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					The Social Investment Fund
Social Investment
“The provision of finance
 by organisations, which
 seek a social return or
 social dividend, as well as
 a financial return”
      Social Finance in Ireland; 2003
    CCL Background
   Established 1996
   Private funds
   €9 million
   Ireland/International
   Greencaps
   Social and Financial Return
   Creates a relationship based
    on equality between funder
    and recipient
   Promotes interdependence
   Monies repaid available for
    future projects
   Sustainability
     Joint Initiatives
Clann Credo
 Western Development
 Kosovo Enterprise Programme
 Integra
 National Travellers MABS
All investments
Social Return
Financial Return
Social Dividend
New SDI Increase
     Social Housing
   Tulsk Voluntary Housing
   Rathmore Social Action
   Claddagh Vountary Housing
   Clár IRD
   Kilmaley Voluntary Housing
         Why Clár chose
         Clann Credo
   The need to finance at a competitive rate
   The need for flexibility
   An understanding of the concept
   A recognition of the beneficial effect on
    the local community
   An appreciation of the voluntary
    community involvement in the project
    Innovation in
Financial Instruments
Duagh, Co Kerry
 Clann Credo purchases
  building for local group
 Lease and right to purchase
 Eldercare services in Duagh
 Support to Sector
The Social Investment Fund
      +353-1-453 1861