Creative Industries and the Local Economy

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					Creative Industries and the
     Local Economy
    What are creative industries?

•   Advertising, Architecture, Publishing
•   Computer Games, Software, Film and
    Video, TV and Radio
•   Crafts, Design, Designer Fashion, Art, and
•   Music and Performing Arts
Why do we need creative industries?

   Potential to generate jobs, innovation and
   Enhance the quality of life in an area and
    stimulate new ideas and thinking within
   Growing the knowledge economy
    The impact of creative industries

•   Higher productivity
•   Growth in employment opportunities
•   Stimulator of innovation
•   Regeneration
•   Place making – increased attractiveness,
    cultural offer, quality of life
How can we support growth of creative industries?

 •   Invest in physical space and premises
 •   Develop skills and talents - pathways
 •   Partnerships and networks
      Re-positioning in Eastleigh

•   The Point
•   Artist’s Quarters
•   Swan Studios pilot
•   Public Art
•   Gallery this way