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					         State of the CLS:
Moving Towards User Operations
 (It has been a very busy year!)

          William Thomlinson
            Executive Director
         Canadian Light Source Inc.

       CLS Annual Users Meeting
          November 15, 2003
           Canadian Light Source Incorporated


To advance Canadian scientific and industrial capabilities by
operating the Canadian Light Source Facility as the national
synchrotron research and development center of excellence.


• Global leadership in synchrotron research and development
• National center of excellence of academic expertise
• Advance industrial competitiveness
• Venue to facilitate cooperative fundamental and applied
science and technology
• Operate an industry friendly, not-for-profit facility
                        NSERC Review

• International Peer Review Panel – Sept. 8-10
• Facility Mangement and Operations Readiness
• Beamline Team Scientific Program Peer Review

• Final Report Supportive of:
   –   Selection of Beamlines for Phase I and II
   –   Outstanding Scientific Programs of Beamteams
   –   CLS Management and Planning for Operations
   –   User Community Interactions
   –   CLS – USASK Joint Integration

• Concern:

“…there is a real danger that this opportunity will be squandered by
  inadequate operations support of the facility.”

“The operations budget planned for the CLS is only about 60% of
  the funds available for comparable facilities abroad.”
                 2003 User Issues - Progress

• 7 Beamlines proposed to CFI for funding
• Badging System - Implemented
• Housing – Allocation of initial 18 rooms at Lutheran Seminary
• User Services Office – Created
• Hiring of Beamline Scientific Staff for Phase I
• Beamtime Allocation and Scheduling Policy – In draft form
• Beamline Team MOUs – Nearing completion
• Intellectual Property Policy – Developed in MOUs
• Sliding Scale Access – Developed in MOUs
• Commercial Fee Structure – Under development
• IT program expanded
• Web-based User Access – Under development for registration,
  proposal      submission, training
• CLS Committee Structure – Creation of Beamline Advisory
  Committee and Science Advisory Committee
• UAC Presence on Committees – BAC, SAC, Board of Directors
Energy Range of CLS Beamlines
          Phase I beamlines under construction at the CLS

Far IR High Resolution Spectroscopy   .0012 - .5 eV   A. McKellar    U. Montreal

Mid IR Biological Spectroscopy        .06 - .74 eV    M. Jackson     NRC Winnipeg

Variable Line Spacing                 5.5 - 250 eV    T.K. Sham      U. Western Ontario
Plane Grating Monochromator –

High Resolution Spherical Grating     200 – 1900 eV   T.K. Sham      U. Western Ontario
Monochromator – Spectroscopy

Soft X-ray Spectromicroscopy          250 – 2000 eV   A. Hitchcock   McMaster U.

Protein Crystallography               6.5 – 18 keV    L. Delbaere    U. Saskatchewan

Micro-XAFS and Micro-probe            5.0 – 40 keV    D-T. Jiang     Canadian Light Source
                  Phase II beamlines proposed at the CLS

Resonant Elastic and Inelastic       90 – 2000 eV   G. Sawatzky    U. British Columbia
X-ray Scattering (REIXS)

Soft X-ray Beamline for              2.2 – 9 keV    T.K. Sham      U. Western Ontario
Microcharacterization of Materials

Canadian Center for Advanced         5 – 25 keV     D-T. Jiang     Canadian Light Source
X-ray Diffraction (CCAXRD)

Very Sensitive Elemental &           4 – 20 keV     S. McIntyre    U. Western Ontario
Structural Probe (VESPERS)

Canadian Macromolecular              5 – 18 keV     N. Strynadka   U. British Columbia
Crystallography #2 (CMCF)

Canadian Synchrotron                 1.0 – 4.0      D. Klymyshyn   U. Saskatchewan
Nanostructures Facility (CSNF)       3.0 – 8.0

Biomedical (BMIT)                    15 – 100 keV   D. Chapman     U. Saskatchewan
             Phase I Commissioning

Best current estimates for start of commissioning:

•   Far IR and Mid IR:                  Q1, 2004
•   SGM/PGM:                            Q1, 2004
•   Soft X-ray Spectromicroscopy:       Q2, 2004
•   Hard X-ray micro-XAFS:              Q2, 2004
•   Protein Crystallography:            Q3, 2004
              User Support Facilities – Main Floor



                User Support Facilities – 2nd Floor


    Brian Yates: First CLS mirror tested; report Nov. 14, 2003
    Spectroscopy Beamline 10ID-1; InSync Inc.
    Slope error:
    (tangential < 0.5 microradians RMS, sagittal < 10 microradians RMS)
    and surface roughness (< 7.5 angstroms RMS for "40X" objective).
                IT Infrastructure and Upgrades

• bandwidth upgrade from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps in early '04 (on
• managed storage from 348 GB to over 3.1 TB (4Q03) growing up to
  10 TB in '04
• multiprocessor computing upgrade to multiple 2+ GHz nodes with
  several GB of RAM using OpenMOSIX (4Q03)
• secure FTP external facility access for file exchange (deployed
• enhanced "plug'n'go" connections to the internet for visitors
• 54 Mbps 802.11a/g wireless deployment planned (early 2Q04)
• and a nifty website for the User Office
             Sources of Identified Funding
          Years ending March 31, 2004 to 2009
                    (in thousand $)

                                          To be
$20,000                                   determined
$18,000                                   Industrial user
$16,000                                   fees
$12,000                                   University of
 $8,000                                   CIHR
 $4,000                                   NRC
   $-                                     NSERC
          2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
                                      CLSI Organization Chart
                                                                      Board of Directors
                                                                         (A. Carty)

                                    Science Advisory                                                   Health Safety
                                       Committee                                                        Environment
                                         (TBD)                                                       Advisory Committee
                                                                                                                               User’s Advisory
                                                                                                                                 (T. Tiedje)
                                                                     Executive Director
                                                                      (W. Thomlinson)                                            Beamline

                                                      Acting Director of         Director of Operations
                                                          Research                                              Chief Financial Officer
                            Business                    (M. Bancroft)                 (M. de Jong)
                       Development Officer
                          (R. Slinger)                                                                               (B. Lepage)

                                 Manager Experimental                                            Manager Accelerator
  Manager Health
                                      Facilities                                                    Operations &
Safety & Environment
                                      (E.Hallin)                                                    Development
                                                                                                     (L. Dallin)

                                      User’s Office                                                  Manager Controls &
                                       (L. Carter)                                                    Instrumentation

                                                                                                 Manager Engineering
                                                                                                 & Technical Services


                                                                                                     Manager Information
                                                                                                      Communication &
                   Science Advisory Committee

• Advises the Board on scientific utilization of the facility, scientific
  program strategic planning, current CLS operations and allocation
  of facility resources

• Reviews major proposals to establish new experimental and
  support facilities and monitors progress in their development

• Provides recommendations on all technical and policy issues that
  bear on the full and effective utilization of the CLS as a state-of-the-
  art national facility

• Ensures that appropriate mechanisms are in place and followed for
  all peer review activities
• Over 60 names submitted by CLS Community
• Decisions December
• First meeting – Quarter 1, 2004
                  CLS Research Director

• Unsuccessful recruitment process through 2003
• Renewal of effort with defined roles and responsibilities
• Nationwide recruitment program

• Creation of CLS Research Council (Cutler, Hallin, Bancroft)
   – Academic outreach nationwide – with community
   – Internal CLS scientific program development

• Appointment of Interim Co-acting Research Directors
   – Jeff Cutler (applied) and Emil Hallin (academic)
   – Mike Bancroft appointed Senior Consultant to Director
                    CLS Users Office Mission

                         Lavina Carter
• Administer and coordinate user access to the facility
• Work with the CLS User Advisory Committee to create a user
  friendly and efficient user services sector
• Design and implement the entire range of support services
  offered to users
• Coordinate the peer-reviewed beamline access system.
• Develop and maintain user information on the CLS public
  website including registration, training, proposal submission
• Develop and maintain a multi-level database that provides
  tracking of basic user information
                     Beamline Teams
                Memorandum of Understanding

• Priority Access represents a specified right to access the beamline
• Beamteam priority access will be assessed every 3 years by NSERC
• Beamteam and CLSI Roles and Responsibilities are defined
• Beamline Users:
        – General Users and Beamteam Scientists > 55%
        – Commercial Fee Access < 25%
        – Beamline Scientist (Science, Maintenance, Upgrades) < 20%
• Sliding Scale Access:
        – General User and Beamteam experiments scheduled to fill time
        remaining after Beamline Scientist and Commercial time
        – Beamteam access decreases over time to a minimum percent
        as General User and commercial activities expand
        – Beamteam members can apply for time on any beamline as
        General Users
• Intellectual Property Policy
                 Canadian Light Source Inc.
                 Intellectual Property Policy
                     CLSI Assignment of IP

For any Intellectual Property, including but not limited to patents
or patentable subject matter, copyrights and trademarks,
generated by a User through Services Performed at the Facility,
Canadian Light Source Inc. agrees to assign title to all such
intellectual property to the User.

As such, the User shall be the sole owner of all data, analyses of
such data and other products generated by using and/or
performing services at the CLS Facility.

As a result of this Policy, the User will be bound by his/her own
institution’s policy regarding intellectual property and/or any
additional restrictions assumed by the User as a result of
contractual arrangements related to Services Performed at the
                     Peer Review Process

• Research proposals will be subject to peer review with the exception
  of commercial fee-for-service activity.

• Process modeled on successful policies at other SR facilities
              Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
                      Licensing Process

•   July 4, 2000 Construction license
•   May 28,2001  Phase I commissioning license (LINAC)
•   June 7, 2002  Phase II commissioning license (Booster)
•   Feb 4, 2003  Phase III commissioning license (Storage Ring
                    and Beamlines after approval)
• Oct 2003       Request permission to commission beamlines
• Nov 2003       Permission for Beamline Commissioning (Pending)

• Quarter 1        Submission of Phase III commissioning report and
                     documentation for routine operating license
• Quarter 2        Hearing for routine operating license
• Quarter 2        Routine operating license
                  Goals: 2003 through 2004

• On-going Efforts
   –   Installation and commissioning of all 7 Phase I beamlines
   –   Complete Access and Beamtime Allocation policies
   –   Complete Beamline Team MOUs
   –   Establish Commercial Access pricing
   –   Establish 24/7 self-service stock room
   –   Web based user communications and training
   –   Establish Phase II Beamline Projects

• Operations
   – >1000 hrs of delivered beam to beamlines
   – 100 mA in main storage ring

• Funding
   – Stabilize short and medium term
   – Establish Canadian National Facility Funding Agency
                       Present Initiatives
• CLS Research Council
   – Mandate to plan and execute Canada wide academic outreach
   – Establish CLS internal scientific programs
   – Jeff Cutler, Emil Hallin and Mike Bancroft
   – Network with UAC, BAC and local contacts at Canadian

• Commercial Fee Access Task Force
   – Mandate to establish process and fees for commercial access
   – Rob Slinger, Leader
   – Direct reporting to CLS Exec. Dir. and Board of Director’s
     Business Development Committee
   – Direct interactions with Beamline Teams, BAC and UAC

• WED/SIR Project
  – Beryl Lepage directing the proposal process for bridging project
                        Present Initiatives

• Industry Canada Task Force
   – Mandate to plan and coordinate efforts to obtain the remaining
     necessary additional operating funds
   – Andy Melnyk (IC), Cindy Paquette (USASK), Rob Slinger
   – December presentation to Finance (Pending)

• Genome Canada
   – Seeking operations funding support

• AUCC National Facilities Funding Initiative
   – Directed by Peter MacKinnon, Chair of AUCC
   – Presidents of Canadian universities with strong research
     programs and/or national facility leadership

• CLS Seminar Series
   – Cooperation with USASK departments
   – National and international speakers
                Experimental Program Goals


•   December         First Light in Diagnostic Beamline

•   Quarter 1        Light: mid-IR, far-IR, SGM, PGM
•   Quarter 2        Light: SM, Hard X-ray MicroXAFS
•   Quarter 3        Light: Protein Crystallography

•   Quarter 2        CNSC Hearing for Routine Operating License
•   Quarter 2        Routine Operating License
•   Quarter 2        Limited Call for Proposals

                Annual Hours of Beam to Beamlines
                           2004 > 1000
                           2005 > 2000
See you at the Beamline!!!!