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									                                     CONDITIONS OF HALL HIRE

  1.   Applications must be lodged on the official application form no less than 3 working days prior to booking date.
       A confirmation letter and invoice will be sent and the bond fees must be paid within 7 days from invoice date.
       The hall hire amount (withheld from bond) shall be forfeited in the case of cancellation of booking within 7
       days prior to hire date. If cancelled more than 7 days prior to hire date, 100% of the hire fee / bond may be

  2.   All corporations, associations and organisations are required to provide evidence of a current Public Liability
       Insurance policy in the amount of ten million dollars or greater.

  3.   All suppliers (eg marquees, rides, entertainment or any equipment) used by the hirer must provide Council a
       copy of their Public Liability Certificate of Currency and Engineers report of equipment being used with the
       application form.

  4.   The Council may at any time demand that the hirer shall, prior to the term of hire, deposit with the Council an
       amount estimated to cover hall hire and any damage that may occur during the term of hire.

  5.   Council reserves the right to refuse an application for hire.

  6.   A booking may be cancelled at any time and money refunded if premises required for Council purposes.

  7.   The latest time public halls may be let for hire is 12 midnight – Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and
        Friday and Saturday nights may be let until 1.00am. Policy C8.2.2.

  8.   Smoking within any Council Facility is prohibited as stated in Health (Smoking in Public Places) Regulations

  9.   Before allocating keys to the facility Council requires a bond of up to $1000.00 (to be determined by council
       officers) and the hire fee to be paid by the hirer to the City. The Bond amount shall be refunded provided the
       hirer leaves the facility in a satisfactory condition and no keys are lost. The bond will take approximately three
       weeks to be refunded and will be posted in cheque form or electronic transfer where requested. If the
       Cleaners of the facility are not satisfied, he/she will clean or mop the area him/herself and the cost thereof will
       be deducted from the bond held. If the hall keys are lost there is a charge of $220.00 per set to replace the

  10. Keys will be available from the Civic Centre on the last working day prior to your booking.

  11. The driving of tacks, nails, screws or fixing of blue tack etc. into any of the woodwork or walls or any part of
      the building, furniture or fixtures is strictly forbidden. No internal or external decorations are permitted to be
      erected without the approval of Council officers.

  12. Facility fittings and/or furniture shall not to be removed from the property. The hirer shall not bring in to the
      facility any furniture or fittings without prior approval from the City.

  13. The hirer of any part or parts of any hall building or property shall maintain and keep good order and decent
      behaviour within the property, and shall be solely and entirely responsible for the carrying out and compliance
      with the requirements of these Local Laws and for any damage done to the buildings, fixtures, fittings,
      furniture etc. and shall pay such damages as may be assessed by the Council.

  14. Any Officer representing the Belmont City Council, or other person duly authorised by the Council, shall at any
      time be permitted free ingress to the hall buildings and any part thereof and shall be given every facility for
      enforcing these Local Laws.

  15. All food, food scraps etc. are to be removed immediately after each function. If not so removed to the
      satisfaction of the Caretaker, the cost of the removal will be deducted from the bond. If no such deposit has
      been paid, or insufficient deposit paid, then the hirer shall pay the cost of such removal to the Council.

  16. Applications for 18th birthday parties must be made by the Parent / Guardian.

Last updated 2/11/09

   At the conclusion of the function/session the hirer shall:
   Leave the entire building in a clean and tidy condition
   Sweep all floors that were used
   Spot mop any spillage
   Wipe and stack tables and chairs then return, in an orderly manner, to designated storage areas
   Place all rubbish in bins. The hirer at the end of function must remove all rubbish.

  17. Furniture and equipment must not be dragged across timber floors. If floor is damaged the cost of any
      necessary repairs will be deducted from the bond.


  18. No spirituous liquors, wine, ale or spirits shall be brought into or consumed upon any portion of any hall or
      property except when permitted in writing by the Council. An Application to Consume Liquor Form must be
      accompanied with the Hall Hire Application Form requesting permission to consume spirituous liquors, wine,
      ale or spirits on the property. It is the responsibility of the hirer to obtain a Function Permit from the Liquor
      Licensing Department if Liquor is to be sold. The copy of the permit must be presented to Council prior to the
  19. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that no person behaves in a disorderly manner or causes a
      nuisance or annoyance. The hire must ensure the order of guests and that decent behaviour is maintained
      both inside and outside the hall (eg in car park and surrounding areas) before, during and after the function. If
      police are called to maintain order or disperse a disorderly crowd, the bond may be forfeited
  20. Council reserve the right to insist on security / crowd control being provided by the hirer.
  21. Council or its agents may cancel this booking at anytime if it is believed that the hirer is in breach of any
      Conditions and costs incurred from damages will be deducted from bond.
  22. All 18th and 21st birthday functions shall receive, read and understand the Party Safe Booklet provided by
  23. The Hirer is responsible for securing the premises at close of the function
  24. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that they have read and understood the City of Belmont’s
      ‘Emergency Response Guidelines for Persons Hiring Council Facilities’. It is responsibility of the hirer to
      ensure that the Guidelines are explained to all members of the group.


  25. Local Residents shall be notified at least one (1) week prior to the event where it is intended to grant approval
      for the use of a park, hall or reserve involving:
       Amplified sound or significant noise levels;
       The likely attraction of a significant number of people;
       The likely occurrence of parking difficulties or disruption to the normal traffic flow;
       Any road closure; and/or
       Any other action likely to significantly inconvenience or disrupt the locality.

   Hall/Park/Reserve users shall be notified at least one (1) week prior to the event where it is intended to grant
        approval for the use of a park/hall or reserve where:
        The users’ activities will be disrupted; and/or
        The users’ may experience possible parking difficulties;

   The costs associated with notifying the local residents/users are to be met by the hirer.

   An event which, in the opinion of the City, may produce noise levels that is likely to adversely affect the comfort
   and convenience of nearby residents will be referred to Council.


  26. Upon acceptance of the hiring, the hirer undertakes to hold the City of Belmont and the employees of the city
      of Belmont indemnified against all claims which may be made against them for damages or otherwise, in
      respect of any loss, damage, death or injury caused by or in the course of or arising out of the hiring of the
      venue, the property of the City of Belmont during all periods when such venue is on hire to the hire.

Last updated 2/11/09

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