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Plastic Bag Reduction Program (Read-Only) by zyq13664


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									           The History of                          Learn more about plastic bags and re-
                                                   usable options:
       Plastic Carryout Bags
•    Plastic carryout bags were first introduced
     by retail stores in the U.S. in 1975.    

•    Grocery stores began distributing plastic
     carryout bags at the point-of-sale in 1977.
                                                                                             Plastic Carryout Bag
•    By 1996, four out of every five grocery  
     stores distributed plastic carryout bags.
                                                                                             Reduction Program
             The Fate of
       Plastic Carryout Bags
•    In 2002, Ireland introduced the first con-
     sumer plastic carryout bag fee (20¢ [U.S.]
     per bag). Within a year, the Irish PlasTax
     helped Ireland reduce consumption of the
     bags by 90%.
•    Australia, Bangladesh, China, France,
     South Africa and several other countries
     have adopted legislation to ban or to de-
     crease the use and impact of the plastic
     carryout bag.
•    In 2007, San Francisco became the first
     U.S. city to ban the use of non-
     biodegradable plastic carryout bags at all
     large supermarkets and pharmacy chains,
     followed by Malibu and Huntington Beach.                                                      OUR HOLIDAY GIFT TO  
    Using a reusable bag saves an average                                                          THE ENVIRONMENT :  
     of 6 plastic carryout bags per week.
                                                   Join the City of Calabasas, in partner-        GIVE UP PLASTIC BAGS  
That’s 24 bags a month, 288 bags a year,           ship with Heal the Bay and Calabasas
 and 22,176 bags in an average lifetime.              supermarkets, by participating in            ON DECEMBER 18th   
    If just 1 out of 5 people in the U.S. did       “A Day Without a Bag”. Give up            Public Works Department  ‐ Environmental Services Div. 
     this, we would save over one trillion           single-use bags on December 18.                 100 Civic Center Way, Calabasas, CA 91302 
                                                                                                   (818) 224‐1600 
             bags over our lifetime!
           Facts About                                                                                        How You Can Help
      Plastic Carryout Bags                                                                            •   “Just say no” to plastic carryout bags at
                                                                                                           check-out, especially if you only have a
•    Each year approximately 6 billion plastic                                                             few items you can hand-carry.
     carryout bags are consumed in Los An-
     geles County—that’s an average of 600                                                             •   Choose re-usable bags when shopping.
                                                                                                           Some grocery stores offer rebates for
     bags per person per year!                                Alternatives To                              bringing in your own bag.
•    The US consumes 100 billion plastic
     carryout bags annually.                               Plastic Carryout Bags                       •   Re-usable bags typically hold more than
                                                                                                           plastic bags, are more durable, and can
•    The US uses 12 million barrels of oil per       •   Re-usable bags are the best alternative to        be washed.
     year on the manufacture of plastic bags.            plastic carryout bags. Re-usable bags typi-
                                                                                                       •   Re-usable bags are available at most
•    Currently, less than five percent of plastic        cally have handles, and are designed and
                                                                                                           grocery stores and online. Various
     bags are recycled.                                  manufactured for multiple reuse. They are
                                                                                                           online stores even let you customize
                                                         made of cloth or other durable material.
                                                                                                           your bag!
       What Is The Impact                                The widespread use of re-usable bags
                                                                                                       •   Remember to bring re-usable bags with
                                                         would conserve energy and natural re-
    Of Plastic Carryout Bags?                            sources, reduce the total volume of waste         you when you shop. Don’t forget them at
                                                         disposal in landfills, diminish plastic bag       home or in the car!
•    Due to the low rate of recycling, most              litter and help to promote a clean and sus-   •   Recycle paper bags if you use them.
     plastic bags end up in landfills or littered        tainable environment.
     along our beaches, waterways, parks
                                                     •   Paper bags are widely available in stores
     and roads.
                                                         and restaurants. They are heavier than
•    As litter, plastic bags kill millions of ani-       plastic bags and are not easily blown by
     mals and sea creatures each year. Wild-             the wind. Paper bags biodegrade in water
     life often mistake the bags for food,               and are made from renewable resources,
     which can lead to starvation or choking.            especially if recycled paper content is
•    In Los Angeles County, public agencies              used. Paper bags also have a higher recy-
     spend tens of millions of dollars each              cling rate, estimated at 21 percent by the
     year on litter prevention, enforcement              US Environmental Protection Agency.
     and clean up. Plastic bags contribute
     greatly to this problem.
•    Carryout bags can create blockages in
     storm drain systems, decreasing the sys-
     tem’s ability to handle storm water runoff.

A Plastic Carryout Bag Ban
       The City of Calabasas is drafting an
    ordinance to ban the distribution of plastic                                                       BYOB: Bring Your Own Bag.
        carryout bags at the point of sale.                                                               You carry the future!

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