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Happy New Year!
Worthy of all praise
Nothing but the blood
Bible reading 2 Samuel 7
David’s Prayer – Matthew Whitfield
Grace Unmeasured
Family News
When I survey

                                                                                                             God’s promise
Join us for morning tea outside in the courtyard.
Next week at the Neighbourhood Centre

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January 4
January 4
January 10
January 10
January 17
                      9:30am Great Prayers of the Bible- David’s Prayer 2 Samuel 7
                      6:30pm A letter to a jacked up church - 1 Corinthians 1:1-17
                                                                                         Matthew Whitfield
                                                                                         Dominic Steele
                      9:30am Great Prayers of the Bible - Lord, teach us to pray Luke 11Matthew Whitfield
                      6:30pm Christ Crucified - 1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5                   Dominic Steele
                      9:30am Great Prayers of the Bible - A prayer for boldness - Acts 4 Matthew Whitfield
                                                                                                             to the king
January 17            6:30pm Spirit and Cross - 1 Corinthians 2:6-16                     Dominic Steele

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Budget update
We face a big expenses jump from the start of 2009 and we are ask-
ing all members to properly take responsibility from the start of the
year for us paying our staff and bills on time. Our budgeted offertery
income for 2009 will need to jump significantly.

We hope to have our 2008 accounts finalised for the auditor by
January 15. We will give you an unaudited idea of where we finished
on January 17 and then have 2008 accounts available to be picked up
from the start of February ahead of our AGM towards the end of

Leader’s bootcamp
A note to all leaders. Please set aside Saturday February 7 for a
‘Leaders Bootcamp.’ More details next week.                                                                                       2 SAMUEL 7 | MATTHEW WHITFIELD

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                                                                     among us.
                                                                      Matt Lemsing and Thora Marsh for their work                    ESSENTIAL
                                                                     launch Connect 09 and we commission                                              THE
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                                                                     9:30am Sunday February 8
                                                                                                               ‘The Big Day In’
God’s promise to the king
Great Prayers of the Bible II | 2 Samuel 7 | Matthew Whitfield

1 The Building Project                                      5 How is God at work in this?

                                                                a God will build his house

2 King David

                                                                b God will bless his people

3 Building Houses

  a David to Nathan v1-2                                    6 Seeing the Houses in History

                                                                The Significance for Israel
  b Nathan to David v3

                                                                King Solomon
  c God to Nathan v4-16

                                                                King Jesus
  d Nathan to David v17

                                                            7 Delight yourself in God’s promises
4 David’s Prayer

  a Thanksgiving and Praise v18-24

  b Request v25-29

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