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									Exam Review

   January 15th, 2010
Unit #1 - Trigonometry
Unit #2 – Linear Systems
Unit #3 – Quadratic Relations
Unit #4 – Quadratic Expressions
Unit #5 – Quadratic Equations
Unit #6 – Analytic Geometry
Be Sure To:

   Know your formulas
   Redo all past quizzes and tests
   Redo your midterm!
   Come in for help whenever you
    have questions!
   Start studying ASAP, don't leave
    it to the last minute! There is a
    lot to review.
How to Study
   Look over all notes/power-points
    (one unit at a time)
   Attempt the quizzes and tests for
    that unit.
   Note down any concepts you are
    unclear about.
   Ask me or your peers, to clarify
    those concepts.
   Repeat for each unit.
   Once you are finished every unit,
    complete the review questions for
    extra practice.
Review Questions

   Review questions are posted on the
    blog, as well as answers.
   Do as many of them as you can
    (if not all)

   You may return your textbooks if you
    no longer need them.
   If you choose to hold onto your text,
    be sure to bring it to the exam!

   Thursday January 28th, 2010
   8:30 AM in room 216

                          Do you know
                          where this is?

          GOOD LUCK!
Brain Teaser
   You have a stack of 23 cards. Each card
    has an image of a cross on one side, and
    an image of a circle on the other side. You
    know that 14 cards in the stack are laying
    with the cross up, and therefore 9 cards
    are with the circle up. But you don't know in
    which order the cards are. Moreover, you
    are in a completely dark room, so you can't
    see anything.

    How can you, without seeing anything,
    divide the stack of cards in two smaller
    stacks, in such a way that both stacks have
    the same number of cards with a cross up?
Ha Ha

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