie artwork is legen-
me how to show groom my Wes-          dary all over the country and be-
ties. We went to many shows to-       yond. She had an eye on just
gether weekend after weekend. It      how to capture the expression of
was not unusual for some other        a Westie in any venue…show
Westie owner at a show to come        stance, obedience, agility, por-
over to Judy and say, “Could you      traits…..etc. She painted Wes-
look at my Westie. I’m having         ties on pillows, trinket boxes,
trouble with his/ her”….whatever.     photo albums, wood plaques,
Judy would look at the Wes-           pocketbooks, wallets, garden
tie….take a stripping knife in        flags...just to name a few. Judy
hand and “fix” the problem. That      was most generous with creating
Westie may have been her compe-       a unique Westie raffle item for
tition in the ring! It did not mat-   our Society meetings for ten
ter. That was an era that has now     years. There are many, many
long passed. Too bad.                 more instances where Judy con-
                                      tributed her artwork to the Wes-
Judy showed two of her Westies        tie Club of NE.
to their championships…Lionel
and Wicket as well as two of her      Judy was my good friend. I will
sisters Westies….Siarra and                                               Graphics are the property of the
                                      miss her dearly.    Judy was a
Emma. When Judy had nothing                                               WHWTCA and any use or copy-
                                      “giver” of her grooming knowl-
to show...I let her show my Billie                                               ing is prohibited
                                      edge that she was always willing
as I was showing his sister,          to share. Anyone who has any

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4th Quarter 2008                                                                            N*E*W Footnotes


                Performance Results                                               General Membership
Brags from the National Obedience/ Rally 10/4/ 2008                                 Meeting Sunday
Novice B                                                                            November 16th
4th Place Rivendel's Bea-Dazzled RA Owner: Nancy Sankus
Veterans                                                                                 10 AM
1st Place Ch Lonach Moondawgie VCD1. TDX, RAE, ME Owner: Chris Forbes
3rd Place Lonach Surf's Up VCD1, RAE, AXP,AJP, SE Owner: Chris Forbes               “Coffee Social”
4th Place Chien D'Ours Katie CD, RAE AX, AXJ, AXP,MJP,JE Owner: Nancy Sankus
                                                                                  “Groom that Westie”
1st Place CH Lonach Moondawgie and Lonach Surf's Up Owner: Chris Forbes
                                                                                   Champion Pet Care
1st Place Rivendel's Bea-Dazzled RA Owner: Nancy Sankus                             1259 Hill Street
Advanced B                                                                        Raynham Ma 02767
2cnd Place Ch Lonach Moondawgie VCD1, TDX, RAE, ME Owner: Chris Forbes
Q'd Lonach Surf's Up VCD1, RAE, AXP, AJP, SE Owner: Chris Forbes                     508 880-7111
Q'd Chien D'Ours Katie CD, RAE, AX. AXJ, AXP MAP, JE
Excellent A
                                                                                   Safe Exercise Area
2cnd Place Rivendel's Bea-Dazzled RA Owner: Nancy Sankus
Excellent B
                                                                                   Bring your table if
4th Place Chien D'ours Katie CD, RAE, AX, AXJ, AXP, MJP, JE Owner: Nancy Sankus      you have one.
Q'd Ch Lonach Moondawgie VCD1, TDX, RAE ME Owner: Chris Forbes 16th leg
Q'd Lonach Surf's Up VCD1, RAE, AXP.AJP, SE Owner: Chris Forbes 15 leg

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N*E*W Footnotes   4th Quarter 2008

                            Page 5
4th Quarter 2008                                                              N*E*W Footnotes

                   Ch. Ashgate US Pilgrim’s Progress
                                       Hatboro 2008 Winners Bitch —which
                                       was a repeat performance as she got
                                       WB 2007 at Hatboro at 9 mos. old.

                                       Montgomery Kennel Club 2008
                                       WHWTCA Specialty
                                       “Hallie” wins Winners Bitch and Best
                                       of Winners.
                                       Making Champion with all Majors

                                       C0-Owners Naomi Brown and
                                       Lisa Pacheco

     Ch. Yorsar Finean
          of Ashgate

                                             Welcome two new Board Members
                                                 Fran Costa & Sue Sabert

 Finn wins 2 AOM(Awards of Merit) at
 Hatboro Dog Show
 Owned by Lisa Pacheco
 And Naomi Brown

          Rescue Needs your Support

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N*E*W Footnotes                                                            4th Quarter 2008

                   Remember Me? Molly

                                                     Logo National Westie Rescue —WHWTCA

                   Would you like to help out and
                  volunteer to help Westie Rescue?
                         Call Susan Smith
                            508 8242148

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4th Quarter 2008                                                                              N*E*W Footnotes

This Spring we learned of 2 Westie     their new home. Mike still has       of the family. Mike unfortunately
brothers, Mac & Mike, who needed       panic attacks and cannot spend       has been suffering from seizures
rescuing. Their owner was moving       much time in a kennel. Linda         but, they are working closely with
to a smaller apt. and decided he       and David were loving, patient       the vet to resolve these. Predni-
could no longer care for the eight     and creative. They gave the          sone has helped and Mike will
year old westies he’d owned since      dogs lots of walks and did their     most likely be on a low dose for
they were pups. While the owner        best to calm them. They took         the rest of his life. Both continue
tried his best, it became clear that   Mac and Mike to the groomer          to make progress and are noticea-
he hadn’t had time for them and        and then to the vet for check ups.   bly stronger; their skin has im-
Mac and Mike were suffering when       Both were infested with fleas        proved as well. Mac and Mike
Linda Jones and her husband David      and one had a skin irritation.       have full access to a large back
White went to meet them for the        Both had elevated blood levels       yard with a fence. They have be-
first time.                            and Mac needed to be on antibi-      come part of the family and have
Mac & Mike had spent so much           otics for a time. Mike had ab-       mixed in well with the rest of
time on pallets in their crate that    scessed molars that required         Linda and David’s pack.
their paw pads were stained from       dental work. Linda knew that
the pallets.                           she and David were in for a long     The love and kindness shown by
                                       recovery period. At this point,      Linda and David have given Mac
Their nails were over an inch long     she still hadn’t decided whether     & Mike a new lease on life. They
and lack of exercise had left them     she and her husband would keep       are now happy and fortunate in-
with very little muscle tone. Linda    Mac and Mike but she felt both       deed to have found this wonderful
wasn’t even sure she would keep        dogs desperately need to be re-      new home. We are reminded
them but decided on the spot that      habilitated, both physically and     again of how very important Wes-
she couldn’t leave them the way she    spiritually.                         tie Rescue is in the lives and wel-
found them so she and David took                                            fare of Westies everywhere.
them home.                             Linda recently wrote to let us
                                       know that now, almost six            God bless that beautiful family.
Mac & Mike barked and cried all        months later, Mac and Mike are
night for the first week or two in     happy, thriving and are now part     Susan Smith WHWTCNE Rescue

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N*E*W Footnotes                                                                              4th Quarter 2008

         Cassie announces the birth of three special pups
             A girl and two boys whelped 08-18-08
   Dam CH Paddywaggin's Cassandra of Lonsdale ( Cassie ) Owner
      Tony ZambutoSire CH Yorsar Finen of Ashgate ( Fin )
              Owner Lisa Pacheo & Naomi Brown

                                                                            Tony Zambuto’s “Lazarus” was
                                                                            only one of the pack last Christ-
                                                                             mas but is now a Cover Boy

              Speaking for Spot: Be the Advocate Your Dog Needs to
      Live a Happy, Healthy, Longer Life (Trafalgar Square Books)
This book is written by Dr Nancy Kay and has received some great reviews from other dog Clubs
around the Country. See . The book is written in plain language and helps the pet
owner navigate through the “Veterinarian Experience” that many of us have come to dread. With some com-
mon sense help from Dr. Kay and a connection to the Internet, I think the information contained in this book
will help the reader keep a healthier and a happier pet. 

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4th Quarter 2008                                                                                               N*E*W Footnotes

                Grooming Tips And Other Stuff for Winter
                                                                                          Submitted by Kathleen May
As a groomer, I very often hear, “My         glected whatever the time of the year.       dustry for pet owners.….especially small
Westie likes to play in the snow, so I       Cut out the hair between the pads using      dogs.      I don’t have a problem with
don’t need him groomed. He needs his         a blunt nose scissor. Long hair in be-       that...except….you need to use your own
hair for warmth”. Well...let’s take a look   tween the pads can mat as well as har-       judgment. Westies have not one...but
at that. Where does your Westie spend        bor debris. If you walk your Westie          two coats...their outer coat and the soft
the majority of his time? Outside or         on the street in the winter time…       undercoat. It is the soft undercoat that
inside?      Westies are indoor dogs.        need to wash the feet when you get           actually keeps them warm. Some Wes-
Yes...they enjoy romping in the snow for     home to rid them of salt and chemicals       ties do not have the soft under coat.
a short period of time. But they live        on the road. If you don’t , your Westie      Older Westies may no longer have a
indoors with us curled up in their cuddle    will lick his feet and ingest the salt and   good coat. In these cases...a sweater or
beds next to the fireplace. Leaving a lot    chemicals which could lead to other          a coat is certainly advisable. Boots on
of coat on them will only make them hot.     health problems.                             Westies? Sorry...I don’t even what to
                                                                                          “go there”!
Here are a few grooming tips to consider     Frolicking in the snow is a great joy for
for the winter coat. Use a #5 or #7 blade    Westies! Tossing snowballs for them           Never EVER leave your Westie outside
on the back coat. This will leave the        to catch is so much fun! When play-          for more than five minutes when the tem-
back coat a little longer. Trim side, leg    time is have a Westie with        perature is 20 degrees or below. Frost
and head furnishings as usual. Do not        “snowballs” clinging to their furnish-       bite on their ears can happen. If you are
clipper the tummy. Hair on the tummy         ings. Put your Westie in the bathtub         dressed for outdoor weather and are
keeps your Westie warm. It’s the re-         and with a sponge and warm water,            cold….so is your Westie. Get inside
verse of summertime when you need to         melt them away. Towel dry and then           ASAP.
clipper the tummy hair to expose the skin    blow dry. A wet Westie will become
so your Westie can cool off by laying on     chilled very quickly. So get them dry.       Winter is great fun for our Westies. But
his belly. Get it?                                                                        don’t neglect regular grooming. That
                                             Coats and sweaters and other winter          will not be in the best interest of your
Your Westies feet should never be ne-        paraphernalia for dogs is a HUGE in-         four footed family member.

                                             had. It all seems to stem from the
Questions and Discussion
                                             dog food/China disaster last year
                                             when we had to change their
                                                                                             Don’t forget
I know that atopic dermatitis is a con-
                                             food. Neither dog has been the
                                             same since.
                                                                                           about the Spring
cern to many Westie owners, and
after 8 years of good health, my fe-
                                             Thank you very much.
                                             Diana Lavoie
male Westie developed it. After un-
successful trials of changing diets,
                                                                                            Great time last
antibiotics, medicated baths and
courses of prednisone, we are trying
                                             Great question and I am sure that
                                             there a many members out there
                                                                                           year—lets make
Atopica, an immunosuppresant. So
far, so good. We are in the process
                                             that will talk to you directly about
                                             their experiences. I have put a link
                                                                                            it even better.
of decreasing her dosage, and hope to        to our parent organization
eventually be able to discontinue it         WHWTCA (West Highland White
altogether.                                  Terrier Club of America ) and I
Do any of the other members have             think you will find the Club also an
any experience with this drug or             extremely valuable resource for all
other suggestions of how to deal with        “Questions Westie”
atopic dermatitis? Our male has skin
irritations and small lesions, but not
to the severe extent that Lassie             health/atopicdermatitis.html

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N*E*W Footnotes                                                                                      4th Quarter 2008
                                                2007 /2008 OFFICERS

Tony Zambuto, 87 High Street, Revere, MA 02151-2320 after 8 years
I know that atopic dermatitis is a concern to many Westie owners, and(781) 284-5227 of good health, my female
Westie developed it. After unsuccessful trials of changing diets, antibiotics, medicated baths and courses of
Lou Pacheco, we are trying Atopica, an immunosuppresant. So far, so
prednisone, 143 Warren Street West, Raynham, MA 02767-1314 508-822-9557 good. We are in the process of decreasing
her dosage, and hope to eventually be able to discontinue it altogether.
Lisa Pacheco, 143 Warren St West, Raynham, experience with this drug or other suggestions of how
Do any of the other members have any MA 02767-1314 508-822-9557 to deal with
atopic dermatitis? Our male has skin irritations and small lesions, but not to the severe extent that Lassie
Dale It all 104 Myricks St. from the dog food/China disaster last 
had. Stetson seems to stem Berkley, MA 02779 (508) 823-2303 e-mail: year when we had to change their food. Nei-
ther dog has been the same since.
Thank you very much.
Naomi Brown, 2 Ridgecrest Drive, Fairhaven, MA 02719-4725 (508) 999-3117
Diana Lavoie
                                               BOARD OF DIRECTORS
One Year Term
Susan Smith 110 Park Place Raynham Mass 02767 508 824-2148
Two Year Term
Susan Sabert, 43 Beverly Ave., Floral Park, NY 11001, 516-352-0048,
Jim McGarr, 2160 Mountain Rd., West Suffield, CT 06093 (860) 370-9449
Three Year Term
Fran Costa, P.O. Box 1062, Rockland, ME 04841, 207-230-0033,"
Rich Marsh, 15 Autumn Lake, Belchertown, MA 01007-9600 (413) 283-8874

Rescue/ placement Coordinator Susan Smith & Lisa Pacheco 508-880-7111

Club Historian/Photographer
Ralph Slater, 9 Ledgewood Dr., Old Lyme, CT 06371 (860) 434-1925, E-mail:

Sales Table - Need Volunteer

                                          INTEREM FOOTNOTES EDITOR

Lou Pacheco,

                               From the Interim Editor
                  I am only the interim editor of our Footnotes NEWSLETTER DEADLINES
                                                                   ISSUE          DUE
            Newsletter so I really appreciate all the help from folks
                                                                   Jan/Feb        Jan 25th
             like Kathleen May and others now, who have shared     Mar/Apr        Mar 25th
             much of what you read in these Footnotes. We have     May/Jun        May 25th
                                                                   Jul/Aug        July 25th
              gotten some fine feedback from Confirmation, Rescue  Sep/Oct        Sept 25th
            and the Performance folks for the Footnotes. We are hoping to
                                                                   Nov/Dec        Nov 25th
get more of our Pet friends involved. If you got pictures or stories share them!!
                    PS And don’t forget we need an permanent real Editor!!
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 N*E*W* Footnotes
  *New England Westie   U.S. Postage
143 Warren St West
Raynham, MA 02767

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