Discontinuance of Manufacture - WLAN 6220 Access Point

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					October 31, 2006

Discontinuance of Manufacture – WLAN 6220 Access Point
Dear Customer,

In keeping with Nortel’s commitments to continually evolve our products, streamline our portfolio
and focus our resources on technologies with highest customer value, we are announcing the
manufacture discontinuance (MD) of the WLAN 6220 Access Point related hardware and
components immediately -- see Table below for equipment details.

Going forward MTI will be the sole sales and support entity for the WLAN 6220 Access Point
Unit (APU).

Replacement Strategy:
This notice serves as formal communication of Nortel's intent to transition the WLAN 6220
Access Point Unit (APU) to Manufacture Discontinued (MD) & End of Life (EOL) status and to
transfer Sales and Support to our partner MTI, effective immediately.

We are confident MTI will provide a high level of focus and knowledge to this product and its
capabilities and believe their ownership of the program will be beneficial to cable customers and
the sales effort. This is clear from the commitment to ongoing R&D efforts for the WLAN 6220,
which will allow it to continue to evolve with new features and technology.

Nortel’s decision to move forward with this transition reflects our commitment to focus on core
elements of our product portfolio, while working with partners to continue to deliver innovative
solutions. We believe MTI will continue to provide the support you need to deploy the WLAN
6220 successfully. Please feel free to contact your Nortel sales representative if more information
is required.

Technical Support and Repair:
Customers requiring Technical Support and Repair Services should contact the MTI help line on
+001 310 370 9578.

The WLAN 6220 Access Point Unit (APU) and associated equipment will no longer be available
for purchase from Nortel effective October 31st 2006.

In regards to Technical Support, please contact http://www.nortel.com and select the option
"Contact Us", select "Technical Support", then choose the respective region.

Manufacture Discontinue (MD) Schedule
The following list of PEC codes is affected:

        U     PECU                           UDescription

            NTPM99AC      Access Point Unit : 2.4G - B-Radio - Cable Modem
                                              (Release 1)

            NTPM99DB   WLAN 6220 Release 1.0 Software Tracking Certificate - 1
                                  per Access Point Unit (APU)
            NTPM99EA                 APU Antenna Mounting Kit

            NTPM99EB                 Cable to used for Flat Panel

            NTPM99EC                 Cable to be used for OMNI

            NTPM99ED               Antenna - Flat panel 14 dB gain

            NTPM99EE            Antenna - Omni directional 7dB gain

            NTPM99EF                Antenna - 2412 Bi Directional

            NTPM99FA     WLAN 6220 Right-to-Use Secure Data Mode (SDM)
                             License - 1 per Access Point Unit (APU)

            NTPM99FB   WLAN 6220 Right-to-Use Hotspot Mode RTU Hotspot, 1
                                  per Access Point Unit (APU)