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									    CLUB             Club Kensington 0207 937 5386                                                 Newsletter Date
OPENING HOURS        201-207 Kensington High Street
                                                                DECEMBER 2004
Mon – Fri 6am-10pm
Saturday 8am – 8pm
Sunday 8am – 8pm

                      Dear Members
       BAGS &
      JACKETS         So again plenty going on this month and where do I start?
    Now the cold      I hope you’ve all given Mike and Jerry a BIG pat on the back for their awesome displays in
   weathers here      California last month. Mike managed to take GOLD with an awesome display! Both of the guys
   please reframe     have done themselves and the Club proud. Next stop is Miami and then Musclemania in the UK!
  from taking your    So we’ll all be able to cheer them on to victory! A big thanks to Tim, who has been a tower of
                      support and the ultimate source of knowledge for both guys.
 coats and jackets
    into the gym.     As some of you may have heard Club Kensington’s one and only Dominique Lockhart will be
   Please use the     leaving the Club in December. Now I realise that this will be a shock to many of the men who
  changing rooms      frequent this gym with the sole purpose of attracting Dom’s attention but fear not I’m sure she will
      provided.       continue to train in the club on a regular basis. Her input and impact on the club has been
                      immeasurable and I could not ask for a better working colleague/friend. I’m sure you will all wish
                      her well as she concentrates on her Neuro-Linguistic Programming with the likes of Paul
                      McKenna etc… So thanks again Dom, you’re a star!

 CLEAN SHOES =        Whilst Dom is leaving us we have 2 new team members. You may have seen Rudi on the gym
   HAPPY GYM          floor strutting his Stuff. Whilst on Reception we welcome Evelyn, our critically acclaimed
                      comedian/performer. Welcome guys!
  Can you please
    ensure your       The Club will be operating with reduced hours over the Christmas period. The opening hours
   trainers aren’t    are listed below and a reduced Studio Timetable is available from Reception. All classes will
 covered in winter    resume in January, but thank you for your cooperation.
     mud before
     coming into      I appreciate many of you are off on your travels over the next few weeks. Who could blame you
      the Club.       from avoiding all the British Weather has to throw at us. If this is the case have a good trip and
   Many thanks!!      see you next year. Again, thank you for all your support over the past 12 months and making this
                      Club such an amazing place.

                      Happy festivities and have a great Christmas from all the staff here at Club Kensington.

 GRIPMASTER’S         James Budkiewicz
BACK IN STOCK!        General Manager
Now available from
   reception.              CHRISTMAS OPENING HOURS
    Only £12            Thurs 23rd Dec  6.00 - 22.00
                        Friday 24th     10.00-18.00
                                                                            Chantal Daliza is Club Kensington’s
                        Xmas Day        CLOSED
                                                                          ultra experienced Therapist. Offering:
                        Boxing Day      12.00-18.00
                                                                                  Holistic - Deep tissue
                        Monday 27th     8.00-20.00                                Indian Head Massage
 CLUB GOODIES           Tuesday 28th    8.00-20.00                                Reiki - Aromatherapy
   Padlock - £4         Wed 29          8.00-20.00                            Allergy testing - Reflexology
 Headphones - £6        Thurs 30th      8.00-20.00                                   Hopi ear candle
   Gloves - £12         New Years Eve   8.00-16.00                                   Crystal therapy.
  Towels - £1.20        New year day    CLOSED
    Water - £1          Sunday 2nd      12.00-18.00                        For your FREE 15-minute treatment
                        Monday 3rd      6.00-22.00                                  contact Reception.
   T-shirts - £12
          Tim’s Tips-Dec 2004                      8.   Soy protein                           the food, this gives you a feeling of
                                                                                              satisfaction and relaxation. The tricks
Happy        December       everyone!     A    So basically the bottom line is stick to       to prevent night eating are 1. Keep the
triumphant month as our Boy Wonder             mother nature, consume whole foods, eat        lights low; use your dimmers, lamps or
returns with another Gold medal and the        the white AND yellow of the egg, eat the       better still candle light is a great way
title of WORLD CHAMPION!!! When in a           fat within the organic steak and chop off      of telling your skin its time to wind
heart pumping, gut-busting, muscle-            the hard white fat, eat the skin off the       down and get ready for sleep. 2. After
flexing pose-down squashed his heavier         apple, etc. etc. Mother nature- the one        dinner if your know you’ve eaten
weight class to win the Overall! I was         woman that won’t leave you standing in         enough but your stomach is still
lucky enough to cover all the action, so       the rain with flowers and chocolates crying    hungry try a big mug of tea;
a special thanks to all the generous           your eyes out after being stood-up a           chamomile, green, Echinacea and
members         who      supported     Mike    record 47th time.                              ginger tea are all caffeine-free and will
financially and emotionally, all your                                                         not only fill that gap but help wind your
positive energy paid off, it truly was a       Tip 2: Watch the “Starchy Carbs”- Unless       body down for a deep, restorative
team effort. But we all knew our boy           you’re Lance Armstrong you don’t need a        nights sleep. 3. If you are truly hungry
would deliver the goods. A small photo         lot of the starchy Carbs found in; most        a healthy dessert is Bio-live, Greek
album is on display on front desk; check       breakfast cereals, breads, pasta, potatoes,    yoghurt with almonds, Brazil nuts,
it out!!!                                      and rice. Consume your starchy Carbs           sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds,
Onto this months questions:                    first thing in the morning as you have not     keep away from ANY desserts high in
Q.1 Dear Tim I just saw the photos,            eaten anything for 8-10 hours and you          sugar, this will shoot up your blood
please tell me how I can get as ripped         need a blood sugar boost for the day;          sugar levels and make it harder for
as Mike.                                       Oats, Barley or Buckwheat are all great        you to sleep properly.
A.1 You’d like to know the secrets of the      Low GI (slow-releasing) cereals, Rye
champ eh? Me too, so I pulled some             bread with peanut butter will also give you    Tip 5: The final tip to getting SUPER
strings, called in some favours, went off      slow and steady energy throughout your         lean while still maintaining maximum
the grid for a few days and spoke              morning. The other time one needs              health is…drip feeding in your daily
personally to Mikes Nutritional advisor,       “starchy” Carbs is directly after a tough      calories. Us humans were designed to
who knows more about nutrition than            workout when your blood sugars drop and        snack throughout the day on a variety
God himself.                                   your muscles need replenishing, Mighty         of bark, berries, roots, woolly
Here are some extra tips to getting lean       Mike chooses sushi, which is great mix of      mammoth and the occasional Sabre
for you guys and girls out there.              rice (a VERY good form of starchy Carbs)       tooth tiger. Food was eaten like this
Tip 1: Stick to whole, real foods- For a       and raw fish (raw = alive and highly           for tens of thousands of years before
God-like body stick to God-like foods.         nutritious), you can also have your daily      obesity ever had a name. We were
This means anything that has come              serving of potatoes if you’re a potato         designed to move at a low intensity all
through a factory or has been processed        person. The rest of the time get your          day everyday with the back up of
in some way is out! Before you eat your        Carbs from the non-starchy sources,            going for the occasional sprint to hunt
next meal take a good look and ask             basically anything with colour; all peppers,   or to avoid being hunted. Learn from
yourself this question “How far removed        cucumber, peas, kale, onion, cauliflower,      our athletic, fat-free ancestors: keep
is this from its original God-given form?”     broccoli, all leafy greens and anything else   the food as fresh and live as possible,
An example from high nutrition, to low         in your organic imagination. Keep the          keep the meals as small and frequent
nutrition, to no nutrition:                    Carbs colourful!!!                             as possible, this often means packing
      1. An organic apple                                                                     our own food at the beginning of each
      2. A non-organic apple                   Tip 3: Become a Cardio King- Most males        day with plenty of purified water (the
      3. Stewed Apple                          have enough muscle mass to keep the            ONLY fluid we were designed to
      4. Dried Apple                           metabolism high, getting aerobically fitter    consume). Relying on convenience
      5. Apple juice                           through running, rowing or cycling will help   foods is a recipe for a flabby belly and
      6. Apple flavoured “health” bar          you burn more fat as fuel, so either           a saggy behind so try and get
      7. Toffee apple                          replace one bench-pressing sessions or         organised, find your lunch boxes, get
      8. Apple flavoured gum                   better still add more cardio sessions into     in your kitchen and get cooking again.
                                               your week. For you lovely ladies out there     Finally don’t let the gym be your only
Through each level of processing the           make sure you hit the weight room often        form of exercise, walk to the gym, go
apple gradually lost more of its nutrients     enough to get some noticeable strength         for a Sunday/Saturday/any day walk in
until eventually it went below zero. The       gains. In short work on your weak areas,       the park, every step you take will
leaner you would like to be the more           be it, more cardio, higher intensity weight    accumulate and you will maintain a
often you’ll stick to the top 2 levels. One    training or staying away from CRAP             vibrant, healthy, lean looking physique
more example for all you Protein               (Caffeine, Refined Carbohydrates, Alcohol      with a healthy glow.
junkies:                                       and Processed foods). Want to stay lean,       There you go people, 5 tips on how
     1. An       organic     steak     (from   keep the diet clean.                           the World Champ found the edge and
         Lidgates/Fresh and Wild/Planet                                                       was leaner than 17 other competitors
         organic)                              Tip 4: Keep it light at night- Most people     to take First place, here is the truth
     2. An organic steak (from Tesco)          tend to eat ok during the day, it is when      and the proof that it works! Good luck
     3. A non-organic steak                    they get home after a hard days working        and have a Meeeeeeeeerrrrrry
     4. Lamb off the spit                      or studying that they relax in front of the    Christmas.
     5. Salami (processed meat)                T.V, munching away on comfort foods.           SUPER TIM, Trainer of WORLD
     6. Tinned meat (spam, corn beef)          When stressed out we humans tend to            CHAMPIONS!!!
     7. Most protein powders (casein-          overeat, when this happens all of the
         based)                                blood goes to our stomach to break down

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