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Discover the latest tools and techniques for delivering fearless

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					                                  Overview of the
                                                                                Access your own powerful
                                  program                                     resource states to overcome

                                  By the end of this hands on,                nervousness and fear
                                  practical training you will be
                                  able to:                                      Use powerfully persuasive
                                                                              language to wow your audience
                                    Organise your thoughts into a             and create rapport at will
                                  powerful presentation lasting
                                  from 60 seconds to several days
                                                                                Use both the Persuasion and
                                                                              the Precision models of language
                                     Produce stunning supporting              naturally in your presentations
                                  visual aids including slides and
                                  flipcharts/ whiteboards with ease             Create memorable stories and
                                                                              metaphors to really make your
                                    Phrase and pose remarkable                points stick and resonate with
                                  questions that will engage and              your audience
                                  enthuse your audience
                                                                                Use a variety of techniques to
                                    Deal with questions and                   project your voice and sound
PERFECTLY                         interjections from the floor ...all
POWERFUL                                                                      authoritative
                                  in your stride

          Discover the latest tools and techniques for delivering fearless
       presentations in our fun, friendly, supportive learning environment
                                         standing in the driveway. She is
                                         making a pitch presentation                Up-coming Dates
                                             ★A business owner stands
                                                                                  Brisbane CBD 15 & 16 Sep

                                         before a group of people about to
                                         join his network marketing               Sydney CBD   22& 23 Sept
                                         business. He is making a sales               Special Price for Sept
                                             ★A student stands at the front                  contact
                                         of the class and delivers a case          Heather Boon0418 622 511
                                         history and states what the
                                                                                  Tom Cosgrove 0405 792 441
For many people the                      business should have done. He is
                                         making a presentation
thought of having to
                                             ★A consultant stands up at a
design and give a
                                         business networking meeting for his          MondayMorning Pty. Ltd
presentation is more                     30 second mike spot. He is making            PO Box 724 Darlinghurst
fearful than death!.…..                  a presentation
                                                                                             NSW 1300
     Can you find yourself in the            ★A lawyer stands before a jury                   Australia
following list?                          to sum up her case. She is making a
     ★An entrepreneur stands before                                                     Tel: 02 8003 7075
a group to explain why they should                                                    Skype: monday-morning
all work on her business plan and not       All of these people have
theirs. She is making a presentation.    something in common.
                                            They are working to prove
    ★A woman gets to her feet in her     something that will win the     
bookclub to review a novel she has       support of the audience,                        Payment on booking
just read. She is presenting.            something that will usually                  All major Cards accepted
    ★A man stands in front of a          generate some ACTION                      All programs include full tuition
group at a business seminar. It is his      The audience on the other
                                                                                       workbooks and manuals
turn to feedback his groups work. He     hand are making a
is making a presentation                 judgement.
                                            Finally if the presenter                 Please see web site for
    ★A real estate agent stands
before a homeowner. She starts to        has done the job perfectly               booking details and conditions
explain why her firm should sell the     and powerfully then they
house and not the competitor             give their verdict
                                           “I’ll give that a shot!”
                                            “I have come away from the             Your Presenters
Style and format of
                                        course feeling confident in my                    Thomas Cosgrove
the training                            ability to create rapport very                    has been training
                                        rapidly”                                          trainers and
All of our training is foremost                                                           presenters for over 20
practical, fun and experiential. We                                                       years to corporate
                                            “This is a must do course for                 clients, not for profit ,
are known for creating a highly
                                        any business owner or manager                     government and small
supportive environment where
                                        who needs to communicate with         business. He has delivered trainer
training delegates learn not only by
                                        people on any level. The skills you   skills and presentation skills to
significant amounts of practice but
                                                                              many of the top corporations in
also by giving feedback and             walk away with will put you
                                                                              UK, Asia and Australia including
support to each other.                  streets ahead of your competitors
                                                                              Pfizer, Coca Cola, Telstra, British
                                        in your ability to communicate        Telecom and Volvo.
You will be guided through the          effectively with your customers,
preparation and delivery of at least    team and stakeholders.”                          Heather Boon has
2 and possibly 3, (if time permits)                                                      filled Executive roles
short, live presentations. These will                                                    for several medium
                                            “Without realizing it I started              sized businesses,
allow you to practice and receive
                                        applying certain elements of the                 across a variety of
feedback on all aspects of the
                                        material taught even during the                  different industries for
material that we cover.
                                        course! One of the main aspects       over 25 years.  She started her
                                                                              own successful coaching,
We encourage a highly interactive       was how I communicate with
                                                                              mentoring and training business
format with ample time for              myself, and changing that simple
                                                                              some 5 years ago, and now
questions, practice and feedback.       part has made a huge difference       consults to clients to improve the
                                        to almost everything I undertake”     performance of their business
Following the program you will                                                and team dynamics through
have access to our communities of            “Thomas lives and breathes       training and coaching programs. 
practice, with blogs, discussion        this. There was not one moment
                                                                                          Kari Sutton has
boards and further information to       that I felt I was being trained; I                worked in the
download.                               was being shown how to apply                      education and training
                                        the material simply by listening                  field for more than 15
                                                                                          years. She has a
What people say                         and observing him”
                                                                                          Masters degree in
about our Training                         “A terrific program full of
                                                                              Guidance and Counselling, and
                                                                              expertise in training, group
                                        practical business applications”      dynamics, and special education.
     “Thomas is an excellent
                                                                              She  is a Competent Leader within
facilitator. His deep understanding                                           the Toastmasters organization
                                            “ The weight of theory to
of the material coupled with his                                              and has successfully presented a
                                        practice couldn’t have been better
engaging delivery made the                                                    variety of presentation training
                                        for me. Outline, explain and put
training fun and focused”                                                     programs for both corporate and
                                        into practice - perfect for my        public sector clients.
                                        learning style”

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