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									                                                Method                                            • Body Relaxation
                                              Re exology Fees
                                                                                           • Stress Reduction
                                          • 1 Hour Reflexology            $65.00
                                               (Please allow 90min to include           • Relieve Discomfort
                                               consultation time for 1st session)
                                          • ½ Hour Reflexology             $40.00     • Restore Wellbeingness

                                                                                      • Enhance Body Healing
                                               Gi Certi cates
                                          The perfect gift for your partner, family   • Improve Body Functions
                                          member or friend to show them you
                                          care for their health and wellbeing.
                                               Private Health Rebates Apply                  Discover Re exology...
 I am dedicated to my clients’ health           Method of Payment: Cash
and well-being by offering treatments
 that focus on alleviating tension as
 well as balancing the body systems.
                                                                                                 Mobile Service
So exhale, unwind, and enjoy the many        Appointment Hours
  benefits Reflexology brings to your                                                        For Your Convenience
                                             • Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
         mind, body, and soul.                  9:30 to 2pm
                                             • Wednesday
 I invite you to discover this powerful        10am to 5pm
Complimentary Medicine, and see it as        • Week-ends and after hours
a useful Preventative Care method for                                                                Relax and Heal
                                               By appointment only                                    rough Your Feet
            your Wellbeing.
                                             Contact Details                                        Mobile: 0438 308 281
          Robyn Senden.                      M: 0438 308 281                                Eml: robynsenden@re

         Member of Re exology                                                                       Member of Re exology
         Association of Australia                                                                   Association of Australia
 What is Re exology?                                                                                    What can I expect?
                                                    Discover Re exology
                                                                                                 You relax and enjoy the therapeutic touch
   Reflexology is a natural system                  When a foot is not just a foot?
   based on the principle that specific                                                          of the Reflexologist at work. You may even
   areas/Reflexes on the feet                                                                    feel tingling sensations or energy returning
   and hands correspond to                           The Therapist invites you to lay back and
                                                                                                 to different parts of your body.
   each system of the body.                          put your feet up. You present your soles
                                                     – but what does this therapist see?
                                                                                                 Some people drift in and out of sleep during
   Areas are worked by
   applying various tech-                                                                        the session. The gentle massage and work on
                                                     An experienced practitioner doesn’t see
   niques whereby acupres-                                                                       your pressure points will take about an hour.
                                                     just a pair of feet. The Therapist sees a
   sure is applied using the
                                                     representation of your body and feels
   thumb, fingers and hand;                                                                      Reflexology is a non-invasive, touch therapy.
   creating a profound physiological change          what is happening to it. Through touch
                                                                                                 It is safe, effective and suitable for people
   in the body.                                      and observation, imbalances may be
                                                                                                 of all ages; from tiny tots to teenagers,
                                                     detected in parts of your body.
                                                                                                 from adults to elderly and is beautiful
  Why Re exology?                                                                                during end-of-life care.

               • Stress reduction
                                              So what is this all about?
       • Tension headaches                                                                           What are some of the bene ts
                                              And why is a foot not just a foot?
                                                                                                            of Re exology?
   • Digestive disorders                       During treatment, the feet (or hands) are
                                               cleaned and massaged with cream or                   Some of you are living such hectic lives
 • Arthritis
                                               powder. The whole body is treated by                 it takes a while to slow down. Once you
• Insomnia                                     working all reflexes during each session.            have had your first reflexology session,
                                               Just like having a massage inside and out -          you learn to relax quicker each time.
• Sports injuries                              via your feet!                                       Slowing your mind, your heart rate and
• Back pain                                                                                         breathing, as well as stimulating all your
                                               Extra work is performed when a condition             reflexes, this will reduce your stress,
• Hormonal imbalances                          or congestion/imbalance is found during              improve your health and allow you to be
  • Menstrual disorders (PMS)                  treatment. Sometimes these congestion                more focused and productive.
                                               areas may feel uncomfortable while they are          So making time for Reflexology actually
     • Maternity care                          being treated but it’s momentary.                    gives you more time for a better life!
          • Lymphatic Drainage

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