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									Community engagement in
  Climate Change action
      Welsh Assembly Government

           Usha Ladwa-Thomas
Climate Change and Community Engagement
Overall Policy and context
•   Sustainable Development Scheme was being
    reviewed/will be launched on 22nd May at Hay
•   Welsh’s ecological footprint due to Housing, Transport
    and Food if unchecked would raise from 2.7 to 3.3
    Planets by 2020 s
•   Set up the C.C. Commission
•   Developing and consulting on CC Strategy
•   Developing work on emissions and adaptation to
    climate change
•   Actions to communicate and engage public and private
    sector    Etc Etc Etc
Summary of Findings
• Range of actions already in place (Energy generation,
    reduction, food, transport etc)
•   Regional models and approaches emerging
•   Different models: TT, Low Carbon communities, Food
    markets, Shared transport etc
•   Long established (Positive Greens)…6%
•   Keen Supporters (Recycling, reduction, environment
    related actions, WI, BEN) groups..20%
•   Cautious participants (Mainstream community groups
•   Attempts to measure impact of community action
•   Local activists and enablers key to change
Gaps that needs to be filled
• Resources: Funding, local development officers
    and technical helpers, expertise, tools ,
    networking opportunities etc. (Especially for
    newly emerging groups)
•   More joined up work within WAG and with
•   Interest in small scale renewable, education and
    awareness raising, pathfinder projects.
Proposed actions
• Single framework for building sustainable and
    resilient communities
•   Offer different approaches to supporting
    different segments (Pathfinder projects for
    Positive Greens, accelerate Keen Supporters,
    engage and support Cautious participants)
•   Develop robust evidence base for what works
•   Develop a range of resources (people and
•   Develop the capacity and capability of the local
    activists and leaders.
Range of resources (information,
  people and funding)

• Community Climate Change Events
• DVD on good practice, Community
  Information Pack, etc
• Pilot of REAP Petite
• All policy initiative look at “community”
  e.g. Consultation on the National Energy
  Efficiency and Saving Plan , SD Scheme
Package of Resources:
• Community Scale renewable Energy projects:
    £14m to support social enterprises to develop 22
    community scale energy installations
    (Development officer plus)
•   Sustainable development Fund
•   Environment Wales
•   Influencing others: Lotteries, Rowentree
•   Three pathfinder projects
•   Community Action for Climate Change Networks
Collaborative and joined working

• Cynnal Cymru: SD forum for Wales with Website/on line
  directory/e-magazine etc
• EST :Carbon foot printing tool & package of community
  support (July launch)
• WCVA:CC Declaration and support
• Science Shop Wales: Networks
• SDC: Low carbon communities Spatial Plan
  work/developing a city wide initiative
• One Voice Wales: training
• Communities First: Training
• Rural Development: Energy sub group
• Ecodyfi: Piloting REAP Petite
• Draw together those working at grass roots to create a
    movement of community action across Wales
•   To strengthen existing groups and enable platform of
    exchange of knowledge, skills and good practice
•   Enable shared space for discussion and wider debate on
    different models, methods, approaches
•   Offer locally based training and development
•   Offer resources of different partners and agencies.
•   Offer opportunity to hear and feed into wider initiatives
•   To help “ramp up” local action

• Next event in November ?
• Conversations via Cynnal Blog

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