Wireless Access Point Installation

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					                         Wireless Service Request Form
                         Information Technology Services
                         Rossey Hall, Room 058; Extension 3350

The following documentation applies to wireless networking at New Jersey City University:
       •    Wireless Networking Policy
       •    Wireless Networking Standards
       •    Wireless Networking at NJCU
       •    Wireless Networking User Guide & FAQs
These documents can be found in two areas of the ITS website at http://www.njcu.edu/dept/its.
All applicants must read and comply with the University policies on wireless networking.
Please fill out both sections, below.
    Contact Information
    Dept Location
    Installation Location
    Requester Name & Ext.
    Requester Email
    Manager Name & Ext.†
    Manager Email†
    Anticipated Number of Users
    If different from requester.

    Why are the services needed?

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