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Gladstone Swimming Pool


Gladstone Swimming Pool

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									Gladstone Swimming Pool
Residents of Gladstone and surrounding areas in the Southern Flinders region are
thrilled with their upgraded swimming pool.

The Gladstone Swimming Pool Committee received $67,000 in the 2008-09 round of
the Community Recreation and Sport Facilities Program to re-line the pool with
fibreglass. The Northern Areas Council also contributed $67,000, along with in-kind
support towards the preparation of the surface prior to the fibreglass shell being fitted.

For the past four years, the Gladstone Swimming Pool Management Committee spent
many hours emptying the pool and replacing all the broken and cracked tiles prior to
each swimming season. This ongoing and expensive maintenance – let alone wasting
400,000 litres of water needed to refill the pool – allowed it to be re-opened each year.
The new fibreglass lining is maintenance free and will serve the community for the next
20 years and beyond.

The 47-year-old pool now provides a safe environment for participants to continue
enjoying the benefits of swimming.

The pool is a vital piece of community infrastructure which provides people living in this
rural area the opportunity to enjoy being physically active.

On average there are between 50 to 130 people utilising the Gladstone Swimming Pool
every day during the swimming season and by more than 1,000 different people each
year throughout the
Southern Flinders region
and wider districts.

The Gladstone Swimming
Pool is open between the
months of November and
April each year and is
utilised for a range of
activities      including
VACSWIM,           school
swimming         lessons,
swimming carnivals and
fun days, club swimming
lessons and competitions,
pre-season training for
local sports teams, as well
as a recreational swimming
venue for families in the

December 2009

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