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									                                                                                    12A Coolibah Way
                                                                                     PO Box 1233
                                                                                    Bibra Lake WA 6163

                                                                                    Tel:(61) 8 9434 1200
                                                                                    Fax:(61) 8 9434 1043
                                                                                    ABN: 80 009 391 691

                                CUSTOMER INFORMATION and CREDIT APPLICATION

Company Name: ______________________________________________________________(Herein referred to as the “Customer”)

ABN:               __________________________ACN: _________________________________

Type of Business: Sole Trader          Partnership        Company (please specify) Pty Ltd.

Trading As:___________________________________________________________________(Herein referred to as the “Customer”)

Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________

STATE: ____________________POSTCODE:________________

PHONE: ___________________FAX:_________________E-mail:_______________________________________________________

Postal Address: __________________________________________________________________________________

STATE: ____________________POSTCODE:________________________________________

Delivery Address: _______________________________________________________________________________

Credit Limit required: $__________________ Trading Hours: ___________________________________________________


Purchasing: _____________________________________________________________________________________

                   PHONE: ________________ FAX: __________________ MOBILE: ______________________

Email address: __________________________________________________________________________________

Accounts Payable: _______________________________________________________________________________

                   PHONE: _________________ FAX: __________________ MOBILE: _____________________

Email address: __________________________________________________________________________________

COMPANY NAME                            ADDRESS                                PHONE NO.                 CONTACT

Please provide 3 trade references where monthly trading accounts are maintained.

Terms and Conditions of the Credit Facility;
A) Trading terms - The credit facility provided is a pre-approved trading limit where all invoices for goods provided by
Weststate Seafoods to the customer are to be paid within the terms as specified. In the event that any invoice becomes over
due or credit limit has been exceeded – the credit facility will be suspended until such time arrears have been paid in full or
account is trading within its limits. Credit facilities are subject to periodic review and may be withdrawn or varied by
Weststate Seafoods at any time at its absolute discretion without notice to the customer although all care and duty will be
taken not to disadvantage the customer in such decisions.

B) Title of Goods - Not withstanding delivery of goods may have taken place, ownership of such goods provided by
Weststate Seafoods shall not pass to the customer until payment has been received by Weststate Seafoods in full.

C) Discrepancies - Any discrepancies must be notified in writing within 5 working days otherwise sale is considered final.

D) Charges – Weststate Seafoods reserves the right to charge an administration fee of $20.00 plus interest at 3% per month
on all overdue accounts in the event of this account being placed in the hands of a debt collector or solicitor. The customer
agrees to pay all recovery and legal costs that may be incurred.

E) Privacy Agreement – The customer gives permission to Weststate Seafoods to seek consumer credit information,
exchange information with other creditors and apply to receive a consumer credit report on the customer for the
express purpose of assessing credit worthiness of the customer for a facility with Weststate Seafoods or in collecting
any over due payments to Weststate Seafoods on commercial credit that may arise. The applicant provides this
permission as required under section18K (1) (b) & (h) and 18N (1) (b) of the privacy act 1988.

F) Condition of sale - Orders placed with Weststate Seafoods, and accepted after signing of this acceptance, will be
supplied strictly subject to these conditions of sale and placing of such orders shall be inclusive of the fact that the customer
has read, understood and agrees to such conditions of sale.

Summary and Guarantee - With goods on credit, I /we the undersigned hereby jointly and severally agree that payment
for such goods will be made within Weststate Seafoods trading terms. Weststate Seafoods reserves the right to charge an
administration fee of $20 plus interest at 3% per month on all overdue accounts and in the event of this account being
placed in the hands of a debt collector/ solicitor, I/we agree to pay all recovery or legal costs incurred.

In consideration of Weststate Seafoods, at our request as directors/proprietors of the customer ,agreeing to grant to it credit
trading facilities, I/ we, the undersigned directors/proprietors do hereby jointly and severally and irrevocably guarantee (by
way of continuing security) the payment to Weststate Seafoods by the Customer of all monies now or at anytime in the
future due and owing in respect of goods sold to it by Weststate Seafoods and declare that Weststate Seafoods may make
claim against us as if we were the principal debtors and not guarantors/ securities of the customer.

I/we agree that to be released from this continuing guarantee (due to a change of Directorship or Ownership of the Customer
account) will not be unreasonably withheld by Weststate Seafoods where no debt exists.

Name: ___________________________________________D.O.B. ___/___/___
                  (Must be name of a director or a proprietor only)

Signature: ____________________________ Position: _____________________ Date: ___________
                  (Must be name of a director or a proprietor only)

Address: ___________________________________State: _________ P/code_____

Name: ____________________________________________ D.O.B.___/___/___

Signature: ____________________________ Position: ______________________Date: ___________

Address: ___________________________________ State: __________ P/code_____

                        If there are more than two directors/ proprietors, please attach a separate sheet.


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