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Do you attend races and get bored watching


Do you attend races and get bored watching

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									There is more to Triathlon than
racing !!
   Would you like to come and watch Triathlons and get paid for it?
   Have you ever thought of becoming more involved in Triathlons?
   Are you currently injured, but still turn up to watch?
   Would you like to put something back into the sport?
   Have you retired from Triathlon but still have an interest?
   Are you a Parent who would like to help?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then you could be a ……….

                      Technical Official

What do you get out of being a Technical Official (TO)?

   The satisfaction of helping out the sport but also:
   You get paid $50.00 per Event- Triathlon, Aquathlon or Duathlon after
    you have attended your first event.
   You always have the best view of the race.
   You may get to ride on the back of a motor bike (but only if you want to).
   Be nationally accredited under the NOAS program with Australian Sports

What do you have to do to become a TO?

All it takes is 3 hours one evening, pass a short open book exam (at home), an
online course and attend a Triathlon as a TO within 4 weeks of attending the

When can you do the course?

The next course in Adelaide will be Thursday 21st January 2010 at 73 Wakefield
Street in the City. Start time 6:30pm

What does it cost to do the course?

$0 - It’s FREE

Who do you contact?
Michael Haarsma     at or mob, 0411 550 116

David Wilkinson (Wilko) at or mob, 0400 105 069

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