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					                                                                                        7 APRIL, 2005

                        Reserve News
     THIS ISSUE                 EES a leap of faith



                            Placing all your trust in team members is an integral
                            part of the activities during Exercise Executive Stretch.
                            See the full story on pages 4 & 5.

 2      Reserve News
       from the
        editor’s                                        DG’s Perspective
   Like our PN counterparts, Reservists            By CDRE Karel de Laat, CSC, RFD, RANR
completing active service have the
opportunity to supervise (and be supervised
by) other members, including members of

                                                                       Leadership Forum
the PN, during the course of their day-to-day
activities. And, like our PN counterparts, NR
members are required to monitor, administer
or supervise their subordinates, thus more
obligation is placed on that supervisor to

                                                                      showcases NR Vision
ensure that the members do not ‘miss out’
when their performance evaluation reports
are due.
   Diligence in respect to performance
evaluations should be maintained by both
supervisors and subordinates, and even if only
completing a short posting of 10 days or less,
members should ensure that a performance
appraisal has been completed.                         At the inaugural RANR Professional               on the clarity and consistency for and in          Studies Program Corporate Patron, Mr Maurice
   The guidelines relating to the completion of    Studies Program Leadership Forum held at            support of the NR contribution to capability       Newman AC, Chairman of the Australian
performance appraisals can be found on the         the Australian Command and Staff College            that was so evident at the Forum. I have           Stock Exchange, Mr Stephen Goodwin,
Reserve website and members are encourage          last week, the way ahead for integration was        written consistently about the need to embrace     General Manager Operations, Brisbane Airport
to utilise this service to ensure they have a      presented clearly by a range of Senior Navy         the one Navy, one Command, one Goal aspect
                                                                                                                                                          Corporation along with Academic Researcher,
clear understanding of what is required.           leaders.                                            of integration on the basis that one strong team
                                                                                                                                                          Mr Kieren Moffat who has specialized in
   There are also many other forms that               Details of the event will be covered in detail   using its Reserves on a regular basis is the way
refer to your Reserve service that are of          in the next edition of Navy Reserve News;           forward.                                           studying the impact of integration on ADF
importance, so members are encouraged to           however I am keen to give the event maximum            The Leadership forum demonstrated the           Reserve Forces.
take the time to look through the website and      attention as I see it as very positive for the      top of mind focus by all of our senior leaders        The overall outcome of bringing together
make themselves familiar with information          NR.                                                 on creating and supporting a Reserve that          Navy senior leaders with Corporate and
on the site.                                          The Leadership Forum brought together the        is focused on capability, well managed and         Academic representatives has been an in
   The live chatroom will be open again            key stakeholders in the capability delivery area    rewarding to serve in.                             depth consideration of the critical issues for
on the 19th April and CSO-R, CAPT Mike             for Navy to consider vital leadership issues for       Furthermore, the commitment to delivering
Burton RANR will be online to answer any                                                                                                                  delivering NR capability with strong visionary
                                                   the NR. This ranged from the highest level          these results generally and more specifically
questions you might have about your Reserve                                                                                                               material to guide the NR into the future.
                                                   guidance from Chief of Navy, Deputy Chief of        as part of the Sea Change initiatives was
employment, training, administration etc.          Navy and the Maritime Commander to day-to-          articulated clearly and enthusiastically by all        I am delighted to report this outcome and
   I received some great emails about last         day issues of ensuring the smooth delivery of       speakers.                                          commend to you the detailed presentation that
months mystery ship and some of the                NR contribution to capability.                         An important aspect of the Forum was            will be provided for NR members and the Navy
memories that were experienced by past PN             My purpose in this Perspective is to reflect      the participation of the RANR Professional         community in the next edition.
and NR members on that ship, so this issue
has a comprehensive history of the Melbourne
that was compiled by the Sea Power Centre. I
trust it will bring back even more memories
for many of you who sailed in her.
   Fair winds and a following sea!


          is produced by the Office of
       Director General Reserves - Navy

     Director Naval Reserve Support - Nat
        CAPT Ranford Elsey, RFD, RANR

               Editor in Chief
           LEUT Chris Woods, RANR

             Layout & compilation
             WOMUSN Ken Lincoln

       All correspondence to be sent to:
                   The Editor
               Office of DGRES-N
               Victoria Barracks
                 Enoggera MC
                    QLD 4051

                                                  The inaugural Royal Australian Naval Reserve Professional Studies Program Overseas Study Grant winner, LCDR Andrew St John-Brown (centre) is pictured
             Larger files & images                with the PSP Navy Patron, Vice Admiral Chris Ritchie AO, Chief of Navy and Mr Morris Newman AC, the Corporate Patron and Chairman of the Australian               Stock Exchange. Photo LEUT Chris Woods

                                                                                                                                             Reserve News 3

 Medics extension in Iraq
  “Australian service men and women continue to
make a significant contribution to the rehabilitation
and reconstruction of Iraq” - Senator Hill
Defence Media Release Min 38/05

  Australia will continue to provide a          Force. The team of 20 medical personnel         for about 10 per cent of the hospital
specialist Defence Force medical team           from the Navy, Army and Air Force,              staff, and the team work alongside other
in Iraq until the end of June following         is made up of regular and specialist            coalition personnel providing specialist
a three-month extension to the team’s           reserve personnel from around Australia         medical care in a very demanding work
deployment, Defence Minister Robert             and includes medical assistants, nurses,        environment.
Hill announced today.                           intensive care specialists and surgeons.           “Already seven members have deployed
  Senator Hill said the medical team is            “Our medical personnel are highly            to replace members of the medical team
one of the key Australian detachments           regarded by our Coalition Partners and          while the remainder will be in Iraq by the
working in Iraq and the extension               play an important role in providing             end of the month. “Australian service men
recognises the important work they are          specialist medical support to the Coalition     and women continue to make a significant
doing in the rebuilding of Iraq. The            forces and the Iraqi people,” Senator Hill      contribution to the rehabilitation and
extension will involve a rotation of            said.                                           reconstruction of Iraq”.
deployed ADF medical personnel, many               “The medical team is based at a                 Operation Catalyst currently comprises
of whom are Reservists.                         Coalition air base north of Baghdad and         approximately 920 personnel and will
  The medical team was originally               is responsible for surgery and medical          increase to around 1370 once the new
deployed for six months and has provided        care to treat a wide range of injuries and      Al Muthanna Task Group deploys in late
valuable experience for our Defence             trauma. “The ADF medical team accounts          April.                                       Minister for Defence, Senator Robert Hill

 Letter to the Editor
        Certificates of Service for Reserve Personnel
                                                                                                           Stay in the loop!
Dear Editor,                       writing and forwarded to:            to PMKeys has in some

                                   Navy Personnel Records
                                                                        cases resulted in information
                                                                        discrepancies and there could
                                                                                                                                  visit the member’s area
                                   Queanbeyan Annexe 2                  be a need for applicants to
  The Defence Reserves
Association - Victoria (DRA-       Department of Defence
                                   Canberra, A.C.T 2600
                                                                        liaise directly with Navy
                                                                        Personnel Records.
Vic), would like to bring to
                                                                           This process may be time-
the attention of Navy Reserve
                                      To assist in processing, it is    consuming and applicants
News readers the following
                                   important that the application       should be prepared to exercise
information which arose as the
                                   lists all periods of service,        patience during the processing
result of one of its members
                                   together with all service            of their request.
wishing to obtain a Certificate
of Service.
  Whilst some difficulties
                                   details such as service number
                                   etc. The application should
                                                                           Situations      where
                                                                        Certificate of Service may be
                                                                                                                 Identify the                                              Tiddles the Cat
                                                                        required to enable a former
were experienced initially,
detailed discussions have
established     that    former
                                   also include details of medals,
                                   (with associated clasps),
                                   awards and commendations.
                                                                        Reservist to validate their
                                                                        service include applying for
                                                                                                                Mystery Ship                                  Could you find Tiddles hiding in the last
                                                                                                                                                              edition? She was hiding in the heading
                                      It should be borne in mind        membership of a service            Answer to last edition’s mystery ship:             of the ‘Witnessed by the World’ article.
members of the Naval Reserve
                                   by applicants that provision         organisation such as the RSL,      HMAS Melbourne - See article page 6.               Congratulations go to AB Greg Fordham
may obtain a Certificate of
                                   of a Certificate of Service is        or a service club.                 Congratulations to Warrant Officer Frank King      who sent in the first correct entry.
Service on request.
  However, Certificates will        a labour intensive process and       Submitted by:                      for sending the first correct entry. See the       We receive plenty of entries each month
not be issued to personnel if      requires searches of several         CMDR Malcolm Hedges                story on page 6 about our mystery ship. We’ll      and have some excellent prizes so
their length of service is less    data bases such as Honours           RFD RANR (Retd)                    be sending something from the sea-chest to         remember to send in your answers in
than 12 months.                    and Awards.                          Vice-President (Navy)              our winner soon. Remember to email your            early to:
  Applications for Certificates        In addition, the transfer of      Defence Reserve Association        answers to:                              
of Service should be made in       service details from NPEMS           Victoria                  and be in the               and be in the running for a prize from our
                                                                                                           running for a prize from our sea-chest.            seachest!
                                                                                                           Can you identify the ship below? The answer        Good luck finding Tiddles in this edition!
                                                                                                           will be published in the next edition.
        The NR Website Chatroom guide
                 19 April - 1930 to 2030 CSO-R
                    Capt Mike Burton RANR
        Navy Personnel, Training and Administrative issues
                  have your questions answered
                    Go to the members area at
                            and click live chat on the main menu
                            Watch this space for featured hosts and topics


                                                                                                                                       3 RESERVE NEWS, APRIL 7, 2005
   4        Reserve News

Article and images supplied by
                                 Employers tested during
CMDR Richard Phillips RANR DNRS-NSW

    A joint (Navy led) Exercise            section’s overall performance over         DCX in the afternoon.                     was held and the participants              From Army were SGT Patterson,
 Executive Stretch was held in             the weekend. The exercises ranged            The challenge was by no means           received certificates to mark their       WO2 Riley, WO2 Morton, CPL
 HMAS Creswell, Jervis Bay from            from team activities to all of group       small but all participants gave           involvement in Exercise Executive        Ross and CPL Feary. From Airforce
 Friday 5 to Sunday 7 November             activities. “It was amazing to see         it everything with shoring up             Stretch. It was then time to catch       were FLTLT Anna-Lisa Rosenthal
 2004.                                     just how quickly the disparate group       bulkheads, mending ruptured pipes         their transport back to ‘normal’ life.   and LAC Williams.
    The Exercise was designed              of civilians can be transformed            and fighting fires.                           The Exercise Executive Stretch           Carissa Rideout represented the
 to bring senior and middle                upon changing in Disruptive Pattern                                                  weekend would not have been              DRSC.
 managers together with members            Camouflage Uniforms!”, he said.                      Avoiding Patrols                 possible without the support of a
 of the Reserve Defence Force to                                                                                                wide range of sponsoring entities            Nominations sought for
 provide employers with a clear                   Participants tested                    After a NAVEX and setting up           including the Defence Reserve                Prince of Wales Award.
 demonstration of the advantages of                                                   tents in a remote location close to       Support Council of NSW, Maritime
 Reserve service.                             The exercises over the weekend          the Jervis Bay airfield, participants      Headquarters, HMAS Creswell,               The Prince of Wales Award
    Participants in EES are nominated      were designed to test the participants     set sentries through the night and        the School of many Ss, HMAS              Scheme (POWA) for Australian
 by the Reserve members they               across a wide range of areas. EES          experienced night vision equipment,       Albatross and individual Army and        Defence Force Reserves was
 employ. Participants in the exercise      was run on the basis of a scenario         night routine, noises at night and        RAAF units.                              established in 1984.
 hailed from diverse occupations           that involved being extracted from a       avoiding “foreign” patrols.                                                          Awards      are     presented    to
 including Commercial and public           foreign country after a coup.                 Sunday morning was a 5AM start                    EES a success                 individual Reservists in recognition
 sectors, as well as representatives          Each event/activity over the            and after a ration pack breakfast                                                  of excellence achieved in the
 from government (including a              weekend grew from the scenario,            participants were rowing inflatable          It was a “joint service” exercise      military and civilian careers.
 Territory Ombudsman).                     which was then used to highlight           rafts from Captain Beach at HMAS          in every respect. Again the success        The scheme has two objectives:
    The employers and ‘employees’          the nature of Reserve service and          Creswell to the wharf area / small        of the exercise was very much the        · To recognise and reward
 were organised into four sections         training.                                  beach.                                    product of the Navy Reserve Diving       outstanding       Reservists       by
 under the direction of a team leader         Favourites included the Saturday           The highlight of the weekend was       Team 5.                                  broadening their service and civilian
 and a 2IC and were encouraged to          spent at the RAN School of Ship            a survival at sea exercise, which           Appreciation goes to LCDR              employment skills, knowledge and
 engage in all activities during the       Safety and Survivability (SSSS)            resulted in most participants being       Andrew Ryder, WOCD Dave                  experience.
 exercise.                                 or the School of many S’s. After           “wet winched” by a RAN Squirrel           Passmore, CPOCD Mauger, PODV             · To promote the value of Reserve
    DNRS-NSW, CMDR Richard                 basic training in firefighting and           helicopter.                               Maruri, PODVR Pedrisat, LSMT             service to civilian employers and
 Phillips, said that it was pleasing       flood control, the participants and            On completion of the wet winch         Coghlan, ABDVR Firth, ABDVR              to encourage employers to release
 to see that all participants tried        Reserve team leaders and 2ICs were         they retired to the front area of         Mcllwraith, SMNDVR Smith and             employees for Reserve Service.
 their best to contribute to the           stretched to the limit by a major          the wardroom where a BBQ                  SMNDVR Morgan.

 Team building exercises proved to be an                                                                                                                                 The life raft proved to be a bit of an
 interesting evolution for the employers                                                                                                                                 obstacle course for some employers
 during EES.                                                                                                                                                             during the survival at sea phase.

                                                                                    An RAN Squirrel helicopter prepares to wet winch
                                                                                    the ‘survivors’ during the survival at sea evolution

                                                                                                                                             Reserve News 5

Exercise Executive Stretch
          Expenses Paid                   their Reserve employee in relation        DI (G) PERS 09-1 or Navy PERS            presented to employers who, in the       Territory winners.
                                          to overseas trends and ideas within       66-1. Nominations close towards          opinion of the State or Territory          Each award takes the form of a
  Award winners receive a four-           their field of activity.                   the end of May each year. Further        Defence Reserves Support Council,
                                                                                                                                                                      glass trophy and is presented at an
week trip to Canada the UK or               Additionally, employers could           information and precise closing          have provided continued and
                                          establish contacts with technical and     dates for your state can be obtained     significant support to a Reserve in       annual ceremony.
the USA, which includes a two-
week attachment to a military             professional experts.                     by ringing 1800 803 485.                 his or her employment, including           All Reservists can nominate
establishment with full Defence                                                                                              acceptance of Defence leave policy       their employer for award
                                                                                                                             or guidelines.
pay entitlements, followed by a               Six Awards Each Year                     Employer Support Awards.                 The award, a plaque, is normally
two-week attachment to a civilian                                                                                                                                       For further information,
organisation     relative  to    the                                                                                         presented at a Defence Reserves
                                            Nominations are now open to                Have you nominated your civilian                                               contact your local Defence
Reservist’s civilian employment.                                                                                             Support Council hosted function.
                                          serving members of the Royal              employer for a Defence Reserves
  This part of the trip includes          Australian Naval Reserves from the        Support Council award?                                                            Reserve Support Council
a cash grant for living expenses.         rank of Petty Officer to Lieutenant           These awards are designed to
                                                                                                                                 Employer Support Vital               office on national 1800 803
Airfares to and from Australia are        Commander inclusive.                      formally recognise those employers                                                485 or discuss your application
included.                                   The scheme provides for up              who are committed to supporting            Four National Employers Support        with your local State Director
  There are numerous benefits to           to six awards to be presented             Reservists in their workplace.           Awards are presented each year.
employers. Through the award,             each year. The procedure and              Employer Support Awards are made           They are presented to outstanding
                                                                                                                                                                      Naval     Reserves    Support
employers will benefit from                nomination forms can be found on          at the National and State Levels.        supporters of the Defence Reserves       or visit the DRSC website
accelerated staff development of and in               State and Territory awards are        and are selected from the State or

                                                             The EES wet winch was a great opportunity for the pilot
 Team building skills on EES                                 of the RAN Squirrel to hone his skills. It turned out to be
                                                             a bit of a rush for the participants as well!
Images from Exercise Executive Stretch (EES) held at HMAS Creswell late last year. The employers were nominated by their employees who are also members of the Reserves to take part in EES. Both
employers and ‘employees’ spent an entire weekend completing evolutions such as survival at sea, leadership exercises, traversing obstacle courses and team building exercises to give the employers some
insight into what Reservists do when they are away from their civilian workplace. To nominate your employer for the EES program go to the DRSC website or call 1800803485.

                                                                       Divers supervise stowage of all the gear
                                                                       after the survival at sea evolution. All
                                                                       employers that participated in EES gained
                                                                       an insight to what it is like serving as a

                                                                                                                                          5 RESERVE NEWS, APRIL 7, 2005
   6       Reserve News

 Australia’s last
 Aircraft Carrier
She spent 62,036 hours underway and steamed
868,893 nautical miles
Article from the RAN Sea Power Centre Website
                                                                                                                           Last issue’s Mystery Ship - HMAS Melbourne
    Reserve News received many           Commissioner in the UK.                  prepared the ship for further           followed during 1974, including           4 December 1976.
 entries identifying last months            Following      acceptance      and    operational duty.                       Exercise KANGAROO ONE which                  In May 1977 Melbourne in
 mystery ship as the Majestic Class      workup trials in the UK, Melbourne          Melbourne sailed from Sydney         involved sea, land and air forces         company with Brisbane, departed
 Carrier HMAS Melbourne. The             sailed from Glasgow for Australia        for the Far East on 5 May 1969          from Australia, Britain, the United       Australia for the United Kingdom
 following information about the         on 11 March 1956. Proceeding             with 805 Squadron (Skyhawks),           States and New Zealand.                   to take part in the Spithead Review
 ship was obtained from the RAN          via Gibraltar, Naples, Malta, the        816 Squadron (Trackers) and 817            The ship briefly visited California     marking the Silver Jubilee of Her
 Sea Power Centre website:               Suez Canal, Colombo, Fremantle           Squadron (Wessex helicopters)           in March 1974 calling at Long             Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Passage                    and Melbourne, the ship arrived          embarked. 805 and 816 Squadrons         Beach and San Francisco. Relics           was via Colombo, the Suez Canal,
    Many current and past NR             in Sydney on 9 May 1956 with             had been reformed with the new          of the Pacific War which had been          Crete and Gibraltar. Melbourne
 members had the opportunity to          808 Squadron (De Havilland Sea           aircraft in January 1968.               presented to the Admiral Nimitz War       also participated in Exercise
 serve in Melbourne and all were left    Venoms) and 816 and 817 Squadrons           Further misfortune occurred          Museum at Fredericksburg, Texas,          HIGHWOOD in July 1977 before
 with a memory of that time - be it      (Fairey Gannets) embarked.               during the course of SEATO              by the Australian Government were         returning to Australia via Naples,
 good or not so good. Towards the           In August 1956 Melbourne              Exercise Sea Spirit when in the early   offloaded at Long Beach. Cargo for         Port Said, the Suez Canal, Bombay
 end it seemed as though she was         assisted in the search for survivors     hours of 3 June 1969, Melbourne         Australia was loaded at both ports.       and Singapore.
 held together only by rust and paint,   from the wreck of the collier            and USS Frank E. Evans collided            On 26 December 1974, the day              Melbourne was docked in the
 and more than once the bulkheads        Birchgrove Park.                         in the South China Sea. The bow         after Darwin was devastated by            Captain Cook Graving Dock in
 could be moved with little more            In September 1956 Melbourne           section of the Frank E. Evans sank      Cyclone Tracy, Melbourne sailed
                                                                                                                                                                    Sydney from October 1977 to
 than a nudge. But, she was ours and     commenced the first of what were          with the loss of 74 lives.              from Sydney to assist with the
                                                                                                                                                                    January 1978. Following a work up
 like all of the other ships we have     to be many deployments to the Far           Following repairs, Melbourne         disaster relief operations, Operation
                                                                                                                                                                    period, Melbourne sailed for Pearl
 had, it was the crew that made it a     East. The Australian Government          continued to be occupied in             NAVY HELP DARWIN. The ship
 great ship. Ed.                                                                                                                                                    Harbour and Exercise RIMPAC 78.
                                         committed naval forces to the Far        exercises and training during           carried a large cargo of urgently
                                         East Strategic Reserve in 1955,          1969 and 1970, including SEATO          needed supplies. She left Darwin          On her return to Australia in May,
 Type: Majestic Class aircraft           which provided for an annual             exercises in the Far East in 1970.      to return to Sydney on 18 January         the ship entered refit, which was
 Carrier                                 visit from an aircraft carrier.          In May 1970 she visited Osaka,          1975.                                     completed in April 1979.
 Displacement: 15,740 tons               MELBOURNE maintained that                Japan, for Australia’s National            Exercise RIMPAC 75 followed               In August 1979 Melbourne visited
 LOA: 701 feet 5 inches                  commitment with the Strategic            Day at the EXPO 70 exposition.          in March 1975. In April 1975 the          New Zealand to take part in Exercise
 Flight Deck: 690 Feet 8 inches          Reserve and later ANZUK, and             Melbourne’s band also participated      Skyhawks, Trackers and Wessex             TASMANEX. This was followed by
 Beam: 80 feet 2 inches                  participated in many exercises           in the ‘Waltzing Matilda Review’ at     helicopters of 805, 816 and 817           Exercise SEA EAGLE in September
 Width: 112 feet 6 inches                conducted under the auspices of the      the EXPO.                               Squadrons were flown off in                and Exercise KANGAROO III in
 Draft: 25 feet 5 inches                 South East Asia Treaty Organisation         Following the visit to Osaka,        preparation for a major refit at           October.
 Builder: Vickers Armstrong Ltd          (SEATO).                                 Melbourne participated in exercises     Garden Island, where Melbourne               In February 1980 Melbourne
 Barrow in Furness, England                 In July 1958, 817 Squadron was        in the Far East with both Australian    remained until 21 June 1976.              was again deployed to Hawaii for
 Laid Down: 15 April 1943                disembarked and later disbanded          ships and ships of other navies. In        On 4 August 1976 the Carrier           Exercise RIMPAC 80, returning to
 Launched: 28 Feb 1945 by Lady           and in the following October,            December 1970 her three squadrons       Air Group, comprising 805, 816            Australia in March. Melbourne was
 Anderson, wife of the Chancellor of     805 Squadron (Sea Venoms) was            were disembarked and Melbourne          and 817 Squadrons, re-embarked            in refit from April to July 1980. In
 the Exchequer                           embarked. 808 Squadron was               commenced another major refit at         and Melbourne was occupied in             September 1980 Melbourne led a
 Machinery:        Parsons    single     disembarked in November 1958 and         Garden Island which lasted until        training and exercises until 11           Royal Australian Navy task force
 reduction turbines, 2 shafts            was also subsequently disbanded.         August 1971.                            October 1976 when she left for            into the Indian Ocean, the largest
 Horsepower: 42,000                         805 Squadron was disembarked             Following the completion of the      Exercise KANGAROO II, during              and longest Royal Australian Navy
 Speed: 24 knots                         and disbanded in June 1963 and in        refit, 805, 816 and 817 Squadrons        which Melbourne flew 567 fixed              deployment in the area since World
 Armament: 25 x 40 mm Bofors anti        August, 817 Squadron, which had          were embarked in September 1971.        wing sorties. The USS Enterprise          War II. Melbourne returned to
 aircraft guns                           been reformed in July with Westland      Melbourne participated in multi         was another participant in the            Australia in November.
                                         Wessex helicopters, was embarked.        national exercises off Hawaii in        exercise during which a United               Melbourne remained in Australian
    HMAS Melbourne was laid down            On 10 February 1964 Melbourne         November 1971.                          States Marine Corps AV8A aircraft         waters until May 1981 when she
 for the Royal Navy as HMS Majestic.     was involved in a collision with            In January 1972 Melbourne            showed it’s paces to a number of          sailed for South East Asia, returning
 She was one of six Majestic Class       the Daring class destroyer HMAS          departed Sydney in company with         visiting officials.                        in July. On 14 June 1981 Melbourne,
 aircraft carriers which were laid       Voyager, off Nowra, New South            HMA Ships Hobart, Duchess,                 On return to Australia, the            in company with HMAS Torrens,
 down in 1943. In 1947, when             Wales. Voyager sank with the loss        Stalwart and Supply, forming Task       Governor-General, the Honourable          rescued a group of 99 Vietnamese
 the Commonwealth Government             of 82 lives out of a complement of       Group 327.2 for Subic Bay in the        Sir John Kerr AK GCMG KStJ                refugees in the South China Sea.
 decided to acquire two aircraft         317.                                     Philippines, for Exercise SEA           QC and Lady Kerr took passage                After further service in Australian
 carriers for the RAN, none of the          In June 1965 and twice in May         HAWK and subsequent ANZUK               in Melbourne from the Naval Air           waters, participating in Exercises
 Majestic Class had been completed,      1966, Melbourne escorted her sister      exercises. The carrier returned to      Station, Nowra, to Melbourne. On          SEA EAGLE and KANGAROO
 construction having been suspended      ship HMAS Sydney into Vietnamese         Sydney via Fremantle on 26 April        28 October their Excellencies took
                                                                                                                                                                    81, Melbourne entered a period
 in May 1946. Ultimately five of          waters. Sydney had been converted        1972 having steamed 15,933 miles        part in the ship’s informal 21st
                                                                                                                                                                    of self maintenance in Sydney.
 the ships (including Melbourne)         to a Fast Troop Transport in the early   since departure on 27 January.          Birthday celebrations.
                                                                                                                                                                    However, a decision was made to
 were completed. These were              1960s and transported Australian            From June 1972 to January 1973,         On 31 October 1976, a Seaking
                                                                                                                                                                    decommission the ship. Melbourne
 Terrible (completed in December         military personnel to and from           Melbourne was occupied in training      helicopter from Melbourne assisted
 1948 as HMAS Sydney), Hercules          Vietnam between 1965 and 1972.           and exercises, including Exercise       in the rescue of a hang glider pilot at   was decommissioned on 30 June
 (completed 1961 as INS Vikrant             In August 1967, 816 and 817           RIMPAC 72 off Hawaii. She then          Hall’s Gap, north of Melbourne. On        1982, having spent 62,036 hours
 for the Indian Navy), Magnificent        Squadrons were disembarked and           proceeded to Yokosuka, Japan,           1 and 2 December, 13,500 citizens         underway and steamed 868,893
 (completed April 1948), and             816 was disbanded. This squadron         on 3 October 1972. Exercise SEA         of Melbourne visited Melbourne            nautical miles.
 Powerful (completed January 1957        had acquired Sea Venom aircraft          SCORPION began on 15 October            before she proceeded for Sydney              Melbourne was moored at
 as HMCS Bonaventure for the             in 1964 in addition to its Gannets.      off Corregidor and Melbourne            on the 3rd, the Carrier Air Group         Bradley’s Head dolphins in
 Royal Canadian Navy).                   In September 1967, Melbourne             did not return to Australia until       disembarking en route.                    Sydney Harbour, awaiting a
    Work resumed on Majestic in          sailed to the United States where        27 November, via Manila and                In February 1977 Melbourne             decision on disposal. The ship
 1949. On 28 October 1955 she            she embarked the newly acquired          Singapore. She had been absent for      sailed for Pearl Harbour and Exercise     was initially sold in June 1984
 was renamed Melbourne and               Douglas Skyhawk and Grumman              101 days.                               RIMPAC 77. From there the ship            to an Australian company for
 commissioned into the RAN under         Tracker aircraft, returning to              After a refit at Garden Island in     sailed to San Diego to embark             A$1.7 million, however the sale
 the command of Captain Galfrey          Australia in November of that year.      July 1973, Melbourne, in company        S2G Grumman Tracker aircraft and          fell through. In February 1985
 G.O.Gatacre DSO DSC RAN. The               A major refit at HMA Naval             with HMA Ships Brisbane and             transport them to Australia. These        Melbourne was sold to the China
 renaming ceremony was performed         Dockyard, Garden Island, which           Stuart, again visited Hawaii for        aircraft were acquired to replace         United Shipbuilding Co Ltd for
 by Lady White, wife of Sir Thomas       commenced in December 1967               Exercise RIMPAC 73. Further             those that were destroyed in the          A$1.4 million to be broken up in
 White, the then Australian High         and lasted until November 1968,          exercises and training periods          hangar fire at HMAS Albatross on           the port of Dalian, China.

                                                                                                                                                Reserve News 7
                                          Who’s doing what?

                                                                                         Above: Lieutenant Fenn Kemp, a Royal Australian Navy Reserve Public Relations Officer assigned to Operation
                                                                                         Sumatra Assist, transits to Banda Aceh on a landing craft from HMAS Kanimbla.
                                                                                         The amphibious transport ship HMAS Kanimbla is part of the Indonesian-led operation to help rebuild Banda Aceh,
                                                                                         which was one of the areas worst hit by the Boxing Day tsunamis. The ship will remain off the coast, providing a
                                                                                         support base for Australian Defence Force personnel, throughout Operation Sumatra Assist. Relief assistance provided
Above: Able Seaman Dental Hygienist Emma Sills examines a patient’s dental x-rays        by Australia is part of a co-operative effort involving the Department of Defence, Department of Foreign Affairs and
                                                                                         Trade (AusAID), and Emergency Management Australia.
before commencing hygiene work at the ANZAC Hospital in Banda Aceh. Emma hails
                                                                                         Water, tentage, medical supplies, blankets and other emergency provisions, and logistical support have been provided.
from WA and spent 4 years in the NR prior to joining the PN 3 years ago. The ADF has
                                                                                         In the tsunami-devastated provincial capital of Banda Aceh, the ADF set up a water purification plant and established
been working in support of tsunami disaster relief in Indonesia’s North Sumatra and      the Anzac Field Hospital, a field hospital operated jointly by medical personnel of the ADF and the New Zealand Defence
Aceh provinces since December 28. Photo by AB PH Phillip Cullinan.                       Force. Image obtained from the Dept of Defence Website.

                                          Anzac Day - the next reunion
                                                           a veterans perspective
                                          by Max Thomson

                                          same stalwart shipmates when they         156 who gathered dockside as the            memorable reunions enjoyed over
                                          could scamper down a warships             gold-braided ‘powers that be’ went          the decades since the ships company
                                          ladder-ways using only the rails          through the time honoured warship           broke up after war’s end.
                                          – feet never touching the rungs.          commissioning ceremony, almost                 In this instance exemplified by an
                                          When the ships alarm bells clanged        a lifetime ago, before you walked           initial memorable national reunion
                                          with that horrendous cacophony of         across the gangway, saluted and             at Adelaide then great memories of
                                          shrill noise, their speed in manning      found your way for the first time            mostly Anzac Day reunions with
Max Thomson 1942 prior to deploying
                                          action-stations was mind boggling         aboard your new ship, plus all the          local RSL collaborations around the Max Thomson Anzac Day 2004
in HMAS Hawkesbury
                                          after endless training, as they squared   other mysteries of a brand new fleet         country.                                  which it served and with the names
                                          up to face whatever emergency had         unit.                                          It’s in the car coming home that       of almost all of its ships company
   Anzac Day. It’s here again. Your       presented itself.                            As the years go on, you become           you reflect on the absent faces. The       in their signature form on its revers
perpetual limp and your walking              You see the glint in old mates eyes    very aware of how often the naval           shipmates who have passed on or for       side, will be presented in a final
stick, among other things, are            as they pull out of their pocket, a       hymn is being played at funerals            whatever reason cannot attend.            sense to the agreed-upon naval
constant reminders that the years         much-faded old photograph of life         as the march of time creeps on ever            The poignancy of seeing your           museum or appropriate repository.
have taken their toll. But you will       aboard or highlight of a rare ‘run        relentlessly. The Navy had a shade of       pals coping with the advance of the       You’ll ponder over booking for the
attend – of course.                       ashore’. These black and white            difference from the other services.         years and the late in life problems       next reunion, yet you know you’ll
   There is more to it than your          pictures were often printed on board         Sailors spent long periods at sea        that arise.                               aim to be there if you can. For that
ailments. Much more. You meet and         with poor quality photographic paper,     where they worked their endless                Equally so, of the girls they          is the way it is. You wouldn’t miss
greet the remnants of what once was       equally poor chemicals and have been      watches, ate, slept, and survived the       married, so many of whom now              it for the world.
a proud ships’ company of 156 young       ravaged further by the passing of six     dramatic, the monotony of routine or        make a special effort to attend even         Max Thomson is an ex-RAN
blokes who commissioned a brand           decades or more. But they often carry     the excitement of the times for such        though their husbands have passed         signalman who served onboard
new warship after, in most cases,         with them the fondest memories.           prolonged periods.                          on, but wishing to join-in still ‘for old Fairmile Patrolboats and HMAS
serving earlier on other ships of the        The hard part is – can you recall         Rarely getting ashore, and rarer         times sake’ and as a tribute to their     Hawkesbury in New Guinea
fleet. You all took the new warship to     the names of all the shipmates in the     still for them to get back to visit their   late husbands.                            during WWII. He was a working
sea amid all the perils of war and the    pictures?                                 loved ones. Yet the spectrum of all            At the final gathering, the important   journalist in Melbourne until
sea itself. You shake hands with old         Mates with whom you spent              that becomes subjugated. Few things         reunion meeting that will determine       his retirement and still has a
shipmates that now have the medical       endless months that dragged into          can equate to the pleasure of joining       whether it’s time to ‘swallow the         substantial interest in all things
issues that come with aging. Knee         years amid all sorts of drama and         those who are still able to attend a        anchor’ and wind up, or to plan           Navy.
problems, hip replacements, prostate      high adventure. Equally poignant at       ships reunion.                              for yet one more year, there is the       The views expressed by the author
difficulties, eye cataracts and osteo      any reunion is a realisation of how          Human nature takes over. You             dominant reminder that the ‘last man
                                                                                                                                                                          of this article are not necessarily
in all its multifarious forms. The list   many shipmates have passed on             recall the good times, especially the       standing’ has an obligation he must
                                                                                                                                                                          shared      by     Defence      News
of ailments goes on but the smiles        since the last get-together. Sadly,       humour of experiences few and far           fulfil to ensure the warships Anzac
                                                                                                                                                                          publications or the Department of
linger.                                   someone will figure out how many           though these moments may have               Day banner with its identification of
   Inevitably, you reflect on those        are still around from the original        been. Reflections focus on all the           the ship, the oceans and campaigns in     Defence.

                                                                                                                                              7 RESERVE NEWS, APRIL 7, 2005
  8         Reserve News
                                     Employment opportunities
                                            Engineer coordinate the overall            Location: Russell Offices (R2-6-A)         Review and comment on Contractor           mail, but must travel to Canberra for
                                            engineering effort and undertake           Canberra, ACT.                            supplied documentation.                    initial briefing.
                                            special projects. The current focus of     Position Requirements: LS Writer/         Period: Feb-Jun 2005, days                 Period: Start date flexible – early
                                                                                       MAB, with minimum clearance
                                            the engineering team is in engaging                                                  negotiable.                                April.
                                            the Combat System-Systems                  to Confidential and preference             Point of Contact: LEUT Andrew              Point of Contact: LCDR Robert
                                            Engineer, Shipbuilder and Platform         for Secret. Under the one up/one          Payne (02) 6265 3405.                      Elphick, Telephone 02 6266 2505.
                                            System Designer. Some domestic             down rule AB or PO may apply.                                                        Expressions of Interest are sought
                                            travel may be required.                    Basic admin experience essential,
                                                                                                                                                                            from Sydney or ACT/NSW
                                            This Funded Reserve Commitment             but training will be arranged as
Job Title: Unit Stores Account                                                                                                                                              based personnel with Training
                                            (FRC) position has been allocated          necessary.
Manager - FRC Position 489191                                                                                                                                               Development and/or explosive

                                            60 days, and is an exciting and            Duties:               Provide admin
Location: ADF Tactical Data Link                                                       support to the Business Management                                                   ordnance (EO) background to
                                            rewarding opportunity for self                                                                                                  participate in the development of
Authority, Electronic & Weapons             starting senior sailor who has             activities of the Maritime Electronic
System Division, Defence Materiel                                                      Warfare Systems Program Office                                                        common Defence curricula for EO
                                            excellent communication and
Organisation, Maryborough St                                                           (MEWSPO) which is a business                                                         training.
                                            organisational skills and is able to
Fyshwick, Canberra ACT.                                                                unit of DMO and is responsible                                                                -------------------------------
                                            operate without supervision.                                                         Job Title: CO/XO Desig Course
Requirements: LSSN (AB and PO                                                          for delivering Nulka Anti Missile                                                    Job Title: Training Developer
                                            Duties: There is no duty statement                                                   Redevelopment - Project Program
may apply), with minimum clearance                                                     Decoy and Phased Array Radar                                                         – Defence Explosive Ordnance
                                            for this position, duties will be                                                    Position 126/04-05
to Secret or willing to undergo                                                        capability to the RAN. Duties                                                        Training Rationalisation Project (NR
                                            wide-ranging and interesting. The                                                    Position Requirements: CMDR
clearance to that level.                                                               also include assisting with the                                                      Project Program Position: (107/04-
                                            successful candidate should be                                                       PWO or SMN
Duties: The incumbent will provide                                                     construction and maintenance of                                                      05), for 100 days FY04-05 and 100
                                            prepared to expect the unexpected,                                                   Location: HMAS Watson
stores support to the ADFTA TS05                                                       the MEWSPO’s quality, data and                                                       days FY 05-06.
                                            including the requirement to respond                                                 Duties: Under the direction of
JICO cell and generic stores support                                                   records management systems, and                                                      Position Requirements: Ideally for
                                            to both planned and short notice                                                     TA-MW, develop the training
to ADFTA. Duties include, but are                                                      assisting with the maintenance of the                                                a LEUT/LCDR, however rank level
not limited to:                                                                        MEWSPO Technical Library.                 documentation (in accordance with          is not as important as the skills you
                                            Period: Immediate – 60 days
Provision of stores support to allow                                                   Remarks: This is normally a part          RANTS) to facilitate the introduction      bring to the job.
                                            Point of Contact: CAPT Andrew
deployment of the ADFTA ICO cell                                                       time position but can now be filled        of the revised curriculum for the CO/
                                            Cawley, Telephone 02 6265 1870.                                                                                                 Location: Defence Establishment
to TS05.                                                                               on either a full or near to full time     XO Designate course.
                                                     -------------------------------                                                                                        Orchard Hills (DEOH), Western
Stocktake and Cataloguing of                                                           basis through to 30 June 2005 using       Skills Required:
existing ADFTA assets.                      Expressions of interest are sought                                                                                              Sydney at the foot of the beautiful
                                                                                       the 100 Reserve Days still available.      Recent Sea Command (Desirable) or
Provision of stores support to allow        for the following (please note that                                                                                             Blue Mountains. If the successful
                                                                                       Duration: Position is available           Charge (Mandatory) experience.
the creation of ADFTA Unit Stores           rank, category and specialisation                                                                                               applicant is not from the Western
                                                                                       from 28 Feb 05 to 30 Jun 05 with          High order Service writing, oral and
Account.                                    are not defined – applicants are                                                                                                 Sydney region, multiple four week
                                                                                       prospects to extend into FY05/06.         presentation skills (Mandatory)
Actively managing stores issues             simply required to meet the listed                                                                                              attachments to DEOH would be
                                                                                       Points of Contact: Mr Barrie Miller,      High level analytical and
within ADFTA, and                           skills required).                                                                                                               acceptable.
                                                                                       MEWSPO Business Support Cell,             interpersonal skills (Mandatory)
Effecting other stores related actions      Job Title: Project Team Member,                                                                                                 Duties: Participate as a team member
                                                                                       (02) 6265 4220 barrie.miller@d            Experience in the training arena
as directed by ADFTA staff.                 Training Resources and Outputs                                                                                                  in the development of common
                                                                              or Mr Noel White,
Duration: Position is available from        Model (TROM). Two positions for                                                      (Desirable).                               Defence curriculum for explosive
                                                                                       MEWSPO Business Manager, (02)
14 Mar 05 to 30 Jun 05 for up to 70         60 days each, 5 days a week for                                                      Period: 94 days from now to 30 Jun         ordnance training in the engineering
                                                                                       6265 3392
Training Days.                              duration of Project.                                                                 05.                                        and logistics fields.
Point of Contact:                  Mr.      Location: Canberra (preferable).                   -------------------------------   Point of Contact: CMDR Michael             Skills Required:
M.P. Kenderes, EL-1 HADFTA (02)             Depending on applicant, work               Job Title: FFG Upgrade - Combat           Reis, RAN Head of Command and              Training Development (essential).
6266 0793                                   may be able to be undertaken from          System Section Member – Project           Tactics (02) 9337 0391 or Email:           Ability to work in a team
          -------------------------------   other locations. Travel to Navy            Program Position 47c/04-05                      environment (essential).
Job Title: DSCM Admin Assistant             establishments may be required.            Location: DMO located at CDSC                      -------------------------------   EO engineering, logistics, or
– FRC position 489450                       Duties: Assist the Project Manager         Fyshwick, ACT                             Job Title: Writing Fleet Procedures
                                            in compiling a report for each of 5                                                                                             Clearance Diver background
Position Requirements: LS/AB                                                           Position Requirements: An AB/LS           – Project Program Position 30/04-05        (desirable).
(WTR/MAB) with good office and               Navy Training Authorities on annual        MAB with skills and experience            Position Requirements: The
                                            training resources consumed and                                                                                                 Point of Contact: WGCDR
computer skills                                                                        in the operation, or logistics and        candidate will have excellent written
                                            outputs delivered.                                                                                                              Graeme Davies - tel: (02) 4737 0084
Duties: Working under the                                                              maintenance support of Major              communication skills - EO technical
                                            Skills Required:                                                                                                                (M) 0439 602843, e-mail:
supervision of the Warrant Officers’                                                    Fleet Units is sought for 80 days         knowledge is not a pre-requisite.
Career Manager (WOCM), compile              Effective coordination of work and                                                                                    
                                                                                       (with flexible work arrangements           50 LCDR days are available for the
Magenta files for CPO’s being                task flow management.                                                                                                                     -------------------------------
                                                                                       by negotiation). FFG experience           Project, but those with the required
presented at the 2005/06 Warrant            Strong computing skills in data            desirable.                                                                           Job Title: Alcohol and Drugs Project
                                                                                                                                 skill sets are encouraged to apply,        Officer – Systems Command FRC
Officer Promotion Board (WOPB)               base extraction and manipulation in        Position Duties: To assist the FFG        regardless of rank.                        Position 493651
Location: DSCM, R8-5-044 Russell            Access and Excel.                          Upgrade Combat System Section
                                            Ability to grasp concepts quickly,                                                   Background: DNWS is reviewing              Requirement: LEUT MAS (WO or
Offices, Canberra, ACT.                                                                 prepare for delivery of the first
                                            work with minimal supervision and                                                    ABR 862 Volume 2 – Explosive               LCDR may apply) for up to 150 days
Period: 04 Apr 05 – 22 Jun 05 40                                                       Upgraded FFG. Duties will include:
                                            be outcome focussed.                                                                 Ordnance (EO) Safety Instructions          per financial year – days negotiable.
days at 3-4 days per week.                                                             As directed, liase with the FFGUP
Point of Contact: Warrant Officer            Timing: Start by March 2005                                                          for RAN Ships and Submarines, to           Duties: Required to administer and
                                                                                       Certification and Safety Managers, to
Shane Jones (WOCM) 02 6265 5044             Point of contact: Ian Domagalski                                                     ensure the publication is structured in    monitor drug and alcohol issues
                                                                                       support system testing, certification
or email shane.jones1@defence.go            tel: 02 6265 1274, e-mail:                 and assemble data for System Safety       a way useful to ship’s staff. DNWS         within Navy. Also requires liaison                                            Assessment.                               will develop a detailed structure and      with Command elements and input
        -------------------------------       -------------------------------          Work as a member of the Combat            content for the ABR, and an author         into policy matters.
Job Title: Special Projects Officer          Job Title: LS Admin Support - FRC          Systems Engineering team to assist        is then required to write the chapters,    Location: DNPRI, Russell Offices.
to Chief Engineer – Air Warfare             Position 489191                            in ensure the Project Authority           converting the detailed structure into     Special Requirements: Excellent
Destroyer Program – Project                 Section: Maritime Electronic               meets contractual obligations             clear and concise English for the final     organisational and time management
Program Position 65/04-05                   Warfare Systems Program Office              for the provision of Government           publication.                               skills will be required, as well as the
Position Requirements: A CPO/WO             (MEWSPO), Electronic Warfare               Furnished Material (GFM), including       Location: DNWS is Canberra-                ability to liase with senior officers
(MAB) is required to assist the Air         Branch, Defence Materiel                   Information (GFI), Equipment (GFE)        based, however candidate may work          and executive.
Warfare Destroyer Program Chief             Organisation                               and Services (GFS).                       remotely, and correspond by phone/e-       Point of Contact: Leesa Morris on
                                                                                                                                                                            02 6266-7671 or email:

                                        Be a roving reporter!                                                                                                     

                                                                                                                                                                            Applicants please note that some
                                              Going on an interesting posting?                                                                                              positions may be filled at time
                                                                                                                                                                            of publication. Members are
                                                Why not report for our team?                                                                                                advised to liaise with the point
                                                                                                                                                                            of contact to ensure that the
                                                 Your article could be here!                                                                                                job opportunity still exists prior
                                                                                                                                                                            to submitting an application.
                                                            Email:                                                                                                          Additional opportunities for
                                                                                                                                                                            employment can be sourced at
                                                                                                                                            the members area of the NR
                                        for information about obtaining a camera.                                                                                 


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