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                                                                      Eco-efficiency Indicators and Environmentally
                                                                      Friendly Products
                                                                          Eco-efficiency Indicators

                                                                          The NSK Group’s products contribute to energy            V, by its environmental impact, E. Product value is
Eco-efficiency Indicators and Environmentally Friendly Products

                                                                          savings and resource conservation as parts               composed of items that should improve functional
                                                                          used in all kinds of products, equipment, and            capabilities, such as the life of the product and the
                                                                          machinery: automobiles, home appliances, IT              maximum rotational speed. Environmental impact
                                                                          devices, iron and steel equipment, construction          is composed of items that should be minimized,
                                                                          machinery, machine tools and production                  such as a product’s weight and its power
                                                                          equipment used in factories, and much more.              consumption. The greater a product’s Neco
                                                                          In recent years, demand for environmentally              value, the more environmentally friendly it is.
                                                                          conscious products has been growing as                       NSK has also created a Neco calculation
                                                                          awareness of environmental preservation                  tool that enables NSK Group engineers to
                                                                          increases.                                               easily calculate the Neco value by inputting the
                                                                               In fiscal 2008, the NSK Group established           E and V values for products in development,
                                                                          its own NSK Eco-efficiency Indicators (Neco)             and for conventional products. Going forward,
                                                                          as a yardstick for quantitatively assessing the          calculating the Neco value when developing
                                                                          degree to which products developed by the                new products will facilitate the development of
                                                                          Group contribute to the environment—i.e., their          environmentally friendly products. All members
                                                                          environmental friendliness.                              of the development division will benefit from
                                                                               As indicated below, Neco is a numerical             a quantitative awareness of the environmental
                                                                          value obtained by dividing a product’s value,            friendliness of new products.

                                                                                           Neco: NSK Eco-efficiency Indicators

                                                                                                                        Product value V (product life, functions)
                                                                                                                        Environmental impact E (resource conservation,
                                                                                                                        energy savings)

                                                                                              Product value UP                         Environmental impact DOWN
                                                                                              brings Neco up                           brings Neco up
                                                                                                            Developed                  Environmentally friendly product

                                                                                             Conventional                                Conventional
                                                                                               product                                     product
                                                                                                              2                                         Developed
                                                                                                 1                                           1
                                                                                               Product value    V                      Environmental impact         E

                                                                                      MOTION & CONTROL                     The Environment and NSK

   New Standard of High-Performance HPSTM Angular
   Contact Ball Bearings for Industrial Machinery
   Next Generation Bearings Contributing to Energy Conservation

Bearings are used in a wide range of       precise processing and manufacturing         Neco=
industrial machinery, including robots,
pumps, compressors, and gearboxes.
                                           technology, NSK doubled the service
                                           life of the conventional product. In         1.57
This machinery must be highly reliable     addition, NSK achieved weight
under a wide range of conditions. It       reductions of up to 30 percent
must be easy to maintain and highly        compared to bearings with the same
efficient. It must have a low operating    service life. Lastly, the maximum                                                                                                                                                        0
cost and low energy consumption.           rotational speed was increased by
Finally, it must be environmentally        15–20 percent compared to

                                                                                       rotational speed
                                                                                                                          1.15–1.2 times

                                                                                                                                                     Eco-efficiency Indicators and Environmentally Friendly Products
friendly. Consequently, bearings used      conventional products.                                                                                                                                                                   0

in industrial machinery must have a            NSK expects this product to

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Dynamic torque
long service life, high-speed rotation     contribute to resource conservation                             Conventional      product                                                                                                0
capability, and high precision.            across a range of machinery                                       product
     Leveraging optimal internal design,   and equipment.
proprietary material technology, and                                                                                                                                                                                                0


   A1 Series Grease-retaining, High-Speed, High-Load
   Ball Screws
   Contributing to Resource Conservation through Development of Advanced Seals

Recently, demand for certain plastic       walls enabled the battery volume to          grease-sealing capacity for these kinds
parts has been shifting toward thinner     be increased, which meant battery            of ball screws. The seal prevents grease
walls and higher precision. This           life could be extended. The injection        sprays contaminating the interior of
demand has been driven by efforts          molding machines being used to make          the molding machines, and reduces
to develop smaller, more advanced          these kinds of advanced molded parts         leakage of enclosed grease by about
cell phones, video games, and other        need the capability to finely control        a third, compared to the conventional
products. The battery pack in a cell       the speed and pressure at which resin        product. Thus, these ball screws
phone, for example, used to have a         is injected into the mold; they need         contribute to resource conservation by
wall thickness of about 0.3 mm. This       easy-to-operate, high-speed, high-           reducing the amount of
has been reduced to about 0.1 mm           load-bearing ball screws for the feed        grease refills required.
by using strengthened resin material       mechanism rather than conventional
and by significantly increasing the        hydraulic cylinders.                                           Neco=
speed at which the resin is injected
into a metal mold. Creating thinner
                                               The NSK Group has developed
                                           a low-torque seal with advanced                                2.14

   Low-Profile, MEGATORQUE MOTORTM PN Series
   Contributing to Resource Conservation and Energy Savings through Low-
   Profile Motors

The Megatorque Motor is used               32 percent less in height and 22             these environmentally friendly motors
for positioning during processing          percent lighter than the conventional        are compliant with the
and assembly, and for transporting         product, and has 7 percent better            EU’s RoHS Directive.     Neco=
products on the manufacturing line.
As competition intensifies, there is an
                                           operational efficiency. This results
                                           in reduced energy consumption. In                                               1.99
ever-increasing demand for efficiency      addition, increased output torque
and space saving, particularly in the      shortens positioning time and reduces
case of manufacturing equipment for        cycle time. The PN series is not only
semiconductors, LCDs, solar batteries,     a solution to the need for high-speed
and electronic components.                 transportation and positioning of large,
    In response to this need, the NSK      heavy objects; it can also contribute to
Group developed the PN Series              miniaturization and weight reduction
Megatorque Motor. This product             of devices, better energy savings, and
features a body that is up to              improved productivity. What is more,

                                                                  CL                       U

                                                                                           Hub Unit Bearing Integrated with a Bracket for Brake
                                                                                           Caliper Mounting
                                                                                           Contributing to Weight Reduction, Resource Conservation, and Improved
                                                                                           Reliability of Automobiles

                                                                            Hub unit bearings support automobile                               caliper, which is directly attached to        bracket on the knuckle side. Moreover,
                                                                            wheels and help ensure safety by                                   an auto body component known as a             the product allows an enhanced
                                                                            enabling the wheels to turn smoothly                               knuckle, is changed to attach to the          braking sensitivity by increasing both
                                                                            when the vehicle is moving, and by                                 bracket set on the outer ring of the          the precision of the brake component
                                                                            supporting the load borne by the                                   hub unit bearing. Although this slightly      mounting and the rigidity of the brake
                                                                            wheels from the road surface.                                      increases the weight of the bearing,          system. The product has been praised
                                                                                This product—developed by                                      it allows the overall surrounding             by auto manufacturing customers for
                                                                            NSK—allows more modularization                                     components’ weight to be reduced              its increased ease of mounting onto the
Eco-efficiency Indicators and Environmentally Friendly Products

                                                                            of the bearing and surrounding                                     by about 5 percent of the bearing             auto body.
                                                                            components. For example, the brake                                 weight by eliminating the need for a

                                                                                   Neco=                                   Brake caliper
                                                                                                                                                                                Bracket combined

                                                                                                                           Brake caliper mounted                                with outer ring
                                                                                                                           directly on the hub unit


                                                                                                                                           Brake rotor                                Hub unit bearing

                                                                                           World’s Thinnest*1 Drawn-Cup Needle Roller Bearings
                                                                                           with Seal Rings
                                                                                           Contributing to Automobile Energy Savings by Expanding Applicability

                                                                            Sleeve bearings called bushings are                                bushings do, and also work to control         only 0.85 mm means that thin-walled
                                                                            used to support rotating shafts, such                              the flow of lubricant.                        bushings (bushings with a 1.5-mm
                                                                            as those in an automobile engine and                                   Rotating torque (rotational               cross section) that could not previously
                                                                            transmission. There are, for example,                              resistance) can be reduced 50 percent         be replaced are now replaceable.
                                                                            about ten bushings in an automatic                                 by replacing bushings with drawn-cup          In coming years, this product will
                                                                            transmission. Drawn-cup needle roller                              needle roller bearings with seal rings.       help improve the fuel economy of
                                                                            bearings with seal rings support                                   NSK’s development of an extremely             automobiles.
                                                                            rotating shafts in the same way as                                 thin seal ring with a thickness of            *1: According to an NSK investigation in
                                                                                                                                                                                                 December 2008.


                                                                                           (N·m)                                          –1
                                                                                                   Load: 500 N Rotation speed: 3,000 min
                                                                                                                   Reduced torque
                                                                          Dynamic torque

                                                                                                                   0.06 N·m (50%)                                                         Seal ring                       Bearing cage


                                                                                                                                                           Neco=                                                                        Roller

                                                                                                        Sleeve            Roller
                                                                                                        bearing          bearing                                                          Outer ring

                                                                                                MOTION & CONTROL                The Environment and NSK

    Compact, Lightweight Integrated Structure Motor and ECU
    Column-Type Electric Power Steering
    Contributing to Resource Conservation and the Downsizing of Automobiles

For both large and small vehicles,                 NSK successfully developed the
electric power steering (EPS) have             world’s shortest,*2 lightest, and most
become popular the world over.                 compact high-output column-type
This popularity is due to the superior         EPS by employing a fully integrated
fuel economy and the enhanced
steering control EPS offer compared
                                               mechatronics system. The motor,
                                               electronic circuitry, gearbox, and
to conventional hydraulic power                torque sensor are incorporated into
steering. In recent years, increasing          a single unit. The EPS
environmental awareness in Japan,              will continue to

                                                                                                                                                                      Eco-efficiency Indicators and Environmentally Friendly Products
and in Europe, has stimulated demand           contribute to better
for significantly smaller vehicles.            fuel economy and
Such vehicles are also popular                 to advances in the
because they are easier to park. In            downsizing of vehicles.
emerging markets, where demand                 *2: According to an NSK
for motorization is growing, the                   investigation in January 2009.
demand for small cars is also
increasing rapidly.

Voice                  One-way Clutch and Bearing for Permanently Engaged Geared
                       Idle Stop System

Systems that stop the engine when idling at traffic lights are increasing
as a means of improving a vehicle’s fuel economy and reducing
CO2 emissions. We developed an idle stop system with the goal of
                                                                                                                         Bearing       4.39
eliminating the discomfort that can be felt when the engine stops and
starts. The system has been installed in vehicles since the fall of 2008.
An engine that stops and starts quietly and smoothly minimizes any                                                                             Ring gear
discomfort felt by the driver and passengers. This requires a one-way
clutch to automatically switch between starting and stopping, and a
bearing that supports all the parts within a limited space. Mobilizing
its engineering capabilities, the NSK Group eliminated the delays and
                                                                                                One-way clutch
abnormal noises that were a problem in conventional systems when the
engine was started.                                                                 s One-way clutch and bearing imbedded in ring gear driven by the starter motor
     We will continue improving this system, and is determined to see it
installed in as many vehicle types as possible.

                                                                    Creating a
                                                                  new ‘standard’
                                      Pushing forward                                          Striving for quiet
                Environmental         with development                                           intersections
                                                                                                                           Strong ties with
             contribution through

Daisuke Fujimori (left),                                                                                                           Hirofumi Ogata (left),
Keisuke Ogushi (right)                                                                                                             Hirobumi Shirataki (center),
Electric Accessory & Engine Bearing                                                                                                Kazuhiko Muramatsu (right)
Technology Department, Automotive                                                                                                  Engineering Office NO2,
Bearing Technology Center, NSK Ltd.                                                                                                NSK-Warner K.K.


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