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         What Is Commerce?
• Commerce is a
  branch of production
  which deals with the
  exchange of goods
  and services from
  producer to final
           History of Commerce
• Some people have been          •
  able to trace the origins of
  commerce to the very start
  of communication in
  prehistoric times.
• Peter Watson, the
  historian, dates the history
  of long-distance
  commerce from circa
  150,000 years ago
     Where is Commerce used?
• Commerce as explained in the “what is
  commerce” section is a “branch of production
  which deals with the exchange of goods and
  services from producer to final consumer
• But to be more specific about where it is used in
  places such as banks for the trading of money, the
  trading of economic value such as goods and used
  for shopping online
    Some more examples of
   Automated Teller Machine (ATM)
• The purpose of an ATM cash
  machine is to allow you to
  withdraw any amount of
  money from your credit card.
• In order to do this your credit
  card must be swiped into the
  cash machine and your pin
  number needs to be entered,
  once have done this you select
  the desired amount you wish
  to withdraw and the cash
  machine gives you that money.
• This is an example of
  commerce as it demonstrates
  bank’s trading money.
• 24/7 access for customers
          Online Shopping!!!!!!!!!
• Online shopping is beginning to attract many people’s attention, online
  shopping also has its benefits for example, it is easy for the elderly as
  they will not have to go out if they have mobility issues or if its raining.
• Even if what you are looking for isn't in any of the 1st hand online
  shops, then your chances of finding what you are looking for will be
  greatly increased if you were to look on online bidding sites such as
  eBay where other people sell items 2nd hand.
• However when shopping on eBay you will need to make sure that
  when selecting the person you are going to buy the item from has
  positive feedback from other buyers. There have been many cases
  where people have paid x amount of money for an item but never
  actually received it
• Online shopping also has its benefits for young people as well, if there
  is a particular item you are trying to find say an old record player
  from the 1960’s which would clearly be hard to come by today, the
  chances are if you were to shop for this online you would find it
The drawbacks to Commerce!!!!!!!
• Commerce is very much the technology of the future. It
  allows to use ATM cash machine’s which are easy to
  access. The drawback is that with this new technology
  that’s come in, there is a small minority that may not be
  able to understand easily how these cash machine’s and
  using a computer to shop online work.
• A survey which was published in November of 1996,
  showed that 40% of the population had very little
  knowledge and did not regularly use things such as ATM
  cash machine’s, shop online or even being able to use
  mobile phones. Also 80% of the population did not know
  how to get connected to the internet, and of those who
  were online only 9% used the internet regularly.
       The Dangers of Commerce
•    Relying to much on technology unfortunately bring with it
    some dangers. For example, if say hospital equipment is
    faulty life support machine’s or if an ATM cash machine
    isn't working then how is that person going to be able to
    stay alive without the assistance of the life support
    machine, and how are you going to be able to withdraw
    money if the cash machine isn't working.

•    Also software bugs can be picked up by machines which
    can completely wipe out any information stored within that
    cash machine/ computer.