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  GHS       &    ST     HILDA’S           OLD       S C H O L A R S A S S O C I AT I O N

From the President …
                                                                                                                     No. 1        February 2009

Hello everyone – I will introduce myself, as   Old Scholars Association. It was a most         The     Committee      and    I     offer   our
this is my first Chronicle Post contribution   delightful evening with 112 new Members         congratulations to Isadora Bogle (daughter
since being elected as President of the        being welcomed. The evening began with          of Past Old Scholar President Susy Bogle
Old Scholars Association at the Annual         an enlightening Chapel service held by          (Tregonning, 1974), and granddaughter of
General Meeting in September last year.        Father Toby and we then adjourned to the        Judy Tregonning (Manford, 1946), who is
My name is Denise Stransky and I am from       Chidley Cortile for the Valedictory Dinner.
                                                                                               Head Girl for 2009.
the class of 1974. I follow Fiona Mckenzie     All the girls looked very glamorous and
(Haslam, 1974) as the 30th President of        the evening was filled with much joy            I am also delighted to announce that
the Association. Fiona’s leadership was        and happiness. Here I asked the girls to        the Year 11/12 Scholarship was shared
one of excellent housekeeping and one          “stay connected” as they are a generation       between two outstanding girls; Laura
of her many achievements was to revise         of prolific communicators using mobile          Jacobs (daughter of Tina Kailis, 1979) and
the Association’s Constitution to be a less    phones, text messaging, video linking,          Rosie Viner (daughter of Jane Egerton-
ambiguous document. Fiona’s contribution       skyping, emailing, facebook, YouTube, and/      Warburton, 1979).
has always been professional and focussed      or twitter! Almost all obliged immediately
and we thank you sincerely Fiona, for all      with their email details and we have            In May this year we are having our major
that you have done for the OSA.                encouraged them to visit us online at           fund-raising event for the year, the Bazaar
                                                              to be held on Sunday, 3 May, the week
My first task as President was to welcome
                                                                                               before Mothers’ Day.          There will be
nearly sixty 70+ Old Scholars to a most        I was also very pleased to be invited
                                                                                               many stalls offering beautiful gifts and
enjoyable morning tea and, if the chatter      to address new families to St Hilda’s at
levels were anything to measure success        the welcome morning teas held during            delicious snacks will be on sale during
by, then it quite possibly rated a 10/10!      the first week of Term. I was able to talk      the day. This is a splendid event from
Joy Shepherd, Principal, joined the 70+ers     about the support which the OSA lends           10.30 am – 2 pm at the Chidley Campus.
immediately after the Junior School St         the School and highlight the fact that          We require ongoing funds for our Year 8
Hilda’s Day service at St George’s Cathedral   their children are in fact beginning their      Scholarship and Year 11/12 Scholarship,
and introduced Eliza Leano, the Head           journey towards becoming Old Scholars.          as well as the production of the Chronicle
of Art in the Senior School. Eliza spoke       Both the Junior School and Senior School        Post,   so   please    come       and   support
about the art programme at St Hilda’s and      morning teas were very well attended and        your Association.
then guided the Old Scholars around the        I was delighted to meet up with a few Old
splendid Art Exhibition entitled ‘Out of       Scholars who had sent their daughters to        I hope to see as many of you as possible
the Box’.                                      their old school.                               at the Sundowner, the Bazaar, or perhaps
                                                                                               the Country Lunch later this year.
In December last year I had the pleasure       St Hilda’s has again performed extremely
of presenting our newest (and youngest)        well in the TEE and Instep. Congratulations     Denise Stransky (Lodge, 1974)
Old Scholars with their Membership to the      to all the girls, their teachers and parents.

                                 Stay Connected!
      Visit us on-line at and stay in touch with
           your friends and your School. Fax, email, call or contact
      Kiran Veerapathiran on 9285 4256 or                                The School Chapel is available
                                                                                                 to Old Scholars for their weddings
           As printing costs have escalated we are forced to put the
                                                                                                 and other services. Please contact
         Chronicle Post on-line for the January/February issue. Those
                                                                                                  Kiran Veerapathiran on 9285 4256
      Scholars who left St Hilda’s prior to 1968 will still receive their hard
       copy by post. If you hear of someone who did not receive a copy,                                     to make a booking.

      either by email or post, can you please contact Kiran Veerapathiran
           on 9285 4256 or
                    The July issue will still be sent by post.
catching up... news of old scholars
1959                                                                 Old Scholars 70+ Morning Tea –
50-year Reunion: Please contact Margaret Halcombe (Buckeridge)       31 October 2008
on 9384 3989 if you know the whereabouts of the following Old
Scholars: Sarah McConkey (Gregory), Susan Mitchell, Perry du         Old Scholars 70+ Morning Tea – 31 October 2008
Blet (Moss), and Susan Marion. Margaret would also like to learn
                                                                     The 70+ morning tea was a most successful and enjoyable
of any changes of address since the last reunion or mailout.
                                                                     morning. Caroline Grant (Howe, 1979) and her mother, Libby
1996                                                                 Howe, did the beautiful flower arranging that made the room look
Genevieve Erskine is the project manager at the Emerson Stewart      like Spring and there were several comments about how lovely
Group’s infrastructure business.                                     the room looked all set up. Among those who attended were
1983                                                                 Margaret Saunders (Stuart Taylor, 1944), Joan Pope, (Gray, 1952),
Olga Ward is a dedicated remote Medical Practitioner flying          Pat Grimoldby (Lewis-Miller, 1941), Lucy Johnson (1954), Pam
around the Yilgarn area in her especially painted PINK plane. She    Buckeridge (Faulkner,1950), Judy Tregonning (Manford,1946),
is a popular GP and an inspiration to the community.                 Viv Jackson (Johnston,1942), Ramona Broad (Shepherd,1946),
2001                                                                 Delphine Anderson (Parker,1944) and Barbara Vaughan (Godby,
Claire Hadley received an Australian Postgraduate Award              1942). The most senior Old Scholar to attend was 90-year old
scholarship to start a 3-year PhD in Anatomy at UWA. Email           Nancy Blackburn (1935). This is always a popular gathering and if you wish to contact her.                   brings together “girls” from across the years who were students
2002                                                                 at the time of Miss Small and Miss Parnell.
Kathryn Boon, Elle Fardon and “Beetle” Rowell spent a memorable
month in South America recently celebrating the completion of
their degrees; nursing, law and medicine respectively. Highlights
included a soccer match at the Bombonera stadium in Buenos
Aires where they separate each team’s supporting fans for their
own safety, the Iguassu Falls, Rio de Janeiro and an experience in
Argentina where Kathryn was an “illegal alien’ for two days!
Jessica Marais has been nominated for a Logie award in her
television role as Rachel in “Packed to the Rafters”. Watch her as
well in “Two Fists, One Heart” when it opens this month in Perth.
Jess stars alongside Daniel Amaln (“Underbelly”), Tim Minchin
(son of Rosamunde Minchin (Fisher, 1966), and Rai Fazio.

  Head of the River –
  Saturday 16 August 2008
  The ‘Old Scholars’ Eight’ was contested by six schools.
  Representing St Hilda’s Old Scholars was an elite group of
  rowers: Jessica Huston*, Ariarn Huston*, Morag McCallum*,
  Tiffany Brown*, Elizabeth Honey, Miranda Dempsey, Rikki
  Chesson, Dee Mitchell (who replaced Amy Smith who was ill
  at the last minute), and Jessica Anderson* (cox).
                                                                     Old Scholars catching up at the 70+ Morning Tea
  * These girls also coached some of the 2008 St Hilda’s rowing

  It is wonderful to see our young Old Scholars so full of
  enthusiasm and energy in participating in this event – AND
  fronting up for their race at Canning Bridge by 8.30 am on a
  cold winter’s morning! Thank you girls.


 Sunday 3 May 2009 (that is, the Sunday before Mother’s Day)
 between 10.30 am and 2 pm at the Junior School Chidley
 Campus, McCabe Street, Mosman Park – fabulous gifts for
 everyone - or just bring the family along for tea/coffee and cake
 and enjoy the pleasant surroundings.
40-year Reunion – 1968
Saturday 1 November 2009 (All Saints Day!) saw the Class of ’68
celebrate its 40-year reunion at Matilda Bay Restaurant for lunch.
As usual, the afternoon went all too quickly when there are 50 girls
you haven’t seen for a decade – sometimes four! Lea Redding
was a first time attendee, Gail Owen (Richards), Suzie Phillips
(Groucutt), Susie Keogh (Jenkins), Sharon Rowell, all came from
Melbourne, Jenny Roberts (Bevan) flew in from Adelaide for the
Day(!), and Jenny Hodder blew in from Tom Price looking svelte
and fabulous at 57! We haven’t yet had our Upper Six School
Dance as it was cancelled by our Headmistress, Miss Jean Tassie,
for minor misdemeanors at our Upper Six Camp so perhaps that
is what we should do for our 50th!

                                                                          Judy Pelliccia (Cornelius), Mary Gibbons (Bothamley) and Joc Workman

                                                                            Joan Pope (Gray, 1952) OAM
                                                                            PhD, Dip Sup(IJD Geneva), M
                                                                            Ed, B Ed(ECU), BA, Dip Ed(UWA),
                                                                            LRAM(Mime), LRAM(Speech
                                                                            & Drama), Adv. Cert. Art &

                                                                            Joan       has       successfully
                                                                            completed a PhD in Education
Cheryl Brenner (Hain) and Jane Smith (Baker)
                                                                            at Monash University.         The
                                                                            title of her thesis is “Dalcroze
                                                                            Eurhythmics in Australasia: the
                                                                            first generation from 1918”. It
                                                                            was an historical research identifying the qualified teachers
                                                                            of this particular form of teaching ‘music through movement’
                                                                            which was developed by Swiss music educator Emile Jaques-
                                                                            Dalcroze. The very first was a WA woman, Irene Wittenoom,
                                                                            who graduated in 1917. Joan, in allegro style, juggled her
                                                                            time between Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra where
                                                                            she was able to pause and visit two of her granddaughters.
                                                                            She also looked at all Australian States and New Zealand
                                                                            and made several trips overseas to archives in Geneva (the
                                                                            headquarters of the method) and several sites in England,
                                                                            and just about every possible archive in Oz and NZ. Joan has
                                                                            influenced a generation of teachers, artists and performers
                                                                            through her teaching of music and related arts in Western
Penny Hudson (Murray), Penny Jackson (Gibson) and Jenny Roberts (Bevan)
                                                                            Australian universities. She has given Dalcroze workshops
                                                                            around Australia, as well as in Southeast Asia where she
                                                                            has been a consultant for new tertiary arts programs. Joan
                                                                            has been on many national committees for dance, physical
                                                                            education and drama and in 2001 she was honoured with the
                                                                            award of OAM for services to the creative arts, children and
                                                                            the community. Joan founded CATS, Children’s Activities
                                                                            Time Society, in the mid 1960s and was co-founder of POD,
                                                                            Playgrounds on Demand. She was awarded the WA Govt.
                                                                            Women’s Fellowship in 1984 for overseas study in education
                                                                            and recreation for elderly women.

                                                                            Some of you might remember the pageant-dance drama she
                                                                            wrote, directed and produced in the sixties about Whitby,
                                                                            Caedmon and St Hilda!
Gill Phillips, Judy Pelliccia (Cornelius) and Shirley Blake (Jeffreys)
calendar of events                                              2009

March            Friday 13th          60-year Reunion (1949)                           Contact: Annette Dettman 9385 9200
                                      at Joslyn Parry’s (Orr) home, Claremont

                 Wednesday 18th       OSA Sundowner
                                      At the home of Carolyn McKerracher
                                      40a View Street, Peppermint Grove, 5-7 pm

                 Friday 27th –        St Hilda’s Contemporary Art Fair
                 Sunday 29th          Chidley Campus, McCabe Street, Mosman Park
                                      Opening Cocktail at 7 pm on 27th
                                      Free viewing from 10 am – 4 pm over the weekend

April            Friday 3rd           St Hilda’s stall at Women’s Wellbeing Wine Day in Dandaragan
                                      Please pop in and say ‘hello’

May              Sunday 3rd           OSA Bazaar
                                      Chidley Campus, McCabe Street, Mosman Park
                                      10.30 am – 2 pm

                 Wednesday 27th       St Hilda’s Fashion Parade
                                      Chidley Campus, McCabe Street, Mosman Park, 7-9 pm

August           Wednesday 12th       OSA Mentoring Morning
                                      The Gallery, Hope Nicholas House, 7.30 am

September        Wednesday 16th       GHS and St Hilda’s Old Scholars Association AGM
                                      The Gallery, Hope Nicholas House, 7.30 pm

October                               Country Lunch (Date to be advised)

                 Tuesday 27th         70+ Morning Tea

                 Saturday 31st        50-year Reunion (1959)                           Contact: Margaret Halcombe (Buckeridge)
                                                                                       9384 3989

November         Saturday 7th         40-year Reunion (1969)                           Contact: Kate Shacklock (Craig)
                 Sunday 8th                                                            Di Hann
                                                                                       Elizabeth Eaton (Hawkins) 08 9387 3466

December                              10-year Reunion (1999) (Date to be confirmed)    Contact: Jessica Anderson 0402 561 315

Births                                                             Caroline Spencer (2001) to Michael Godfrey
Helen Rhodes (1975), twins, Charles and Isobel Royle               Fiona Digney (2002) to Chris Wakefield
Aberline Attwood (Nix, 1985), a son, Tobias Sebastian              Clare Lake (2002) to Mark Underwood
Sandra Lebbon (1986), a son, Callum Lebbon Barnes
Lisa Parkin (Macdermott, 1988), a daughter, Jessica Parkin
                                                                   Arianne Price (1989) to Srdjan Flora in 2006
Arianne Flora (Price, 1989), a daughter, Sienna Nada Flora
                                                                   Hiroe Kita (1992) to Ludovic Morin
Olivyer Riley (Fewster, 1992), a son, Hamish Jimi John Riley
                                                                   Sally Gladwin Grove (1994) to Richard Reading
Edwina Shallcross (Kiffin-Petersen, 1992), a daughter,
                                                                   Harriot Mair (1995) to Francis D’Emden
Mimi Isobella Shallcross
                                                                   Melanie Collins (1996) to Paul Criddle
Susan Bell (MacKinnon, 1993), a son, Alexander Daniel Bell
                                                                   Cristen Voss (1998) to Tony Caccetta
Amy Samuels (Marron, 1993), a son, Thomas Hunter Samuels
                                                                   Genevieve Gibbons (2002) to Bryce Crage
Amy Beeck-Davies (Beeck, 1994), a daughter, Scarlet Luella
Adelaide Davies
Melissa Styles (Smyth, 1994), a son, Max Peter Styles
                                                                   Our deepest sympathy is extended to the families of:
Susannah Phillips (Baker, 1998), a son, Charlie Thomas
                                                                   Betty Margaret Sagar (Lankester, 1937)
Kate Hoad (Cramb), a daughter, Chloe Raine
                                                                   Jean Cheney (Duff), 1938)
Sarah Haddrell (Spinks, 2003), a son, George Lambert Haddrell
                                                                   Kiah Tallangatta French (2003)

Harmony Douglas (1999) to Glen Moltoni
Deliah Etherington (2001) to Tom Cassidy

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