; 1 - 3 March 2010 Suntec Singapor
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1 - 3 March 2010 Suntec Singapor

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									                                                                                  1 - 3 March 2010
                                                                              Suntec Singapore Level 4
                                                                                  Halls 403 & 404


Organised by:                                                        Supported by:                              Held in:

        Lines Exposition & Management Services Pte Ltd
        701 Geylang Road #03-01 Teambuild Centre Singapore 389687    Endorsing Publications:
        Tel: (65) 6299-8611 Fax: (65) 6299-8633                      • Estetica World • Export Magazine • Kosmetik International
        Email: enquiry@lines.com.sg Website: www.beautyasia.com.sg   • Nation Beauty
    Opening Hours (Free Admission)
    For Trade & Professionals only              For Trade & Professionals and Public
    01 March       1100 – 1900 hrs              03 March       1500 – 1900 hrs
    02 March       1100 – 1900 hrs              Trade & Professionals are encouraged to complete
    03 March       1100 – 1500 hrs              their registration to be kept abreast of future
    Pre- or Onsite Registration Required.       exhibition updates.

BeautyAsia, Asia’s most established trade exhibition for the beauty and wellness industry sets in for
a bigger and better showcase with some of the industry’s most cutting-edge products, recognise new
trends and introduce experts as well as leading beauty technologies from around the world. With an
accretion of 13 years in the beauty marketplace, this annual event is recognized as an exciting buyer-
seller meet and an educational and networking platform for the region’s beauty professionals.
The 14th beauty extravaganza will be a comprehensive four-in-one showcase incorporating SpaAsia,
HealthAsia and NaturalAsia 2010 at Suntec Singapore.
A plethora of show highlights has been planned to add more buzz to the event, including workshops,
presentations, talks, product demonstrations, as well as beauty competitions and fashion shows.

Your Ultimate Business Platform
Every year BeautyAsia attracts many distinguished and established brand names from the beauty and
wellness industry. BeautyAsia 2009 featured exhibitors from 16 countries including Germany, Italy,
Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan and the USA, and attracted 5,505 visitors, an increase of 11.8 per
cent on last year.
Goo Teck Bing, Managing Director for Celblos Dermal Research Centre Pte Ltd said, “We have
gained a lot of exposure at BeautyAsia 2009, in terms of our products and our company. Thanks
to the enthusiastic trade visitors and interest in our products, we secured new clients and received
numerous contacts of potential buyers - all of which will not be possible in such a short time without
BeautyAsia 2009!”
Jenny Lee, a trade visitor, said “I had a fascinating time at BeautyAsia 2009 exploring the latest
products and services that the beauty industry has to offer. Judging by the amount of time, effort and
research put into the business of looking good, I would say consumers will be more spoilt for choices
and we can expect even more from the beauty industry in future.”

Don’t Miss Out on the Best Marketing Platform!
Be a Part of the Region Biggest Gathering of Industry Professionals at
BeautyAsia Singapore 2010!

Exhibit Profile

BeautyAsia 2010 will feature             SpaAsia 2010 will feature                NaturalAsia 2010 will feature
• Aromatherapy products and              •   Apparel and Accessories              Raw Ingredients & Supply-related
  treatment                              •   Aromatherapeutic products            Products & Services
• Beauty Care accessories and product    •   Body Treatments                      • Nutraceuticals
• Beauty Salon accessories, products     •   Education and Training               • Functional food ingredients
  and equipment                          •   Health and Organic Food              • Extracts, raw materials
• Chemicals and Colourings for           •   Massage Oils and Cream               • Cosmeceuticals
  the cosmetics and personal care        •   Music and Sounds                     • Mushroom products
  industries                             •   Nail and Foot Care                   • Pro-biotics
• Contract Manufacturing                 •   Body and Skin Care                   • Processing technology
• Cosmetic accessories, products and     •   Spa Equipment                        • Encapsulation equipment
  equipment                              •   Spa products and supplies            • Labeling, capsules
• Essential Oils                         •   Wellness Programmes                  • Environmentally safe products
• Fashion Wear and Accessories                                                    • Textiles/fibers
• Hair Care accessories and products     HealthAsia 2010 will feature             Natural/Functional/Organic Foods
• Hair Salon accessories, products and   •   Alternative medicine                 • Functional foods
  equipment                              •   Aerobic and Yoga studio              • High-end packaged natural foods
• Health Food and Supplements            •   Bio-technology products              • Full-line organic
• Healthcare / Fitness equipment,        •   Fitness Club and Slimming Centre     • Vegetarian offerings
  products and services                  •   Fitness equipment                    • Fortified foods, fresh fruits and
• Lingerie and Corselette                •   Healing arts                           vegetables
• Make Up                                •   Health Spa and Resort                • Green foods, specialty foods, gluten-
• Manicure & Pedicure accessories and    •   Health Food and Beverage               free foods
  products                               •   Hearing aids                         • Soy products
• Manicure & Pedicure furniture and      •   Health appliances                    • Dry goods, cereals
  equipment                              •   Herbal and Natural health remedies   • Gourmet, organic meats
• Packaging and Machinery                •   Herbal cosmetics                     • Dairy products, beverages, water
• Perfume and Fragrance                  •   Homeopathic medicine                   products
• Personal grooming and Hygiene          •   Massage and Aromatherapy             Supplements
  products                                   products and services                • Full-line vitamins and dietary
• Pharmaceutical products                •   Maternal Health                        supplements, minerals
• Plant and Herbal extracts              •   Macrobiotic food                     • Meal replacements, energy bars, diet
• Raw materials and Ingredients          •   Medical Supplies                       products, sports products
• Saunas and Jacuzzis                    •   Natural Food and Dietary             • Antioxidants
• Skin Care equipment and products           Supplements                          • Pain treatments
• Slimming equipment and products        •   Natural Ingredients                  • Nutritional drinks
• Spa equipment, furniture and           •   Nutrition and Vitamins
                                                                                  Herbals, Alternative Practices,
  products                               •   Nutrition Consultancy
                                                                                  Traditional Medicines
• Third Party Manufacturing              •   Organic Food and Beverages
                                                                                  • Raw and encapsulated herbs
• Toiletries                             •   Pharmaceutical products
                                                                                  • TCM ingredients, essences
• Schools and Training Institutes for    •   Personal Care products
                                                                                  • Ayurvedic remedies
  beauty, hair, make-up and nails        •   Smoking cessation products
                                                                                  • Naturopathic remedies, homeopathic
                                         •   Soy products
                                         •   Therapeutic Equipment and
                                                                                  • Traditional medicines
                                                                                  • Bio-energetics
                                         •   Therapies
                                         •   Traditional medicine
Special Highlights

NailsAsia 4th International Nail Art Competition
Date: 02 March 2010 (Tuesday)
Natural Nail Care
3D Folk Art Nail Tips Design
French Sculpture Gel Nail
French sculpture Acrylic Nail
Mix Media Nail Art Design (Theme: Movie/MTV )
* Register fees is SGD 98 per category
* Register 2 category : $ 68 per category
* Register up to 3 category : $ 48 per category
* Registration deadline on 15th Jan 2010
Organised by:
BMI BeautyMart International Pte Ltd

For more information, please contact Ms Hazel Tay
or Ms Joanne Du at +65 6861 3884 / 6561 8816 / 9455 7410 or
email joannedu_cbc@yahoo.com.sg

Stage Demonstration and Workshop Presentation

                                        Monday 1 March 2010
    Change your Life with Eyebrow Artistry - Come and see a real life   Stage -
    demonstration of an Eyebrow Artist, Angela Tnee, at work            1.00-2.00pm
    by Allure Beauty Saloon Pte Ltd

    Beauty Within Colors                                                Stage -
    by NHS Essensuals International                                     2.00-3.00pm

    DOCTOR BABOR                                                        Stage -
    The gentle alternative to cosmetic surgery                          3.00-4.00pm
    by His Bounty Associates

    How to Win Customers With Authentic Herbal Womb Care Therapy        Workshop -
    by Hap Global Pte Ltd                                               2.30-3.30pm

    Color Minerals Makeup                                               Workshop -
    by Reflections Therapeutic Centre                                   3.30-4.30pm

Stage Demonstration and Workshop Presentation

                                    Tuesday 2 March 2010

Change your Life with Eyebrow Artistry - Come and see a real life       Stage -
demonstration of an Eyebrow Artist, Angela Tnee, at work                1.00-2.00pm
by Allure Beauty Saloon Pte Ltd
Massage by Candle Light                                                 Stage -
by Harvest Dynamics Global Pte Ltd                                      2.00-3.00pm

Pivot Point Design Forum                                                Stage -
by Power Motion Pte Ltd                                                 3.00-4.00pm

How to Win Customers With Authentic Leg Slimming Therapy                Workshop -
by Hap Global Pte Ltd                                                   2.30-3.30pm

BABORGANIC                                                              Workshop -
The new ideal of pure beauty. totally certified organic from the alps   3.30-4.30pm
by His Bounty Associates
Dr. Keith Chrysler Skincare                                             Workshop -
by Reflections Therapeutic Centre                                       4.30-5.30pm

                                 Wednesday 3 March 2010

Change your Life with Eyebrow Artistry - Come and see a real life       Stage -
demonstration of an Eyebrow Artist, Angela Tnee, at work                1.00-2.00pm
by Allure Beauty Saloon Pte Ltd
Gel Colors Maximiser                                                    Workshop -
by NHS Essensuals International                                         11.30-12.30pm

DOCTOR BABOR                                                            Workshop -
The gentle alternative to cosmetic surgery                              12.30-1.30pm
by His Bounty Associates
How to Win Customers With Authentic Age Defying Therapy                 Workshop -
by Hap Global Pte Ltd                                                   2.30-3.30pm

Exhibitor Highlights

Aesthetics Marketing Asia Pte Ltd
Booth no. D1110
AESTHETICS MARKETING ASIA PTE LTD, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company,
is a service oriented and socially responsible company. Our strength lies in providing
complete care, support and best pricing to all aestheticians and all medical practitioners.
We represent only the highest quality and most reliable products, beauty and spa
equipment for complete face and body treatment. We cater and customize to the different
needs and business strategies of each individual beauty salon, enabling them to provide
total customer satisfaction and to realize their ultimate goals and objectives.
That’ so 42 Collagen Bodywave:
The first aesthetic machine that provides total body rejuvenating treatment
by Collagen Activator 633nm Light Tubes. Incorporated with photo
stimulation technology, it stimulates collagen synthesis in aged skin.
Aging signs are reduced, improving skin texture. Pain-free, non- invasive
with no side effects.
ENDOLIFT to ensure excellent performances in the treatment of cellulite,
localized adiposity and lack of tone. Eximia drains, shapes and tones up
the treated areas, ensuring visible results.


Allure Beauty Saloon Pte Ltd
Booth no. J1120
Allure Signature Eyebrow
Ms Angela Tnee is the first person in Singapore to introduce
the eye brow embroidery concept stroke by stroke – Allure
Signature Eyebrow; nanotechnology is incorporated into the
colour used and by using a customised needle, the process
                       involves creating the desired shape
                       of the eyebrow and then drawing the
                       hairline strand by strand to create a                  After
                       more natural look.
                            With over 15 years of experience in
                            the beauty industry, she is often invited
                            to beauty and wellness exhibitions
                            in countries like Japan, Hong Kong,
                            China, Indonesia, Canada and even
                            Las Vegas where she would exhibit
                            her eye brow embroidery skills.

Anthomi Beauzone (S) Pte Ltd
Booth nos. G1151/G1152
One Stop Hub Solution: Hair, Beauty, Spa, and Medical – Equipment, Furniture &
Accessories Supplies. We aim to do our best to meet your requirements and believe in
working closely with you to make our partnership a success.
HAIR – Stylist Chair, Shampoo Couch, Mirror, Counter, Hair Equipment and Accessories
BEAUTY – Couch, Trolley, Lamp, Steamer, Beauty-scope, Steriliser, RF, IPL, Ultrasonic,
Diamond-Peel, Skin-scrubber, Accessories etc
SPA – Steam-room, Sauna-room, Whirlpool, G5, Faradic, Infra Thermo Blanket, Body-
shaping, Weight Loss equipment etc
MEDICAL – BMI weighing scale, First-aid product, Thermometers, Blood pressure
monitor, Electric couch etc
SALON USE PRODUCTS – Soft mask, Modelling Mask, Waxing, Paraffin Wax,
Ampoules, Massage Cream, Massage Oil, Foot Cream, Slimming Gel, Body Scrub, Skin-
care & Hair Care products etc
OTHERS – Surgical Mask, Mob-Cap, Cotton Wool, Gauze, Latex/Vinyl gloves, Sponges,
Extractors, Tweezers, Scissors, Apron, Uniform, Gown etc
To be a FRANCHISEE, please contact us.


Bali Tangi
Booth no. K1120
Bali Tangi is a Balinese manufacturer,
wholesaler, distributor and retailer of quality
natural traditional spa products. We have a wide
variety of beauty and spa products like sea salt,
face and body scrubs, mask and 100% pure
essential oil, aromatic incense sticks, hair tonic
and cream bath, blended
massage cream and oil, pre
and post natal massage oil,
herbal compress ball and
pouch, herbal bath bag and
many more.
We are seeking for overseas
distributor & franchisee.
Exhibitor Highlights

BeauLAB (SEA) Pte Ltd
Booth no. J1121
BeauLAB is your preferred one-stop Salon Supplier & Wholesaler
of Skin Care products and cosmetics. All our products are carefully
tested and in compliance with the regulation of Health Sciences
Authority (HSA) and meeting the local authority’s requirements in
the countries we market to.
COSMETICS offers spectacular immediate visible results for
common skin problems like Freckles , “age spots” and “dark
spots”. DESPIGMEN provides a natural treatment to WHITENING
and LIGHTENING, leaving a luminous, brighter, uniform and more
protected face.
We also carry the full range of ATACHE SCIENTIFIC
COSMETICS PRODUCTS direct from SPAIN which are suitable
for all skin conditions and are dermatologically-tested.
For our cosmetics products, we carry natural and organic cosmetics from Japan and Canada along with
our award winning House Brand, Lashex Eyelash Extending Mascara.
We welcome all beauty professional/owners to visit our booth. Our friendly specialists will be pleased to
explain and demo all our products.

Beautec Pte Ltd
Booth no. G1150

BEAUTEC™, is the leading salon
and spa software designed to simplify
the tedious workflow processes of the
highly complex beauty salons, hair
salons, spas and aesthetic clinics. It is highly flexible and adaptable to the ever-growing and
changing needs of the industry.

Used by over 2,000 salons & spas in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China, many of which
have multiple branches. Today Beautec™ has emerged as one of the leading salon management
software in the Asia-Pacific region. Visit the BEAUTEC™ booth today to learn more about the
numerous features and functions that can help manage and grow your business. Beautec™ gives
your business the technology edge it needs to stay ahead of the competition!


Beautech Cosmo Pte Ltd
Booth no. H1131

Beautech Cosmo is the authorized sole licensing and distribution agent for
KLAPP and Laura Beaumont in Singapore and Malaysia.
Treating, pampering, recommending: these three words form the basis of the
KLAPP – philosophy.
KLAPP new launching PHYTO STEM CELL Technology products. In
theory, human skin stem cells can regenerate for life, but their quality decreases
with age. This is where the active ingredient of the apple stem cells comes into
play, gained from a special apple extract, which can be found in all PHYTO
STEM CELL TECHNOLOGY products. It protects the DNA and counteracts
premature skin aging. Another component of all products in this series is
the effective active ingredient REGISTRIL…. It supports the skin’s natural
regeneration Capacity and also acts against wrinkles.
Micro Needling by KLAPP revitalizes the skin’s natural biological regeneration
and repair mechanisms by needle stimulation and is suitable for all skin types.
The needle stimulation enables the active ingredients to be more easily absorbed
by the skin. The treatment kit is composed of: Amino, Hydra Flash Mask,
Hyaluron and Finish Mask

Beautronic Supplies & Services
Booth no. F1131
Beautronic offers the latest range of beauty & slimming equipment &
products. We provide training, technical & marketing support. We offer
professional advice to our clients and assist them in making successful
2010 Features:
New PTF(Photo Therapy Flash)
Upgraded from IPL, PTF utilizes light & heat energy to achieve
maximum efficiency so that it can provide safe and effective
treatments for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne, pigmentation,
and broken capillaries.
QuadPhaseTM Technology
* 3rd Generation Tripolar Radio Frequency
* Security Sensor
* Photodynamic Therapy
* Vacuum Massage
* Increase collagen growth, lymphatic drainage, face & body
  lifting, contouring, reduction of cellulites

www.beautronic.com.my                                                                9
Exhibitor Highlights

Beauty Choice Pte Ltd
Booth no. E1110

Table Top IPL
Innovative repaid and effective method, non-Invasive epilation treatment. Using the
concentrated energy of the Xenon light, the application acts directly on the hair bulb.
Methode Cholley
Methode Cholley is fruit of the brilliant intuition of Cholley Paydar Bavandpour.
It brings together the modern achievements of Swiss phyto-cosmetics and the
proven traditions of herbal and therapeutic medicine. Methode Cholley delivers
highly effective treatments for face and body: Anti-aging treatments for face and
body, skin clearing treatments, treatments for impure or acne skin, anti-cellulite
and slimming treatments, treatments for firming and toning of the entire body.
OxySpa Basic
Based on Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) oxygen generation technology, the O2xyspa Basic concentrates the
pure oxygen from the surrounding air up to a maximum of 95%. Special cosmetic formulations and pure oxygen
are injected into the deep layers of epidermis with pulsed oxygen pressure or applied with gentle oxygen spray.
Skin cells gain a mass of oxygen and biologic energy instantly and increases metabolism of skin cells that gains
to the effect of whitening skin, removing wrinkle, spring skin, remaining young.


Beauty Direct Pte Ltd
Booth no. F1140

Star Lash False Eyelashes
Star Lash False Eyelashes are a range of more than 100 designs
of high quality false eyelashes that are painstakingly hand-made
using the finest materials to ensure its premium quality.
Star Lash is now distributed in Singapore, Malaysia and Japan.
We are looking for distributors who are passionate about Star Lash
to join our distribution network.
Miracle Lash Serum
Nutrition for Eyelashes and Eyebrows
The Miracle Lash Serum is specially formulated to nourish the
eyelashes and eyebrows. It stimulates eyelash and eyebrow growth,
treats damaged lashes and reduces eyelash and eyebrow loss. With
regular use, eyelashes and eyebrows become more lustrous, and are
longer and thicker.

Booth no. D1143

BEMA COSMETICI S.A.S. is an Italian Company
manufacturing a wide range of natural and organic certified skin
care products for women, men, children; para-pharmaceutical
products and products for beauty salons and SPAS. All high
quality products: preservatives and colouring agents free,
with extracts from organic agriculture,
dermatologically tested and tested against
Nickel, Chromium and Cobalt to avoid any
risk of skin allergies. ICEA AIAB Certified


BMI Beautymart International Pte Ltd
Booth no. E1120
Your one-stop beauty supply for unique nails and foot treatments. Distributor
of Dr Foot Pro, Jessica, Le Chat, Shareydva, b.r.s brush, Gracia.
ICN Academy, an ITEC and CIBTAC accredited centre, offers certificate
and diploma courses in nail, aesthetic and body treatment courses.
Business coaching services to guide investors to explore business
opportunity in the nail and spa industry.
Aloe Vera as an all-purpose herbal plant, healers from all over the world
believed in its potent benefits and we called it “plant of immortality”.
Dr Fungo is wealth of
* Skin Irritation and Inflammatory
* Fungal Infection
* Body and Foot Odour
* Skin Itchiness
* Cracked and dry skin, hand and feet
* Skin moisturizing and hydration effect; cell regeneration, rebuild collagen
   and damaged tissue

Exhibitor Highlights

Celblos Dermal Research Centre Pte Ltd
Booth no. H1133

Celblos Dermal Research Centre is a professional skincare consultant
and OEM manufacturer (cGMP-certified) with a strong focus on
developing cutting-edge treatment products.
The one formula perfect skin cannot live without is our newly-launched
Alpha-Litamin C60 whitening treatment. This high-performance
range significantly lightens pigmentation and acne scars for a true
transparent complexion. The 3-way targeted approach – to prevent,
treat and repair melanin formation ensures fair skin re-emerges and is
retained. A Nobel Prize-winning discovery in our formulation boasts
125 times stronger antioxidant activity than vitamin C. Witness
results after 14 days and observe a tremendous improvement in the
lightening of pigmentation.


Celmonze Pte Ltd
Booth no. E1140
Energise your skin back to youth with Pro-Vitamin C
This unique formula synergies the energy of 3 types of Vitamin C!
Comprised of water-soluble and oil-soluble form, this results in a
stable release of C-POWER to the skin in a continual and consistent
form with concentrated, long-lasting effect.
C-POWER prompts the renewal and rebuilding of skin collagen;
restoring skin elasticity and firmness. It rejuvenates skin back to its
earlier, stronger stage. While fighting free
radicals and oxidation culprits, reversing
signs of early aging.
Empower skin’s ability to turn back time
~ reveal the real, youthful you today!


Connections Enterprise LLP
Booth no. J1122

Dr Spiller BioCosmetic
For 50 years the enterprise converts its high level and its philosophy
perfectly in the products and the appearance: to merge the wisdom of nature
into holistic beauty concepts and for the conscious consumers today.
Now with Whitening De Pigmentor Serum & Hydro
Marine Serum, we will continue the proud tradition.
Whitening De Pigmentor Serum – Intensive serum
for a gradual brightening of the skin and to reduce
Hydro Marine Serum - Special product to provide
hydration as well as to maintain the own hydration of the
skin during the Treatment Peel-off.


Derm Medica Pte Ltd
Booth no. F1130

Derm Medica is the distributor for PCA Skin (USA; doctors only), Wound
Healing / Calming cream - Catrix (USA), Casmara (Spain), and Powerlite
medical grade IPL and slimming machine from Japan.
Medical grade CATRIX
* To calm irritation & redness / heal open wound / Acne Scar – Use Catrix to
  reduce / prevent scarring
* Suitable for after laser / IPL treatments or post hair removal or after facial
POWERLITE IPL - #1 Market Leader in Japan for hair removal,
rejuvenation and depigmentation
* Fit-For’ Slimming Machine for Fat Busting, Cellulite and Body Contouring
* Peel Off Masks for Face & Body
* Professional Treatment Sets – Shows glowing results in just 1 session!
* Slimming and Cellulite Professional Treatments – See results in 1 month!
NOTE: We are the ONLY AUTHORISED SOLE distributor for Casmara in Singapore.        www.casmara.es

Exhibitor Highlights

DGDA International Trading Pte Ltd
Booth no. K1130

World-acclaimed Top Eyebrow
Embroidery Academy D&G. A World
renowned Educator in the field of
Eyebrow Embroidery. D&G has
trained and greatly benefitted more
than 10,000 Eyebrow Embroidery
Practitioners. The majority of winners
in various International Eyebrow
Embroidery Competitions were
trained by David and Cilia, whose
contribution to this profession is

Ecsalonce Pte Ltd
Booth no. H1150
A leading brand in nailart revolution, NfuOh promises
to enchant you with its wide range of colored acrylics.
Available in 282 stunning shades, NfuOh provides
excellent texture for 3D reality design work and sculpting
of beautiful designed nail extensions, with long lasting
vibrancy and refined appearance for your nail artworks.
Leader in the finest UV gels, Akzentz is always releasing
new and featured nail products and they’re sure to impress!
Inspired by the latest nail styles, our products are designed
to support your skills and creativity to help you create
amazing nails. Available in traditional(hard gels), soak off
(soft gels) and 3D (embossed) UV and Colored gels.


Edako Beauty Holdings Pte Ltd
Booth no. H1130

Founder and CEO, Akiko Yokota, a Japanese Native Lady is known to
the world as “MISS V 10 SERUM”. Together with Mr Nobu, Chemist
who has 18 years experiences in Skin Care line.
V 10 SERUM Skin Care products have been distributed worldwide
for more than 6 years to the world such as: Japan, Canada, Korea,
Japan, Hongkong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Indonesia,
Europe, Russia and many more. Now she has improvised the
“V 10 Serum” into “V 10 PLUS serum” series for Greater and visible result which
contain NOBEL PRIZE WINNER Active Ingredients in 1986 for EGF and1996
Akiko Yokota’s philosophy
LATEST NEWS, V 10 PLUS SERUM has even captured the attention of
HOLLYWOOD MOVIE PRODUCER to feature “V 10 PLUS Serum” and
“Miss V 10 Serum” in the upcoming HOLLYWOOD MOVIE.


EMZ Chemical Pte Ltd
Booth no. J1132
OEM and Private Labeling Services
• Best practice of production standard
• Marketable and standard product formula
• Curative effect from unique and powerful new active
• Numerous of packaging choice
• No restriction on quantity ordered and competitive
• Comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  standard and accordance with the Asean Cosmetic


Exhibitor Highlights

Ewins Pte Ltd
Booth no. J1141
Ewins’ latest flagship brand – LIFE – aims to bring you
revolutionary products that are aimed at bettering your
overall well-being.
Many of us spend several hours a day in a chair, exposing
us to numerous health hazards that arise from poor sitting
posture. The Hara Chair is engineered to fit people of all
shapes and sizes, so you can always be in your optimal
neutral position when seated. The patented dual seat-pan
system distributes weight evenly, and alleviates daily
stresses to your neck, shoulders, spine and pelvis, that
result from prolonged sitting.
The Shiroi Spa “breaks” water into micro bubbles
which penetrate the surface of your skin to deep cleanse,
detoxify, hydrate and oxygenate. In the process, the Shiroi
Spa creates an abundance of anions, promoting blood
circulation and ridding our bodies of harmful free radicals
to delay signs of ageing.


Grasse Beaute De Paris Pte Ltd
Booth no. H1111
Grasse Beaute De Paris is an importer and exporter of beauty
products with more than 20 years experience in the industry and is
the leading expert in Singapore in all aspects of permanent facial
make up.
BFGF can stimulate the vitality of cells, promotes the metabolism
of the skin, maintains the moisture-preserving genes to a
reasonable extent and provides water needed in the skin
Auricular Acupuncture Crystal Diamond uses
Swarovski crystals, it’s pretty and fashionable.
*    Cure tiredness, soreness, waist and leg pains
*    Reduce the need for eyes-lifts at a later age
*    Feel more youthful and energized
*    Help skin with elasticity and reduce tightness
*    Help your curves become sexy

Hap Global Pte Ltd
Booth no. F1141
HAP Global Pte Ltd is the only company in Singapore and Malaysia to offer
complete phyto-hormone therapy training, products and treatments to Beauty
Salons and Spas.
Our Meditrina Club provides “Phyto-hormone Therapy Mastery”, a
comprehensive Meridian treatment training syllabus for beauty therapists
targeted at treating the symptoms of hormonal ageing, hormonal imbalances,
and other women’s issues.
We have engaged a top natural healing therapist from Taiwan to provide top
class training to your therapists and you, so that you only learn from the best.
You will learn the treatment secrets that will give you an edge in solving your
customers’ women’s issues.
Meditrina is a unique phyto-hormone product range that is specially developed
to provide beauty salons and spas a unique and groundbreaking solution to treat
the hormone imbalances and hormonal ageing problems of their customers.
The products range currently consists of Ageless Herbal Cream, Advanced
Whitening Age defying Serum, Moxa Pain Relief Essence and Wonder Wash
with phyto stem cells.
We would like to welcome you to the world of Meditrina. See you at our Booth!

Harvest Dynamics Global Pte Ltd
Booth no. J1131
The waxes are easy to use, economical and your clients will love
them. These waxes are formulated with specific elastromers and
polymers to encapsulate the hair at the roots as they dry. We have
the Strips and Non Strip Waxes which are suitable for sensitive
areas like Brazilian, nose and underarm.

Massage Candles – As easy as 123…
1. Light it
2. Extinguish It
3. Apply it on the body for Moisturizing, Firming or
   Rejuvenation ….

Legole –: Anti Ingrown Hair Liquid Conditioner.
The answer to all ingrown hair problem. From Australia, this
solves the ingrown hair problem in a matter of days. it can be
used on both men and women, everywhere. This product does not
contain alcohol. The active ingredient is the Allantonin.


Exhibitor Highlights

His Bounty Associates
Booth no. E1130
Together with renowned facelift specialist Dr Michael A. Konig, BABOR
laboratories innovates the DOCTOR BABOR range to enable visibly
younger beauty – without help of a syringe or scalpel. The DOCTOR
BABOR collection are specially concentrated products based on patented
live plant cell, highly complex bio-tech procedure that promote the skin’s
metabolism and activate cell renewal with strong effect. Products in the
series reduce wrinkles, visibly minimise eye bags and dark circles. They
also lighten pigment marks and age spots – such as Spot Reducer Serum,
Wrinkle Control Fluid, Collagen Booster Cream, Ultimate Repair Gel-
Cream & Renewal AHA Peeling. In short time, one can achieve results
comparable to those obtained through anti-wrinkles injections, Botox or
BABOR is endorsed as Germany’s prime professional skin and body care
with cutting edge patent ingredients for “Effectiveness & Naturalness”.
It is internationally acclaimed for optimal beauty returns for over half a
century. Widely distributed in over 75 countries, BABOR is also adopted
to serve 1st-class travellers of AIR EMIRATES and LUFTHANSA
AIRLINES (from January 2009).


iZEST Pte Ltd
Booth no. G1140
Defy Ageing, Stay Youthful
RUNVE Handheld Beauty Device rejuvenates your skin’s appearance,
bringing back your once youthful glow.
Skin Rejuvenator (AR-999)
4	 Vibration Cleaning - to remove dead skin cells & clean blocked
4 Skin Rejuvenation - to improve absorption of skincare nutrition
4 Intermittent Patting - to stimulate blood circulation & collagen
Skin Renew (D-102)
4	   Remove dead cells and black heads
4    Clean oily secretion & reduce pore size
4	   Stimulate the revival of skin
4	   Improve blood circulation & metabolism

Kanehide Bio Co., Ltd
Booth no. C1141
Verbeny Capsule
Realize the beauty of your dream. Verbeny
will make this possible.
Verbena, the wild herb of Okinawa, is used
for beauty and health.


KTK Beauty Care Trading
Booth no. G1111
KTK Beauty Care Trading’s vision is to be the Leading Marketer and
Supplier with a Comprehensive and complete range of Face, Skin and Body
Care Solution. We hold the Authorized Sole Licensing and Distribution
Rights of World Renowed Cosmeceutical manufacturers;
* Janssen Cosmeceutical care from Germany combines
  pharmaceutical and therapeutic elements and is a safe way to care for the
  skin without harming the body’s own natural balance and protection.
* Dr. Suwelack from Germany, the Collagen mask is made from
  high content of biologically available collagen
  with the vacuum freezing process and the gamma-
  ray sterilized. It contains no perfuming and
  preserving agents and suits every skin type.
* Rosactive production is inspired and gets
  its origin from the infinitive world of natural
  substances. We optimize products and technologies
  and answer to the ever increasing market and
  clients demand.

Exhibitor Highlights

Kzona Tooling System
Booth no. J1142
Kzona Cyber Styling
Performance Hair Clipper
- Upper blade with headmode black ceramic
- Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating make the
  lower blade ultimate hardness, durability, wear
  resistance, reduced friction and cutting ability
- Built in Hydride battery NI-MH 1200mAh x 2
- Long lasting powerful motor with low noise
- Cord and cordless with two speed control
- 2hrs charging with microprocessor chip 1 hr standard using
- Charging indicating lamp change from red to blue at full


La Sincere Co.
Booth no. C1130
LA SINCERE Japanese skincare and cosmetics
products are made from Natural Gel. We have
been manufacturing gel-based products for more
than 18 years in Japan, providing reliable supplies
to more than 5000 salons.
As we understand the magnificent energy fruits and
vegetables have, we make many treatment products
from them.
REDDURE treatment uses the natural power of
red fruits and vegetables such as peach, strawberry,
carrot and mango to:
* Effectively increase the skin’s protection against harmful UV rays
* Enhance the natural peeling of aged skins
* Rejuvenate skin cells
* Repair damages from harmful UV rays
* Alleviate hormonal imbalances in women
* Combat natural aging

Magicboo (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Booth no. E1152
MAGICBOO (Singapore) the largest showroom listed in the “Singapore
Book of Records” with more than 200 choices of Jacuzzis, Steam Baths,
Sauna, Spa Pools and others.
With over 5000 types of products imported from Hong
Kong, Taiwan, China, Korea and Germany, we are
also a one stop shop for wholesale and retail to cater
for all kinds of luxurious beauty, health, hairdressing,
slimming, SPA, hot spring instruments and other
auxiliary products.
Our achievements are documented in the Malaysian
Book of Records as well, with Twenty three (23)
branches all over Malaysia.
MAGICBOO (Singapore) ensures the quality of the
products and is supported by a team of well trained
technical staff.


MBK Asia Pte Ltd
Booth no. J1110
MBK- Methode Brigitte Kettner is more than just cosmetics,
treatments or formula. Alternatively to the mass market solutions,
MBK philosophy has always been focusing on the individual
solutions to the individual problems with its homeopathic and ho-
listic approach based on natural products and ancient philosophy
but including fundamental trends and technological developments
of the 20th and 21st century.
True Beauty is Much More Than Just Good Look.
Our strong belief of beauty and well-being is strongly linked to
individual nature, psychical and physical condition and to his
environment. Instead of focusing on the problems of the specific
parts of the body, it always considers the whole person and how
he or she interacts with his or her environment. The methods are
analyzing the needs of the person based on morphology, esoteric
and homeopathy and thus locating the real roots of the cosmet-
ics problem and treat the cause of the specific problem of the
individual person.

Exhibitor Highlights

NHS Essensuals International
Booth no. G1132
NHS Essensuals International was established to be the main marketing and distribution center for “justnail” products
in Singapore. We import, wholesale and distribute the products at very competitive prices, while ensuring they are of the
highest quality available.
NHS Essensuals International focuses on conducting business across natural
boundaries by offering you profitable and attractive products for sale in the
salon. We aspire to capitalize on new opportunities by establishing a strong
international presence.
We have a wide range of products for your selection and you can be assured of
its finest quality and most competitive prices.
At NHS Essensuals International, we are dedicated to meeting your most
precise needs and requirements anytime.
justnail odorless gel is smooth and easy to apply.
The high gloss and “wet look” you will love and desire.
More durable and flexible shining Gel nails.
Portable Drill Machine
Compact, light, rechargeable and easy to use.
No hassle and no mess.
A tool to help all Nail Technicians.
A tool that all Nail Technicians & Nail Salons would love to have.

Nucell Global Pte Ltd
Booth no. K1110
PuriTea – 15 Days Diet Program
PuriTea is a premium name well-known for its special rose aroma.
This diet program is ideal for:
Big tummy, bottom; bloated abdomen; irregular bowel habits/
constipation’ meat, flour & fatty food lovers; frequent dinners;
feeling lethargic.
GlamorWave – Vita CE+
Aimed at defending against the factors responsible for aging skin, each
preservative-free capsule boasts an exclusive and unique formula powered
by pure and potent actives that are designed to regain skin’s youthfulness.
The combination of Vitamin C and E dramatically enhances their protective
antioxidant benefits. The pairing of both vitamins also speeds up collagen
synthesis and effectively reduces deep lines and wrinkles. Skin is lightened and
looks dewy, radiant and feels supple and firm.
Booth no. H1142
PALZ is from Singapore. We are the only general agent of
We supply the 300% & 700% mascara, 7000 electric mascara
and real original BB cream.
Please come to Palz for professional hand-knitted eye-lashes,
we have more than 1000 kinds of hand-knitted eye-lashes
from Taiwan, Japan, Korea and China, all of which are make-
                                    up artists’favourite.
                                      We supply everything
                                      you need, we can even
                                      OEM your own eye-
                                      lashes and professional

Planet Trading Services Pte Ltd
Booth no. G1141
Ellebijou™, premium quality skin care products help to
revitalize your skin to become smooth, bright, beautiful and
radiate like a jewel. By utilizing nanotechnology and Liposome
Delivery System, Ellebijou’s skin care products with superior
ingredients are able to penetrate into the deeper layer of skin
and nourish the skin cells. NANO Vital-C Whitening Series
are formulated for white pearl skin while also providing
treatment and protecting skin from free radical damage. NANO
Coenzyme Q10 Anti Wrinkle Series ensure skin cells are
repaired and reverse the aging process, resulting in smooth,
taut and wrinkle free skin. Ellebijou™ Compliment Series
provides further enhancement and protection for daily skin care.
These series of Ellebijou™ product ensure skin are nourished,
moisturized, repaired, and protected.

Exhibitor Highlights

Power Motion Pte Ltd
Booth no. J1152
For over 45 years, Pivot Point International has been recognized as
the world leader in hair and beauty education. Pivot Point trains
craft-people to elevate their skills to a higher level of creativity. The
Pivot Point education system is the most widely accepted training
system in the world with a global network of over 2,000 member
schools in 74 countries. Pivot Point system is translated into eight
languages and annually trains more than 50,000 students worldwide.
Established in 1996, Power Motion Pte Ltd is the Distributor for
Pivot Point Education System for Brunei, East & West Malaysia,
Singapore, Myanmar and Vietnam.                                             Courtesy of Pivot Point International
Hit Your Business target by becoming a Pivot Point Member School.
Pivot Point Member Schools receive the most advanced,
inspirational and innovative cosmetology curriculum available today.
Visit us and Start the enrollment process today.

Professional Concept International Pte Ltd (PCI)
Booth no. D1120
PCI is a importer and distributor of all nail
products from USA, with Nail Tek having a full
range of natural nail care strengthener for all nail
Other brands that we offer are: Misa Nail
Lacquers, ProLinc, GiGi, NSI, SuperNail,
ESN, Lash Be Long, ManiSation and
PediSation, Spa Caviar, Checi, La Palm,
Gena, BiBi and Deco, and DEAR GRACE (DG),
our beauty and wellness brand.
DG products have provided both men and women
genuine solutions for skin, weight and body problems.
DG Tendon Massage through the use of essential oil
and brushes, soothes and relaxes the deep muscle tissue
and purges toxins from the body.

Reflections Therapeutic Centre
Booth no. J1143
Reflections has been in the beauty industry for almost 10 years. Our core
product range are Dr. Keith Chrysler, Color Minerals, Pretty Easy and Skin
We also provide OEM services.
Dr Keith Chrysler from Paris has successfully hit Singapore and Malaysia by
storm. It’s full range of skin care and body care products include Professional
Treatment Program, Salon Use, Home Care as well as Discovery Kit, which
give lasting results.
Some other great products that are well loved by customers are Skin Repair
Hydro Gel, Cover Perfector SPF35, Brightening Intensive, Collagen Aqua Gel
and VE Emulsion SPF25 that contains Vitamin E beads that will dissolve once
applied on skin, leaving it soft, moisturised and well protected.
Color Minerals which is from USA is currently the must have in Singapore and USA.
* 100% pure mineral
* contains no talc, oil, bismuth oxychloride, preservatives
* suitable for problem skin
* water resistant and broad spectrum of SPF protection
* widely use by Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists worldwide                     www.rtc11.com

Salonware Pte Ltd
Booth no. K1123

After 24 Years, HAIRWARE & BEAUTYWARE are still the most
outstanding INDUSTRY SPECIFIC salon programme to include full
client management & financial cash management systems, incorporating
Multiple Cashbooks, Petty Cash, Commissions/Bonuses, Sales,
Appointment Book, the cheapest 2 way SMS Text Messaging in
the industry, Extensive (CRM) Marketing System. Hairware &
Beautyware are the hassle free, “tried & trusted”, state-of-the-art
salon management systems for the very small Hair or Beauty Salon,
to the modern Day Spa & right through to the very large salon
For the smaller one to three (1 to 3) operator salons, the new Micro &
Mini software versions provide an exceptional opportunity for you to
begin your computerised experience with a programme that can grow
with you as your requirements change.

Exhibitor Highlights

Skin Labs of America
Booth no. G1112
Skin Renew Lab focus is on Manuka Honey from
New Zealand for their Botanical Gold Edition
products. They use nothing less than a rating of
Active 12+ to 20+, which makes for the most
effective health and beauty aid on the market.
There are numerous medicinal perks to Manuka
Honey as it provides the needed hydrating
environment for skin repair. In addition, Manuka
Honey is safe for all skin types, is natural and
organic, and has no known side effects.
Born from a vision to provide premium skin care
solutions and products, Skin Labs Of America is
proud to be the sole distributor of Skin Renew Lab


Star*Like Nails Distributor
Booth no. J1111
Star*Like Nails Distributor is your complete one stop shop for all your manicure and
pedicure needs.
We are the exclusive distributor for most of the top selling US brands like Star Nail,
Cuccio Naturale, Essie Cosmetics, Dr. G, Mr. Pumice, Precision, to name a few.
Cuccio Naturale is the most innovative when it comes to mani/pedi spa. Make this
brand your number one choice and watch your profits grow.
Star Nail, the first in Singapore to serve the nail salons with their nail extension
requirement like gel and acrylic systems, and all tools-of-the-trade for the professionals.
Essie nail polish is one of the few top brands in U.S.A. that comes with its own
treatments and spa products.
Our complete line of Dr. G’s products solves all nail problems - from nail fungus to even sanitizer & lotions for
diabatic use.
Mr. Pumice, well known for its pumice products like pumice pads & files, also has callus remover gel and deep
penetrating hand & foot lotion.
Precision is our latest line of nail polish from U.S.A. made without the harmful chemicals like Formaldehyde,
Toluene or Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP).
U Gateway Pte Ltd
Booth no. F1110
U Gateway Pte Ltd is one of the leading sole distributors in the
region providing manicure, pedicure and beauty supplies to the
market. Currently representing 20 brands such as Ecrinal, Akileine,
Orly, Seche, Qtica, Zoya, Therabath, Formula 3, Beauty Esque,
Christrio, Blue Cross, IBD, Coup De Eclat, Vita-Citral, Raintree and
the full range of manicure, pedicure and beauty tools & implements.
The products that are under our umbrella are well known and
well-established internationally & locally. U Gateway Pte Ltd has
established a strong distribution channel and reputation locally and
internationally, able to provide anyone with knowledge, skills and
information to established, grow and expend business opportunity in
this industry.
The U academy Pte Ltd is an education branch of U Gateway Pte Ltd.
It was established to assist anyone who are interested to have a career
advancement in the nail & beauty industry. Our trainers are well-
trained locally and internationally in their skills. With vast experience
and knowledge of our trainers, we are able to introduce international
standards adapting to local requirements.

Wei Her Pte Ltd
Booth no. G1142
With 30 years of experience in the industry, Wei Her’s portfolio
includes professional hair, beauty and spa products for salons. We
have a wide variety of products to suit each salon’s differing needs
– from luxurious products containing gold and caviar to high quality
economical products for professional use. We also provide OEM /
private labelling service for salons interested in creating their own
brands (includes product concept, formulation, design, registration).
We keep abreast with all the latest technological breakthroughs in the
beauty industry, ensuring that our products remain innovative and up
to date.


Exhibitor Highlights

Yes Chin Beauty International
Booth no. J1112
Tissue Microclysmic Hydrogel
Apple Polyphenols are one of the most beneficial and powerful polyphenol antioxidants
that can
• Help in neutralizing the harmful effect of free radicals in our body
• Improve body resistance to fight against diseases
• Prevent oxidative stress
• Reduce fat around body organs
• Build strong muscles
• Provide nutrition to the body
• Improve skin problems and skin disorders
• Assist in solving the problem of baldness
Alpha-Arbutin Tropica Serum
Alpha-Arbutin + L-Ascorbic acid
ALPHA-ARBUTIN (4-Hydroxyphenyl-D-glucopyranoside) is a synthetic and functional
active ingredient for skin lightening.
It blocks epidermal melanin biosynthesis by inhibiting enzymatic oxidation of Tyrosine and
Dopa, and acts faster and more efficient than do existing single components.
•    Promotes lightening and an even skin tone on all skin types
•    Minimizes liver spots
•    Reduces the degree for skin toning after UV exposure

About the Organiser

Over the years, Lines Exposition has a track record of staging successful trade and consumer exhibitions
and it has seen Lines grow from strength to strength with each profile. Led by a management with
more than 30 years experience, it has always been creating and organizing shows that meets the needs
and directions of various industries.

BeautyAsia is Lines Exposition’s most prominent trade exhibition for the beauty, spa and health
industries to be held in Singapore. BeautyAsia is well received and has enjoyed consistent growth
over the years. This international exhibition is a good barometer for the beauty service industry.

Its flag ship profile, The PC Show is Singapore’s longest running and most successful IT and consumer
electronics exhibition, which draws huge crowds every year. The PC Show serves as the exhibitors’
ultimate sales platform and the consumers’ favourite one-stop shop for the latest trends and best

Lines Exposition is constantly working to improve its shows and develop new profiles to cater to
different industries. In doing so, Lines aims to provide the platform for successful business transactions
all over the world.

A Convenient Venue

The Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre
is one of the finest purpose-built convention and exhibition
facilities in Singapore.

The Centre is today one of the largest in South-East Asia, set
to facilitate Singapore’s aim of becoming the regional arts and
business hub.

It is conveniently situated within minutes of the financial district, Orchard Road shopping belt and
Mass Rapid Transit System. It is also just a 20 minute drive from Changi Airport and is linked by an
overhead bridge to over 3,000 hotel rooms.

The Centre is an integral part of the mega Suntec City complex, which also comprises 5 office towers,
a retail, entertainment and food mall.

Display Option & Space Rental

Bare Space                                         Upgraded Package Scheme Booth
S$425.00 per sq m                                  S$625.00 per sq m (min area: 12 sq metres)
(min area: 36 sq metres)
                                                   •   1 pc 13 amp power point
                                                   •   1 pc information counter
Standard Shell Scheme Booth                        •   6 pcs folding chair
S$525.00 per sq m (min area: 9 sq metres)          •   2 pcs fluorescent tube
                                                   •   1 pc waste paper basket
•    1 pc 13 amp power point
                                                   •   1 pc round table
•    1 pc information counter
                                                   •   3 pcs shelves
•    2 pcs folding chair
                                                   •   1 sq metre store room
•    2 pcs fluorescent tube                        •   Carpet
•    1 pc waste paper basket                       •   1 table showcase
•    1 sq metre store room                         •   1 tall showcase (rectangle) with spotlight
•    3 pcs shelves                                 •   1 tall showcase (quarter circle) with spotlight
•    Carpet                                        •   Fascia board (inclusive of company’s name)
•    Fascia board (inclusive of company’s name)

    Booths within Singapore Pavilion
    Bare Space (inclusive of Singapore branding)
    S$525.00 per sq m (space area 36 sq m)
    Special Shell Scheme
    S$675.00 per sq m (min. area 9 sq m)
    Entitlements for 9 or 12 sq m booth:
    • 1 pc 13 amp power point
    • 1 pc information counter
    • 2 pcs folding chair
    • 2 pcs fluorescent tube
    • 1 pc waste paper basket
    • 1 tall showcase (rectangle) with spotlight
    • 3 pcs shelves
    • Carpet
    • Fascia board (inclusive of company’s name)

Space is limited and will be offered on a first come, first served
basis, so send in the business reply form NOW to reserve your
                         prime location.

Business Reply Form

Yes, I am interested to exhibit in the following event. (please tick 4)
q BeautyAsia 2010         q SpaAsia 2010       q HealthAsia 2010          q NaturalAsia 2010
q Without obligation, please reserve _________________ sqm on our behalf.
q Please send a representative for further discussion.
q Visit, please send me more information nearer to the event.

Name : ___________________________________________________________________________

Company : ________________________________________________________________________

Designation: ______________________________________________________________________

Business Main Activity: _____________________________________________________________
                            Please attach your Business Card
Address: _________________________________________________________________________


Country: _________________________________________________________________________

Tel: ______________________________________ Fax: ___________________________________

Email : __________________________________________________________________________

Send/fax or email to:
Lines Exposition & Management Services Pte Ltd
701 Geylang Road, #03-01 Teambuild Centre Singapore 389687
Tel: (65) 6299-8611 Fax: (65) 6299-8633 E-mail: enquiry@lines.com.sg

Trade Visitor Registration Form

For visitors pre-registration:
1) Please complete all the sections in the form below and fax it to the organiser at (65) 6299 8633.
2) Visitors may also pre-register at our website: www.beautyasia.com.sg
Alternatively, the completed form may be presented at the registration counter on arrival at the exhibition hall in exchange for an
entry pass.

A. Personal Particulars
Name: Mr/Ms/Mrs/Dr/Prof _____________________________________________ Designation: __________________
Company: ________________________________________________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________
______________________________________________________ Country:___________________________________
Telephone: ___________________________ Fax: _______________________________________________________
Email: ________________________________________________________

B. What is your organisation’s main activity? (Please tick 4 one only)
     q		Dealer               q		Distributor        q		Manufacturer
     q		Beauty Profession q		Trading               q		Consultancy
     q		Others (please specify)_________________________________________________________________________
C. Which product/services are you particularly interested in the exhibition?
						 		Make-up & Cosmetic
     q                                             q		Accessories             q	Perfume        q	Skincare
						 		Toiletries          q		Raw Materials      q		Healthcare Products q		Natural Products
     q			 ackaging           q		Haircare Products
     q		Spa, Health Equipment& Products            q		Equipment and Accessories for haircare/beauty Salon
     q		Gift & Promotional Items                   q		Manicure & Pedicure Products
						 		Others (please specify)_________________________________________________________________________
D. What is the main purpose of your visit? (one answer only)
     q		To gather information                      q		To evaluate for participation in next show
     q		To seek representation                     q		To place order
     q		To make contact/visit supplier/principal
E. How did you find out about BeautyAsia 2010 / SpaAsia 2010 / HealthAsia 2010 / NaturalAsia 2010?
     q		Direct Mail          q	Trade Magazine (specify below)
						 		Estetica World
     q                       q	Export Magazine q	Kosmetik International q	Nation Beauty
						 		Newspaper (please specify) ____________________________________________________________________
     q		Associates/Colleagues/Friends              q		Trade Association       q	Website        q		Radio   q	TV
					q		Others (please specify)_________________________________________________________________________
F. What is your involvement in buying/specifying products? (one answer only)
     q		I decide             q	I advise/influence  q	Not involved

     For use by Agent/Exhibitor
     With the Compliment of

Accommodation for Exhibitors & Visitors
For more information about Singapore Travel / Hotel Reservation, please contact our official travel agent,
Orient Explorer (S) Pte Ltd at (65) 6339-8687 or email: mail@orient-explorer.com


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