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					                                 Supporting Medical Research
                                 and Patient Care at The Repat
                                 The Newsletter of Foundation Daw Park Incorporated
                                 The Newsletter of Foundation Daw Park Incorporated

 Commemoration Gala Ball
 What a night it was!

On Saturday night, 19th April 2008,           the Foundation’s then Chairman, Peter      spotlights looming through smoke, sirens
the Defence Industry, Military and the        Bridge. Guest Speaker for the evening      sounding, and old newsreels rolling,
academic, business, arts and health           was the Hon John Hill MP, Minister         to really get everyone in the mood.
sectors came together to support              for Health, Minister for the Southern
                                                                                         “Winston Churchill” visited and spoke,
Foundation Daw Park’s inaugural               Suburbs and Minister Assisting the
                                              Premier in the Arts. Mr Martin Hamilton-   and dancers from AIT Arts bopped
fundraising ANZAC Commemoration
                                              Smith MP Leader of the Opposition in       to swing music then invited guests to
Gala Ball. The night was a memorable
                                              the Parliament of South Australia, an      come and dance as the music changed
one for all who attended.
                                              immediate past board member of the         to the beat of the All Stars with Patron
The evening commenced with the MC,            Foundation was also in attendance.         and Vietnam Veteran Graham Cornes
Tony Pilkington of FIVEaa welcoming                                                      on guitar. And... the night rolled on!
everyone and then inviting State President    The State Theatre Company of South
                                              Australia, a Gold Community Partner,       We are very proud of our inaugural ANZAC
of the RSL, Jock Statton OAM to come
                                              assisted with the development of the       Ball and the wonderful support provided
forward to recite The Ode with The Last
                                              1940’s VE Day theme. The scene was         by sponsors, supporters, guests and
Post played by Bugler, Guy MacRedmond
                                              set with plenty of Aussie, New Zealand     volunteers. A wonderful night was had
from the Royal Australian Navy Band.
                                              and Union Jack flags streaming as          by all. Most importantly we achieved a
Our Patron His Excellency Rear Admiral        bunting across the ceiling of the Grand    successful fundraising result: $40,000
Kevin Scarce AC CSC RANR, Governor of         Ballroom at the Hilton, with a centre      clear profit to assist the Foundation in its
South Australia and Mrs Scarce attended       piece of model planes from the era. As     continuing support of medical research
as Guests of Honour and were hosted by        they arrived, guests were greeted with     and patient care facilities at The Repat.

                                MAJOR SUPPORTERS: ANZAC BALL 2008

Board News                           Change of Chairman                                     research and patient care projects benefiting
                                     At the June Board meeting and for personal             veterans and patients at the Repat, the
                                     reasons, Peter Bridge formally resigned from           Foundation will also focus on funding medical
                                     the role of Chairman of the Foundation but will        research projects related to the health of
                                     continue as a member of the Board. Robert (Bob)        current Defence personnel. We acknowledge
                                     Willis, then Deputy Chair, was appointed Chairman      the generosity of accounting and consulting
                                     and Peter Croser was appointed Deputy Chair.
                                                                                            firm, Deloitte, for the use of their boardroom
                                                                                            facilities, and Donny Walford for her professional
                                     Strategic Directions
L-R: Robert (Bob) Willis,                                                                   facilitation of the day’s activities and outcomes.
                                     In May the Foundation held an important
Peter Croser
                                     strategic planning day that brought together
                                     Board members and other key stakeholders               2008 Annual General Meeting
                                     to set the future direction and create a Vision        Will be held on Monday 17th November 2008
                                     for 2020. An outcome of the session was that           at 10.00am in the SPF Hall in the grounds
                                     in addition to the Grant Funding for medical           of the Repatriation General Hospital.

3rd Health Battalion Donation to FDP                                           Corporate Boardroom Luncheon:
On Sunday, 21st September the 3rd Health Support Battalion                     Tuesday, 23rd September 2008
based at Keswick Barracks held a ceremonial Church Parade at                   Law Firm,                     and Accounting Consulting
Saint Augustine’s Anglican Church, Unley. Church Parades are                   Firm,       co-sponsored a high profile boardroom
a unique military tradition in the Australian Defence Force and on
                                                                               luncheon on behalf of Foundation Daw Park. Professor
this occasion provided an opportunity to showcase the Battalion.
                                                                               Alexander (Sandy) McFarlane, Head of the University of
The Parade acknowledged the contribution of past and present
members in support of Australian service men and women                         Adelaide Node of the Centre for Military and Veteran Health
deployed overseas, and marked the last time that the Banner of the             was the Guest Speaker; his topic “Post Traumatic Stress
late Colonel in Chief, Royal Australian Army Medical Corps banner              Syndrome”. The luncheon was chaired by Foundation
(Queen Mother’s Banner) would be paraded before being laid up.                 Chairman, Robert Willis, and coincided with the media
The Battalion generously nominated Foundation Daw Park and the                 announcement that the Foundation will be providing
Leukaemia Foundation as the beneficiaries of the collection taken              research funding to directly benefit recent veterans from the
following the service.                                                         Australian Defence Force.

                                  L-R: Lieutenant Colonel Susan                                              L-R: Professor Alexander (Sandy)
                                  Neuhaus, Commanding Officer,                                               McFarlane – Head, Centre of
                                  3rd Health Battalion, Keswick                                              Military & Veteran Health,
                                  Barracks presenting Foundation                                             University of Adelaide Node; John
                                  Daw Park Chairman, Bob Willis,                                             Hood - Managing Partner, mhm;
                                  with a cheque representing                                                 Dr Linda McCarthy - Director, Post
                                  the proceeds from donations                                                Traumatic Stress Disorder Unit,
                                  made at the St Augustine’s                                                 Repatriation General Hospital;
                                  Church Parade                                                              Peter Buberis - Partner, DLA
                                                                                                             Phillips Fox

In The Navy!
Foundation Daw Park welcomed special guests to The Repat in July during Navy Week.
Personnel from                   took time out of their busy schedule to tour the hospital, visit patients
and enjoy a morning tea with Navy Veterans. It was a wonderful opportunity for past and present
officers and personnel to share stories.
Lieutenant Tristan Heriter, Leading Seaman Owen Harris, Able Seaman Ellisa Matthews and Leading
Seaman Dave Richardson along with Commander Craig Pritchard are pictured here with Repat patient
Mervyn Bennett.

                                PROUD SUPPORTERS OF THE FOUNDATION

       PAGE TWO                                         THE NEWSLETTER OF FOUNDATION DAW PARK
2008 Telethon Distinctive Home And Land Lottery                       Donor Morning Tea
                                Valued at over $450,000, the
                                home is located at The Avenue
                                WESTWOOD (formerly Cambridge
                                Street, Athol Park)
                                It’s just $25.00 for a Book of

                                6 tickets - or $5 each.
                                                                                  L-R: Foundation Daw Park Chairman Bob Willis,
You could                       Books or individual tickets can be      Mayor of the City of Mitcham, Ivan Brooks, Dr John Costi,

                                purchased via our website:                    Ray Buttery, Christine Jenner and Graham Cornes

 for just $5!
                                or by calling the Foundation office   Foundation Daw Park Patron, Graham Cornes and Chairman,
                                on (08) 8275 1039                     Bob Willis welcomed some of our strongest supporters to
                                                                      a special morning tea held in August. It was a wonderful
                                                                      opportunity for people to meet our researchers and hear of
                                                                      the work that benefits from the generosity of our donors.

Fundraising Friends                                                                  , Head of the Research Management Committee
                                                                      at The Repat, provided an update on the most recently funded
The Foundation thanks all National Pharmacies stores                  research projects and highlighted the importance of research here
and Optical Outlets for their support during our Iris Pin             at The Repat.
campaign in April.                                                                       spoke passionately about the history of The
Thank you too to the RSL Clubs in SA who have been collecting         Repat and the care provided to veterans and the South Australian
loose change throughout August and September. Our Loose               community; and                 updated everyone on how the
Change campaign has been a wonderful success and will help            bequests we have received in recent years have provided a
to support medical research and patient care here at                  significant boost to our ability to fund projects at The Repat.
The Repat.                                                            Our special thanks go to Andrew and Yvonne from
                                                                      for their support of this special presentation.

Facial hair was the focus for fundraising
when the male staff in Occupational Therapy,
Physio and Social Work at the Repat                                   Remembrance Day Business Breakfast
ditched the razors in the name of Prostate                            The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month:
Cancer research.                                                      Remembrance Day - a moment in time when Australians unite
The hirsute males of RGH Allied Health grew                           in silence to remember.
moustaches, goatees and beards to raise
                                                                      Foundation Daw Park will partner with the Australia Israel
awareness and money for Prostate Cancer
                                                                      Chamber of Commerce for a very special event on
research; Senior physiotherapist
                                                                      Friday 7 November in the Banquet Room of the Adelaide Festival
           (pictured) was the eventual winner
                                                                      Centre – The Remembrance Day Business Breakfast.
with this ‘Max Walker’ style mo’.
Mo’ growers donated $5 to enter the “competition” then Allied         Contributing to this memorable morning will be the recitation of
Health workers were encouraged to vote and donate for their           The Ode by State RSL President,                        ; bugler
favourite Mo’.                                                                        will play the last Post and the Rouse;
                                                                                 from Aberfoyle Park High School will sing the National
Thanks to all the moustache-growing males and staff in Allied
                                                                      Anthem, and thanks to               the
Health for a fabulous effort in raising $187 for FDP.
                                                                               will perform the powerful and emotive composition
                                                                      ANZAC by South Australian composer                       .
                                                                      Foundation Daw Park would like to acknowledge and thank our
                                                                      event partners –
DIARY DATES:                                                                           and                  .

                            Monday 1 December 2008                    For further details about our Remembrance Day Business
                                                                      Breakfast, or to book a table, please visit our website
                   – Saturday 18th April 2009                or phone us on 8275 1039.

                                  PROUD SUPPORTERS OF THE FOUNDATION

               THE NEWSLETTER OF FOUNDATION DAW PARK                                                               PAGE THREE
Director’s Message
                                                                                                                          For more information on the Foundation,
                                                                                                                          what we are doing, what’s happening
                                                                                                                          and when, please visit our website:

                                             Park; with the support of our                                                                credibility and sustainability
                                             Board members, Patrons,                         Commemoration Gala Ball                      as an organisation. The
                                             Sponsors and Donors, and                        made a profit of over $40,000                relationships we have with
                                             the Executive Team at The                       thanks to our sponsors,                      the 3rd Health Battalion
                                             Repat we are achieving                          patrons, guests, team                        based at Keswick Barracks,
                                             milestones on our strategic                     members and volunteers.                      the Centre for Military and
                                             journey to a relevant and                                                                    Veteran Health based at the
                                             meaningful future.                              As has been mentioned in the                 University of Adelaide, the
                                                                                             “Board News”, as part of its                 South Australian Universities
                                             Events and campaigns                            strategic future the Foundation              and The Repat will all be
                                             introduced since the April                      has committed to funding                     important in establishing
                                             newsletter have been important                  medical research projects                    this new program.
                                             contributors to achieving                       associated with the health
                                             our fundraising goals and                       and wellbeing of veterans                    As we continue to grow, review
                                             operational budget this year.                   and serving personnel.                       older programs and integrate
                                             In particular:                                  This is an exciting step for the             new concepts, we continue
                    Chris Jenner
                                                                                             Foundation; building on the                  to appreciate the value of our
                Executive Director
                                             contributed over $60,000                        Grants Program we fund at                    volunteers. We highly value
Life continues to be very                    in response to the letter                       The Repat, this new                          their contribution to the culture
dynamic and fast-paced                       associated with the                             commitment will contribute                   and tone of the Foundation;
here at Foundation Daw                       April newsletter, and                           to our continuing relevance,                 their commitment and sense
                                                                                                                                          of fun makes a real difference
                                                                                                                                          not only to our team, but to all
                                                                                                                                          who visit our office. If readers
                                                                                                                                          would like to join our team
Consider making a Bequest to Foundation Daw Park                                                                                          of volunteers please phone
                                                                                                                                          Brenda – or “BJ” as she
to benefit patient care at The Repat                                                                                                      prefers to be called – on 8275
                                                                                                                                          1039; she will be delighted to
When you make a bequest to Foundation Daw Park you enhance the Foundation’s ability to fund                                               speak with you and answer
medical research and patient care projects at Repatriation General Hospital.                                                              any questions you may have.
Making a bequest is not difficult; it can be general whereby the Foundation Board allocates the
funds wherever the need is greatest, or it can be specific whereby you select the specific area of                                        In closing, the Foundation
medical research, or nominate a special project that is important to you and your family.                                                 Team wishes you and
                                                                                                                                          your families all the very
For more information about making a bequest, contact the Foundation’s office on: 08 8275 1039 or
                                                                                                                                          best for the coming festive
visit our website:
                                                                                                                                          season and New Year.

In Memoriam Gifts                                  We gratefully acknowledge gifts recently given in memory of:
Mrs Dorothy Barbara Barnard        Mr Raymond Joseph [Wally] Ellis     Mr Petar Lazarevich                Mr Keith Walter Patching           Mrs Betty Isobel Ruth Stacey
Mr Clement Raymond [Clem] Behn     Mr David Faggotter                  Mrs Janice Rosemary Marshall       Mr Wilfred Thomas Pride            Mr Joseph Theodore [Theo]
Mrs Johanna Boeff                  Mr Ronald Campbell Fowler           Mr L C Martin                      Mrs Lynette Rayner                    Stagbouer
Mr Ronald Leslie Shelton Buttery   Mrs Elizabeth Catherine (Betty)     Mr Reginald John Mayes             Mrs Marjorie Ethel Richardson      Mr Howard (Sam) Starling
Mr Kevin James Clancey                 Halliday                        Mr William Henry [Bill] Mercer     Mr Max Ruediger                    Mrs Barbara Statton
Mrs Ethel Daley                    Mrs Lesley Marie (Sally) Holliday   Mrs Tracy Helen Melville           Mr William Ralph Sampson           Mr Maxwell Donnell (Max) Swaffer
Mr Purnal Frederick Davies         Mr Allan Pearson Huggett            Mr Charles Richard [Dick] Morris   Mr Leonard Maxwell [Lennie]        Mr Wilbur John (Bert) von
Mr Noel Deaves                     Mr Robert Glenroy [Glen] Jamieson   Mrs Margaret Jean Muller               Schulze                           Bertouch
Mrs Pauline Deaves                 Mr Mervyn Keith Kruger              Mr Norman Ernest Owens             Dr Prabha Seshadri                 Mr Graham Wigg
Our care for our fellow man includes the hope that our efforts in this life may bring benefits to others long after we are gone.
We are also grateful for donations given to our work to honour special birthdays and anniversaries:
Mr Ernest & Mrs Mary Bradley – 60th Wedding Anniversary.

Vale – Helen Sykorra                                                     Vale – Ernest Routley
                      Foundation Daw Park fondly                         Foundation Daw Park acknowledges the recent passing of Mr Ernest Routley.
                      remembers a committed volunteer,
                      Helen Sykorra who passed away                      Mr Routley was a wonderfully generous supporter of the Foundation making a
                      in August.                                         significant financial gift in 2005. Through this generosity
                                                                         were created enabling the Foundation to provide funding for a number of
                      Helen is remembered for her sense                  equipment and project needs, including bariatric wheelchairs, patient relaxation
                      of humour, fun and dedication to                   therapy and a study for patients with communication disabilities.
                      raising funds for medical research
                      at the Repat; a wonderful lady who                 Ern Routley’s legacy will remain within the Foundation and we will continue to
                      will be truly missed.                              honour his name through the Routley Awards.

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