Child Poverty in the UK

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					Child Poverty in the UK
• In 1999, Prime
  Minister Tony Blair
 “Our historic aim will
  be to end child
  poverty forever, and
  it will take a
  generation. It is a
  twenty- year mission,
  but I believe it can
  be done."
1. What are these Barnardo’s adverts trying
   to say about child poverty?

2. Do you think the adverts are effective?
    • One million children in
      Britain still live in poor

    • They live in housing
      that is run-down,
      overcrowded or
Where would a child play here?
   Tony Blair wants to end child
   poverty in the UK by 2020.

1. Do you think this will happen? Give
   reasons for your answer.
2. What has the government done
   about child poverty already?
School success
       • Children from
         poorer backgrounds
         are less likely to do
         well at school,
         leaving school with
         fewer or no
         qualifications and
         are less likely to
         stay on.
Long term effects
         • Children raised in
           poverty are, as adults,
           more likely to be
         • in low paid employment,
         • are more likely to live in
           poor housing,
         • get in trouble with the
           police and are at greater
           risk of alcohol and drug
 The reality of child poverty
• Children in poorer
  families were (still
  are) more likely to
  experience illness
The reality of child poverty
              • Babies born to
                poorer families are
                more likely to be
                born prematurely
                and to be of low
                birth weight.
     Accidents in the home
• Children living in
  accommodation or
  poor quality housing
  are at greater risk
  of fire.