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The WSS Fly BY Wire Speed Limiter helps to cut down on speed related injuries in the

The WSS Fly by wire speed control can now be applied to your early model forklift to
make it safe. Speed in the work place is usually left up the individuals care, you can
now take control. This state of the art, fully programmable ‘Fly By Wire’ unit can be
installed onto most makes of lift trucks to enable precise speed management
throughout your application. Gone are the lever/linkage types of speed controls which
were easily tampered with - this unit can only be reprogrammed using the appropriate

The WSS Fly BY Wire Speed Control Kit eliminates the mechanical element of the
existing throttle cable and substitutes it with fast responding electronics, this reduces
the number of moving parts (and associated wear) and therefore requires minimum
adjustment and maintenance. The drivability of the forklift remains the same but with
exception that the throttle setting is controlled to prevent over speeding.

By fitting Infrared Sensors to a door opening the Forklift    .
can be controlled by ‘Zones’. For example, outside a
factory the forklift has a controlled speed of say 14 kph
but on entering the factory area the unit recognizes
(via the Infrared Sensors) a change in zones and reduces
the speed to say 5 kph. It is possible to install as many
sensors into your application as required as well as
receivers to your forklifts to control entry and speed in
those designated areas.

The WSS Fly BY Wire system have a specific ECM that incorporates the necessary
programming to facilitate the input signals from the throttle pedal and steer wheel
potentiometers and signal outputs to the electronic carburetor assembly.

The throttle pedal position sensor unit has two potentiometers attached to it, achieving
the accuracy required from the pedal’s movement. The diagram shows the throttle
pedal assembly with the potentiometers attached to the side. The resistance ‘felt’
when the pedal is depressed is designed to give the same feel as a conventional
throttle. The throttle pedal sensor communicates with the ECM module to regulate the
carburetor assembly.

Like the throttle pedal position sensor unit the steer sensor has two potentiometers
attached also. This unit is attached to the steer axle king pin (one side only), when the
turning radius is increased beyond a set position the liftruck automatically slows to
prevent sudden directional changes that could cause injury to passing pedestrians.

To increase the flexibility of your WSS speed control unit, it can be coupled to the
‘Driver ID ’ control module that will let you not only manage the speed zones but also
the drivers in those zones. Driver based proficiency speed control and swipe card
access system gives you total control over your application. The WSS Fly BY Wire
speed control can also be coupled to a load sensing transducer that automatically
restricts the speed when a pre-determined weight is reached. Forklifts are less stable
when the mast is on forward tilt, WSS speed control mast tilt sensing kit, restricts the
travel speed when on forward tilt.
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