Wireless Access Point Signal Booster

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					                   Wireless Access Point Signal Booster

I.    Research

      A. IEEE 802.11x Standards

      B. FCC Regulatory Standards for Class B Digital Devices

      C. Wireless Access Points
             i. a
            ii. b
           iii. g
           iv. New and upcoming technology

      D. Antennas
             i. Dipole
            ii. Parabolic
           iii. Automatic Diversity

      E. Refletors
             i. Passive
               a. Parabolic

      F. Frequency Modulation

      G. Wireless Networks
             i. Uses
               a. Home
               b. Office
            ii. Prices
               a. Home
               b. Office

II.   Design

      A. Ideas
              i. Placement of Reflector
             ii. Replacement of Antenna
                a. manual adjustment
                b. automated adjustment
            iii. Frequency modulation

      B. Implementation
            i. Parts
              a. Prices
                 b. Ordering

       C. Manufacturing

       D. Testing

III.   Compare

       A. Existing WAPs with ours
              i. Signal Strength
                a. through mediums
                b. relative to distance and placement
             ii. Cost of manufacturing and mass production