Coastal Landforms around Fairlight Head

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					Coastal Landforms
 around Fairlight
Joints / Geos / Inlets
         Wave attack picks out weaknesses in
         the cliff
         Hydraulic action (compression of air
         in cracks) & abrasion (pebbles as
         ammunition) widen the weaknesses
         With time the weaknesses are both
         widened & deepened
       Weaknesses are through
       time are widened &
       deepened dramatically
Cave & Arch
          In places the cave
          retreat punches
          through to the other
          side of a headland &
          creates a Natural Arch.
Cliff & Wave Cut Platform
           Wave attack constantly erodes the
           cliff base, creating a Wave Cut
           As the cliff is undercut, it collapses,
           leaving rockfalls on the beach
           As the cliff retreats it leaves behind
           a gently sloping platform – Wave
           Cut Platform
       Headlands exist, usually,
       because the geology of the
       area is resistant.
       The adjacent bay is,
       usually, soft geology.
Fairlight Head (Headland)
                                    Beaches are a depositional
                                    Erosion of the headlands
                                    produces sediment.
                                    LSD transports this
                                    sediment along the coast.
                                    The beach represents the
                                    transport of the beach &
                                    sediment movement.
Soft Geology Cliff
        Fairlight Cove is mostly softer
        These rocks are less resistant to
        erosion & landslips are common
Rotational Slumping
             The full extent of
             (rotational) slumping can
             be seen on the west side
             of the cove.
Mass Movement
      This is a combination of a
      rockfall & earthflow