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					                                                                                                                                                                                Phone: (727) 517-2200
                                                         Logical Sites, Inc.                                                                                                    Fax:    (866) 566-3475
                                                         12597 Walsingham Road                                                                                                  Visit us on the web at:
                                                         Suite #5                                                                                                     
                                                         Largo, FL 33774

If we host a domain name for you, we may also handle the registration of the domain name for you as
well. This is also what most of our clients want. The bottom line for you is this: as long as you pay
your bill, you own your domain name. We don’t own it.

The way the name is registered is as follows:

                 Care of Logical Sites, Inc.
                 12597 Walsingham Road, Suite #5
                 Largo, FL 33774

We register it with our address for 3 reasons:

        1. The registrant gets junk mail - lots of it. We have a sampling in our office.
        2. Some of that junk mail will look like a bill for domain name renewal, but is actually a sales
           solicitation to transfer your domain name to another registrar, which creates problems for you
           and us. For example, if you moved to another registrar, we would be unable to move your
           website if we had to one day.
        3. If you forget to renew your domain name, your website goes down. Or you may even lose your
           domain name. This has happened to several of our clients. We make sure that doesn’t happen.

We also use a fake phone number and a fake e-mail address. If we didn’t, you (or we) would get many
phone solicitations (a lot are out of India nowadays) and even more spam e-mail. Phone calls and spam
are actually the largest problem today because they are both cheaper to carry out than mail.

Again, you own your domain name. There are only two cases in which that is not true.

        1. Domain name not paid for by you - that is easy to understand. If you don’t pay your bill, the
           domain name is no longer yours. Once you pay your bill, the domain name becomes yours.
        2. You elected to not keep the domain name. Example: a client elected to not keep
  . We thought it was such a good name that we decided to keep it. It now
           becomes our property.

If you would like to handle your domain name(s) yourself, contact us and we will arrange it for you. If
you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 727-517-2200

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