Customer Service Skills - PowerPoint Presentation by rt3463df


									Dealing with Complaints
What Skills are Needed?
 Friendliness
 Helpfulness
 Effective use of body language
 Good product knowledge
 Listening skills
 Courtesy
 Effective complaint handling skills
Why are These Skills Needed?
 Customer facing situations require service skills
 When customer experiences go wrong staff
 need to deal with the outcomes
   Create loyalty, save a customer
 Customers regard justice as important to how
 their complaints are dealt with
of Delivering Service
  Customer service can be delivered through three
  main methods:
 Written (letters, faxes, emails)
 Face-to-face
 Telephone
Customer’s Needs
 Security
   focus on warranties and guarantees and have a fear of taking risks.

 Social
   need to be appreciated and have a fear of being ignored.

 Results
   focus on results and have a fear of failing.
What Next?
 Go to the Activity to practice
  your own customer service skills

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