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Current Works Program


Current Works Program

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									Current Works Program
NOTE: The works below are proposed, but due to various factors (including weather and other conditions) may not be carried out as advised

   Date: 22 March       Date: 29 March to 2     Proposed Works for
  to 26 March 2010          April 2010           the following two
                     Maintenance Grading
     Cliffdale Rd         Spring Ridge Rd          Coxs Creek Rd

   Turill Bus Route     Springwood Park Rd

  Nullo Mountain Rd      Nullo Mountain Rd

                          Coxs Creek Rd
                      Gravel Re-sheeting
  Nullo Mountain Rd        Coxs Creek Rd          Not yet released

                         Nullo Mountain Rd
                    Seal Extension/Rehab
  Douro & Market St      Castlereagh Hwy      Castlereagh Hwy Shoulder
    Intersection       Shoulder Extension at     Extension at Gulgong
  Castlereagh Hwy                                     Hill End Rd
Shoulder Extension at        Hill End Rd
      Gulgong                                  Ulan Rd - School Lane to
                       Ulan Rd - School Lane        Hadabob Lane
      Hill End Rd        to Hadabob Lane
                                                Lue Rd at rail crossing
Ulan Rd - School Lane Lue Rd at rail crossing     west of Lue Village
   to Hadabob Lane      west of Lue Village
                                                Lue Rd - east of Havilah
Ulan Rd - 2km north of    Lue Rd - east of              Bridge
  Mud Hut Creek Rd         Havilah Bridge
                                                    Horatio Street
    Lue Rd - east of   Castlereagh Highway -
     Havilah Bridge        havey patch at          Douro/Denison St
                          Running Stream             intersection

                                                  Fisher/Mayne St
                                                Roundabout Gulgong
   Lue Rd - eas of        Not yet released        Not yet released
   Havilah Bridge

   Barneys Reef Rd

      Mebul Rd
Patching various Rds &Patching various Rds &
                                             Patching various Rds &
    works requests        works requests
                                                 works requests
    Guide posting /        Guide posting /
                                              Guide posting / patching /
   patching / works       patching / works
                                              works requests – various
  requests – various     requests – various
                                              Castlereagh Hwy & Sofala
 Castlereagh Hwy &      Castlereagh Hwy &
                                               Rd & MR633 Goolma Rd
 Sofala Rd & MR633      Sofala Rd & MR633
  Goolma Rd Mtce         Goolma Rd Mtce
                                                   Signage Install
   Signage Install        Signage Install

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