CivicCenter-CVI Wireless Access Point

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        CivicCenter-CVI Wireless Access
          Only $9.95 per day, $24.95 per 3 day or $49.95 per week

        Follow these easy instructions to get connected.
If you do not see a Wireless ICON in the System Tray*
Note* The System Tray is by the clock – Computer with waves coming from the side.


Open Network Control Panel

Click    Start   Settings    Control Panel    Network Connections

Right Click on your wireless adapter and Click View Available Networks.

If you do see the ICON


Right Click On the Icon     click ‘View Available Wireless Connections’.

Double Click CivicCenter-CVI
If you do not see CivicCenter-CVI in your list of connections, chances are you are out of
Verify the following.

   1) If you have an internal wireless card, make sure the switch on the case of your
      computer is turned on.
   2) Open Wireless Connections click “Change the order of Preferred Networks”
          click Add
   3) Type CivicCenter-CVI for the SSID Click OK
   4) If you are in Range, the connection should now be listed.

Once connected you will be routed to the following page when you open a browser..


                                 Click Sign Up Now!

    When you are finished processing payment info, you can choose a username and
                   password. Call 835-5432 if you need assistance.