How to carve a pumpkin by fjhuangjun


									         How to carve a pumpkin
                By Blake
     Are good at carving pumpkins, lets see? OK today we are
going to learn how to carve a pumpkin! We are going to have 3 steps.
Now get your pumpkin gear and lets carve.

      Getting ready for carving the pumpkin is not the fun part but
you have to do or you will be a mess. Get some news paper and put it
on the ground or on a table. Put the pumpkin on the paper and cut
the top of the pumpkin off so you can gut it. Now pull all the seeds
and gooey stuff out. And then go around the inside of the pumpkin
and get all the strings and stuff out of the pumpkin. And you can keep
the seeds and cook them if you want to eat them there really good.
That’s how you get ready to carve a pumpkin.

     Next your going to find a design. Finding a design is really
important because your pumpkin represents yourself. You can get
on the internet and find a design. Get your design and a sharpie and
trace on the pumpkin so when you cut it you don’t mess up. That’s
how you find your design.

      Carving the pumpkin is the most exciting part. Go get a good
knife so you won’t have a problem with cutting it. Then your going to
find a place on your pumpkin to start cutting. Cut slowly so you don’t
mess up. Cut only on the traced lines. Once you are done carving
you can put it on your front porch and you can put a candle in it so
the gleams of light will shine out of where you cut.

     Carving a pumpkin is a fun project. We got ready to carve the
pumpkin. We found a design and traced the design on the pumpkin.
And last of all we got to carve the pumpkin. Now go get a pumpkin
and follow my steps.

                           The end
                                                                              Period 6

                                How to carve a pumpkin
       Is carving a pumpkin fun for you? If it is, then go to a store to see how to
scare your friends with frightful looking pumpkins. How many pumpkins do
people carve? People can carve pumpkins if they had their carving tools. You can
decorate your carved pumpkins any way that you desired. You have to draw the
design on the pumpkins before you carved them. Carving pumpkins only matters to
you because it’s how you like the design that you made from.
       People can carve pumpkins if they had their carving tools. You could shoot
the pumpkins with a gun to make holes. If you don’t want to use the gun, you can
use a carving knife to cut it out. But the x-acto knife can cut faster than the regular
knife. These are the tools to carving a pumpkin.
       You can decorate your carved pumpkins any way that you desired. Here’s a
lot of ways to do it. You can always put a candle on the inside of the pumpkin to
make it glow in the dark. If you like the pumpkins you have now, you can paint it.
These are the ways to decorate your pumpkins.
       You have to draw the on the pumpkins before you carved them. First, you
have to buy a pattern book. Then you have to choose what patterns you like to do
on your pumpkins. After that you have to draw your patterns on the pumpkins.
Finally, it’s time to carve it by yourself because you just finished making patterns
on your pumpkins.
       Here is all of my information to carving a pumpkin. Using the carving knife
can help you with the pumpkins. Putting a candle is the right way to start the way
off. Drawing on the pumpkins is the best way to plan before you carve your
                                                                                           Period 5

How to Carve a Pumpkin
        Carve carve carve pumpkins, spin them around and carve them to have the best pumpkin
in town. Here are some important ideas if you want a boring pumpkin to turn into an outstanding
jack-o-lantern. The most important part on how to have an amazing pumpkin is the face or also
known as the pattern you choose. People in the U.S carve Pumpkins like 4 million are carved
each year. If you want to have the best pumpkin on your street you better be in the elite like me.

        The most important part on how to carve a pumpkin is the face or pattern you choose.
Immediately I get out a black colored Sharpie pen and think about what unique design I will
make. Another option you can do is look on the internet for creative pattern to give you an idea
of what you want to do. After you think about what cool design you would like to do or look on
the internet Get that brand new Sharpie out and start drawing. Don’t worry about a mistake just
get a cloth out put some water on it and wipe it off. Make sure you follow you have chosen in the
beginning to make a beautiful jack-o-lantern.

        Of course to make a cute pumpkin you always have to carve. No really. Now I get out a
orange knife made to carve pumpkins and cut outside of the Black sharpie pen marks and cut out
the eyes first. Oh wait we forgot. Do you remember. First you need to make a great solid cut on
the top of the pumpkin and cut finish all the way around the top. Next, get out a great big spoon
and scrape the gunk in the middle and get the entire gunk out. Then, get the seeds from the
disgusting gunk and put them in a bowl. Finally, get a little spoon and wipe off spots you missed
by the shape or pattern and cut out so it is as clean as possible.

        Now when you are done carving the pumpkin get a regular size napkin and and clean the
gunk that has been missed on the front of the pumpkin. Next get a candle and place it in the
center of the pumpkin. Then,if you would like to put cool decorations on your pumpkin like
spiders to make it radical. Finally, you are ready to light the candle in the middle of the pumpkin.

        If you want to have the best pumpkin on your street you better be in the elite like me.I
hope these steps have improved your pumpkin skittles and your ability on how to follow
directions step by step or this is all a mistake.


    WARNING: This may get fun! Gutting, creating a
 pattern, and baking the seeds for your pumpkin, will
able you to show off your pumpkin to all your trick or
   treaters, neighbors, friends, and family! This should
make your pumpkin the best one in your neighborhood.

  We will first have to gut the pumpkin. You will most
likely want to put some newspaper down so you don’t
    make too much of a mess on the table. You will
  need a large spoon and knife to cut around the top
of the pumpkin to have a nice place to dig in to get
     all the guts out. Depending on the size of your
   pumpkin get a bowl the size you think all the guts
  will fit in. First cut around the stem of the pumpkin.
 Then you will take all guts out with your spoon, and
put them in your bowl. As soon as the inside of your
pumpkin is spick and span it will be time to move on.
    PATTERNS!!! One of the best parts of carving a
 pumpkin! If you have a good imagination you will be
   able to do this in no time! If you do not have a
good imagination, than you may have to go to a store
and buy one. They should have a variation of patterns
 that are perfect for you! After you have either bought
  of thought of a pattern you are happy with you will
    need a knife and sharpie marker. First draw your
 pattern on the best looking side of you pumpkin. You
   will then carve (with your knife) the pattern on the
               pumpkin. PLEASE BE SAFE!

     Like the seeds? If you want to eat your pumpkin
 seeds, this is all you have to do. You will first need
  a baking sheet and an oven. Take the pumpkin guts
   and seeds that were put in the bowl and separate
them. Then take the seeds and place them spread out
    on your baking sheet. Put them in the oven for 1
   hour, at 250 degrees after about an hour take then
       out and let them cool for a little while (couple
minutes). Then just enjoy! Afterwards you can take the
 guts out and get creative with them. If you want your
  pumpkin to look like it is throwing up, take the guts
   of the pumpkin and place then coming from in the
 mouth of the pumpkin coming out to the ground. You
    can also think of your own creative ways to make
your pumpkin look even scarier, happy, sad, etc. Make
 sure you light a tea light and put it in the bottom of
               the pumpkin for a grand glow!
 Now you have a perfect pumpkin to show off to all
  your friends, trick or treaters, neighbors, friends, and
 family! Now you know why I warned you! This does
get fun! Make sure every year you get your Halloween
          fun in by carving the perfect pumpkin!

November 19 2007
Period 5

        “Ahhh” Is what some trick or treaters reaction is when they see the
frightening jack or lantern face on the porch of a house. In the beginning of time
carving a pumpkin was an American tradition and I feel it is not going to stop now.
Go out and start celebrating the spooky holiday Halloween by learning how to carve
the greatest Halloween pumpkin ever.

        The 1st step to the art work of carving a pumpkin is cleaning it out Get ready
to get down and dirty as you clean out the inside of your pumpkin. First you must
cut out a circle or square at the top of your pumpkin and take it out (don’t throw
away). Make sure you use a spatula or a big spoon. Take as much or little as
needed but make sure you have enough to place a candle ( if wanted ). Put seeds
and pumpkin guts in extra bowl, make sure you throw out any seeds unwanted (or
save seed to cook later).

        Picking a type of pattern is hard and mind boggling if you don’t know what to
pick, but you will have fun doing it. Before you start cutting through the orange
vegetable you must pick a pattern. You can choose from a scary face or a happy
face, but it is your choice. Where to get the patterns? On the internet of course,
but if you don’t have a computer or access to the internet you can buy them at the
drug store. If all goes to fail you can free style it with a washable marker that can
wash right off if you mess up.

        Now for the moment we have all been waiting for… carving!!! The finally
step to making the stunning pumpkin is the carving element. Now pick out your
sharpest or pokiest knife you have (found in the kitchen) and use it to cut the
pumpkin or if you have a special carving knife you may use that as well. Gently
poke the knife in the pumpkin nice and smooth until all the way through. Complete
the line (that you have drawn).Finally take out the piece you have cut and throw it

        Carving pumpkin is easy all you have to know is how. There are 3 main
steps to carving a pumpkin. First the cleaning part, 2nd piece of the pumpkin art is
picking out the patterns, and 3rd is carving it. Once you have finished all pumpkins
on your porch you will now be a master at it. For now on it will be a breeze. Watch
out trick or treaters, there is a new house looking for scaring.

                          How to carve a pumpkin

  I love the squishy feel, of the inside of a pumpkin, when cleaning it out! Cleaning out
the inside of a pumpkin is just one of the fun steps to this great Halloween tradition.
Have the best pumpkin on the block and have some spooky holiday fun by learning how
to carve a pumpkin.

  In order for you to carve a great pumpkin you have to buy a perfect pumpkin and
clean it out. To begin you need to buy a pumpkin. You can find a good pumpkin at your
local grocery store or a close by pumpkin patch. Pick out a pumpkin! What ever one you
want. Maybe one with scary looking features, warts, or maybe a scar. Then you take it
home and cut a circle around the perimeter of the stem. Put newspaper out so you
don’t make a mess. Open the pumpkin and pull out all the stringy insides of it. If you
want to try a yummy treat take all the seeds and bake them in the oven with some
seasoning salt. Just take a minute and smell the fresh scent of the pumpkin. Now you’re
ready to carve!

   What’s a pumpkin without a spooky carving? Get out all your supplies (your knifes
and your markers). Find an awesome pattern and draw it on your pumpkin. Remember
to make you pattern big! (The bigger the better). Take you knife and cut on your lines.
It’ll take a few minutes to get through the pumpkin, but be patient. It’s worth it! Once
you’ve finished cutting all your lines play around with it. Maybe add a scar. Make it
scary and spooky. Once you’ve finished it’s a jack- o – lantern.

  The real trick is how to display your jack- o- lantern. No one will even be able to see
your pumpkin if you don’t light it up. Get one small candle and put it under the stem of
the pumpkin. To make you jack – o- lantern stand out and be even more amazing you
have to decorate appropriately. You can add other spooky decoration such as ghosts or
hay. Make your house the best on the block.

  Have the best pumpkin on the block and have some spooky holiday fun by learning
how to carve a pumpkin. Well now you do! With my three easy steps, (which are
getting it ready, carving it, and displaying it) you have the best pumpkin on your block.
Most of all just have fun. Enjoy this spooky holiday.

                                                                                 Period 5

                   How to carve a Pumpkin?
    What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Halloween? Is it trick or
treating, making pumpkin pie, or is it scaring little kids? Many people in the U.S. spend many
nights before Halloween carving pumpkins. Most people actually do not know how to carve a
pumpkin. Get ready to get your Halloween thinking cap on by learning how to carve a big
yellow/ orange colored pumpkin!

    Do you want to know how to make a selection of a pumpkin? To begin your journey to the
pumpkin patch you have to gather your whole family. Next you and the family get in the car and
go to the pumpkin patch. After words your family is at the pumpkin patch ready to select a
pumpkin. Next you select a pumpkin for each family member. A while later after the pumpkin
patch everybody goes home and haves a fun time carving a pumpkin.

     The next you want to take for carving a pumpkin is how to get a pattern on a pumpkin. The
first step you take is, you go to the store and buy a pattern. Later you take a sharpie and start
drawing a design on the pumpkin. Second, you take out a knife and start tracing your design that
you drew with a sharpie. Then, with the knife cut your design onto the pumpkin.

     The following step is how to clean a pumpkin. At the beginning of this step you put
newspaper on your carving surface. Beside this step you cut the top of the pumpkin off. Then
following the previous step you gut the whole pumpkin, including the seeds, which you separate.
Next you take the seeds and you put them in the oven and bake the seeds. Following this step
you eat the seeds. After that you clean the whole pumpkin, like cleaning the dirt off the outside.

     After that following step you are completely done. Now that you followed my directions on
“How to carve a pumpkin” you are done.          Forthwith you are done and ready to show off
your pumpkin during Halloween. Have a fun and safe Halloween, and enjoy your pumpkin.

           How to carve a pumpkin
Do you love picking pumpkins? In the hot fall and the
dirt under your feet well I know some one who does. If
you do like picking pumpkins and then carve them
well listen up? I have all the ways to make a perfect
pumpkin. Follow me and read how to make a perfect
     If you want a perfect pumpkin listen to this. When
you go to the pumpkin patch, you want to look for a
good size pumpkin one that is not to big but then agin
you want one that isn’t to big but one that is medium
size. Once you find a good pumpkin look for a nice
orangey one with no green sots on it. After you find
one with no green spots on it you want one that is
almost a perfect circle not lump sided. Lastly you
want a pumpkin with no scares on it at all.
     Now after you bought your pumpkin you want to
cut it open from the top to clean it out. Next, you want
to scoop out all the stuff on the in side out, put it in
the bowl. After that you want to scrape off the stuff on
the sides off the pumpkin. Lastly wipe off the stuff on
the sides of the pumpkin. Finally then you are ready
to carve your pumpkin into any type of jack-o-lantern
you want.
     When you go to carve your pumpkin you must1st
select a type of face or expression that suits the
pumpkin you selected. Next you can select a pattern
from a book or draw your own. If you don’t want to
get it from a book or draw your own you get one from
the internet. Next, you want to get your pattern on to
your pumpkin in any way you want just don’t mess up.
After your pattern is on your pumpkin you want to
carve it with a knife, box cutter, air soft gun, and any
ting that will cut. Lastly when you complete carving it
and you are satisfied with the result, you can put a
candle in it and light it when it gets dark out.
     That’s all for now go out there and carve the
perfect pumpkin. Now remember to go to the
pumpkin patch, cleaning out the pumpkin, and have a
lot of fun carving your pumpkin. Thank you for
reading my book and remember to have fun.


How to Carve a Pumpkin essay

        Could you use an extra $1,500.00? Maybe to go shopping with friends, or to get great
seats at a basketball game! Every Halloween Pumpkin Masters Incorporated hosts a pumpkin
carving contest. The winner gets $1,500.00! Not only can you win money, you can have loads of
fun carving the pumpkin. If you choose an excellent pumpkin, clean the inside and out, and carve
it correctly you will have the perfect jack-o-lantern.

       Start by picking out a pumpkin. With out a doubt, you have to get to the pumpkin patch,
so have a parent or guardian drive you to one near-by. Find a pumpkin with a stem that is not
broken. Otherwise you cannot carry it back to the car. Also, avoid mold or rotten spots. In the
meantime, find an orange, white, or green pumpkin. They come in varieties so you might find
combinations of colors. Have fun at the pumpkin patch and do not forget to ride on the hay ride!

        Afterward cleaning the inside and out of your pumpkin is vital. Wipe off the outside of
your pumpkin with a wet paper towel. The pumpkin may feel a tad waxy. Do not forget to lay
out the newspapers on the table! You do not want to make a mess. As soon as you can, cut the
top off the pumpkin. Immediately afterward, scrape out the goop that is inside it. Now, the
pumpkin has been cleaned off and cleaned out, and is ready to carve!

        Carving the pumpkin is a key to success! First, I enjoy drawing the face on a piece of
paper so it is planned out. Prior to the previous step, draw the face on the piece of paper on the
pumpkin with a sharpie. All in all, carving pumpkins is easy. Use the jagged pumpkin knife to
cut out the face you drew on the pumpkin. Pumpkin Masters Incorporated does not allow copied
work. So do not go on those bogus websites! Especially not If
you copy work you will be disqualified.

        You can have the perfect jack-o-lantern by choosing an excellent pumpkin, cleaning the
inside and out, and carving it correctly. There are a few parts of this process that are extremely
important. First, the appearance of the pumpkin must have a sturdy stem, a phenomenal color,
and no mold. Second, cleaning it out is important for the perfect jack-o-lantern. Last, have fun
and make up your own design while carving the .pumpkin. Now that you read this that $1,500.00
will definitely be yours.
              How to carve a pumpkin
      Pumpkins! There are a million ways to get yours ready for Halloween. How
do you decorate yours? Every year many people who celebrate or carve pumpkins.
Halloween is just around the corner and your pumpkin hasn’t been carved. So
come on and learn how to carve one with me.

       Cleaning it is the first step in making a great pumpkin. The first thing we
do is wipe the pumpkin with a wet cloth to get all the dirt off. On a table put
down some newspapers so you don’t make a mess. Then cut the top off the
pumpkin, it will make a nice lid. The best part is digging your hands in and
grabbing all the squishy goo in your hands. Don’t forget to scrape the sides so
there isn’t any goo left.

       Now that the cleaning is done what are we going to carve?
We need to pick out to pick out a pattern or just draw a picture on the pumpkin.
I prefer to just to draw on it, If you buy patterns at the store then choose one that
suites you. There are different kinds of pattern options. You can get one that you
trace on or one that you cut through. Both work just as well.

       It’s time to make the pumpkin come alive! Gather all your cutting materials
you will need to carve. Special carving tools can be purchased at stores to help
make the process a lot easier. Carefully carve your pattern into the pumpkin. Use
a thin knife to cut little areas of the pumpkin or little tools to get it just right.

      Carving a pumpkin is the best part of Halloween. My tips can help make it
a breeze. While your out trick or treating think of your fantastic pumpkin sitting
on the door step and how good it looks by cleaning it, picking out the pattern and
the carving. Remember if you follow my simple steps your pumpkin will be the
best on the block.

          How to Carve a Pumpkin
   1 Billion people every year in the U.S. buy and carve pumpkins. Are you
one of them? Well, I am. And after a couple years of experience you start to
learn technique. That’s why I decided to share my secrets I’ve learned with
you. Here are the best techniques ever on gathering the right materials,
cleaning out the guts, and making the design come alive.

       It’s always hard to get started, so start out by gathering your
materials. First, find your perfect pumpkin whether it’s at the grocery store
or a pumpkin patch. Whatever color, shape and size it’s all up to you. Now
you have to get the tools for carving out and get the area set up. To set up the
area spread newspapers so you don’t make a huge pumpkin mess all over the
table. Then, get the tools you will need different sizes of knives and a spoon to
scrap out the guts.

       Now, you have to do the gross part by cleaning out the inside of the
pumpkin. You have to cut open the top of the pumpkin. Take a knife and cut
around the stem kind of in a circle but it is really hard to cut a circle. Instead
of trying to cut across, try to saw up and down. Once the top is out you have
to scoop out ALL OF THE SEEDS AND GUTS. When the guts are out scrap
the sides to make sure it’s super clean. If the outside of the pumpkin is dirty
wipe it off with a wet napkin.

      It’s time to make the pumpkin come alive! Take a dry erase marker
and draw your design on your pumpkin. When you’re done cutting your
design you can wipe the marker off or if you’re brave you can free hand it by
not drawing anything at all. Now, cut of your design. Start at the top and
work your way down. Make sure all pieces are cut all the way through and
pop out the pieces. Remember sawing motion. Take the pumpkin into a dark
room and light a tea light candle inside and, put the top on the pumpkin.

       That’s all my secrets on carving a pumpkin. Remember my few steps to
making a perfect pumpkin come alive.
- make a clear area to set up newspaper
- gather up everything
- clean out the nasty guts
- draw and cut that pumpkin
Now become one of those 1billion people by buying a pumpkin and carving it
                                        By: Erica
                            How to Carve a Pumpkin

                                                     By Nicole

        Question: what’s orange, round, and big? And it has one stem in the center? It’s a
pumpkin! Every year for Halloween, there is a pumpkin next to a house. Want to spook the
“trick-or-treat-errs” with a pumpkin? Learn how to carve a pumpkin with skills that will blow
you away.

        Picking the pumpkin and its design can be the fun part! You can go to your local store or
go directly to your pumpkin patch. When you go get your pumpkin, there will be different
variety of colors: orange, yellow, green, and white. It’s your choice on what size you chose on
your pumpkin. There’s likely: very small pumpkins, medium sizes, and the huge pumpkins
which will be easier to carve and will look fabulous with your design/pattern. When you stop by
at your local store, make sure you pickup a booklet of pattern on pumpkin carving. Some of the
booklets can give you tracing stencils. Although, you can carve your pumpkin with your own

        How to carve the pumpkin and what to do with the seeds. Well, it takes a lot of “guts” to
clean out a pumpkin! Please have an adult to assist you. Before carving, cleanse the outside of
the pumpkin. Next dry the pumpkin and lay sheets of newspapers below the pumpkin. Then
using a knife, carve the center top of the pumpkin lacing the stem attach. When you done, open
the pumpkin holding the stem, you will see slime and seeds inside the pumpkin. Make sure the
slime and the seeds are cleaned out from the pumpkin. The seeds are edible, you can bake the
seeds season with salt. Once the “guts” are out, gently rinse and wipe the inside of the pumpkin.
Now the carving starts with your artistic way or using a stencil from the book.

        Decorate your pumpkin with great features! Once you’re done with carving your design,
you may put in a tea light inside your pumpkin to display the design on your pumpkins face. You
can also save the “guts”, and put it around the pumpkin to show that it looks like it barfed. You
can also stick nails in side the pumpkin to make it look like it got nailed down. Another way to
make it interesting is to paint the pumpkin.

         Therefore, how do you carve, choose, and design a pumpkin? I learned choosing the
pumpkin’s design, cleaning the pumpkin, and the decorations can be a bit messy, but also fun.
It’s a fun tradition during Halloween gathering with friends and family. The complete work is
then lit at night of the carved pumpkins can be a scary-treat for ghosts and goblins it’s worth
every minute. Carving a pumpkin is a fun and exciting activity. It sounds like an upbeat project.

       Carving a pumpkin can be easy or hard. It all depends on how you want it to look.
So, grab your knives and carving utensils and get ready to learn how to transform a
pumpkin into a Jack-o-Lantern!

        Before carving the pumpkin you need to prepare it. To begin the adventure of
carving a pumpkin you need a pumpkin. You can get a pumpkin from a pumpkin patch.
There are many different pumpkins to choose from orange, green, white, and even a
mixture. They have bumpy and rough pumpkins or as smooth as a baby’s bottom. When
you bring the pumpkin home lay down some news paper on the table. It might be a good
idea to double up on the news paper. In order to start carving the pumpkin you have to cut
a hole in the top to get the messy guts out.

       After preparing the pumpkin it is time to gut and draw your design. Gutting the
pumpkin is one of the most fun and messiest step in carving a pumpkin. To gut the
pumpkin you take a spoon and scrape the sides and bottom to scoop out all the seeds and
insides. If you feel up to suppurating the seeds from the guts to cook them you may. To
make your pumpkin turn into a Jack-o-Lantern you draw a design on the pumpkin. You
can also get a design off the internet or buy one from the store. After putting a design on
your pumpkin you can start carving!

       So far your pumpkin is a Jack. It has not quite gotten the o-Lantern part yet.
Making your Jack into a Jack-o-Lantern involves decorating and giving it light. Decorating
the pumpkin is one of the most difficult steps. You can paint the pumpkin or decorate it. If
you are painting you’ll want to draw on the pumpkin to make it look neater. To light up
your pumpkin you can put a candle in the bottom. Before lighting it you should take the
pumpkin outside and I suggest waiting until it gets dark so you get the full effect.

      Now that you know how to transform a pumpkin into a Jack-o-Lantern you can put
your knives down. You’ve prepared your pumpkin, you’ve given your pumpkin a face and
you have given it light. After all those steps it sounds like you’ve transformed your
pumpkin into a Jack-o-Lantern.
              How to carve a pumpkin
     Don’t you want the best pumpkin ever! Thousands of
families crave pumpkins every year. Are you one of those
families? Do you want to be? Get your Halloween sprit on
and learn how to carve a pumpkin.
     To get started you need to clean your pumpkin.
You would first put newspaper on the floor so your guts
don’t get everywhere. Scoop out the seeds in a bowl so you
can cook them and eat them later. Then you might want to
scrape it out. Since your pumpkin is messy then you wipe
the outside of the pumpkin off with a towel of napkin.
     After that, every great pumpkin needs a pattern. Some
people buy a pattern but, you don’t have to. You could get
a picture of the internet and trace and then crave it on
your paper. You might even get a sharpie and draw what
you want to carve. If you really don’t care you can just free
     As soon as you are done with that you to have some
fun and start craving. When craving a pumpkin you will
need a few things. Some people use a knife to carve theirs.
Other people, when they buy a pattern hey get a little
knife. It doesn’t matter what you use as long as soon you
use a tool. JUST BE SAFE!!!!
     Learning to carve a pumpkin can be VERY fun! When
you are all done you should have the perfect pumpkin
around. Just when it’s dark light it with a candle and it will
                         How to carve a pumpkin
                              By: Sharon

       Don’t you wish you had the best pumpkin in the whole neighborhood? Well now
you can. It’s Halloween and you want your house full of Halloween spirit. I’ll guarantee
you will love to carve pumpkins once you get the hang of it. Get your Halloween spirit
on, by carving a pumpkin. You will learn all kinds of pumpkin carving skills like; selecting
a pumpkin, cleaning it out, and picking a pattern.
       As soon as you select a pumpkin you can start thinking about your pumpkin’s
shape and color. For carving pumpkins it’s very important to know the right size shape
and color. You pumpkin could be green, white, orange or any color you like. It’s up to
you. Pumpkins can found at any local store or pumpkin patch. Make sure your pumpkin
doesn’t have any mold spots and make sure your pumpkin has stem. Your pumpkin
needs to be perfect for you to carve. You are only minutes away from having the beat
pumpkin ever.
        What a mess! Carving pumpkins can get really messy. The first step for carving
pumpkins is to clean it out. After you put some newspapers down on your floor so it
doesn’t get messy. Then, cut it open and scoop out the guts and seeds. Here is where
carving pumpkin gets even better, now you can cook the seeds or use them for
decoration. I recommend you cook the seeds their really good. Afterwards, clean out
the pumpkin with a paper towel the paper towel might feel wet or clammy, that’s
       The next part it’s a really big and important step for carving pumpkins. It’s all
about the pattern and what can of design you choose. Pumpkins patterns can be
found in any store you like. You can also get a pattern or picture you like of the
internet and draw it with magic maker make sure it’s not a permanent marker because
you will want erase any mistakes you make when tracing, that could also work, or go
crazy and draw it yourself. Use your imagination; your pumpkin could turn out great.
Then, you can start carving your pumpkins remember to only carve on the lines you
       Finally, we are completely done with our pumpkin I hope you had fun. I am sure
your pumpkin looks great right now and is ready for the Halloween night. I hope you
learn those pumpkins tips and steps I gave you like; selecting a pumpkin, cleaning it
out, and picking a pattern for later on .Aren’t carving pumpkins fun? I am sure with
some practice you and more help; you will become a carving pumpkins master.

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