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									 Coherent Support for
 Models at Run-Time
  through Orthogonal
Colin Atkinson and Matthias Gutheil
          University of Mannheim, Germany

    Presented by Olivier Barais and Franck Fleurey
                             Talk outline

► Introduction               to OCA
► Basic             principles of OCA
► Multi-level            model example
► Open              issues

Models@runtime’07                           2
►    With UML, the typing relationship is generally a linguistic
     type relationship
        It is not so clear in MDE

►    This paper proposes to distinguish between two kinds of
     “instance of” relationships
        A linguistic “instance of” relationship
        A logical or ontological “instance of” relationship

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                    Basic principles of OCA
                                     ►   Linguistic level and
                                         logical level are
                                     ►   Limited to three
                                         linguistic levels
                                     ►   Issue: Why do you
                                         need PLM?
                                     ►   Could we have
                                         multiple “instance
                                         of” relationship at
                                         the same level?
Models@runtime’07                                          4
               Multi-level model example



 Models@runtime’07                         5
        Issues on inheritance and
         classifiction of clabjects
Simple inheritance vs. Multiple inheritance
     Can a clabject have a « linguistic instance of »
     relationship with several clabjects
Simple classification vs. Multiple classification
     Can a clabject have a « logical instance of » relationship
     with several clabjects
Static inheritance vs. Dynamic inherithance
     Can a clabject change its « linguistic instance of »
Static classification vs. Dynamic classification
     Can a clabject change its « logical instance of »
 Models@runtime’07                                              6
                         Open Issues
► Benefits          of using OCA for models@Runtime
       Separate clearly the two « instance of » relationships
       Useful @ runtime if you can change dynamically the
        logical “instance of” clabjects
       What about dynamic typing?
       Nevertheless, introduce the same fields at different
► Do we really need PLM model ?
► Perhaps, could we design a typical models @
  runtime app with OCA
Models@runtime’07                                                7

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