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					 Thursday March 24 2008                    Elizabeth Football Club - Round 2                    volume 3 issue 2

   A grade still hunting for first
A Grade              (win/loss ratio 0:2)        Our Sponsors…                     B Grade           (win/loss ratio 2:0)
Black Friars OS              21.14 (105)                                           Elizabeth FC               13.15 (115)
Elizabeth FC                 13.15 (88)
                                                           Gold                    Black Friars OS            13.10 (110)
       A Word From A Player
                                               Forty Winks Munno Para                  A Word From The Captain
                                                    Old Spot Hotel
The A Grade continued their bad form                                               The B Grade headed down to
this week against Black Friars. We                Nando’s Elizabeth                Black Friars to their less than
travelled into the City with high                  New Spot Motors                 average oval. Before the game the
expectations of a win as to bounce back
                                                                                   mood in the change rooms wasn’t
from a disappointing loss to Ingle Farm
the previous week. There was no such                       Silver                  good as it seemed like had hadn’t
luck with hardly any appearance from the                Starplex                   rocked up being switched on.
Eagles for the first half.                      North Lakes Golf Course            Lack of concentration really
Going in down at half time is not a good               McDonalds                   showed for the first two and a half
feeling, especially when you know you
could have played 80% better than you            Cold Rock Ice Cream               quarters. Once we finally switched
did. As any good coach would do Scally                Red Rooster                  on we started to fight back half way
gave us a well deserved spray.                                                     though the third quarter.
                                                   Glenn’s Transport
We came out for the second half with                                               In the fourth quarter the Eagles
more life. We pegged the lead back and                    Bronze                   were completely switched on with
looked as though we really wanted the          Elizabeth/Smithfield Funerals       the likes of Andrew DeKort, Mick
win. Inspirational moments from Gary                  Bendigo Bank
McNamara and some strong work by
                                                                                   Elliot, Jamie and Craig Bryant and
Donga and Trent helped in the come                 LJ Hooker Craigmore             many more leading the way.
back.                                             Café Primo Munno Para
                                                                                   We ended up getting over the line
The Final quarter saw us get within under        Jim’s Fencing Craigmore
                                                                                   by 5 points. It was a good character
3 goals. We seemed to have the                     Gawler South Bakery             boosting win for the boys and a
momentum until one of our goals was
stolen from us when their goal umpire                 Player Sponsors              lesson to be switched on right from
strangely called a clear goal a point. At               Bremen Welding             the start,
that moment the air was sucked out of                Jed Platten Removals
the tyres and the       opposition kicked       Accounting and Business concepts   This week will be a tough game
away.                                                    Bonanza Pizza             against Golden Grove, lets just
                                                          Elizabeth FC             hope all the boys come switched
It was good to have the Centrals boys                     TAB Gawler
back for a week as they all performed
                                                 Dean & Annette Platten-Morris
well, along with a couple of others such                                           Well done for the win...
as Kerley and Alan Casey.
                                                This Week’s Matches
This week we must rock up switched on                     Round 3                  Jamie DeKort...
and ready to hit the ball at full pelt right
from the first bounce.                                    A Grade                  BEST PLAYERS
David Ellis...                                      EFC Vs. Golden Grove           Graham Millwood, Andrew DeKort,
                                                       (Argana Park)
BEST PLAYERS                                                                       Michael Elliot, Craig Bryant, Jamie
                                                        2:15pm start
Gary McNamara, Stephen Kerley,                                                     Bryant.
Matthew Foldesdy, Jason Van Dongen,                       B Grade
Alan Casey                                          EFC Vs. Golden Grove           GOAL KICKERS
                                                       (Argana Park)               Nick Freeman, Graham Millwood 3,
                                                       12:15pm start
Trent Greenshields 4,Matthew Gunston                                               Troy Wittwer 2, Toby Bishop,
3, David Ellis, Stephen Kerley 2, Justin          Post Game Presentations          Darren Ellis, Sean McEvoy,
Platten, Alan Casey, Daryl Cotter, Mat-                  The Club                  Anthony Hallett, Ben Taylor 1.
thew Foldesdy, Adrian Taylor 1.

 Produced by David Ellis & Justin Platten                                       
 Page 2
        **CLUB NEWS**                            **PLAYERS AWARDS**                        **PLAYER PROFILE**
Miss Elizabeth/Retro night…                  A Quick Explanation                            Christopher Platten
The first function for the year will be on   The Players Awards are voted on by
the 10th of may (rd 5 Smithfield). It will   the players each week. 3 players                   ABOUT YOU…
involve the second ever Miss Elizabeth       from each grade are asked to give                        Age: 36
contest with a retro theme.                  their top 3 players for that week. A
                                                                                                 Nicknames: Scally
                                             total of 9 votes can be obtained by a
Tickets are just $5, a small price to pay                                                  Marital Status: Married,2 kids
                                             player in 1 week. The top 3 vote
to see the male models strut their                                                                 Height: 180cm
                                             getters from each grade from that
stuff!! Make sure you get a ticket and
                                             week receive their votes the rest are            Weight: Not applicable
bring plenty of friends and family as
this will be a great night and fundraiser    disregarded. At the end of the year
for the Footy Trip.                          the top vote getter out of the A’s and         MORE ABOUT YOU…
……………………………………                               B’s will receive the Eagle Express              What are you afraid of?
                                             Players Award. There is also a award
                                             for the clubs leading goal kicker.                    Vegetables
                                                                                             What makes you happy?
                                             ROUND 2                                                 winning
                                             A Grade                                          What makes you mad?
                                             (9) Justin Platten                                      Losing
                                             (5) Stephen Kerley                                Any superstitions?
                                             (3) Gary McNamara                                        None
                                             B Grade                                           YOUR MATES…
                                             (8) Graham Millwood
                                             (4) Sean McEvoy
                                                                                           Who is the Most Humorous?
…………………………………….                                                                                   Neil McGoran
                                             (3) Andrew DeKort
                                                                                          Who is the Biggest Show Pony?
 Dean Platten-Morris - Alf
                                             Leader Board                                            Rogers
                                             17 - J. Platten         5   - S. Kerley         Who is the Toughest?                       9 - J. DeKort           5   - C. King
                                                                                                   Craig Potter
                                             8 - G. Millwood         5   - A. Webber
                                             7 - G. McNamara         4   - S. McEvoy         Who is the Clumsiest?
                                             6 - M. Laundy           3   - A DeKort
                                                                                           Who do you go to for advice?
    Just Muckin’ Around                      2008 Goal Kickers                                      The missus
                                             8   - N. Freeman        2   - K. Young
   What do you call a camel with 3
                                             6   - T. Greenshields   2   - A. Webber
                                             4   - T. Bishop         2   - Dn. Ellis             Number? 34,4
   Humphreys                                 3   - G. Millwood       2   - S. McEvoy
                                             3   - C. Platten        2   - T. Wittwer             Food? Pasta
   What do you call two Mexicans             3   - J. Platten        1   - C. King             Drink? Iced coffee
   playing basketball?                       3   - D. Cotter         1   - M. Switala        AFL Player? Chris Judd
   Juan on Juan.                             3   - A. Casey          1   - M. Foldesdy
                                             3   - M. Gunston        1   - A. Hallett         Actor? Adam Sandler
   Who is the coolest guy in a               3   - Dv. Ellis         1   - A. Taylor          Movie? Happy Gilmore
   hospital?                                 2   - S. Kerley         1   - B. Taylor
                                                                                          Music? U2,Hunters & Collectors
   The ultra sound guy.
                                                      Footy Trip 08                        LEAST FAVOURITE…
   Why was the tomato blushing?                                                               Opposition? Kenilworth
   Because he saw the salad dressing.
                                                         Mount Gambier                        Celebrity? Tom Cruise
                                                       September 19th - 21st
   What do you call a person with                                                            AFL Player Glen Manton
   leprosy in a bath tub?                        See Justin, Wayno or Paro                        Food? Veggies
                                                     to book your spot                          TV show? Medium
   What lies at the bottom of the                        ASAP!!!!!
   ocean and twitches?
   A nervous wreck.
                                                  Punters Club                           If you were stuck in an elevator
                                                                                         who are the three people you
   Did you hear about the cannibal
   that came home late for dinner?
                                                 account balance                         would not want with you?
   His wife gave him the cold
                                                    $ 703.00                                      Kingy (talks shit)
                                                                                                Rodgers (talks shit)
                                                 This weeks punter - Darryl Cotter
                                                                                            Hamdorf (talks shit as well)

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