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					Dear Parents,

Hello everyone. Well, we’re straight into camp mode with the Grade 5 Camp to Portsea next month.
This will take place on the 17th, 18th and 19th of March. This is the first of the information notes
regarding the camp. Please also find attached the permission slip, medical form, rough itinerary and a
list of items your child will need on camp. If you could please have the permission slip, money and
medical form returned to school no later than Friday 12th March it would be appreciated. This will
enable us enough time to finalise all details.
If anyone is not attending the camp this year can you please let us know by Tuesday, February 9, as
it does affect the cost.

The attached itinerary outlines the activities and venues that your child will be partaking in while on
camp. The address of the camp is 3704 Point Nepean Rd, Portsea, 3944 and the camp phone number
is 5984 2333. The school mobile number is 0409 962 148 (Mick M) but we do ask that you only call
both numbers in the case of an emergency. The Camp has a public phone, which children may use to
call home (it would be advisable for children to bring change).

The final cost, after a subsidy from the Commonwealth Government Country Areas Project for the
Camp, will be $220. The cost includes all food, accommodation, activities and travel. Children are
permitted to bring some spending money but there really is no need for more than $10 - $20.
Please note that children need to bring a snack, cut lunch and a drink with them on the first

We will be taking a bus which will stay for the duration of the camp. We don’t require any parental
help this year as there are 5 staff members - Mr Mack, Ms Fox, Ms Darcy, Mr Casey and Fr.
Matthew attending the camp. Our bus driver will be also staying with us.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact any of us and we will be more than willing
to assist you.

With thanks,

Pru Darcy, Melissa Fox & Ryan Casey
                        This is only a rough itinerary for the camp.

                                  Wednesday March 17th
7.30    Bus departs St Patrick’s School (Henderson Street)
10.00   Morning tea in Queenscliff
10.15   Visit to Queenscliff Maritime Museum for tour of Museum
12.00   Queenscliff Ferry departs for Sorrento (5258 3244) (Lunch on Ferry)
1.00    Arrive at Portsea Camp and unpack into cabins
1.30  Activity Rotation 1- Giant swing and high ropes
3.00  Afternoon tea
3.30  Rotation 2- Giant Swing and High Ropes
5.00  Free time, get ready for dinner
6.00  Dinner
      After Dinner: Night Activity/ Game
                                 Thursday March 19th
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Beach walk
10:00 Morning tea
10:30 Beach Swim (1 hour)
12:30 Lunch
1:30 Rotation Activities 3
      Flying Fox, Snorkeling
3.00 Afternoon tea
3.30 Rotation Activities 4
      Flying Fox, Snorkeling
5.00 Free time
6:00 Tea
7:00 Night Activity/ Game

                                     Friday March 20th
8:00    Breakfast
9:00    Pack-Up cabins and leave camp
9:30    Arrive at Point Nepean National Park for a tour of the fort and surrounds
11:30   Leave Point Nepean for the Ferry
12.30   Arrive at the dock, and eat lunch while waiting for ferry.
1.00    Catch Sorrento- Queenscliff ferry
4.00    Arrive back at St. Pats

                    Items needed for the Grade 5 Camp
Sleeping Bag           Pillow Case             Toiletries              Hat & Sunscreen
Torch                  Shower Towel            Swimming Towel          Bathers
Clothes for 3 days     Sneakers                Walking Shoes           Coat
Lolly bribes for teachers (VIP)                Wetsuit
                            Permission Form
                  St. Patrick’s School Camperdown

I hereby give my permission for my child,                in Grade 5 to
participate in the Grade 5 camp to be held from the 17 th March to the

19th March.

Consent to medical attention
Where the teacher in charge of the excursion is unable to contact me or
it is otherwise impractical to contact me, I authorise the teacher in
charge to:
-consent to my child receiving such medical attention as may be deemed
necessary by a medical practitioner
-administer such first aid as the teacher in charge may judge to be
reasonably necessary.
I agree to accept all operative, blood transfusion and or anaesthetic risks
involved and the responsibility for payment of all expenses incurred.

The list below also outlines activities that require special permission. Tick each
activity if permission is given or cross if you would prefer your child not to take
part. Please note that these activities are supervised by fully qualified
instructors and staff from St Patrick's.

1. Snorkelling and free swim 2. Flying Fox          3. High Ropes Course
4. Giant Swing 5. Low Ropes

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