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					School Organisation
    September 2008
         Christ Church
• Ofsted ‘outstanding’
  - standards and achievement
  - personal well being
  - teaching and learning
  - leadership and management
  - overall effectiveness
  - self evaluation
• In 2006, top 100 schools in country
• In 2007, top 5 schools in local authority
•   Pupil Admission Level (PAL) of 38
•   ‘Fingers crossed’
•   Independent sector
•   Local Authority Review
    –   quality of accommodation
    –   strain on outside space
    –   size of classrooms in KS2
    –   heavy workload
    –   limited opportunities for 1:1 support
    –   indoor PE
• Review of organisation of Reception
• Imbalance
  - gender, ethnicity, EAL
  - role models
• Knock on effect
  - too much change
  - parental perception
What is going to happen?
• Additional two classrooms; 10 classes
  in use from Autumn 2008, 11 classes
  from 2009 /2010;
• Gain all year round play surface;
• Move to mixed age classes initially in
  Years 1/2 and 3/4.
     Mixed Age Classes – the
• Academic achievement is the same, or better
  than, the academic achievement in single age
• Develop cognitively and socially through
  interacting with older and younger children;
• Provides an environment where older learners not
  achieving age related goals do not feel they are
• Older children being role models for those
  younger ones achieving age related goals and
    Mixed Age Classes – the
   benefits for your children
• Continuity – they will be split at the end of
  reception and kept in their cohort;
• Bring stability to friendships;
• The school will be even more effective at
  personalising the children’s learning;
• Increased opportunities to work in similar
  ability groups;
• Strengthening the ‘family’ feeling;
• Better quality planning
  Mixed Age Classes – what we
      are already doing?
• A successful mixed Year 1/2 class;
• New curriculum in place on a two year rolling programme –
  no repetition;
• Year groups already working together;
• Streaming in place for literacy – Read Write Inc;
• Children are used to working with more than one adult e.g.
  TA’s and PPA time;
• Teachers who are already highly skilled at differentiating
  activities to meet a wide range of needs;
• Transition from Foundation Stage to Year 1 already
• Highly effective tracking system in place – ensure individual
  needs are met.
    Sorting the classes
• Already moved away from sorting by
• Mixed age, gender and ethnicity;
• Professional judgement.
       In conclusion…….

• Exciting development for the school;
• Commitment of both the staff and
  Governing Body;
• New class structures are common to
  many schools;
• Monitor and review.
School Organisation
    September 2008

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