WA6202WA6202M Dural-Band Enterprise Outdoor Bridge by ybg79195


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                                 WA6202/WA6202M Dural-Band Enterprise
                                 Outdoor Bridge Access Point

      The Edge-Core WA6202/WA6202M, 802.11a+b/g dual band wireless outdoor bridge AP provides a band for wireless connection to support point to point
      building-to-building bridge function while simultaneously using another band to support wireless connection for outdoor user access.

Product Overview                                          Key Benefits
The        Edge-Core      WA6202/WA6202M          ,
802.11a+b/g dual band wireless outdoor bridge             Safeguarding                                                    Intelligent
AP, provides a band for wireless connection to            The Edge-Core WA6202/WA6202M                                    The Edge-Core WA6202/WA6202M
support point to point building-to-building               supports up-to-date WLAN security with                          supports Simple Network Management
bridge function while simultaneously using                64/128 and 152-bit WEP encryption.                              Protocol SNMP v1, v3 is available with a
another band to support wireless connection for           WPA (Wi-Fi protected Access) TKIP and                           future firmware upgrade. Power over
outdoor user access.
                                                          AES are also available for Acess Point                          Ethernet is supported with stuffing option
                                                          functions for enhanced, interoperable,                          PoE circuit. 802.1x port-based authenti-
The        bridge     function   of      Edge-Core
WA6202/WA6202M provides a 802.11a or
                                                          forward-compatible Wi-Fi security.                              cation protocol support with Extensible
802.11b/g wireless connection to support data             Includes MAC address authentication.                            Authentication Protocol (EAP) MD5,
rate up to 108 Mbps that is best suited for                                                                               Transport Layer Security (TLS), Protected
enterprises, campus or off-site locations that            The Static AES encryption function is                           EAP (PEAP) and Tunneled TLS (TTLS) for
require LAN or Internet access without the                supported for outdoor bridge packet                             AP function. For the bridge function, a
availability of wired networks to extend the              transmission.                                                   mutual authentication between any two
network coverage.         The WA6202/WA6202M
                                                                                                                          bridge APs are supported through EAP
provides point to point and point to multi-point
                                                          Uncomplicated                                                   MD5 protocol.
connection. For point to multi-point connection,
WA6202 needs to have WA6202M as a base                    The Edge-Core WA6202/WA6202M is
station.                                                  simple to install and use and is easy on
                                                          your budget. Dynamic rate shifting
The        AP       functions    of      Edge-Core        automatically     matches    the     best
WA6202/WA6202M also support 802.11b/g                     connection speed, and Auto Network
wireless connection for outdoors user.
                                                          Connect keeps users connected to the
The wireless bridge/AP solution contains a state
                                                          network, even while roaming.
of the art wireless Bridge/AP, high gain
performance 17dBi flat panel antenna for
802.11a or 802.11b/g backbone connection and a
10dBi omni-directional antenna for outdoor
wireless user connection.             For further
protection, the bridge/AP and Power over
Ethernet adapter have build in lightning

                                                                                    The Land of Cockayne, Pieter the Elder Bruegel, 1567
                                                                                     Marc Chagall said "Someone told me that sincerity is out of fashion, and that explains everything",
                                                                                     For Edge-Core, it is always our fashion.
                                                         Ethernet Interface Features                                     Frequency Band
TEL 886-3-5053801
                                                           Supports 1 10/100BASE-T/TX compatible with                      IEEE 802.11a
FAX 886-3-5790398                                          IEEE802.3                                                       5.15 ~ 5.25GHz (lower band) for US/Canada, Japan
No.1, Creation Rd. III, Science-based Industrial Park,     Minimum of four encryption keys                                 5.25 ~ 5.35GHz (middle band) for US/Canada
                                                           Accepts power from POE (Power Over Ethernet) and                5.725~ 5.825GHz (upper band) for US/Canada
Hsinchu 30077,Taiwan R.O.C
                                                          power adapter (IEEE 802.3af standard)                            5.50~ 5.70GHz for Europe
E-mail : sales_ec@edge-core.com
                                                           Supports half and full duplex mode 10/100Mbps speed             IEEE 802.11b/g
www.edge-core.com                                          for Ethernet port                                               2400 ~ 2483.5 MHz for US, Canada, and ETSI
                                                           DHCP Client                                                     2400 ~ 2497MHz for Japan
                                                         Wireless Network Standard                                       Modulation Type:
                                                           Interoperable with IEEE 802.11a compliant equipment             IEEE 802.11a
                                                           Auto data rate switching with 6,9,12,18,24,36,48,54             BPSK, QPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM
                                                           and turbo mode provided by Chipset allows auto                  IEEE 802.11b/g
                                                           fallback data rate for optimized reliability, throughput        CCK, BPSK, QPSK, OFDM
                                                           and transmission range.                                       Data Rates
                                                           Fixed data rate is set through management interface             IEEE 802.11a
                                                           Supports fixed antenna                                          6/9/12/18/24/36/48/54 Mbps Up to 108Mbps (turbo
                                                           Auto-Channel Selection                                          mode)
                                                           Advanced Setting                                                IEEE 802.11b/g
                                                              Transmitting power                                           1/2/5.5/11 (11b) Mbps
                                                              Five Levels: Full, -3dB(50%), -6dB(25%), -9dB(12             6/9/12/18/24/36/48/54 Mbps (11g)
                                                                           5%), MIN                                      Media Access Protocol: CSMA/CA with ACK
                                                              Threshold                                                  Nominal AC input to POE : 100~240 Vac, 50~60Hz
                                                              RTS/ CTS, Fragmentation                                    Power over Ethernet: Input voltage 48V
                                                           Selectable long or short preamble                           Operating Channels
                                                           17dBi directional flat panel antenna that offers up to 20     IEEE 802.11a
                                                           kilometres of transmission range in 6MHz data rate              12 channels in base mode (US, Canada)
                                                           over the free space.                                            5 channels in turbo mode (US, Canada)
                                                           Selectable Beacon Interval                                      4 channels (Japan)
                                                           WDS Bridge (AP to AP) : PtP, PmP                                11 channels in base mode (Europe)
                                                           Selectable DTIM Interval                                        4 channels in turbo mode (Europe)
                                                           802.1D transparent Bridging                                   IEEE 802.11b/g
                                                         Security                                                          11 channels in base mode (US, Canada)
                                                           802.1x Authentication Access Control with Key                   3 channels (ETSI)
                                                           Rotation                                                        4 channels (Japan)
                                                           802.1x mutual Authentication Access Control between         Regulatory Compliance
                                                          two bridged APs                                                Safety: CSA/NRTL (UL1950, CSA 22.2.950), TUV/GS
                                                           WEP security - 64/128/152 bit                                 (EN60950)
                                                           Local MAC address filtering                                   Electromagnetic Compatibility: CE mark, FCC Class B,
                                                           Radius Client support                                         CISPR Class B
                                                           ACL                                                         Environmental
                                                           WPA and AES                                                   Operating Temperature: ETS 300 019-2-4 Class 4.1E
                                                           Close System                                                  modified –33°C to 55°C. Vibration class 4M3
                                                           SSL/ SSH*                                                     ETS 300 019-2-4 Class 4.1E modified –33°C to 55°C.
                                                         Management                                                      Vibration class 4M3
                                                           QoS                                                           Transportation Environment : ETS 300 019-2-2 Class 2.3
                                                           VLAN support up to 64 group                                   Pubic Transportation
                                                           Web Interface                                                 Storage Environment Shock: IEC 68-2-29
                                                           Telnet, CLI                                                   Drop: IEC 68-2-32
                                                           SNMP v1/v3* Management                                        Wind (Operational) :90 MPH
                                                           Dural firmware images                                         Wind (Survival) : 125 MPH
                                                           Event Logging                                               Antenna
                                                           Syslog RFC 3164                                               Fixable Antenna
                                                           Supports DHCP client for IP address assignment                OPtional Antenna
                                                           Configuration file upload/download                              IEEE 802.11a
                                                           System Watchdog                                                 Extenal +23dBi Flat Panel Antenna
                                                           Supports 802.1D Spanning Tree protocol*                         Extenal +8dBi Omni Antenna

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                                                         MIB Support                                                       IEEE 802.11b/g
                                                           RFC1213 MIB-2                                                   Extenal +8dBi Omni Antenna
                                                           IEEE 802.11 MIB                                             Coverage Range
                                                           Accton Private MIB                                            IEEE 802.11a
                                                         Mechanical                                                        Up to 3km@54Mbps (AP mode)
                                                           Dimension:198mm x 198mm x 63.3mm                              IEEE 802.11b/g
                                                         Electrical                                                        Up to 500m@54Mbps, with Build in +17 dBi Antenna
                                                           Radio: Complies with IEEE 802.11a/b/g
                                                         * future specification

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