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					                                                       OFFICE OF RURAL AFFAIRS

                           Community Hall Renewal Fund
Purpose of the Program

The NSW Government announced the Building the Country funding package in
November 2008.

The Community Hall Renewal Package is 2.5 Million over five years to help small
communities in country NSW to renovate, extend or upgrades on community halls. Grants
will be provided to community based organisations for materials and equipment on a non-
recurrent basis that demonstrate a clear community benefit by repairing or upgrading the

Funds of up to $50,000 per community will be provided to not for profit organisations in
communities of 10,000 or less population. Funding for projects is to be matched on a 2
for 1 basis for every $2 dollars provided by Government the community must contribute
$1 either in-kind or as a financial contribution. Projects are to be supported by local

The funding application process is open all year.

Eligibility Criteria
Applications for funding to renovate, extend or upgrade a community hall will need to:
     be a community with a population of 10,000 or less
     be an incorporated body, community based organisation sponsored by government
       or local government
     demonstrate clear community benefit
     identified in-kind contribution to the project
     have local government support
     demonstrate that funds can be expended within 6 months of receipt of the grant

What will be funded
   Infrastructure costs only - materials, equipment, building or repair costs

What will not be funded
   no privately owned structure
   non trade qualified labour costs
   ongoing recurrent expenses
   personnel or other operating expenses
   feasibility plans
   purchase of incidental capital equipment such as printers, computers etc

How to apply
Applications can be made to the Office of Rural Affairs by post only. There is no closing
date for this fund.
Enquiries can be made on freecall 1800 801 738 or
                                  “Building the Country”                               1
                                Country Hall Renewal Fund
 Office of Rural Affairs
Please use the attached application form -
Post Applications to:
Community Hall Renewal Fund
Office of Rural Affairs
PO BOX 1314

Conditions of funding
By accepting a grant, the grantee agrees:
   1. That funds will only be used for the agreed purpose
   2. Applicants successful in securing funding will need to comply with a number of
      conditions. These conditions will be detailed in a funding letter of offer to the
      sponsoring organisation. Conditions relate to:
        publicity
        general operations
        financial reporting
        providing documentation.
    3. To submit evidence of expenditure confirming that the funding has been
       expended as agreed to the Manager, Office of Rural Affairs within six months of
       receipt of the grant.
    4. To return unexpended grant funds via a cheque made payable to the "Community
       Halls Renewal Fund" at the above address.
Any personal information provided to the Office of Rural Affairs is voluntary and protected by the Privacy and Personal Information
Protection Act 1998 (NSW). The information is essential to determine your eligibility for assistance under the Community Halls
Renewal Fund. The information may be used to send you communications such as newsletters, flyers and invitations about
community capacity related activities.

Fund Management
The Office of Rural Affairs (ORA) administers the fund on behalf of the Minister for Rural

The ORA will assess whether specific requests will be forwarded to the Minister for Rural
Affairs for consideration.

Unsuccessful applications will be notified in writing.

                                               “Building the Country”                                                       2
                                             Country Hall Renewal Fund

 Office of Rural Affairs
                              Country Hall Renewal Fund
Application Form
Name of the Community Hall

Local Government Area
Population                      Population:

                                Note: the population must be less than 10,000
Nominating organisation
Incorporation No
Is the organisation GST         Yes / No
Head of the organisation
name President etc
Street address:
                                                                             Post code
Postal address:
                                                                             Post code
Telephone no:                                  Fax no:
Mobile no:                                     Email address:
Contact person
Daytime Telephone number:              Fax number:              Mobile:

E-mail address:
Website address

Project Details – space provided for each question is a guide only, if required applicants can attach
separate documentation to expand on each question

Amount requested

Briefly describe your project and who will it benefit

                                     “Building the Country”                                    3
                                   Country Hall Renewal Fund

 Office of Rural Affairs
Detailed costs of equipment, materials etc
Item                                             Costs (quotes for building, trade labour cost
                                                 materials to be attached)

Details of in-kind contribution
Action                                           Value (estimated costs for labour or
                                                 donated goods or services or financial

When will the project happen?
Outline expected commencement and completion date

Any additional information about your community you would like to provide?

Local Government support
Council Details                                                 Letter of support attached

                                                                Yes / No

                                    “Building the Country”                                4
                                  Country Hall Renewal Fund

 Office of Rural Affairs
 The information provided in and supporting this application forms part of the agreement of
  performance with the Office of Rural Affairs (ORA), Department of Lands in respect of any
  assistance provided.

 Each grant application is considered on its individual merits. ORA reserves the right to
  determine eligibility for financial assistance based on information provided in the application
  form and all other pertinent information.
 Any personal information that is provided on this Application for Assistance is protected by the
  Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW). Contact details are provided on a
  voluntary basis but are essential in order to process the Application for Assistance and will also be
  included in the ORA database for record keeping purposes. The ORA database may also be used to
  issue our newsletters and to organise special events. The ORA database is not available to any other
 In offering assistance, ORA reserves the right for such assistance to be the subject of publicity and/or
  used for case studies and the Applicant hereby consents to the use of the information, that may
  include a limited amount of the Applicant’s personal information, concerning the assistance provided
  by ORA as a case study for publication.
 Where the Applicant has provided partners’ personal information or any other person’s information
  to ORA, the Applicant hereby attests that consent has been obtained, in compliance with the Privacy
  and Personal Information Protection Act 1998, from all relevant persons for the disclosure of their
  personal information to ORA and also for the publication of that personal information. In this regard,
  please refer to the Conditions of Funding Offers which forms a part of this Application.

 The applicant organisation will participate in any program evaluation conducted by ORA.

I have read, acknowledge and agree to the program guidelines for assistance. I certify that the information provided in and supporting this
application, including the original source of funds listed, is true and correct and that I am legally authorised to sign this application for and on behalf
of the applicant organisation.






                                                        “Building the Country”                                                                      5
                                                      Country Hall Renewal Fund

 Office of Rural Affairs

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