Practice Driving Theory Test

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					                   Practice Driving Theory Test
          Strategies and Methods To Score Highly For The UK's Driving Test

There are strict guidelines and a series of practice driving theory test prescribed
before a driving license can be issued in U.K. You have to first apply for a
provisional driving license before you start learning to drive a car. The driver and
vehicle licensing agency (DVLA) of U.K has a secure and customer friendly online
service where you can apply. You can also apply in person or by post by filling up
a D1 application form of DVLA. Original documentation for your identity, a
passport style colour photograph and a fee of 50 pounds would have to be sent.

For practice driving theory test, the accompanying driver must be more than 21
years of age and must hold a full license for the particular vehicle category for
three years. For best results, an approved driving instructor is recommended. A
provisional license becomes valid not earlier than your 17th birthday. The driving
tests you have to undergo when your provisional license becomes valid are:

   •   Practice driving theory test- Theory test comprises of a multiple choice
       part and a hazard perception part.

   • Practical driving test- The multiple choice part uses a touch screen
       computer and a hazard perception part uses a mouse to register your

Some of the areas covered under multiple choice parts in the syllabus are:
   • Safety and the Vehicle- Road worthiness of cars, vehicle safety equipment
       use, fault detection, emissions.

   • Hazard awareness- Anticipation, speed and distance, reaction time, effect
       of alcohol.

Practice Driving Theory Test
   • Vehicle handling- Road conditions, speed and its effects.

   • Alertness and attitude- concentration, anticipation, distraction.

   • Rules of the road, motorway rules, speed limits, lane discipline, stopping,

   • Documents- Legal requirements, insurance cover.

   • Accidents, vehicle loading, handling emergencies, warning devices, loading
       rules, towing.

For the multiple choice practice driving theory tests, you may ask for a practice
session before the actual test. Also, as a case study, some real life situations
faced by drivers are presented to the examinees. For cars and motorcycles, the
test time is 57 minutes and qualifying mark is 43 out of 50.
Implemented in 2002, the hazard perception test evaluates your ability to
identify a potential hazard before actual happening. You are shown 14 video clips
and you have to spot the potential hazard. These hazards can occur in busy areas
and country roads. Failure to spot will earn you zero marks. Pass mark is 44 out of
75 for cars and motorcycles. A practical driving test is the last test after clearing
the theory test. The practice driving theory test is taken on a test route and you
will be asked to use a roundabout, read signs, know about speed limits, park and
Reverse Park, show use of mirror and signal and a few more as decided by the

Practice Driving Theory Test

Description: Looking to get your driving permit in the United Kingdom? There are methods and strategies you need to know to complete this in the quickest amount of time. This guide will help you get started with your Driving Theory Test.