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                                                         ADVICE – ADVOCACY – ADVENTURE

                                                                              for all cyclists.

 DECLARE YOUR AUTONOMY,                                     For more details please contact Rowan Burns at
                                                            Cycling South on or
                                                            Tel: 6238 2107.
                                                            The highlight of the week will be a major bike
 Friday 21st of September is World Car Free Day
                                                            breakfast in Mawson Place on the morning of
 an event that is celebrated in a variety of different
                                                            September 21.
 ways in many cities and towns around the world.
                                                            The routes planned for the week are as follows with
 Last year in Ostersund, Sweden public transport
                                                            main collector/consolidation points shown in bold
 was free for the day for those that showed their
 car keys and in Quart De Poblet, Spain with
 cooperation of the Mayor city centre streets were          Eastern Shore
 closed to traffic. In Adelaide activists took more         Howrah Þ Clarence St Þ Bellerive Þ Rosny Þ
 direct action by publishing 6000 posters and               Tasman Bridge
 flyers that announced that the city centre would           Gielston Bay Þ Lindisfarne Þ Tasman Bridge
 be closed to cars. The official denials in the             Þ Mawson Place (end point)
 mainstream media publicised World Car Free
                                                            Northern Suburbs
 Day extremely well!
 Between the 17-21 September to coincide with               Claremont Þ Berriedale Þ Cycleway Þ Tasman
 Car Free Day, Cycling South and Bicycle                    Bridge Þ Mawson Place
 Tasmania are coordinating an unusual cycle                 North/West Hobart
 commuting initiative; the Bike Train.                      Lenah Valley Rd Þ Augusta Rd Þ Elizabeth St Þ
 The Bike Train is a group of cycle commuters               Federal St Þ Murray St
 lead by a ‘driver’ riding a scheduled timetabled           Lansdowne Cres Þ Hill St Þ Arthur St Þ
 route with designated stops where others are able          Murray St Þ Mawson Place
 to join. Cycling together as a group provides a
 greater presence on the road than cycling                  South Hobart
 individually. It is hoped that this safe a                 Strickland Ave Þ Cascade Rd Þ Macquarie St Þ
 supportive environment will encourage a greater            Molle St Þ Collins St Þ Elizabeth St Þ Mawson
 level of cycle commuting for those who wish to             Place
 try this healthy and efficient method of getting to        Southern Suburbs
 work.                                                      Blackmans Bay Þ Roslyn Ave Þ Kingston Beach
 A similar scheme has been running extremely
                                                            Þ Kingston Þ Channel Highway Þ Taroona Þ
 successfully between Hornsby and Sydney CBD
                                                            Sandy Bay Rd Þ Salamanca Place Þ Mawson
 for over a year now.
 If you would like to try cycling to work for the
                                                            For more details of the Sydney ‘Bike Bus’ and
 first time in a safe and social environment or if
                                                            World Car Free Day see:
 you already cycle commute please join us during
 the week. Cycling South also would like to hear
 from anyone who is interested in being a ‘driver’.

DIER working for Cyclists                                2. DIER will provide $100,000 towards building
by Wayne Kelly                                           ramps to replace the steps up to the paths on the
Department of Infrastructure, Energy and                 western end of the Tasman Bridge.
Resources own all main roads in the state. These
roads are essential for motorists. DIER has              3. Bicycle Tasmania have been involved in Sandfly
recently started to recognize how vital these roads      Rd - Margate area Traffic Management Study, and
are for bicycle riders as well.                          in a Brooker Highway Strategic Plan & Local Area
                                                         Traffic Management review.
DIER had a reputation for neglecting cyclists in
their projects, even when to provide adequately          4. The Channel Hwy, Algona Rd to Margate
for us would cost little extra - just thinking about     redevelopment, now almost complete, includes one
cyclist's needs and making simple design                 meter wide sealed shoulders as a compromise on
modifications in the initial planning phase will         the wider cycle lanes which cyclists lobbied for.
deliver adequately for cycling in many cases.            (It is disappointing but 1.5m cycle lanes requested
                                                         were not built because they alone would have
DIER's commitment towards building cycling               blown costs out by $1million.)
facilities was in doubt. There was a perception
that some in DIER did not see cyclists as valid
stakeholders in the scramble for infrastructure
funding. That DIER were only inclined to support
cycling tangentially, if the majority of funding
came from elsewhere eg.Sport and Rec., and that
others funding recreational cycling somehow let
DIER off the hook with respect to building
bicycle facilities on their roads.

"These are exciting times for cycling
development in Tasmania"                                 New sealed shoulders on the Channel Hwy south of Kingston are
                                                         great! If future projects could, where possible, avoid constricting
Recently there seems to have been a change in            the shoulder on hill climbs, cycling would be even safer.
DIER's attitude and actions. As the list below
shows, things are improving with a new and very          5. DIER have indicated that the proposed new $15
professional approach. A broader view of                 million Midway Point bridge on the Sorell
"transport" which is welcomed by Bicycle                 causeway will include a separate broad
Tasmania and all cyclists.                               cycling/pedestrian path.

1.DIER have invited Bicycle Tasmania to
participate in a Steering Committee to oversee
and implement an 'on-road' cycling facility on
Channel Hwy between Sandy Bay and Kingston.
The Minister, Mr Lennon has this year approved
$400,000 ($50,000 in 2001 + 350,000 in 2002), to
develop a Sandy Bay Rd/Channel Hwy cycle                            Artists impression of the new Sorell Bridge
route.                                                       (picture from DIER's website
 DIER working with CyclingSouth, have already
built wider shoulders and marked cycling lanes on            6. A recent discussion I had with the Minister at
Bonnet Hill at Taroona. It is intended to spend              the Kingborough Community Forum has
$400,000 to install similar facilities, where                confirmed that the cycle paths across the
appropriate, on the remainder of Channel Hwy                 causeways will be completed. Moreover the
and Sandy Bay Rd.                                            narrow section of Tasman Hwy, from the
                                                             Airport Roundabout - Hollyman Ave, to the
                                                             Sorell Causeway will be improved to provide a

safe cycling route on the highway all the way            Cycling on footpaths
from Hobart to Sorell.                                   by Wayne Kelly
                                                         As of 1 July 2001 cyclists of all ages may
7. Redevelopment works on the South Arm                  legally ride on footpaths in Tasmania.
Rd at Lauderdale, just started and planned for           Uniform Australian Road Rules allow each state
completion by Christmas, will include a                  to set their own cycling-on-footpath regulations,
sealed footpath/cycleway along the inland                taking into account local circumstances and
side of the highway for the entire length of the         community expectations. Tasmania has recently
project.                                                 adopted cycling-on-footpath rules similar to
                                                         those in Queensland, ACT and Northern
8. On the North West Coast the highway                   Territory. Other states (NSW, Vic, WA, and
upgrade between Cooee and Cam River                      SA) have adopted slightly different rules which
includes cycle lanes.                                    permit footpath cycling only for riders under 12
                                                         years of age (in some states, they may also be
9. A redevelopment of the Bass Hwy between               accompanied by an adult.)
Port Sorell and East Devonport-in the early
planning stages at the moment. Bicycle                   You are permitted to ride on any footpath
Tasmania hope it will include sealed                     except in areas where it is specifically
shoulders and traffic islands at intersections           prohibited. These so called "NO-GO zones" are
designed to be sympathetic for cycling traffic.          places with high volumes of pedestrian traffic
                                                         such as CBDs, shopping precincts and near
10.The proposal for a 50kph urban speed                  homes for the aged. They will be defined by
limit, supported by DIER for statewide                   your local council with signs and/or pavement
implementation, is certainly welcomed by                 markings.
cyclists and pedestrians.
It now up to local councils to work with DIER
and other stakeholders to plan the specific
detail of 50kph speed limits in their areas.
Bicycle Tasmania urge everyone to keep the
issue moving forward. Get involved in your
local government's discussions on
implementing this vital initiative.

11. A couple of improvements which increase
the safety and convenience for cyclists:
-The long awaited building of a gap in the
Armco barrier on the eastern end of the
Bowen Bridge to connect the cycle path from
the north with the road lane.
-Repair and re-seal around the railway lines
where they cross the Midlands Highway on
the Granton end of the Bridgewater causeway.

Bicycle Tasmania are happy to give credit
where it is due and gratefully acknowledge
the departments efforts, with thanks also to
                                                         The new law provides that on footpaths, as on
CyclingSouth and Hobart regional Councils.
                                                         any shared path, cyclists must keep left and
Please write, email or phone to tell DIER and
                                                         must give way to all pedestrians.
local councilors how you support their work
                                                         It remains illegal to ride across pedestrian
so far. All positive feedback received now will
                                                         crossings. You must dismount and walk to stay
help us when lobbying for new facilities later.
                                                         within the law.

Footpath intersections - poor sight                      facilities where the onus is on the cyclist to
lines                                                    avoid collisions with skaters and walkers.
Though you may legally now ride on
footpaths, think carefully about where you do            Be careful and courteous
it. Contrary to perception, you are not always           It is inappropriate and thoughtless to race on a
safer there. Bicycle Tasmania advise that you            path or on a busy cycleway.
take to the paths cautiously and only where              Around pedestrians be considerate and signal
road traffic is intolerable. It may be hazardous         your approach by bell or voice, be careful and
to ride on poorly formed footpaths or where              courteous when overtaking and be particularly
the path is intersected by driveways and side            vigilant, ready to stop if necessary, around the
streets with poor sight lines. Motorists                 very young and the old.
crossing your route are not expecting to
encounter cyclists so always proceed
cautiously and stay alert.

Be conspicuous, behave predictably -
you are safer on the road.
It may be safer to stick to the road,
particularly if you wish to ride fast. Be
conspicuous, behave predictably, be an                   Hopefully we may soon see the last of these
                                                         steps on Tasman bridge
accepted part of the traffic and you are safer
on the road.
                                                     RIDE HIGH
Children should ride on footpaths
The linkages in the brain with which you
                                                     By Tim Stredwick
perceive hazards and solve problems for              Dangerous to be a curb hugger.
direction, speed and distance are not                Do you reduce your speed or at least cover the
developed in children until about age of 10.         brake levers at green lights and give way signs?
Therefore children under ten cannot cope with        Many people don’t whether in a vehicle or on their
motor traffic and should never ride                  bike, “well, we have right of way “. Think about it,
unaccompanied on the road.                           trusting your life to a complete stranger they could
                                                     be drunk, suffering a heart attack with a foot
Bicycle Tasmania recommend that you train            jammed down on the accelerator or a getaway car
your children to cycle safely by riding with         from a bank robbery. What if? What if? Its
them on the footpath, point out your local           impossible of course to contemplate all the possible
problem areas, and teach safe techniques for         scenarios and if you did you would probably end up
negotiating them. Also, encourage your               completely mad or never get out of bed in the
school to run a BIKE-ED course and enroll            morning, or both!
your children in it.
                                                     Rather than contemplate the negative side, what
Cyclists who object to being bullied by              positive action can you as a cyclist do to forestall
motorists should be able to                          these worrying scenarios? Ride High.
understand that pedestrians don’t                    Be in a position on the road that gives you the best
appreciate being intimidated by                      possible view, the best chance of being seen and the
cyclists.                                            largest number of escape routes. Be prepared to
If you ride on footpaths you are expected to         brake at any time with fingers covering the brake
be considerate of all other users.                   levers, keep scanning with eyes and ears, be aware
                                                     of everything that is going on around you. With
Cyclists may not like to acknowledge it but in       experience you will build up a sixth sense that you
a conflict situation the law generally gives         can rely on with confidence, a sixth sense that
priority to pedestrians. Footpaths and even the      warns of approaching danger and potential hazards.
Hobart Intercity Cycleway are shared

The start of this train of thought was listening to      potential to inflict harm on any road user but that
complaints about the short stretch of Sandy Bay          doesn’t mean that complete subservience by is
Road in Lower Sandy Bay where the road                   justified. Our culture has developed a fear of
narrows between the cars parked in front of the          motorised traffic to such an extent that it dominates
shops and the pedestrian islands in the centre of        the behaviour of cyclists on the road.
the road. Elizabeth Street in North Hobart has
similar squeeze points. They were saying how             I wrote the above on a plane to the UK not fully
dangerous it was being squashed between the              realising how prophetic my thoughts were to be.
parked cars and the passing traffic, of course they      After the long and tedious flight having
were right, we all know of the dangers of a              reassembled my bike and put the panniers on it was
drivers side door opening and at worst throwing a        a very sudden transformation to find myself on a
cyclist under a passing vehicle. It is very              fast four-lane roundabout on the edge of Heathrow
dangerous to be a curb hugger.                           airport. It felt like being dumped in the middle of a
                                                         very realistic video game but with the big
The solution is simple, ride high, and keep out          difference that I would not get another chance once
away from the danger at a distance that if a door        the game over icon flashed. Nerves on edge and
opens you won’t be skittled across the road. Of          concentrating like mad I headed into Central
course it is not always that simple, at times giving     London. The condition of the roads came as a bit
yourself that margin may not be quite so easy due        of a shock too; potholes, metal covers rarely level
to heavy and or fast traffic. In the cases in            with the road surface, broken glass, litter, bumps
question though not only are you doing yourself a        and grates needed as much concentration as the
favour but also in a pedestrian dominated areas          traffic. After a break of many years I had
such as these you are acting as a very effective         completely forgotten how close the tolerances are in
traffic-calming tool. Your passage through this          this sort of traffic. Traffic that makes anything in
zone at a cyclist’s speed is arguably a very             Hobart seem like a good place to teach a toddler to
appropriate one for such an area. As with any            ride. All I can say is the narrower your handlebars
road situation the key is anticipation, as you close     the better! Half an hour and a couple of close calls
up look in your mirror to pick a gap in the traffic,     later the sixth sense had kicked in and I relaxed and
scan behind then signal and move out into the            started to enjoy the cycling. Somehow in the crush
chosen gap. If you haven’t a mirror on your bike,        and bedlam I felt secure, the drivers due perhaps to
would you drive your car without one? Once the           the extreme congestion seemed more professional,
danger is past give a (polite!) wave and a smile as      far more experienced and more tolerant of cyclists
you move back left.                                      too. That trust of other road users was not only
                                                         essential but also somehow much easier to give.
“Cyclists inferiority complex”
Work on your cycling skills, think of the number
of hours of formal training and subsequent
experience it took you to become a proficient                LETTERS
motorist, compare that with the hours spent                  ·    Dear Editor,
cycling in traffic, for most people there will be
quite a difference. What to a greater or lesser          I have just returned from a trip and read the June/July edition
extent all of us cyclists are fighting against has       of "Spoke" with such interest that two items have incited me
                                                         to comment.
been described as the “cyclists inferiority
                                                         I concur with the sentiments expressed in "Is all that Lycra
complex”. John Forrester a long term US cycle            really necessary for everyday cycling?” Of course it isn't. I
advocate put this in a nutshell in his book              ride to work most days (a fairly gentle 35 mins) and wear my
“Effective Cycling”. I quote: “The problem is            work clothes (mostly jeans and Blunnys). The only concession
very simple, the public believes the Great Bicycle       to riding a bike I make is to use clips (in my case homemade
                                                         Velcro ones) to stop the ends of my trousers flapping about. I
Superstition, namely that cyclists that ride in
                                                         don't own any Lycra. I have, in the past, done some fairly
traffic must either delay motorists, which is Sin,       extensive cycle touring. I didn't use Lycra then either, but I
or, if the cars don’t choose to slow down, be            did, and do, have some padded touring shorts.
squashed, which is Death; the wages of Sin are           I also agree that the Lycra clad image of cyclists is a
Death”. Sure enough traffic does have the                dissuasion to participating in cycling. I am still hesitant to take

part in any organized bike activities and this is at least          cyclists,which influenced the decision to use the alternative
partly due to my perception that I do not belong to the             route.
Lycra brigade that is certain to be there. Probably silly, but
if I feel that presumably many others do too. The second            The alternative route gets cyclists away from the main road
item that I wish to comment on is "Who was that BT                  traffic. The small hill for any experienced rider is nothing but
member riding the wrong way down Collins St. against the            a hump or for the inexperienced would be a challenge. Either
Targa circus". I do not want to enter into a discussion about       way it will be safer for our community.
the merits, or otherwise, of Targa; however, it is the actions      If you have any further queries please contact our Project
described in this item that give cyclists a bad name. If they       Officer, Mr Dean Wilson on 6245 8621
occurred as described they appear to have been both stupid,         Yours Sincerely, Ald Deidre Wilson, Chairman
dangerous                                                           Clarence Bicycle Advisory Committee
and rude. And if the publishing of the item without by-line         · From :Wellington Park Mangement Trust
in "Spoke" is an indication that the actions and opinions           To: Bicycle Tasmania, Mr Adrian Sullivan
described are supported or even condoned by BT then I will
not be a member for much longer.                                    Thank you for your letter 28 June 2001 regarding the
                                                                    Wellington Park Bike Strategy and the use of the Lenah
Chris McKenzie                                                      Valley Track by bike riders.I can only repeat the views
Lindisfarne,                                                        expressed by myself and the Trust's Executive Officer at our
                                                                    earlier meeting that, in its current condition, the Lenah Valley
Thank you very much for your response to the two articles           Track poses significant safety risks to bike users, as identified
in ‘Spoke’, I welcome your feedback. A very well respected          by an independent risk assessor. Such risks may be minimised
and active member of the local cycling community (who               through the placement of management measures -such as
doesn’t wear much lycra either) contributed the Targa item          fencing, changes to track surface and speed control devices -
with the wish that it be published anonymously.                     however this will have a significant impact on the existing
It was solely my decision to publish it and I apologise if it       amenity and character of the track, and require an input of
caused offence. I realise now that I should have                    significant financial resources.
acknowledged that it was an anonymous contribution and
made it quite clear that the actions and opinions described         I acknowledge the challenge faced by Trust in implementing
certainly are not supported or condoned by Bicycle                  the Bike Strategy however the Trust must manage the Park for
Tasmania. However many members of the Tasmanian                     a variety of user groups and for the conservation of many
community have similar views, as illustrated by the letters         values. The Trust has carried out extensive consultation on
page of the Mercury while the Targa is running.                     this issue, and included bike riders and bike groups at all
I suppose that the Targa is a high profile target for those         stages in the preparation of the Strategy. The Trust has also
that act on their beliefs in a more direct and confronting          now employed a Project Officer to assist in the
manner and who view it as a symbol of our cultures                  implementation phase, with a substantial part of the Officer's
celebration of speed and the over use of motor vehicles, the        duties being to raise awareness of bike trails within the Park.
detrimental effects of which are becoming more evident by
the day.                                                            I hope that this response helps to again explain the Trust's
Bicycle Tasmania is for ‘all cyclists’ and as Editor I              position on the issue, and thank you for making your views
endeavour to reflect the diversity of interests and opinions        known to the Trust
represented by our membership. That membership is                   Yours faithfully
extremely important to us so I sincerely hope that you will         Pru Bonham, Chairman,
remain with us to work towards a brighter cycling future.           Wellington Park Management Trust
Tim Stredwick.                                                      Inquiries, Michael Easton ph 03 6238 2176
· From: Clarence City Council bicycle Committee                     · From:Paul Lennon, Deputy Premier
To: Bicycle Tasmania                                                To: Kingborough Bicycle User Group
                                                                    Dear Councillor Fox,
Thank you for mentioning our new cycle-ways in your
recent "Spoke" newsletter (June/July 2001)                          Thank you for your letter dated 15 June 2001 regarding
Our bicycle Committee would like you and your readers to            cyclist's needs and the speed limit along the Channel highway,
know why we had taken this alternative route through                between Algona Rd and Margate.
Buckingham Drive and up the hill.                                   The government is committed to promoting cycling as a
The original proposal was to construct a cycle-way link to          viable transport alternative, but the challenge of the
follow Rokeby Rd in front of No 457 and past the Howrah             road/traffic designer is to provide infrastructures that balance
Fruit and Veggie supermarket as the preferred alignment.            the demands of the wider community in respect to safety,
However, the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and               amenity and transport efficiency within the limited funds
Resources own the road reservation and lease part of it out         available.
to a local resident. This made it very difficult to construct a     DIER has advised me that during the design phase of the
cycleway to comply with Ausroads Part 14 Bicycle                    Channel Hwy reconstruction project, consideration was given
guidelines. The sight distance in and out of the Howrah             to the needs of all road users, including cyclists. While the
Fruit Market is very poor making it also difficult to see           provision of an adequate width cycle facility on the sealed

shoulders was considered, it proved too costly to provide.
However, when reconstructed, there will be an                          BICYCLIZED ODE TO JOY
improvement for cyclists on this road with provision of a              Melody by Ludwig Van Beethoven arranged by Edward Hodges,
                                                                       with lyrics from Song Cycles and Alfred Lord Tennyson.
one meter sealed shoulder, whereas prior to the road
improvements, there was none.                                          Bells are ringing, hearts are singing songs of bikes and two-wheeled
Consideration was also given to the appropriateness of the             modes.
speed limit. While a lower speed limit may provide some                Lights are shining, wheels are turning in our minds and on the roads
perceived safety benefits for cyclists, there is a need to have        Grant us parking and more bike lanes, how about some showers too?
a credible limit which is consistent with the criteria used to         Bikes abound the whole year round in fog, rain, sun and winter too.
set speed limits.
An 80km/h speed limit would not be acceptable as the                   Don your helmets, mount your saddles, push your pedals up and
visual indicators such as road standard, function and low              down.
                                                                       Burning fat instead of petrol is the way to get across town.
abutting roadside development show that a higher operating
                                                                       Everyday we ride to the office leaving the car where it belongs.
speed is appropriate. Artificially lowering the speed limit            Hearts and lungs will work together as we spin our wheels around.
below an operating speed acceptable to the majority of
motorists will simply result in an increase in violations of           Yea we dip in to the future, far as human eye can see.
the speed limit and lead to deterioration of the credibility of        See the vision of the world and all the wonder that shall be.
speed limits generally.                                                Restless engines throb no longer, knots of traffic all uncurled.
I trust this information is of assistance and thank you for            For the common good of all the peaceful roads of all the world.
raising your concerns with me
Paul Lennon
Minister for Infrastructure, Energy and Resources
· Howdy Cyclists'                                                      ADOPT A HIGHWAY
Just to let you know that Anne and I won't able to make the
next BT meeting and most likely miss the September                     Adopt a Highway clean up & BBQ. Sunday
meeting as well. And for a bit of advance notice, I will be            August 26.
standing down as secretary of BT at the AGM. After 2
                                                                       Last year Bicycle Tasmania adopted the Bonnet
years I think it is time for someone else to have a go. I will
still be a member of BT, just not in a committee role.                 Hill section of the Channel Highway with the first
                                                                       organised clean up in November. It was not an
Regards, Daniel Murphy                                                 onerous task so please put this date in your diary to
Secretary Bicycle Tasmania                                             participate in a constructive and surprisingly social
                                                                       community event. Meet at the Shot Tower car park
    FREE ADS                                                           at 10 a.m., gloves, bags and hi-visibility vests will
                                                                       be provided. A BYO BBQ at Blackmans Bay beach
    Office Space Available - Free.
                                                                       will follow the clean up. Any queries please
    The Derwent Bike Hire, situated at the Regatta
    Grounds, has office space available during the week in             contact Tim Stredwick.
    return for hiring out occasional bicycles (would                   See You There!
    consider commission basis). The office would suit web
    page designer, author, student, etc.         Phone and
    Internet available. Free parking. Quiet location.
    Phone: Chris MacGregor, Derwent Bike Hire                          CRITICAL MASS – HOBART
                                                                       By Dimity Taylor
    For Sale
    Giant “Yukon SE” Mountain Bike. Off road or                        Who are we?
    touring. Rock Shox Judy TT 80mm Front suspension.                  We are a group of human powered commuters' who
    21 gears. Excellent condition. $500                                want to use our streets with ease, have fun and feel
    Peter Jackson, 03 6225 3366 evenings.
                                                                       safe amongst the fossil fuel driven machines that
                                                                       tend to dominate our roads. Critical Mass has
    Many thanks to all those who have contributed articles and         always been a free event, a gathering of bicycle
    information for inclusion in Spoke. It not only provides hard
    copy but also indicates the issues and subjects that you would
                                                                       enthusiasts looking to promote the cause of the
    like to see in the newsletter. I will endeavour to incorporate     cyclist, or merely for a fun time on the road
    everything that is offered at some point. …Editor                  amongst the safety zone that is created from riding
                                                                       in a group. We are not there to create a nuisance on
                                                                       the road, as that has been shown to prove nothing.
                                                                       We are there to make a stand as co-inhabitants of

our roads who deserve the respect, and more           and BNSW so your subscription to the magazine
importantly a wider birth from our rather larger      will continue to support cycling.
fellow road users.                                    "Australian Cyclist" magazine is no longer a
Critical Mass was born in San Francisco in 1992,      compulsory part of Bicycle Tasmania's membership
and has since spread quickly around the globe.        package only for reasons relating to difficult
On the last Friday of every month people from all     logistics and the escalating costs of local
around the world will take to their alternative       distribution. Bicycle Tasmania enthusiastically
forms of transportation to be seen on the roads.      encourage members to support the magazine by
To be seen not merely as another car to whiz by,      taking advantage of a subscription option when
but rather a vulnerable commuter that is A PART       joining, by subscribing independently or by
of the traffic, and more importantly, ONE LESS        regularly buying the magazine at Newsagents.
Meet last Friday of every month, Franklin Square
at 5:30pm.
                                                      WINTER CYCLING HAZARD
                                                      Ken White sent in this very relevant tip.

Australian Cyclist magazine                           Blinded by the sun
                                                      A danger to be very aware of at this time of year is
"Under new ownership"                                 impaired vision for both cyclists and motorists
Australian Cyclist" magazine, though recognized       caused by the low sun in the morning and late
world wide as one of the best for cycle touring       afternoon, exactly the time when the streets are at
and for articles of interest to the average           their busiest.
commuter and recreational rider, has been             Take for instance Hobart's Harrington Street in the
struggling commercially of late. A change of          winter months from 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm.
ownership to Bicycle NSW is planned. The new          A vehicle travelling West on this one way street, on
owners hope to appeal to a broader market with a      approaching Liverpool Street is in deep shade and
wider spread of general interest stories and a        as is often the case that vehicle is travelling at a
reduced emphasis on advocacy.                         good speed to catch the lights and have some
                                                      momentum to climb the slight hill to Bathurst
The Bicycle Federation of Australia (BFA) used        Street. It is somewhat of a shock for the driver to
to own the magazine. Their management                 be suddenly blinded by the sun as they emerge from
committee is spread across the country and rarely     the shade.
meets face to face. The magazine was published        There must be many other similar situations in
from a base in the offices of BNSW and in             other parts of Tasmania so think ahead and beware.
practical terms BNSW personnel were deeply            If in doubt in these circumstances consider whether
involved in its preparation. The change of            it is safer to ride on the footpath.
ownership pragmatically acknowledges this
                                                          Local government reports.
You may have noticed that the recent issue came           Hobart Bicycle Plan Advisory Committee
out three months after the previous one. Normally         A guest speaker at the July meeting was local historian
published six times a year, the extra month               Des Hanlon. Des talked to the committee about the
between issues was a one-off to allow time for            history of properties along the Derwent River foreshore at
                                                          Battery Point between CSIRO and Sandy Bay.
wrangling about the financial aspects of
transferring ownership and to allow BNSW time             There was a plan in 1986 to build a shared path,
to settle in.                                             "WhalersWalk", around this foreshore. The committee is
                                                          keen to investigate the possibility of reactivating this
The magazine was the public face of the BFA and           proposal."Whalers Walk" if built would facilitate access
                                                          for pedestrians and cyclists between Sandy Bay and
its main source of income. Under the new                  Hobart, avoiding the traffic bottleneck at Sandy Bay CBD
arrangements profits will be split between BFA            and the steep,narrow, winding roads through Battery

If the results of feasibility studies are positive Bicycle         Glenorchy Bicycle Committee
Tasmania feel "Whalers Walk" would make an ideal                   The cycleway is finished to Berridale Rd
Hobart Bicentennary project. It would be a permanent               Work will continue including a safety audit on the cycle
monument on the river where our colonial history                   route towards Granton - Old Main Rd through Austins
began. An attractive, tourist friendly river-side                  Ferry-Ten mile hill, and painting bike lanes on Talosa St.
development which would provide enduring economic
benefits for everyone, especially businesses at Sandy              CyclingSouth
Bay, Wrest Point and the Hobart waterfront.                        CyclingSouth are planning an innovative Adult Riding
                                                                   course. It will have a trial run soon with staff of Hobart
Kingborough BUG                                                    City Council and courses for general public early next
Kingborough BUG is continuing to move ahead and                    year.
have begun to develop a broadly based Bicycle Plan for             There is a website on the drawing board and a bi-annual
the region. At the last meeting maps showing priority              newsletter to help keep us informed about CyclingSouth
bicycle routes were studied and refined but we need                activities.
input from as many cyclists as possible. Now is a good             Other recent priorities include progressing cycle lane
time to have your say about how cycling should be                  development on Sandy Bay Rd, talks to councils and
developed in the Kingborough . Contact Kingborough                 other politicians with a slide presentation designed to
BUG through Bicycle Tasmania or direct emails to                   educate non-cyclists about cycling issues, and a                                   celebration for International Car-Free Day in September
                                                                   which includes Commuter Bike Trains.
 DIER, working with CyclingSouth and Kingborough                   See this issue's lead article or contact CyclingSouth ((03) 6238-
Council, have marked bike lanes on the Channel Hwy,                2107) or Bicycle Tasmania for more information.
from Taroona Hotel for about 600m up Bonnet Hill. If
you like the new lanes please tell CyclingSouth. If there
are problems please tell us about those too. Contact               Bicycle Tasmania's AGM 2001
CyclingSouth through Kingborough Council or on                     This year's AGM will be held on Sat 6th October
email at                                                           at Rao's on Bruny Island in combination with a
<>                                    Salamanca Cyclists Touring Club overnight trip
                                                                   · Come camping and cycling or just come for
Other on-road bicycle lanes have been painted at the                   the Pizza night, starting with the meeting at
intersection of Church St and Beach Rd Kingston and                    5.00pm. Meeting will finish well before the
the council would appreciate feedback about them as
                                                                        last return ferry (7.00pm)
                                                                   · You won't get a job unless you want one.
Clarence Bicycle Committee                                         · Special easy rides catering for kids so please
In their first meeting for a while Clarence bike                     bring them along.
committee decided to update their 1995 Bicycle Plan.
                                                                   Wayne Kelly, President
Though only six years old, the plan does not adequately
reflect current priorities and how modern communities
value alternative transport modes.                                                BICYCLE TASMANIA CONTACTS

The committee will also be investigating ways to take              PRESIDENT: Wayne Kelly, 03 62267168 (w), 03 62297902 (h),
advantage of funds for bicycle facilities from the
Federal Government's "Roads to Recovery" scheme, is                SECRETARY and WEBMASTER: Daniel Murphy,
looking to upgrade signage on existing cycle paths and   
will be working with Council to assist definition of
appropriate 'Cycling on footpath' No-Go areas in                   TREASURER and MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY: Kate Stanton,

                                                                   “SPOKE” EDITOR and
Brighton Bicycle Committee
                                                                   RIDE TO WORK CO-ORDINATOR:
Brighton Committee are confident that there will be                Tim Stredwick,
funds to improve the Pontville to Brighton Bicycle                 03 62664582.
path, are working on the development of a Bike
track/Skateboard/BMX facility in Seymour St and are                BICYCLE FEDERATION OF AUSTRALIA REPRESTATIVE:
looking to link bicycle facilities with Glenorchy and              Adrian Sullivan,
promote cycling through schools.
Contact Cr P Geard for information.                                Postal Address –
Ph/fax (03) 6268-1143                                              Bicycle Tasmania
                                                                   c/o 102 Bathurst Street
                                                                   Hobart 7000.

Rides (with Salamanca Cyclists' Touring Club)                         I wish to join / renew my membership to
26 Aug. Easy ride -BBQ Blackmans Bay - after Adopt-a-                 Bicycle Tasmania.
highway clean up
17- 21 Sept. BIKETRAINS                                               Signature.........................................Date......../......../......
30 Sept. Ride to "Air Walk" through Sthn. Forests
                                                                      Name (print)...............................................................……. …………
6 Oct..Another Bruny week end -includes Bicycle
                                                                      please tick one
Tasmania's AGM                                                        (...) $20.00 Single (basic 3rd party $500 excess)
9 Oct. Wine tasting trip in Yarra Valley, Victoria
21 Oct. Back to Oatlands - weekend trip                               (...) $30.00        Household (basic 3rd party $500 excess)
29 Oct. Tour de Tamar 3 day trip
3 Nov. “M” road mission 2-3 day trip                                  (...) $15.00        Student /Pensioner (basic 3rd party $500 excess)
10 Nov. Opperman All Day Trial ( Audax event)
                                                                      (...) $100.00 Corporate (includes Australian Cyclist magazine)
Sunday 26th August Bicycle Tasmania, Adopt-a-
Highway clean up & BBQ. Meet at the Shot Tower car                    Address..............................................................................………
park at 10 a.m., gloves, bags and hi-visibility vests will
be provided. The clean up will be followed by a BYO                                  ...........................................................Postcode......…..
BBQ at Blackman’s Bay beach. Any queries please                                      Telephone
contact Tim Stredwick 62664582 or See You There!
September 17-21                                                       (BH)…………………(AH)……………………
CyclingSouth bike train : call Rowan Burns
   th                                                                 Email address (for delivery of SPOKE magazine
30 September Ride to Airwalk. Details to be
announced : call Rowan Burns 6238 2107                                ……………………@ ………………… ……..
October6th-7th- Week end at Rao’s on Bruny Island -
Includes a short meeting for Bicycle Tasmania's AGM
on Saturday evening
please contact Tim Stredwick 62664582 or                              ( ii) Add the option of :                                     $28 for one-year subscription to "Australian Cyclist" magazine.
October 9th- 20th Rutherglen to Melbourne via Yarra
                                                                      Address for delivery of subscription (if different from that above)
Glen - Spirit of Tasmania to Melbourne. pedal to                      ……………………………………………………………………………
Spencer St. Station - train to Rutherglen. meander
amongst the winery's towards Beechworth and then                      …………………………………………………………………………...
make our way to Melbourne. For more info Contact
Tony & Linda ph; 6228 4986                                            Postcode…………….
   st    nd                                                           Bicycle Tasmania will forward your first years subscription to the
21 -22 October Weekend trip -"Back to Oatlands"
festival. Hobart - Colebrook- Oatlands- Camp by                       publisher, after that it is up to you to renew directly with the publisher,
                                                                      if you wish, when your subscription falls due.
Midlands Hotel Attend festival- ride rail to trail to
Parattah- return by bus to Hobart. Contact: Rowan
Burns                                                                 (iii)      Add the option of : Personal accident insurance with
October 29th -30 -1st Tour de Tamar (Salamanca                        CYCLE SAFE (inquiries free call 1800 639 634)
Cyclists and Hobart Walking Club - combined event)                    (…..) $50.00 Single
Tony and Linda’s 3 day tour of wineries and sights                    (…..) $65.00 Couple
along the Tamar River. Start- Evandale - camping                      (…..) $75.00 Household (a couple or single parent with children <21
Paper Beach. - Badger Head - -.return to Launceston                   Names of those to be covered by the insurance (must be living in the
                                                                      one household)
via Beauty Point. Contact Tony & Linda ph; 6228 4986
3 November M road mission                                             Names of those to be covered by the insurance (must be living in the
The “M” road is one the longest dirt roads in Tas at 124              one household)
km in length. We start in Gray near St.Marys and head                 Policy holder ……………………………………………………………
South around the back of the Douglas Apsley National
Park. Cross the highway near lake Leake and come out                  DoB..…/…/……..                Occupation……………………………………
on the coast at little Swanport. May have to do a car
shuffle or a bus trip. Open to suggestions.                           Other……………………………………………………………………
Contact "Rowan Burns"
                                                                      Other ……………………………………………………………………
Ride with Salamanca Cyclists Touring Club                             DoB..…/…/………
* Last Sunday each month: Introduction to touring.
                                                                      Other …………………………………………………………………
Every Sunday 10.00 am: Meet at Machine Laundry
Cafe/Salamanca Square (unless advertised otherwise) for a
yarn and a cycle. destinations decided by those present
                                                                      I have enclosed a cheque /money order made out to Bicycle Tasmania
AUDAX Calendar 2000 - 2001 (Tasmania)
Contact: Paul Gregory Ph 62336619 W 62293811 H                        [Add (i) plus options (ii)+(iii)] if applicable Total $……………
email <> or                                           Send to: Bicycle Tasmania Membership Secretary
                                                                        c/o Kate Stanton, 1/19 Zomay Ave Dynnyrne, Tasmania. 7005

                                                             - 10 -
- 11 -
                                                                                c/o The Tasmanian Environment Center 102 Bathurst Street Hobart 7000
                                                                                Secretary: Wayne Kelly 6226 7168 (work), 6229 7902 (ah). email:
                                                                                Web site:
                                                                                We meet at the above address on the first Tuesday in each month. (except Jan.)
                                                                                Members and others interested are invited to attend and express their views on any cycling issues.
                                                                                Membership inquiries : by email <>
                                                                                or post : 1/19 Zomay Ave Dynnyrne, Tasmania. 7005

… for all cyclists

- Bicycle Tasmania is an entirely voluntary bicycle advocacy organisation. We work in a watchdog role with governments to look out for the interests of all cyclists.
Bicycle Tasmania is represented on local Council bicycle committees and State Bicycle Advisory Committees. (Through affiliation with the Bicycle Federation of Australia,
Tasmanian cyclists also have a voice nationally on the Road Safety Consultative committee and the National Road Transport Commission).
Your membership and support helps us to continue that work.
-Your membership includes basic 3rd party insurance and the option to buy personal accident insurance, to cover you whilst cycling, at very reasonable rates.
-Members are eligible for a 10% discount with many retailers around the state
-We publish "SPOKE" to keep members informed about current cycling issues and state wide events.
-We have a calendar of cycling activities. Some of our rides will be strenuous but most are not. Choose the type of cycling that suits you best. Join us on an Audax Century
or for a friendly easy social rides most weekends. We can put you in touch with enthusiasts who use their bicycles for recreation, commuting to work or tour all around
Tasmania, Australia, and the World. Visit our website for details.
-Our experienced members can offer useful advice on almost any bicycle-related problem.

Detach here                                                                                                                                                                          detach here

                                                                               Membership Application Form

I wish to join / renew my membership to Bicycle Tasmania.

(i) Signature.........................................Date......../......../...... please tick one
                                                                                                     (...) $20.00    Single (basic 3rd party $500 excess)
Name (print)...............................................................……. …………                  (...) $30.00    Household (basic 3rd party $500 excess)
                                                                                                     (...) $15.00    Student /Pensioner (basic 3rd party $500 excess)
Business/Corporation………………………………………………….                                                             (...) $100.00   Corporate (includes Australian Cyclist magazine)


...........................................................Postcode......…..   Telephone (BH)…………………(AH)……………………

Email address (for delivery of SPOKE magazine as an 'Acrobat' attachment) ………………………………@ …………………………………..

Note: as of July 2000 all memberships will fall due simultaneously on the first of July each year

( ii) Add the option of :
$28 for one-year subscription to "Australian Cyclist" magazine.

Address for delivery of subscription (if different from that above)
Bicycle Tasmania will forward your first years subscription to the publisher, after that it is up to you to renew directly with the publisher, if you wish, when your
subscription falls due.

(iii) Add the option of : Personal accident insurance with CYCLE SAFE (inquiries free call 1800 639 634)
(…..) $26.00 Single
(…..) $40.00 Household
Names of those to be covered by the insurance (must be living in the one household)
Policy holder …………………………………………………………… DoB..…/…/…….. Occupation……………………………………
Other…………………………………………………………………… DoB…../…/……...
Other …………………………………………………………………… DoB..…/…/………
Other ………………………………………………………………… DoB..…/…/………

I have enclosed a cheque /money order made out to Bicycle Tasmania                             [Add (i) plus options (ii)+(iii)] if applicable Total $……………

                                           Send to: Bicycle Tasmania Membership Secretary c/o Kate Stanton, 1/19 Zomay Ave Dynnyrne, Tasmania. 7005

                                                                                             - 12 -
                                                                         The newsletter of BICYCLE TASMANIA Inc.
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The newsletter of BICYCLE TASMANIA Inc.

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