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                                   Refreshing Iced
                                      Tea Flavors
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    Beautiful “Butterflies and Hollyhocks” Teapot
     and Victorian Style Mug - MADE IN THE USA

       To Order, Call: (269) 629-4896
                    Welcome to Tudor House Tea!

    This is your introduction to the world of fine full leaf teas…teas with
    incredible depth, aroma and flavor…luxurious teas, yes, but an affordable
    luxury! As we sample these rare and exotic brews, we will also learn about
    the time honored tradition of “Taking Tea”, including the history of tea
    time and some tea etiquette. And of course, no tea party is complete
    without scones and other delicious accompaniments, all served on fine
     More and more people are discovering the serenity and refreshment of tea,
    not to mention the health benefits. It is an indulgence that is actually good
    for us! And Tudor House Teas are the world’s finest. Why? Well, most
    supermarket teas are made from the lowest grades known as “dust” or
    “fannings” (the smallest tea particles). These blends are created from mass
    quantities of low-grade teas, providing a consistent but mediocre flavor.
    Tudor House Teas are full-leaf teas, not broken, containing more of the
    aromatic oils and compounds that give teas their individual characteristics
    and healthful properties.
    Our teas are sourced directly from the finest tea gardens, for hand crafted,
    artisanal quality. Many are organic and/or fair trade. All are delicious!
    So sit back, sip and enjoy a “cuppa”. Ultimately, a tea party isn’t about the
    tea or refreshments…it’s about sharing a ritual that feeds the soul and
    nourishes the senses.
    Drink it in…

           “The spirit of the tea beverage is one of peace, comfort
           and refinement.”                           ~ Arthur Gray

                                 Tudor House Fine Teas
                                2 oz. - $4.95 4 oz. - $8.95
                           *Note Premium Organic Pricing on T102

                                        White Tea
  T100 - ☼Organic Peach Blossom - Rare, hand blended with natural essence of succulent
  peaches. Infusion is delicate with soft, honey sweet notes of soothing jasmine,
  osthmanthus and fresh peaches.
  T101 - ☼Organic Romantic Rose - an intoxicating blend with high notes of peppermint,
  rose and lavender to soothe and refresh. Enjoy hot or blended with lemonade and ice.
                                         Green Tea
  T102 - Organic Jasmine Pearl - Tender green tea leaves and buds are hand rolled into
  small pearls and infused with the essence of fresh jasmine blossoms. Sweet and very
  aromatic. Said to ease nervous tension, break down saturated fat, reduce cholesterol and
  increase circulation. Good for multiple infusions. *2 oz. - $9.95, 4 oz. - $13.95
  T103 – Organic Green Jade – First flush harvest with low astringency and a clean,
  refreshing character. The aroma suggests sweetly toasted chestnut and grain. Fair Trade.
  T104 – ☼Sweet Lemon – This green Sencha tea with lemon peels and lemongrass has a
  refreshing zing.
  T105 – Kyoto Cherry Rose – Early harvest Sencha style green tea with sweet cherry and
  rose petals created to honor spring.
  T106 – Marrakesh Mint – Roasted green tea, an especially aromatic organic peppermint
  and spicy high notes of cardamom, ginger and other rare spices with licorice root.
  T107 – ☼Mango Mist – Green Sencha with exotic tropical fruit notes. Mango, pineapple
  and mallow petals.
                                        Oolong Tea
  T108 – ☼Organic Citron Oolong – An award winning artisanal blend of high-grown oolong
  tea, rare blossoms and succulent citrus designed to refresh and rejuvenate. Good for
  multiple infusions.
  T109 – ☼Tung Ting Jade Oolong – Entirely handmade, top-grade Formosa Oolong with a
  beautiful aroma of lilacs. Very appealing smooth, peach-like flavor. Good for multiple

                           ☼ - Makes a Delicious Iced Tea!
Our fine leaf teas are very economical. The price per cup is often lower than
 commercial tea. Our 2 oz. size yields 24-26 cups, 4 oz. yields 48-52 cups
            All can be infused at least twice, some 3 or 4 times!        2
                             Tudor House Fine Teas
                             2 oz. - $4.95 4 oz. - $8.95

                                     Black Teas
T110 – ☼Pomegranate – Sweet, tart and fruity blend of Highland Ceylon tea leaves,
natural pomegranate flavor, rosehips and blackberry leaves.
T111 – Victorian Vanilla – A historic tea blend dating back to the turn of the century.
Fine, tippy Assam lightly flavored with genuine Madagascar vanilla pieces.
T112 – Organic Earl Grey – A British classic … the finest Yunnan Dian Hong black
tea leaves shade grown from China’s oldest tea trees with 100% natural essential oil
of bergamot. Fair Trade.
T113 – Earl Grey de la Crème – Delicious Earl Grey with a hint of creamy vanilla
flavor and blue mallow blossoms.
T114 – ☼Sweet Cranberry – an innovative blend with real cranberries
T115 – Almond Spice – a warm and toasty black tea reminiscent of almond windmill
cookies, with almonds, cinnamon and safflower blossoms.
T116 – ☼Organic Masala Chai – Based on traditional South Indian blending
methods with a very spicy, sweet flavor. Infuse strong (2 teaspoons per cup for 5-7
minutes) and serve sweet with milk, if desired. Makes a great iced Chai Latté!
Fair Trade.
T117 – ☼Lime Cooler – Aromatic Black Tea from Ceylon, lemon peel and natural
refreshing lime flavor. Enjoy iced with a slice of lime!
                                Estate Teas (Black)
T118 – Darjeeling – Margaret’s Hope Estate tea. FTGFOP-1. Special Second Flush
harvest with a soft bodied infusion carrying notes of fully ripened Muscat Grape.
Known as the “Champagne of Teas”.
T119 – ☼Assam – From the sought-after Hazelbank Estate, a superior quality
FTGFOP-1. Incredibly smooth, rich taste and aroma.
T120 – ☼Ceylon – Pettiagalla Estate offers this very elegant, high-grown FOP leaf
with a highly aromatic, flowery yet tart flavor.
                                  Yerba Maté Tea
   Shade grown in the Amazon rainforest and popular for its invigorating energy,
         Maté contains a substance similar to caffeine, known as “Matteine”.
 Rich and robust, it appeals to coffee drinkers. Infuse strong: 1 tablespoon per cup.
T121– Maté Tiramisu – Decadent blend of roasted Maté, cocoa, white chocolate,
crocant bits, fine Madagascar vanilla pieces and our secret tiramisu flavor.

3                       ☼ - Makes a Delicious Iced Tea!
                               Tudor House Fine Teas

                                2 oz. - $4.95 4 oz. - $8.95
                   A naturally caffeine-free botanical which exists only in
                           specific microclimates of South Africa.
       Known as “African Red Bush”, it contains as many antioxidants as green tea.
T122 – ☼Organic Jamaica Red Bush – Rooibos blended with Jamaica flowers
(hibiscus), known to be high in Vitamin C. A robust, fruity and deep red infusion that
finishes with complex notes of mango, passion fruit and rare island spices. Fair Trade.
T123 – Rooibos Riviera – White Chocolate and hazelnut toffee combine with cocoa to
create this caffeine-free and guilt-free “Dessert in a Cup”.
                        Caffeine Free Herbal and Fruit Blends
T124 – ☼Strawberry-Kiwi – Sweet and full bodied, makes tasty natural popsicles!
T125 – Organic Lemon Spice – based on ancient Ayurvedic healing, fights infections.
Soothes throat, allergy symptoms and tummy upsets. Rain forest spices, citrus and
sweet sacred basil strengthen the immune system deliciously. Good with honey.
T126 – ☼Organic Tudor House Fruit Mélange – our own tart and fruity handcrafted
formula is great hot or cold infused. A deep red infusion with the flavors of blueberries,
rosehips, honey bush, cherries, hibiscus, schizandra berries, orange peel, cranberries,
passion fruit and mango!
T127 – Sweet Dreams – A comforting blend of chamomile, citrus, rose-hips, orange
blossoms, lemongrass, mint and hibiscus. Imparts relaxing and refreshing energies.
T128 – ☼Red Berries – Fruit infusion with raspberry-cherry flavor. A juicy blend of
blueberries, black currants, elderberries, grapes and hibiscus. Cold infuse and add plain
or fruit flavored sparkling water for a natural alternative to soda.

                       ☼ - Makes a Delicious Iced Tea!

                Easy, Fresh Brewed Gourmet Iced Tea
          Place 3 rounded tablespoons black or green tea or
       6 tablespoons herbal tea in our pot & pitcher size paper
        filter. Hold filled filter in standard 2 quart non-glass
        pitcher. Pour 1 quart boiling water over tea in pitcher.
        Steep 4-5 minutes, remove tea. Fill pitcher with cold
                  water, pour over ice in glass, enjoy!
       TIP: You can make a second pitcher with the same tea!
         Just increase the steep time 1-2 minutes, or to taste.                           4
                                 Tudor House Tea Cozies

    Tea Cozies                                       2 cup Tea Cozy     6 cup Tea Cozy MADE IN USA
    Don’t forget the tea cozies! Keeps tea hot for   Price:   $17.95    Price: $24.95
    over an hour in the pot, protects your           Item #: C402       Item #: C406
    tabletop and adds a touch of whimsy and
    style to tea time. Handcrafted and machine       Save On a Set
    washable, in several patterns that coordinate    2 cup Teapot + Cozy:      $24.95 Save $4.00!
    with our teapots. See all the patterns           6 cup Teapot + Cozy:      $34.95 Save $6.00!
    available at:             Unique Gift Idea!

    Colorful Ceramic Teapots                         2 cup Teapot    6 cup Teapot
    A fun collection of colors to suit every mood.   Price:   $10.95 Price:   $15.95
    Great as gifts or for everyday. Choose yellow,   Item #: TP404 Item #: TP405
    green, blue, burgundy, rose, red or white.


Blue                     Lilac                  Pink
        Gumdrop Collection
        Delicate porcelain demitasse cups and saucers with
        matching dessert plates hand painted in delicious pastels.
        Cup and Saucer Dessert Plate
        Price:    $10.95 Price:     $12.95                             Green
5       Item #: GC401 Item #: GP402
                                    Tudor House Scone Mixes

Scones are a tea time tradition that originated in Scotland. They usually contain butter and heavy
cream and can be dry and boring. Unlike most scone mixes, ours are low in fat and made with all
natural ingredients and no trans fats. Every flavor is chock full of luscious fruit and tastes delicious.
The best thing about our scones is how easy they are to make. All you add is yogurt! Using flavored
yogurt intensifies the flavor of the scones. Just mix in yogurt, pat out on a baking sheet, cut and
bake. One bag of mix makes 12 scones. Scones taste heavenly fresh out of the oven, but if you
manage to have some left over, you can reheat them on the lowest setting in your toaster. Enjoy!
                               Price:     $6.95
                               Item #:    SC500 Blueberry-Lemon
                                          SC501 Chocolate-Cherry
                                          SC502 Cranberry-Orange

                                 Some Hints for Baking Scones:
      Handle the dough as little as possible and keep it cold. Use cold, lowfat yogurt, not fat-
      free. If you would like your scones milk-free, use soy yogurt. The dough is rather dry at
      first, keep mixing just until it holds together. A stand mixer works well. Flour your hands
        lightly when patting out the dough. The traditional shape to form is a circle, or pat the
     dough into a rectangle about ¾” thick, cut into 6 squares, then cut the squares diagonally
         into 12 triangles. Then separate them (so they get nicely browned and crusty on all
       sides). Use a pizza cutter to cut the scones – easy! You can brush egg or milk on the
     scones before baking, for a nice, golden crust. Or skip cutting altogether and bake dough
            in an 8 inch square or round pan as a coffee cake, with streusel or icing on top.

    Tea Time Accessories

              Butterflies and Hollyhocks Pot
              36 oz. fine porcelain china pot adorned with
              beautiful butterflies and hollyhocks.
              MADE IN THE USA.
              Price:    $35.95
              Item #:   TP406
              Butterflies and Hollyhocks Victorian Mug
              Butterflies inside and out on this lovely
              Victorian style porcelain mug.
              MADE IN THE USA.
              Price:    $13.95
              Item #:   M410

              Permanent Tea Filter for Mugs
              Guaranteed flavor-neutral, made from durable
              micro-fine stainless steel mesh with lid/drip
              tray. Allows leaf tea to expand fully.

              Price:    $10.95
              Item #:   A305

              Permanent Tea Filter for Pots
              Micro-fine stainless steel mesh with extreme
              heat tolerant plastic frame and lid/drip tray.
              Provides room for tea leaves to fully expand.

              Price:    $11.95
              Item #:   A306

Tea Time Accessories

          Spring Flowers Mugs
          Four different designs featuring your favorite
          spring blooms on English porcelain. Mix and
          match with our tea cozies and colorful pots to
          brighten any day.

          Price:    $7.95 each
          Item #:   M408

          King’s Road
          24-karat gold on porcelain lends a royal
          accent to your table and mixes regally with
          white china.
          In an oval gift box.
          Price:     $29.95
          Item #: TP401
          Price:     $9.95 each
          Item #: M409

                       Tea’s Me
                       A charming set with distinctly
                       different two-toned teacups.
                       Microwave and dishwasher safe.
                       6 cup Teapot
                       Packed in an oval gift box.
                       Price:     $24.95
                       Item #: TP402
                       Set of 4 Teacups & Saucers
                       Packed in a round gift box.
                       Price:     $34.95
                       Item #: CS402

                        Tea Time Accessories
                     Children’s Porcelain Tea Sets
    Start a tradition now in your family of sharing tea and conversation.
                       These charming sets make it fun!

                     Tulips Tea Set
                     Springtime pastels decorate a tea set
                     for two, complete with silverware and
                     wicker basket.
                     Price:     $26.95
                     Item #: TS403

                        Cherry Festival Tea Set
      Happy tea times are ahead with this tea set
       for four adorned with cheery red cherries.
                               Price:     $29.95
                                Item #: TS404

                                       Daisy Tea Set
                                       Pink, purple and lime daisies
                                       and stripes on this tea for two
                                       set in a pretty oval basket.
                                       Price:     $26.95
                                       Item #:    TS405

Tea Time Accessories

        Chelsea Flowers
        Inspired by pretty vintage textiles, each lovely
        dish stands alone or mixes and matches with
        your finest china. Refined porcelain,
        microwave and dishwasher safe.
        Dessert Plates
        Set of 4 designs in a round gift box.
        Price:    $29.95
        Item #: CF404
        Small Tray
        Price:   $19.95
        Item #: CF405

        6 Cup Teapot
        Packed in an oval gift box.

        Price:    $29.95
        Item #:   CF406

        Teacups & Saucers
        4 designs in a round gift box.
        Price:    $34.95
        Item #:   CF407

        30 oz.
        Price:    $19.95
        Item #:   CF408

     Tea Time Accessories

           Name of Product

           Dessert Server
           Cute, lacy look ivory three-tiered server
           folds flat for easy storage

           Price:    $15.95
           Item #:   A301

           Happy Birthday Tea for One
           Whimsical porcelain pot and matching mug fit
           together for a one-of-a-kind gift. Nicely sized
           and packed in a round gift box.

           Price:    $26.95
           Item #:   HB302

           Bright Pansies Mug
           Choose from three different vibrant colors
           of pansies on fine Porcelain.

           Price:    $7.95 each
           Item #:   M406

Tea Time Accessories

        Paper Tea Filters
        Convenient, chlorine-free. Wide bottom
        ensures that tea leaves have room to expand
        and infuse properly. Fill with tea, roll up top
        flap and place in plastic bag to take with you.
        Perfect for making iced tea in pitchers.
        Cup and Mug Size – 100 Filters
        Price:     $5.95
        Item #: A307
        Pot or Pitcher Size – 60 Filters
        Price:     $5.95
        Item #: A308
        Pansy Bouquet English Porcelain Mug
        Price:    $7.95
        Item #:   M403

        Tea Storage Tin
        Fine tea should always be stored away from
        light, air and moisture. This tin is especially
        made for tea, with an inner seal to keep it
        airtight. Colors: Silver, Gold or Burgundy.

        Price:    $2.95
        Item #:   A309

        Pinch Mesh Infuser
        Easy to use. Fine mesh ball allows tea leaves
        to expand, releasing their full fragrance and

        Price:    $3.95
        Item #:   A303

     Tudor House Treats for Tea

                 Gourmet Creamed Honey
                 Nature’s best, scrumptious on scones, stirred into
                 tea, as dessert toppings or fruit dips, on peanut
                 butter sandwiches or spooned right from the jar!

                 Price:    $6.95
                 Item #:   H101 Cinnamon – Best Seller. 11.5 oz.
                           H102 Bumbleberry – with
                           blackberries, raspberries and blueberries
                           11.5 oz.
                           H103 Chocolate – Decadent with
                           our Chocolate-Cherry scones! 10.5 oz.

                 Flavored Honey Straws
                 Simply squeeze and stir into hot tea for no mess
                 sweetening. Kids love them! 10 straws in a
                 package. Natural Clover, Lemon, Raspberry,
                 Apple, Cherry, Blueberry, Grape, Peppermint,
                 Strawberry, Watermelon.

                 Price:    $2.50
                 Item #:   H104

                 Lemon Curd
                 A traditional British treat made in England with fresh
                 lemons, sugar, eggs and butter. All natural and
                 delicious on scones, or use in recipes for cake,
                 cheesecake, tarts and more. 11 oz. jar.

                 Price:    $8.95
                 Item #:   LC101

                    Perfect Tea Every Time
           Here are some tips for perfectly brewed fine tea:
   For 1 cup: Place 1 teaspoon of tea in infuser or filter for black or green
    tea, 2 teaspoons for white or herbal, 1-2 tablespoons for Yerba Maté,
    or to suit your own taste.
   For a pot: 1-2 teaspoons of tea per cup. Preheat pot by filling with
    very hot water, then pour out and add tea when ready.
   Heat water to full boil for most teas, just under boiling for white or
    green tea.
   Pour water over tea into cup or pot.
   Steep 2-4 minutes for most teas. White tea and herbal can steep
    longer, 3-6 minutes, while Darjeeling is best steeped for no more
    than 2-3 minutes.
   Remove tea promptly at the end of steeping time or it will become
   If you want stronger tea, use more tea, do not steep longer than
   Low fat milk is best in tea, cream is too heavy.
   Do not add milk to white, green, oolong or citrus flavored tea.

                                                     1 Cup of Perfect Tea
                                                     Measuring Spoon
                                                     Indispensable! Keep it in
                                                     your tin of tea or your
                                                     silverware drawer.
                                                     Price:    $3.95
                                                     Item #:   A310

          You can naturally decaffeinate your tea this way:
       1. Pour hot water over the tea
       2. Steep 30 seconds
       3. Pour infusion down the drain
       4. Add more hot water
      90% of the caffeine in tea is released in the first 30 seconds             14
            Host a Tea Party and Earn Free Products!

 When was the last time you had a tea party? Or enjoyed a cup of tea with a friend?
 Here is a chance to savor fine teas and treat your friends and family to a delightful
 and delicious experience. Invite them on a journey to discover flavorful teas from
 around the world, sample scrumptious scones and spreads, and learn about the
 tradition of “Taking Tea”.
 As a Host or Hostess, you will earn free products just for inviting friends over for tea!
                                  ~ Hosting Benefits ~
        $10.00 of free merchandise for every $100.00 in sales
        Half-Price Discount Bonuses – one item at half-price for every additional
         $100.00 in sales over $200.00
        Half-Price Booking Bonuses – one item at half-price with each confirmed booking
        Hosting Specials – specially priced items available only to tea party hosts or
     Our traditional Tea Tasting is the most popular party,
     but there are many other “Theme” tea parties you can host:
            Spa Tea Party … sample relaxing teas known for their healthful, restorative
            properties as you learn how to unwind and counteract stress.
            World Traveler Tea Party … a travelogue of teas from Asia, India and Africa.
            Sweet Cream Tea … indulge your sweet tooth without guilt!
            Bridal Shower Tea … perfect for the bride-to-be.
     And many more … contact your consultant:

                              Jeri Holcomb (269) 629-4896
Private Tea Parties by Reservation at the Tudor House
The Tudor House is available for groups of 8 to 16 people for Tea Parties by reservation. Imagine hosting
your special occasion at our historic Tudor House, without having to worry about cooking, catering or
cleaning. Perfect for Birthdays, Bridal or Baby Showers, Mother’s Day, Holiday Parties, Groups or
Organizations or any other special celebration.
                    Taking Tea is not about a meal …Taking Tea is about the 3 R’s:
                                Renewal, Refreshment and Restoration.
Let Tudor House Tea help you celebrate those special moments of your life…with a Traditional Afternoon
Tea featuring tables draped with crisp linens, fresh flowers, warm candlelight, peaceful harp tunes and
exquisite fine china and flatware, along with attentive and thoughtful service to you and your guests.
Our Traditional Afternoon Tea includes four courses of tea breads and scones, savory tea sandwiches and
hors d’oeuvres, fresh fruits and sweets and desserts. Three different teas of your choice accompany the
bountiful repast. We are happy to accommodate special requests and will seek to make your gathering
unique and special. Please inquire regarding special dietary needs.
During your tea party, you will learn more about the world of tea, its origins and history, and the fine art
of “Taking Tea”, including Victorian etiquette and social niceties during a special presentation by the
Lady of Tudor House.
A Sample Menu might consist of, but is not limited to, some of the following:
Three Teas of your choice…Bottomless Pots
First Course: Lemon-Blueberry Scones, Apple-Cinnamon Tea Bread, English Crumpets, Lemon Curd,
Cinnamon Creamed Honey, Devonshire Cream and Butter.
Second Course: Smoked Salmon Rolls, Stilton and Pear Mini-Quiche, Crab Cakes, Chicken, Cranberry
and Walnut Salad Croissants, Curried Egg Salad and Cucumber and Herbed Goat Cheese Tea
Third Course: Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, Spiced Fruit Compote, Fresh Fruit with Lemon Curd
Fourth Course: Lemon Tarts, Chocolate Mousse with Raspberries, Key Lime Shortbread, Jasmine
Truffles, Victoria Cake.
Our menu changes often, especially with the seasons, but one thing is for certain, you and your guests
will not go hungry!
After your Tea, feel free to browse our gift shop offerings. Our teas and scone mixes will allow you to take
a little of the afternoon’s refreshment home with you to enjoy and remember.
                         For all this, we ask only $15 per person.
             The proceeds are donated to the YWCA Domestic Assault Shelter
                   for women and children right here in our community.
           Thank you for considering Tudor House Tea for your next gathering.
        For more information and to make reservations, please call: (269) 629-4896
                         Did You Know . . .

… A cup of tea has more antioxidants than a serving of broccoli.
… Tea is the second most popular beverage in the world. Water is first.
… All true teas come from the same bush – “Camellia Sinensis”
… Harvard researchers found that consuming one or more cups of black tea
  daily reduces the risk of heart attack by 44%
… Tea leaves that are fully oxidized turn dark, hence the term “black tea”
… Tea is a source of natural fluoride and inhibits growth of oral bacteria
… Green tea is low in caffeine, only 20 mg. per 6 oz. cup
… An average 6 oz. cup of coffee contains 120 mg. of caffeine
… The anti-oxidant properties of tea help prevent cancers of the mouth,
  stomach, pancreas, lungs, esophagus, colon, breast and prostate
… Scientists report that regular tea consumption helps maintain mental
  alertness, reduces fatigue and maintains the body’s fluid levels
… The flavanoids in tea help to prevent heart disease by reducing blood
  clotting and lowering blood pressure and cholesterol
… The American Health Foundation recommends we consume 5-6 cups
  of tea daily
… Full leaf tea has 300% more antioxidants than ordinary teabag tea
… Eating Well Magazine named tea the “Beverage of the Year”!

  “One sip of this will bathe the drooping spirits in delight,
  beyond the bliss of dreams.”                      ~ Milton

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