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					                                              DEAKIN HALL 2009
IMPORTANT NOTE – It is important to read the General Handbook in conjunction with the Hall specific

Deakin Hall is the oldest of the Halls of Residence at Monash University. It is named after Alfred Deakin who is
remembered for the important role he played in the early days of Federation. He was born in 1856 and became
Australia's second (1903), fifth (1905) and seventh (1909) Prime Minister. His friends called him "Affable Alfred".

Welcome, both new and old residents, to Deakin Hall for 2009. Every effort will be made to make your stay a pleasant
and memorable one. Living in a hall such as Deakin is the best way to profit from university life. Deakin residents form
a community that offers a wide range of academic, social, cultural and recreational pursuits. Every member is
encouraged to contribute to all aspects of hall life to make our community an active, interesting one. If you have any
ideas about activities that you would like to see promoted in Deakin this year, please bring them to the attention of
either the College Head, the Deputy College Head, Residential Support Assistant, the Resident Advisors or the
Deakin Hall Society Committee.

THE STAFF                 COLLEGE HEAD:                                        Mr Jason Whitaker
                          DEPUTY COLLEGE HEAD:                                 Mr Brian Gilbert
                          RESIDENTIAL SUPPORT ASSISTANT:                       Ms Alice Peebles

RESIDENT ADVISORS - Resident advisors are usually senior students. They are involved in the social and
intellectual life of the hall and may, when necessary, act with the authority of the College Head in any aspect of hall
life. They also have responsibilities such as taking a special interest in the students on their floor and generally helping
with the smooth operation of the hall. A list of the names of the Hall Senior Resident Advisor and Resident Advisors
will be circulated on a separate sheet.

SERVICES PERSONNEL – Every night, services personnel patrol the Halls of Residence. They are the first point of
call in the event of any inquiries, reports of disturbances, illnesses or accidents. The telephone number for contacting
them is ext 53059.

HALL RULES - Experience has shown that our community will only work properly if all members show consideration
for each other. The few rules set out below are intended to ensure the general good of all hall members. The basic
rule is to be considerate and to avoid disturbing others, especially when they want to work or sleep. The following
specific rules are also needed:

1)       Excessive noise is not allowed at any time — this is a generally accepted rule, for obvious reasons, and
         everyone needs to cooperate. Directions from Services Personnel or Resident Advisors concerning noise
         must be complied with.
2)       Drinking games such as ‘sculling’ and ‘centurion’ are forbidden. In addition, the possession of implements
         such as ‘funnels’ designed to facilitate such activities will be grounds for eviction from the Hall. The
         possession, sale or consumption of illegal drugs is also strictly prohibited.
3)       Ball games are not allowed in the courtyard, the buildings or on the roadways.
4)       Water fighting, etc., is not allowed in or around the Hall.
5)       Riding of motorbikes in the courtyard is not permitted.
6)       In accordance with Health Regulations, cooking of food is not permitted in student rooms. Students are
         required to keep communal cooking areas clean and dirty plates and utensils will be confiscated and
         disposed of without any notification to you or compensation.
7)       Smoking is prohibited inside Deakin Hall, and within 10 metres of any entrance to Deakin Hall. This
         prohibition includes individual student rooms.

     Anyone who breaks any of these rules is liable to be directed to leave Halls or receive a formal warning.

If noise or unruly behaviour disturbs you, please ask those disturbing you to quieten down. If a direct approach does
not work, then please contact the Services Personnel. If that still does not work, please contact a Resident Advisor,
Residential Support Assistant, the Deputy College Head or the College Head. Residents must comply with any
specific instructions from Security Personnel or Resident Advisors. In the event that disciplinary action may be
needed, Services Personnel or Resident Advisors will report the matter to the College Head.
STUDENT ROOMS - The Deputy College Head allocates rooms and should be approached with a written request
concerning a change or swap of rooms. Each resident is responsible for cleaning his or her own room. The cleaning
contractors clean the public areas. It is particularly important that rooms be left clean at vacation time so that
conferences can come in immediately. If this is not done, the residents concerned will be charged for extra cleaning
costs. Students should report any defects in the furniture in their room when they arrive or they may later be charged
for damage.

FACILITIES IN DEAKIN HALL - Various rooms and equipment are available for general use by Deakin residents.
Spend some time learning what the Hall has to offer.

The J A McDonell Room is the main Common Room in Deakin. It is named after the first college head of Deakin and
is a focal point for all activity in the hall. The room is also equipped with a television projector and stereo system and is
used for large meetings and special entertainment. Wireless internet is available. Food, drink and alcohol may be
consumed in this room; noise should be kept at moderate levels.

The D M White Room, named after Deakin's second college head, is a lounge on the first floor of Old Deakin. The
pool table is here as well as a plasma television. Food, drink and alcohol are not permitted to be consumed in this
room. The room closes at 12.00midnight sharp and opens again at 8.00am. Noise should be kept at low levels in this

The Stafford Kay Library, on first floor, Old Deakin and named after Deakin's third college head, contains the
computers and the Deakin Hall library. This room is kept locked but any residents may use it by unlocking it with their
magnetic key. Food and drink and alcohol are not allowed in the Computer Room. Noise levels should be kept to a

The "Flight Deck" or "Logan's Loft", named after Deakin's fourth college head, on the third floor of New Deakin, is
also equipped with a plasma television. It was extended in 1996 and a kitchen was also built as part of that extension.
Food and drink may be consumed but not alcohol. Noise levels should be kept low in this room.
The Shirley Trembath Room, named after Deakin's fifth college head, is located on first floor, Old Deakin. It is
available for quiet study and meetings. It is also used as a prayer room from time to time. No food, drink or alcohol
permitted in this room. Noise levels should be kept to a minimum.

The Old Deakin foyer is used for group study, group eating or quiet conversation. Whilst food and drink is permitted,
alcohol is not.

A drink vending machine and a snack vending machine are situated in the lobby outside the Common Room.

The Projector Room is located at the rear of the McDonell Room. Foxtel is available here. Food, drink and alcohol
are permitted in this room. Noise levels can be higher in this room. This is the place to go late at night for noisy
activities. Excessive noise that can be heard outside this room is not permitted.

The Kitchens are popular facilities. Students wishing to make use of these facilities need to provide their own cooking
utensils. All kitchens must be left clean and tidy after use. Dirty utensils will be confiscated. They may also be
disposed off without notice to you or compensation as they constitute a health hazard. Individual cooking should be
done on the respective small floor kitchens and meals taken back to your room. Group cooking should be done in the
larger kitchens with nearby eating room. These are the Loft kitchen, the Old Deakin foyer kitchen and the ground floor

The Music and Prayer Room located in the basement of New Deakin is available for playing music or quiet study or
prayer. There are some rules concerning its use, as the room is not completely soundproofed. These rules are posted
in the music room. This room is also used for communal prayers and from time to time. No food, drink or alcohol is
permitted in this room.

The barbecue facilities provided in the courtyard are used for functions throughout the year. Groups or individuals
wishing to utilise these facilities may also use them if a function is not in progress. Food, drink and alcohol permitted
at the BBQ.

Each floor has a laundry equipped with automatic washing machines and dryers. The facilities are intended for use
only by Deakin residents, strictly between the hours of 8am and 11.30pm. Each laundry has ironing boards and an
iron. Vacuum cleaners can be borrowed from the Operations Office. These should be emptied in an appropriate way
after use. Each floor has a refrigerator, intended only for residents and there is a deep freezer in the Ground Floor
Kitchen next to the Common Room.
MAINTENANCE - Should any damage or breakage occur in either student rooms or public areas, please report it
promptly so that the appropriate repairs can be made. Fill in a brief report on the maintenance cards located on the
MRS website at

SECURITY AND SAFETY - Wherever possible, steps have been taken to ensure both the safety of persons living in
Halls and the security of their personal possessions. However, past experience has shown that residents need to
exercise certain precautions and a good deal of commonsense. If you leave your room even for a short time it is wise
to lock the door. Do not leave valuable articles in unlocked rooms or in cars in the car park. Bicycles should be stored
in the bicycle enclosure located near the BBQ in the courtyard. The lock for the enclosure uses a combination lock.
The combination can be obtained from the Resident Advisor allocated this task.

If you are disturbed by any strangers, either within or around the Halls, please notify a member of staff immediately. If
you are threatened by anyone, a good loud scream will usually bring people to your aid quickly. When walking
between the Halls and the University, particularly in the evening, it is safest to go in pairs or groups. A safe alternative
is the campus bus service, which operates in the evenings. The bus routes and timetable are posted in the foyer.
Should anyone disturb you, report it immediately to either a member of the Hall's staff or a University security officer.


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