discovery by sdfwerte


The adapted Church Community and Change Process piloted in
Bootle , Diocese of Liverpool, Possil park, Lockwood Church of
                       Glasgow Scotland
             Bill Crooks, Debbie King, Sheena Orr
What is the aim of the                           d   iscovery

discovery initiative?
• Working together to show God’s Love with action in
  our community

•   Show God’s Love .

•   Action in the community – Put God’s love into action

•   Working together

• Having fun and learning more about God’s `plan for us.

• Celebrating our achievements
What will be achieved?
                                         d   iscovery

• Our community will be improved by acts of

• The church become more aware of the needs and
  opportunities for the church to work in the

• The church is equipped with skills and ideas to
  strengthen and improve existing work and or start
  new initiatives.

• This approach builds confidence and a vision for
  undertaking future initiatives by the group and the
  wider church in the community
What’s involved?
• A day away

• Six meetings of the group leading the
  process (monthly?)

• A final weekend or day away for the whole

• A planned action

• Follow up to review what’s happened
   What will we do over                               d   iscovery

   6 months?
We will aim to meet once a month

Session 1. Introduction & celebration of who we are. So what are our
   achievement and things we are proud of in our church and community.
   What dreams do we have about the future

Session 2. Describe our community: Looking at our community from the
   church’s perspective, what do we see as the major issues.

Session 3. Gather information and identify key issues from the community:
   Find out what the community sees as major issues and problems as well
   as opportunities for the church to make a difference.

Session 4. Explore issues and our resources: What are the burning issues in
   the community that we have the capacity to respond to

Session 5. Dream of what we could do to make a difference. So lets think of
   what we could do together that could make a difference however small.

Session 6. Plan for action. What are we going to do? , when? , how? with
   who? , and by who? And with what resources?
     What is involved in                                       d    iscovery

     each session?
There are three key elements to each meeting which are :

1.     Team building – discover gifts and skills we know and also don’t know.

2.    Spiritual reflection – visual images, biblical reflections and prayer

3.     Planning a practical action – fun activities to explore issues in our
      community and simple techniques to help plan what to do

We aim to hold these sessions at the same time and on the same day each
     month. So for example hold the sessions every first Monday in the month.

Between each meeting there will be small practical assignments

The group agrees at what time to meet and for how long. In most cases the
      meeting are never more than 2 hrs
                    What things have others                                     d      iscovery

1.   neighbours and strangers                          . Regular initiatives
•     Pray for our neighbours we don’t know             •OAP aerobics
•     Visiting and befriending individuals and families •Running a drop in coffee bar for young people
•     Visiting and befriending asylum families          •After school club
                                                        •Soup kitchen for homeless
2. Small initiatives
• Regular Picking up litter                            5. Influencing others for a better community
• Removing graffiti                                    •Representing the community on key committees
• Provide lifts                                        •Develop a community newsletter
• Teach /share skills                                  •Develop a local radio programme
• Cook meals for families in need                      •Work with other faith based groups
• Help decorate homes of vulnerable
                                                       6. Major initiatives
3. Bigger one off initiatives                          • Community café +keep fit club
• Designing and painting a mural                       •Home start
• Plant trees and improve parish                       •Allotments and community gardens
•    Do a fun day for the community
• Half term holiday club

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