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Class of 2006 – The Road To Graduation…


									     Class of 2008 –
The Road To Graduation…

     September 27, 2007
            Agenda For Today…
1.   Grade 12 Survival Guide
2.   Course Challenge
3.   Grad Requirements
4.   Applying to Post Secondary
5.   Dinner / Dance / Aftergrad
6.   Commencement
7.   Questions?
            Survival Guide:
    Advice From Previous Grade 12’s
 Read the Informer everyday
 Visit the Career Centre often
 Attend post-secondary info sessions on November 8th
 Have a back up plan – apply to more than 1 institution
 Write the LPI exam at Best on November 29th
 Apply for scholarships: First Scholarship Meeting Oct 10 th
  in the library at 3:15
 Attend Transitions Class – without it you won‟t graduate!
 Be very organized – use your agenda
     LPI – Language Proficiency Index
   Cost $53 paid online at
   Deadline for registration is midnight Sunday November 11th. No walk ins
   Written at Best on Thursday November 29th from 1:50-4:30 PM

   How is it used?
   If you do not meet the English Language entrance requirements based on the Final Gr. 12 English
    mark the LPI score can be used as a substitute to meet that requirement.

   For example
   Douglas College - student must must have a min. C in English 12 or B in Communications 12 or an
    LPI score of 4 or greater
   SFU - students must have a min. 75% or higher as their English 12 final mark, or 60-74% in English
    12 plus a score of 4 or greater on the essay section of the LPI and a 50% average on the remaining
   UBC-student must have min. 80% or higher as their English 12 final mark, all students who do not
    reach this requirement must take the LPI and achieve a minimum score of level 5 (30/40) on the essay
    section of the examination before enrolling in any English class at UBC
               Survival Guide:
           Timeline & Internet Sites

 Follow   the timeline as outlined in the survival
 Use the recommended websites to help
  with your plan (see attached page)
                     Timeline - October
   Read the Informer every day
   Check with your counsellor to ensure courses meet ministry graduation
   Arrange an informal meeting with your counsellor or Mrs. Ahooja-Anderson to
    begin post-secondary/career planning
   Register on-line for the SAT EXAM; school code: 821063 (required for USA
    schools) see
   ESL students: register to write the TOEFL EXAM if you have been in an English
    speaking country for less than 5 years; check each post-secondary institution for
    their English language requirements and second language requirements.
   BCIT applications varying deadlines; check carefully for additional requirements:
    e.g. Resume, references, statement of intent, interim transcript
   Douglas College – open for applications as of October 15th for fall 2008 go to
   Apply for a social insurance number if you do not already have one
       Timeline – October continued…
   Attend Scholarship/Awards meeting-Oct 10th at 3:15 in the library
   Ask about admission dates, courses, programs, scholarships, housing, deadline
    dates, open-houses, presentation visits etc.
   Begin your personal file: reference letters, personal letters, resume, copies of all
    documents, etc. (note: students new to Canada require certified copies of
    immigration papers for post-secondary applications)
   Book an appointment with Career Resource Facilitator, Mrs. Ahooja-Anderson
   DO NOT give misinformation on an application form
   Register with the Ms. John for Language Challenge Exams.
     Timeline – November / December
    Attend post secondary day on November 8th from 1-3 PM
    Register on-line for the LPI exam at (November 29th at Best – Almost all post-
     secondary use it. Visit their site for a complete list)
    Review your transcript verification form with your counsellor
    Complete your BRAG sheet
    Request any reference letters you may need; supply the referee with detailed information about
     yourself (see attached Brag Sheet)
    Attend the Canadian Universities Event on November 27th, 2007 (three locations: Heritage Woods
     from 9-11am, Terry Fox Secondary from 2-4 pm or Pitt Meadows Secondary from 6:30-9pm)
    Write the LPI exam from 1:45 PM – 4:20 PM on Thurs Nov 29th, 2007
    See your counsellor or Mrs. Ahooja-Anderson to finalize your plans for „life after BEST‟
    Grad photos December 9, 10, 11 at Artona Studio
    Prepare for January exams
    Eastern university applications usually due by now
                    Timeline – Jan / Feb
 Record the exact time and date of your government examinations; get photo
  identification for the exams (if you miss the exam your next chance to write will
  be June)
 Major scholarships arrive at the school; check with Mrs. Ahooja-Anderson/Ms.
 If you receive a scholarship application form through your teacher please let Mrs.
  Ahooja-Anderson know which scholarship you have applied for
 Plan for a spring visit to your post-secondary institution
 Review post secondary application process in advisory

 Due date for applications to BC universities
 If necessary, register now for housing at post-secondary institution
                 Timeline – March / April
   Attend scholarship meeting regarding the application process for local awards and
    scholarships Date TBA
    Complete the PSI form. This form authorizes the Ministry of Education to send your
    transcript of grades to any institution you request; also, students check their courses on the
    ministry document to ensure graduation.
   Ensure you have everything in order for Transition (DO NOT leave it until the last
   Attend the District Career Fair at Centennial Secondary on April 3, 2008 (640-936-7205)
   Let the office know of any changes in your address
   Semester 2 midterm marks and semester 1 final marks are electronically transferred to
    post-secondary institutions; offers of admission are made in May
   Grade 12 assembly during advisory on grad, scholarships and valedictorian info
   Complete local scholarships/awards applications; Monday, April 21st deadline
               Timeline – May / June
 Prepare for June exams
 Student Loan applications
 Advisors visit from post-secondary institutions
 Valedictorian speeches and election during advisory assembly
 Dinner/Dance, Saturday, May 31st ,2008
 Year-end Awards Night (June 12, 2008 at 7pm)
 Acceptance or regrets to post-secondary institutions
 Record the exact time and date of your government examinations
 Mandatory assembly for commencement rehearsal: June 6 th, 2008
 Commencement Ceremony, Sunday June 8th, 7PM at Orpheum
 Transcript and Dogwood Diploma mailed to your home at the end of July
 Exam marks available on website:
               Survival Guide:
                Financial Aid

 Grade  11 & 12 marks are often considered
 You may get money for many reasons: grades,
  involvement in school, volunteer work, financial
  need, parent association with organizations…
 You must APPLY to be eligible
 Make sure you have a Social Insurance Number
                 Survival Guide:
Grade 12‟s should attend the scholarship meeting in the
  library October 10th at 3:15. Info provided on:
 External Scholarships
 University Entrance Scholarships
 Provincial Scholarships
 Local Scholarships
 District Scholarships
 Passport to Education
     Government Sponsored Scholarships

1.   Passport to Education
     Grade 10      $250
      Grade 11     $250
      Grade 12     $500
2.Provincial Scholarships
 Students can earn amounts of $1000 or $2000 based on
  the scores they receive on their grade 12 provincially
  examinable courses. Student must write a minimum of 3
  provincially examinable courses to qualify.
District Scholarships
To earn a district scholarship a student must demonstrate outstanding achievement in a
non-academic specialty area. Students who are awarded a provincial scholarship are not
eligible for a district scholarship

Post-Secondary Institution and Entrance Scholarships –University and Colleges
These scholarships are administered by the individual Post-Secondary Institutions. To be
eligible students should have achieved high averages in grade 11 and 12.

Scholarships Sponsored by Private Organizations
Businesses, Banks, and Unions etc. sponsor many awards. Students will be given
information on those available through the school but they should also research other
opportunities through the Internet.

Locally Sponsored Scholarships/Bursaries
The school administers many of these awards. Local businesses and organizations have
contributed fund for students in the district and funds are rotated between schools yearly.
                 Reference Letters
 Use    the attached brag sheet

     in details, and then ask the staff member who
 Fill
  knows you best to write the letter

 Please   give as much notice as possible
                Survival Guide:

 See  Mr. Hyde or Ms. Skye in room 309 and get
 If you have transitions next semester, you can start
  now in your off block
 Complete a transition plan through advisory to
  guide you with your path after Charles Best
             Course Challenge
 Ifyou would like to challenge a language course,
  you need to see Mrs. John between Oct 10th – Oct
  31st to register (deadline is Nov. 9th, 2007)
 $50 Refundable Deposit Required
 Languages: French, German, Japanese, Korean,
  Mandarin, Punjabi, Spanish
             Graduation Program:
       80 Credits Required To Graduate
1. Required 48 credits:
 Language Arts 10, 11, 12                                 12 credits
 Social Studies 10                                        4 credits
 Social Studies 11 or 12                                  4 credits
 Science 10                                               4 credits
 Science 11 or 12                                         4 credits
 Mathematics 10                                           4 credits
 Mathematics 11 or 12                                     4 credits
 Physical Education 10                                    4 credits
 FNA or ASK 10, 11 or 12                                  4 credits
 Planning 10                                              4 credits
2. Transitions                                             4 credits
3. Electives (Grade 10, 11 and 12)                         28 credits
                                   TOTAL                   80 credits
A minimum of 16 credits must be at the Grade 12 level. This includes 4 credits for a Language Arts 12 course,
    but does not include the 4 credits for Transitions.
            Post Secondary Day

 Thursday November    8th
 1:00 –  3:00
 For grade 11/ 12 students – visit 3 post secondary
  institutions of your choice
          Post Secondary Education:
                Local Choices
   UNIVERSITY: degrees SFU,UBC,UBC Okanagan,
   UNIVERSITY COLLEGE:degree & career programs
   COLLEGE: career & university transfer
   TECHNOLOGY: diplomas that may lead to degrees
    BCIT and some colleges
    Education and job training= hands on work
               How to Apply
 Create an account
 You must have your PEN # and your SIN# ready
 Online demo…
       Post Secondary Education:
    Simon Fraser University – New..
 New Requirements!
 English 12 + 3 Other Provincially Examinable Subjects
 Specific Faculties have additional requirements that must
  be met
 For Fall 2008 only, admission will be based on either
  the new requirements OR the old requirements –
  which ever is most advantageous to the individual
       Post Secondary Education:
     Simon Fraser University - OLD
General Admission:                Entrance Averages:
 Graduation
                                     Based on 5 Grade 12 Courses
 English 11 & 12
                                     English 12 *see chart on next
 Socials 11
 Principles of Math 11 **see
                                     4 other academic 12‟s (all do
  chart on next slide
                                      not have to be provincially
 Languages 11 (beg language or
 Science 11
                                     See the list at
    SFU Quantitative Requirements
 70% in Principles Math 11 or 12
 60-69% in Principles Math 11 or 12 plus a score of 70% on a
  diagnostic skills test at SFU before beginning their quantitative
 60-69% in Principles Math 11 or 12 plus completion of a
  Foundations of Academic Numeracy course with a grade of C or
  better before beginning quantitative courses at SFU
         SFU English Language Skills
   75% or higher in English 12
   A grade of 60-74% in Eng 12 plus a score of 4 on the essay section
    of the LPI and a minimum score of 50% on all other parts of the LPI
    or completion of a Foundations in Academic Literacy course with a
    C or higher before beginning any (W) courses at SFU
              Post Secondary Education:
             UBC Vancouver / Okanogan
UBC Vancouver                                       UBC Okanogan
   Grade 11 Course Requirements:                      Grade 11 Course Requirements are specific to
   English 11, Social Studies 11, Pr. Math 11, a       the program you are applying to.
    Language 11 (Beginner‟s is not accepted,           Grade 12 Course Requirements:
    External Lang 11 is accepted), an Academic         English 12, Three Provinically examinable Gr.
    Science 11 (Bi 11, Ch 11, E. Sc 11, Ph 11)          12 courses from Bi 12, Ch 12, Eng Lit 12, Fr.
   Grade 12 Course Requirements:                       12, Geog 12, Geology 12, Hi 12, Jpn 12, Pr.
    English 12, Three Provincially                    Math 12, Ph 12, Sp 12,
    examinable Gr. 12 courses from Bi 12, Ch 12,       Entrance is based on average of Eng 12 and
    Eng Lit 12, Fr. 12, Geog 12, Geology 12, Hi         three additional Provincially examinable Gr.
    12, Jpn 12, Pr. Math 12, Ph 12, Sp 12,              12 courses
   Entrance is based on average of Eng 12 and
    three additional Provincially examinable Gr.
    12 courses
              Post Secondary Education:
                University of Victoria
Admission based on English 12 and three additional academic grade 12 level subjects, only
  one of which may be non-provincially examinable.
Grade 11 requirements
 English 11, Social Studies 11, Pr. Math 11, a Language 11 (Beginner‟s level is not
  accepted, External Lang 11 is accepted), an Academic Science 11 (Bi 11, Ch 11, E. Sc 11,
  Ph 11)
Grade 12 requirements
 English 12, Three Gr. 12 level academic courses, two of which must be provincially
  examinable, from Bi 12, Ch 12, Eng Lit 12, Fr. 12, Geog 12, Geology 12, Hi 12, Jpn 12,
  Pr. Math 12, Ph 12, Sp 12, Comp. Civ 12, Info Tech 12
Students who have not had four years of full-time education in English should check UVIC‟s
   calendar for TOEFL requirements
Students need to write the LPI if they do not meet the English proficiency requirements. Refer
   to the website.
        Post Secondary Education:
         UNBC – Prince George
 Graduation from high school- 65% or better average
  calculated on:
 English 12
 3 best 12‟s from Biology, Calc, Chem, Comp Civ, Eng
  Lit, French, Geog, History, Japanese Law, Pr Math,
  Physics, Spanish, Writing 12
 A 5th Grade 12 Course (Can be any grade 12 course
  offered by the school)
 No specific grade 11 courses
       Post Secondary Education:
 Grants degrees,   diplomas, apprenticeships and
 Programs in : Business, Computers, Trades &
  Technical Studies, Health Science, Engineering
  Technology, High Tech Professional Programs,
  Apprenticeship, Pacific Marine Training
           Post Secondary Education:
                Douglas College
      Career Programs, Associate Degrees, University Transfer
   Child, Family & Community Studies
   Commerce & Business Administration
   Health Sciences
   Humanities & Social Sciences
   Language, Literature & Performing Arts
   Science & Technology
   Department of Student Development
   University Transfer Programs
         Post Secondary Education:
              Douglas College
            General Admission: Eligible if you:
 Completed BC secondary school
 En 12- “C” or Communications 12 – “B” or see
 Registration date now based on GPA
 lack one course for graduation
 are 19 years of age or older on the first day of attendance
 are at least 17 years of age and have not been in school for
  at least one year
 special needs student; completed 12 years of school
               Post Secondary Education:
                    Douglas College
Priority Registration for Open Enrolment Programs:
    The students registration appointment time will be assigned based on their high school
    interim grades and by calculating a GPA using English 12, PR Math 11 and one other
    (highest grade) provincially examinable grade 12 course. This means that students with
    higher interim grades will receive earlier Douglas College registration appointment times.
    See website

Registration for Douglas for September is already open! Begin applying now!

Preferential Admission for Closed Enrollment Programs:
Douglas College will be choosing the best candidates from those who applied by the deadline
   for all our closed enrolment programs. In the past they offered seats to all applicants who
   met the minimum requirements based on their order of application. Now, students who are
   not successful will not be held on a wait-list but will have to reapply for future entry
         Post Secondary Education:
              Other Facilities
 Trinity Western University
 University of Victoria
 Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design
 Capilano College
 Kwantlen University College
 Vancouver Community College
 Langara College
 University College of the Fraser Valley
       Applying To Post Secondary

 Becareful – each institution has different math,
 language, English and other course pre-requisites.

 Checkwith your counsellor or in the Career
                Dinner & Dance
 Saturday May 31st, 2008
 Waterfront Hotel
 Join the Grad Council –
  see Ms. Blakeway
 Email pictures to Ms.
  Blakeway for the grad
  slideshow. They should
  be of school related
   Saturday May 31st 2008
   following grad
   Parent committee – needs your
    help – parent meeting set for
    October 3rd at 7 in the small
   Student volunteers are needed
    to raise money – watch the
    informer for information
         Sunday June 8th, 2008

         7 PM

         Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver!

         Your cap & gown order form
          should be in by now!

         4 tickets each and then a
            Other Important Dates
 December 9th, 10th or 11th – Grad Photo Days at
  Artona Studios in Vancouver
 March – assembly with grade 12‟s to discuss:
      District ScholarshipInfo
      Details of the Dinner and Dance
      Commencement
      After grad
      Valedictorian Nominations
      Guest forms for Grad
             Useful Internet Addresses
 (Emily Carr)
 (Justice Institute)
 (University College of the Fraser Valley)
 (University of Northern BC)
      Useful Internet Addresses cont‟d
 (Plan to attend a US college?)
 (Find a US college)
 (Study around the world)
 (Ontario University/College applications)
 (directory of Canadian Universities)
 (BC Universities and other applications)
 (user id: best; password: careers)
  Questions? Please visit the Career
Centre or the Counselling Department.

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